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elderKHey guys, just updated to Crux 3.4.02:50
elderKI was wondering if anyone else had trouble building Pulseaudio?02:50
ryuoso you're saying it has no pulse?02:51
elderKNo, I'm saying Pulse fails to build :P02:52
elderKmemfd_create, etc.02:52
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elderK11.99.1 seems to correct the issue.02:58
elderKJust in case anyone hits the problem :)02:59
j_vfound this:
elderKAnnoying. urxvt doesn't want to open URLs anymore :|03:06
elderKStill, upgrade process was extremely smooth.03:07
elderKInkscape is messed up but eh. I don't use it often :P03:12
elderKACTION shrugs03:12
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joacimi think the url bits is a perl thing04:07
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joacimif perl is working correctly, one can simply rebuild urxvt to get working url matching and clicking again04:23
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frinnstvery correct joacim07:10
frinnstI think revdep would actually tell you somethings wrong07:10
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DowgHi, how do i download CRUX from mirrors?07:48
DowgI can't use torrent because it's illegal in my country and ISP will throttle my bandwidth if i use it07:49
DowgAll i see is a bunch of folders and i don't know where to download07:49
frinnstjust download the iso07:50
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pedjapulseaudio in 3.4 is still ancient, 10.0? ccc, such hate :)10:48
frinnsti've poked alan regarding it but no response12:45
john_cephalopodaPeople actually use pa? ;รพ12:47
frinnstyeah,  using it here12:48
frinnstactually really nice12:48
pedjafrinnst, wasn't the plan to jaeger take over PA port in 3.4 since alan is not really active?12:52
workoderafrinnst, nice in what way13:00
frinnstno clue13:01
frinnstworkodera: per application volume control (software volume sucks). quick switch between outputs (globally or per application). Low deps13:02
joacimhow i hate windows networking...13:02
frinnstthe previous time I used pulseaudio it sucked ass (rhel 6 desktop)13:03
frinnstit just needed some crux lovin' for it not to suck :)13:03
joacimthe crackling issues i had was due to some speech dispatcher thing13:04
joacimi disabled that, and now it works well enough13:04
joacimnot tested it for low latency applications or anything like that tho13:04
pedjaafaik, you can use it along side jack for low latency apps13:05
workoderafrinnst, hmm doesn't sound like anything i need13:06
workoderai hope stuff keeps working with alsa13:06
frinnst no matching cipher found. Their offer: 3des-cbc - isnt networking gear fun?14:17
frinnstworkodera: I installed pulse when mozilla broke firefox alsa support to test it. Still running it :-)14:19
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darfoACTION runs from the snake19:44
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nekoseamSo CRUX uses a ports system for package management?19:53
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darfoyes, check out
darfo^^^ nekoseam20:19
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joacimI'm so used to everyone being nerds who never close their irc clients20:33
joacimso i dont often notice when people leave20:34
Anselmomemoserv works but is a hassle20:34
joacimIRCv3 has some kind of history playback i think20:35
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Anselmois it that complete though  ?20:36
joacimi dont think so20:36
Anselmoi had encountered that, but it was generally just like, last 15 lines20:36
joacimi think freenode has a server that supports it20:36
joacimand some clients do too20:36
joacimfor me the last 15 lines is enough20:36
joacimgives you an idea of what conversation you're butting into20:37
Anselmobut if you got pinged while absent its usually useless20:37
joacimyeah. i dont think pings from two days ago matters that much20:38
joacimi hope IRCv3 does a complete playback of msgs tho20:38
Anselmoand if they were . . . .the person who is trying to get your attention will make sure you hear anyway20:39
joacimneed the entire context of the ping too. often people say a lot of things, but only mention your name once20:39
joacimbut when i notice someone i want to mention isnt here, and it matters, i'll just wait until that person is back20:39
joacimsince my client doesn't autocomplete against nicks that aren't currently in the channel20:40
Anselmomine doesnt either but I dont always look at the buffer while typing x-x20:40
Anselmoso I just end up pinging the wrong person20:41
joacimi dont even read my own message before sending it =)20:41
Anselmowell, I mean. . . . for the most part I can type fine with my eyes closed . . ..20:41
joacimi often forget what i was talking about, so what i start with, and what i end with might be totally unrelated to eachother20:42
Anselmoand there are too many things going on to always look at what you're typing . . ..20:42
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darfoACTION makes a note to use auto-complete when replying to old msgs21:17
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joacimnot a big deal i think =)22:01
joacimi notice some people here actually read the log in the topic22:01
joacim(they're crazy)22:01
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