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joacimthose LGA2011 CPUs are very cheap. shame the motherboards are still a bit costly02:05
abenzstill on the hunt? I figured you'd be set for at least 5 years with your TR build02:05
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joacimbeen looking for a file server02:11
joacima backup one at least02:11
joacimdecided to go the cheap route and get a supermicro x8sil, since it is cheap enough for me to avoid having to pay import charges02:12
joacimmore than good enough i think02:12
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joacimthe motherboard also takes RDIMM, which is pretty cheap02:14
joacim25 USD for 8GB02:14
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abenzjoacim: I see05:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bison: update to 3.0.508:18
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elderKHey guys.08:25
elderKI was wondering if anyone had any luck with the Steam port?08:25
elderKI keep getting SSL errors.08:25
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workoderaall these people who ask questions always quite so quick08:56
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pedjafrinnst, you have one of these?
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pedjax470 taichi got some pretty positive reviews, iirc10:52
pedjaheh. yet another '1080ti for just 1100 euros!' 'sale'10:59
pedjaregular 1080 is 'just' ~85011:00
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frinnstnope, asus11:41
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z3braI just reinstalled with 3.4, and I can't compile webkitgtk11:46
z3brait fails to include <JavaScriptCore/JSContextRef.h>11:47
z3braHas anyone encountered it already?11:47
pedjaz3bra, paste the build log somewhere11:53
pedjaafaict, that header is shipped with webkitgtk11:54
z3brait should be11:54
z3brabut it looks like it's not generated at build time11:55
pedjait fails building LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp.o, and that error causes the build fail you're seeing, I think12:11
pedjaz3bra, bump webkitgtk to 2.20.2 and try that12:13
pedjafreebsd has a patch for it, if you want to go that way :)12:16
pedjaI am slooowly wrapping my head around iproute2 tools (ip and ss)12:26
frinnstip & ss ftw12:26
pedjafrinnst, would you consider doing for ss the same as you did for ip in iproute2 port?12:27
z3braI'll try that, thanks12:29
pedjaif ss is a replacement for netstat, it makes sense for it to be in bin rather than sbin, no?12:30
z3braand that's what other distros do btw12:30
z3brapedja, 2.20.2 fails with the same eror12:31
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pedjaz3bra, interesting. I don't see any patches for it in Arch12:36
z3braI'll try freebsd patch12:36
pedja'ip -stats link show' is pretty cool12:38
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z3branope doesn't work either12:40
pedjaz3bra, damn :) open the bug on flyspray, then12:41
joacimryuo: yeah registered. registered ecc memory tend to be a lot cheaper than unbuffered non-ecc memory on ebay. supply and demand i guess12:45
joacimxeons tend to be a lot cheaper than i5 and i7 processors too.12:46
z3braj_v, I just edited it manually as well ^^12:48
z3braIt passed!12:48
j_vz3bra: I'm getting another error near end of build that I'm looking into, will post here about it once I track it down.12:49
z3braokay thanks12:49
z3braI'll keep you updated as well12:50
j_vcool, thanks. I can upload a paste of the error I'm getting if you are interested.12:50
z3brait's gonna take a short while for me though12:52
z3bra1105/3095 right now12:53
z3bra(my box isn't that good)12:53
j_vmine is ok though somewhat dated... building webkitgtk is still pretty long here anyways12:56
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j_vI've found a relavent change in upstream webkit, will post patch as soon as I get it generated13:02
j_vz3bra: this is the patch I'm testing right now:
j_vz3bra: relavent bug report:
j_vI'm at 1099/3095 building, will be a while yet13:21
z3bra1630 for me now13:22
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z3brathis webkit thing is insane...13:50
z3braI wish dillo could handle https flawlessly13:50
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j_vbeing able to use dillo ubiquitously would be nice, though I've gotten spoiled with the key bindings using luakit/webkitgtk13:55
z3braI started to use surf(1) more and more14:07
z3braI like it actually14:09
z3branot for "intense" browsing I'd say14:09
z3brabut to open a page here and there, it's good14:09
z3brait forces you to take "good habits" regarding web browsing14:10
z3bradon't open thousands pages at once14:10
z3bradon't leave the browser open when you don't use it, ...14:10
