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frinnstdowngrade xorg-server and then rebuild xorg-xf86-input-* xorg-xf86-video*00:13
vstevewhat do I run to perform the downgrade?00:15
frinnstjust edit the xorg-server Pkgfile and build with pkgmk -is00:16
frinnstthe old version was 1.19.6 fyi00:17
frinnstor apply this patch:;a=commitdiff_plain;h=383464245fc1c556d4f78aeb03b80aa40a7bca57 with patch -p1 -R -i <patch-filename>00:18
vstevethank you00:21
vsteveis that patch for the newer xorg?00:21
frinnstyes, just reverse it with patch -R00:21
frinnstyou could probably just sync the 3.3 xorg repo. i dont think we updated xorg-server to 1.20 there00:24
frinnstyou probably want to lock xorg-server afterwards to prevent it getting upgraded by prt-get sysup: prt-get lock xorg-server00:25
frinnstgood luck. zzzz time here00:27
vstevethanks, i'll need it00:31
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ryuo ... reminds me of...
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brian|lfshmmm I'm drunk this is weird06:06
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Romsteri can't see how that is weird06:13
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ryuoanyone bored?07:07
ryuocan make some extra bucks doing odd jobs. ;p07:07
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xcko_ryuo: seems pretty cool - not a fan of the targeted advertising and data harvesting though. You do any work on there?07:30
ryuoxcko_: it has targeted advertising?07:30
xcko_yeah, I just read throuh there privacy policy07:30
ryuoHuh. I always use ad-blockers.07:30
xcko_I mean, I didn't see anything either, but still07:31
xcko_Might still try it out though07:31
ryuoxcko_: lately? kinda; just be careful. plenty of bounties pay too little for the requirements.07:32
ryuoOr, require a setup i'm not paying for.07:33
ryuoLike, requiring Apple hardware/software.07:33
ryuoSome of the bounties are for iOS apps.07:33
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deep42thoughtHi, I have a problem with my ps2 keyboard: It works fine if it was plugged in during boot, but if was not plugged in (it's a headless system), it will not be recognized later and I need to use a usb one. Is this something I have to for in udev?09:06
tilmandeep42thought: ISTR that's a ps2 misfeature09:22
tilmanie nothing you can do about it09:23
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deep42thoughtok, a hardware solution it is, then09:24
deep42thought(e.g. a usb keyboard)09:25
tilmani googled "ps2 keyboard hotplug"09:26
Romsteryeah i've had this issue with a KVM switch for ps2, if it's not on that channel when the pc is turned on you get no keyboard or mouse.09:27
Romstervery common, always make sure you got ps2 keyboard/mouse when you power it up09:28
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deep42thoughtah, ok, thx - then it probably never worked in my current setup since I changed the server ... I thought, it had been working before some software upgrade, but apparently I'm wrong09:31
ryuodeep42thought: PS/2 isn't hotpluggable. that's the issue.09:52
deep42thoughtat least not officially ;-)09:53
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: update to 13.3.011:03
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joacimapparently something something the expanse something amazon12:49
joacimi guess there will be more of the expanse now =)12:49
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pedjamaybe Bezos is a fan :)12:55
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pedjaapparently, Bezos *is* a fan13:05
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pedjaLoTR, The Culture series, William Gibson book. Amazon is becoming new home for SF, it would seem13:06
joacimpick up dark matter pls13:13
joacimonly good show made in recent years13:13
joacimpeople having fun with cheesy scifi is a lot more fun to watch than people being miserable =)13:13
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