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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xf86-video-fbdev: update to 0.5.006:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-3706:18
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z3brajaeger, sorry I meant j_v, we were troubleshooting webkit together yesterday06:33
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workoderacould someone try helping  me out08:44
workoderaI updated my vps from 3.3 to 3.4, however it no longer boots now08:45
workoderathis is the kernel panic:
workoderamy kernel config is exactly the same though, I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it's a virtual drive08:45
ryuoworkodera: what's your kernel command line?08:47
workoderathis is defined in lilo.conf right?08:47
ryuoI guess? I haven't used lilo in years.08:47
ryuodid you try reinstalling lilo?08:48
workoderabios=0x80 is require dto make it boot (
workoderaill try that08:48
workoderathe lilo command itself wors fine though08:48
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ryuowhat's your partition scheme?08:51
ryuoguessing first is boot partition08:51
workoderavda3 is root08:54
workoderavda1 is boot08:54
ryuoworkodera: i can't really suggest anything more. i honestly prefer extlinux, but that requires a supported FS.08:58
ryuomostly because it doesn't require a reinstall.08:59
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frinnstworkodera: what hardware are you running on? whats shown with lspci?09:32
workoderait's a vps frinnst09:32
frinnstyeah but what is presented to the vm?09:33
workoderalet me check09:33
frinnstand if you still have your old kernel you could use that still09:33
workoderawell I'm using the exact same kernel .config as before09:34
frinnstoh just a kvm. odd09:34
workoderabefore I used 4.16.7 and now 4.16.1309:34
workoderaso I can't imagine it being a problem with the kernel tbh09:34
workoderaI can try though09:34
workoderasame kernelpanic with the old kernel09:41
frinnstso what else changed?09:44
frinnstjust a crux upgrade?09:44
dbrookeThe only obvious difference for my 3.3 under KVM is I have   append="root=/dev/vda2"   rather than just   root=/dev/vda2   but can't remember why09:52
workoderaill try this, thanks dbrooke09:53
dbrookethat's with kernel 4.9.6 and lilo 24.209:54
workoderadbrooke, man THANKS10:00
workoderathis works10:01
dbrookethat's good to hear, I can't find any notes on why I did it that way but I guess I had a similar problem and managed to find the fix10:09
frinnstdid you add or remove the append part?10:11
frinnstits just a workaround for mtab iirc with udev10:12
frinnstnot sure how that could cause your problem but oh well :-)10:12
frinnst have to test if I can break it like that when I get home10:13
dbrookethat KVM instance is the only place I use lilo so I don't know whether it only affects VMs10:23
pedjaworkodera, how's been using Vultr so far?10:24
workoderapedja, excellent10:24
pedjathey still have custom ISO option for install?10:25
workoderapedja, very nice web interface, has a build in firefwall, dns, snapshots, backups (these are paid)10:25
workoderai pay 2.50 dollar a month for 20gb ssd one, they are "temporary sold out" for the past year, I think they offered them too cheap, hehe10:26
workoderaI have this affiliate link on my page, evey time someone registers using it I get 10 dollar, so I pretty much have been using vultr for free for the past year or so10:27
workoderaoh and you can upload your own iso, very nice10:27
frinnsta /64?10:27
workoderalooks like it, tbh I don't know much about ipv610:28
frinnstits the bees knees!10:28
pedjathis is a CRUX channel, but if anyone wants to try Digital Ocean with 100$ credit for 60 days, :)10:29
frinnstaruba had/has vpses for 1€ month or something like that10:30
frinnstfelt ok'ish enough when i used one. granted I just used it for network testing10:30
pedjait's been a while, but, iirc, all vps providers I tried to use didn't like my debit card10:34
pedjaDO included10:34
pedjaoh, well10:35
pedjamaybe in 10 years, when we join the EU ;)10:36
joacimi used DO10:46
joacimuntil they asked me to identify myself with a passport10:47
joacimand locked me out of renewing and managing my vps until i complained to their support staff10:47
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joacimvultr is affiliated with DO, arent they?11:00
joacimwant to get a cheap VPS instead of my soyoustart server11:00