z3brathe browser thus become a tool like any other14:11
z3brathat you only use when you need it14:11
z3brainstead of building your workflow around it14:11
john_cephalopodaI usually got more open terminals than browser tabs.14:13
AnselmoI do that z3bra, but with lynx14:14
z3braACTION hand john_cephalopoda the termedail14:14
j_vz3bra: Those are good points. I've used surf plenty in the past, though less so since I've started using luakit. Perhaps I should force myself to use surf more often.14:14
z3braI don't like lynx much though14:14
z3brato be honest, I was an heavy dwb user14:14
z3brathen it stopped building against webkit14:15
z3braso I searched for alternatives14:15
john_cephalopodaz3bra: Well, I usually got max 5 tabs open while I often forget about some terminal in the background and leave it open eternally.14:15
z3braand tried surf :P14:15
john_cephalopodaw3m is quite nice. Not really using terminal browsers but it tends to render content better than lynx.14:15
z3braI use w3m to render html in emails14:16
z3brait draws tables better than anything else14:16
Anselmoehh, when I use lynx its usually just to read something, where I try to skip over all menus and things andjust find text x-x14:17
john_cephalopodaI use lynx for gopher sometimes.14:18
john_cephalopodaBut seriously, I don't need 99% of what the modern web has to offer.14:18
AnselmoI sometimes need pages that dont need modern webbystuff, . . . . . but they have it anyway x-x14:19
john_cephalopodaWhich page actually _needs_ modern webbystuff?14:19
john_cephalopoda :D14:20
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john_cephalopodaThat's all the text from that website:
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john_cephalopodaThis could easily fit onto a single page. But nah, it has to _scroll_...14:23
john_cephalopodas/page/screen page/g14:24
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z3bra[2706/3095], still building :)15:10
j_vstill catching up, [2256/2095]15:26
z3braah, failed15:30
j_vSoupNetworkSession.h missing definition of URL?15:32
j_vor declaration15:32
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j_vMy current build is testing patch for that, I'm at [2489/3095] now so should know soon.15:40
z3bratesting as well15:47
z3braI wish pkgmk had an option to "not clean on start"15:47
j_vI seem to remember seeing some talk about that somewhere, perhaps on flyspray or might be something about that on the crux wiki15:49
pedjathere is a 'not clean on failed build' patch in the FS, iirc15:49
pedjayears ago, there was a pkgutils fork with the resume build option, but it was never merged15:50
z3brathat feature could be abused though15:52
z3braresulting in more broken ports15:52
z3braI'd dig that for webkit...15:52
z3braeverytime I see an update for it in "ports -d" I'm like... Ok, it's that time of the year again...15:52
j_vyeah, would be very nice for this kind of issue15:53
pedjapassing '-kw' and hacking Pkgfile to skip some parts of the build sometimes works15:53
z3brayeah I tried that too15:54
z3brabut some parts are hacky, and I'll certainly forget to remove that afterward and getting mad15:55
z3brabtw, as anyone ever tried to run a fully static crux?16:00
z3bra(statically compiled I mean)16:00
j_vpkgmk-resume patch from closed FS#283:
jaegerNot I16:05
j_vWould be interesting, though... if I had time to mess with that, I'd probably look at stali to get ideas for where to start for setting up the toolchain.16:11
z3braI tried to build my own static distro16:13
z3brait's a nightmare to build the toolchain16:13
z3braat some point, I managed to build a static bootstrappable gcc16:14
z3brait took me monthes16:14
z3brathen I eventually gave up16:14
j_vI'd like to mess with starting with musl, perhaps starting by using felkor's musl-cross-make16:14
z3braI used that16:14
z3brait's nice16:14
j_vhe's got that toolchain pretty sleek16:14
z3brathe hardest part is to package/build the toolchain itself for your distro16:15
z3braI eventually wrote my build tools/package manager16:15
j_vi've peaked at it, but haven't had time to play around with it16:15
z3brathat post is old though16:16
j_vyou have some pretty cool stuff16:16
z3bracool stuff that nobody uses :P16:17
z3braI use pm(1) myself for self compiled packages16:18
z3brait's a better "make install"16:18
j_vyeah, i'm guilty of that... been meaning to put wendy to work... my todo list is pretty long, but i should move that one up16:18
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z3bradidn't know people even knew about it16:18
z3brahow did you learn about it?16:19
j_vwhen i was messing about with suckless stuff more16:19
z3brawendy deserves a rewrite though16:20
z3braI'd like to cleanup the code16:20
z3braand add recursive directory traversal as well16:20
j_vwell, i'll try to start playing around with it tonight and send you some feedback as i get my feet wet with it16:21
z3brathough 'find | wendy' works great still16:21
j_vyour website is cool, love how it has some neat anims, but is really pretty straight forward and easy to navigate... good job there16:22
z3braah yeah the rolling titles :P16:26
j_vwebkitgtk built fine with that patch I pasted, will install it and test it now16:26
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z3braI need to rush16:26
z3brasee you in a bit16:26
j_vyep, be well16:27
j_vbtw, newly built webkitgtk working fine so far, no crashes with luakit yet16:31
pedjaz3bra, I like your writing style. some pretty neat stuff there16:31
z3brathanks :)16:32
z3braI need to write on this blog again... It's been a while16:32
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bc: updated signature16:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bc: touch only generated files in doc/16:36
groovy2shoesis it possible to do the installation over SSH?16:46
ryuogroovy2shoes: probably, but i imagine it requires some preparation. i don't think the iso ships with ssh running.16:51
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j_vnewly installed webit has shown no troubles so far17:20
z3braI'm halfway through the build17:27
z3bragood news17:27
z3brathanks for your help17:27
z3braespecially the second patch17:27
j_vno problem... it was actually something I had started last night, but just hadn't gotten back too yet, so I was glad for a reminder to get back on it.17:33
z3brato be honest, I upgraded to 3.4 in the hope that the webkit build wouldn't fail here17:39
z3bra(upgrading crux is less a pain than compiling webkit :P)17:39
z3brawebkit's still not compiled17:41
z3braI'm back under X17:41
z3brawith my wallpaper, etc...17:41
z3braeven trying other WM :P17:41
j_vI need to remember to start long builds with dtach, so I can exit/reenter X at will without disrupting them17:42
j_vunfortunately, I often forget17:42
z3brahaha I just though the same17:43
z3braand NOW it's in dtach ^^17:43
z3bra(should package abduco also)17:43
j_vI'm aware of abduco, just haven't actually used it (even though I've installed it before)17:45
jaegerz3bra: I was expecting on the /tits link :D18:40
z3brathey're called tits?18:41
z3bradidn't know that :)18:47
z3brasorry that I disappointed you18:48
z3brathe sentence is even more relevant then haha18:48
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joacimsometimes i talk about those birds18:52
jaegerheh, all good, not being serious18:52
joacimand people think im talking about something else :(18:53
z3bra"I like how sweet they are to caress"18:53
z3bra"And looking at them perking at dawn"18:53
joacimyou will never get to hold one19:16
z3bra=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:19:16
z3brafuck that.19:16
z3bra2 hours compil19:16
z3brafor that.19:16
jaegerat least that means it finished19:17
jaegeryou can pkgadd it at that point19:17
z3brawell, yeah19:17
z3braI forgot19:18
z3brathanks for saving my evening :P19:18
z3brait works!19:18
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groovy2shoeshow long does a `make bootstrap` in the iso source tree usually take?22:16
groovy2shoesis sitting at "Stage 0" for 1.5 hours normal, or is it possible something's gone amiss?22:17
jaegerIt takes quite some time, depends on your system's CPU and RAM, etc.22:23
jaegeryou can see progress by tailing log.stage* in the iso dir22:23
z3brajaeger, you said webkit's running for you?22:44
z3braCould you run " gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.system.proxy22:45
z3braI don't have the schema install, so webkit fails miserably22:46
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john_cephalopodaNo such schema ?org.gnome.system.proxy?22:51
john_cephalopodaLet me check if it builds for me.22:52
john_cephalopodaThat will take a few hours...22:52
z3bratoo late for more troubleshooting...23:00
z3brasee ya tomorrow, and thanks for all of your help!23:00
groovy2shoesthanks jaeger  :)23:01
groovy2shoesif I want to do an ssh install/upgrade, will it be enough to add a couple lines at the end of /etc/rc to start dhcpcd and sshd? (and add some keys to /etc/ssh/ of course)  perhaps also add an authorized key?23:04
z3braah, fixed that23:10
z3braI recompiled the schemas manually with glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas23:10
z3braand now it works :)23:10
z3braprobably related to glib-networking being installed after glib in my case23:11
z3bragood night :)23:11
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jaegerz3bra: sorry, I don't use webkit23:54
jaegergroovy2shoes: I think you could make it work that way, probably23:55

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