joacimwould be a lot cheaper11:00
ryuojoacim: define "cheap"11:06
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joacim2-5 dollars11:17
joaciminstead of 4511:17
joacimthat board is almost a little silly11:17
pedjajoacim, affiliated in what sense? vultr is do competitor in that space, afaik11:25
john_cephalopodaI should maybe get a RasPi, connect it to my home router and use it as a web server. Pretty much the cheapest option I can imagine.11:26
pedjaaww. middle and high school kids all over town are celebrating the end of their education11:27
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ryuojoacim: didn't i mention OVH to you before?11:41
ryuofor lowest end vPS11:41
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joacimnot sure11:46
joacimi say a lot of things =)(11:46
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pedja cheapest options is 3€ + VAT11:50
pedjaLinode has something similar for 5$11:51
joacimi think i have to pay sales tax on ovh11:55
joacimon their french and uk sites anyways11:55
joacimi avoid it on soyosutart by using their ca site =)11:56
john_cephalopodaThere's also
pedja is huge review forum12:08
pedjabetter than most  Holywood blockbusters these days
pedjanot really a high bar, granted12:16
pedja'cross-domain tracking and the storage of information about the end device by third parties are prohibited'12:45
pedjano wonder they don't like it12:45
pedjaI wonder how many people would use facebook if it was a paid for service12:50
pedjabuilding openBLAS is really pushing my poor CPU13:20
john_cephalopodapedja: Wow, that's really well-done :D13:25
jaegerz3bra: no worries13:40
z3brawhat's up?13:41
jaegerJust answering your answer13:41
z3bramakes me feel important :)13:42
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z3brawhere did the p5-timedate port go?17:09
jaegerLooks like it's available in alan and joe9 repos17:17
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z3braah, thanks18:53
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mnkydethAnyone else getting signature mismatch errors?  Packages slim and xz ... Only two I ran into so far.19:48
onoderaNEW or MISSING mnkydeth?19:48
onoderaxz doens't give me any miss matches19:49
mnkydethSeems like it downloaded. But never went to compile19:49
mnkydethnew package getting installed19:49
onoderaoh signature, I read footprint19:50
mnkydethxz-32 to be exact on that one19:50
onoderaI'm getting the same mismatch with slim19:50
onoderaalso with xz19:50
mnkydethWasn't sure if there was something I could do besides mention it here.19:52
onoderayou can probably ignore it, I suspect that xz changed the source19:53
onoderapkgmk -is -i19:53
onoderaignores the signature19:53
onoderayou probably also need to ignore the md5, -is -im -i19:53
mnkydethahh, that might be the issue... Might be a bad download. bsdtar = unrecognized format. woops19:55
mnkydethSourceforge issue... seems they are down19:58
onoderai wonder what it downloads then20:01
mnkydethWell, in elinks it gave me an error with a frgment file.20:01
mnkydethit's cool, appreciate the help. I'll wait till they come back up. I have an access point to install for something to do.20:03
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teK_darfo: trying your suggested patch for texlive atm21:33
teK_neat way of making the Pkgfile independent of the perl version, btw21:33
darfohad to look that one up, I don't know perl21:39
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darfohate fiddling with texlive, it takes so much i/o and cpu to build21:39
teK_it's mostly (ba)sh magic :-)21:41
teK_compiling it in a while, you can have the binary package if you want and also trust me21:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: wg: 20180420 -> 2018053121:44
darfo119,572 files in the .footprint, glad they only update it once a year21:57
darfothanks teK_ but I need mods to texlive for LyX iirc21:58
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teK_sure *shrugs*22:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wireshark: 2.4.4 -> 2.6.1, closes FS#166022:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libconfig: 1.6 -> 1.7.2, closes FS#165022:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libgpg-error: 1.27 -> 1.3122:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gnupg: 2.2.4 -> 2.2.7, closes FS#164422:58
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