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john_cephalopodaI got an account and got myself some free games :þ00:13
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joacimthey have this thing where you can redeem some of your games from steam now00:50
joacimonly for some games at certain times tho00:51
joacimgog galaxy is a decent tool for keeping games updated too. but i think thats only for windows00:51
joacimnothing right now, but i see redeemable games there once in a while.00:55
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frinnst"Deal could be announced on Monday"09:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: mesa3d: update to 18.0.510:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: mc: update to 4.8.2110:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-3810:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gnuplot: update to 5.2.410:30
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pedja'MS buying GH? OMG, I am switching to Gitlab, and I'll tell all my friends to do the same, so there, you evil MS' how #FightThePower of you, young man11:04
joacimif they do buy github, there will be noise, but in the end, nothing changes =)11:05
pedjajoacim, so business as usual :)11:05
pedjaif it pans out, smart move by MS11:08
pedjaGithub is so essential in many workflows that the pain of moving out would be substantial, I guess, for many projects11:09
frinnst damn someone beat me to it11:09
joacimim guessing if they'll make it part of 365, ms will make it suck hard, but somehow, everyone still uses it11:13
pedjaI hope Gitlab ops people learned to handle their backups a bit better by now :)11:14
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pedja'If you trust a handful of corporations with your entire toolchain and expect them not to fuck you over I've got a bridge to sell you'11:36
pedjainteresting thread
SiFuhInternode is shutting down it's premium usenet service :-(11:43
SiFuhany recommendations ?11:43
pedjaI wonder if scary.devil.monastery is still around...11:49
SiFuhpedja: thanks.11:51
rmulllol... gitlab runs on azure11:52
pedjaGH will soon, too11:57
rmullYeah, that's why it's funny - everyone bailing on GH just to head over to another tool that depends on MS11:58
pedjaidk what Bitbucket is using11:59
john_cephalopodaJust install gogs or stagit on your own server?12:00
john_cephalopodaIt's not like it's hard.12:00
john_cephalopodaStagit is literally "make && make install".12:02
pedjadevops might be all the rage these days, but I doubt that many developers want to do sysadmin stuff on top of development12:02
john_cephalopodaWell, if you are running a server anyway, that wouldn't be too hard to set up.12:03
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john_cephalopodaAlternatively, you can just ask a project if you can use their repos.12:04
pedjathere is a reasom Github became the biggest collection of the git repos on the planet12:04
john_cephalopodaThe reason is "Everybody is there, people already got an account"12:06
pedjathat's part of it. hosted repos, CI, issues, wiki is another part12:08
pedjaisn't that what The Cloud is all about?12:15
pedjaI doubt frinnst would trust many developers with the root account on the servers :)12:19
joacimevery time i look at the issues section i expect to find something useful12:22
joacimbut i never find anything worth my time12:22
joacimjust tumbleweeds and "issues"12:22
pedjaissues like what?12:23
pedja'my computer is slow, help'?12:24
joacimbit like that12:24
joacimthen there are gems like =)12:24
joacim <- someone in the comments linked to that12:25
joacimi cant replicate my scrolling issue12:40
joacimhappens randomly12:40
joacimthe second time i try to grab the scroll bar and drag it, it works fine12:40
john_cephalopoda <-- Lol12:43
frinnsti still dont understand why npm and nodejs etc are a thing12:51
frinnstjust seems so stupid and wrong12:52
joacimthey help developers do stupid shit12:52
joacimprovides jobs for sysadmins12:52
frinnsti'd rather be unemployed12:52
joacimmaybe the world would be a better place12:53
joacimwith unemployed sysadmins12:53
joacimdevelopers would drown in their own shit12:53
frinnststop or you'll give me an semi12:53
joacimcaja has this annoying way of sorting files12:55
joacimand desktop icons don't snap to any grid12:55
joacimnot sure if i understand aws and azure13:00
joacimpeople talk about them like they're something new13:00
joacimbut in my eyes they just look like plain old virtual machines13:01
john_cephalopodajoacim: The way of sorting files changed in all file managers some time ago.13:04
john_cephalopodaNow they sort folders seperately from files and stuff.13:05
joacimthat i dont mind13:05
joacimbut in caja, when i copy in a new file, it's not sorted immediately13:05
joacimi have to leave the folder and go back to see it in its proper spot13:05
ryuojoacim: is caja a giant pile of caca? :)13:05
john_cephalopodalibcaca? :þ13:06
joacimmy guess is they got drunk on caja =)13:06
frinnst"caca" must be one of the most universal words ever13:09
frinnst"kaka" is cookie in swedish btw13:09
joacimin norwegian it would be the cake13:11
pedjaif 'cookie'== small cake, 'kolačić'13:13
joacimi should start recording sales guys13:16
joacimim pretty sure a lot of what they say is illegal, even if due to ignorance13:16
joacim"this is top quality real leather!"13:17
john_cephalopodaCompanies sell us more and more shit.13:18
pedjayay, Starbucks is coming. I expect a riot on opening day13:18
joacimand my suit belt disintegrates after just a year or two.13:18
john_cephalopodaVisited Starbucks once or twice. Hot chocolate was ugly, cake was under the standard.13:19
pedjajoacim, stop whipping customers with it13:19
joacima good belt makes their skin burn and turn red13:20
joacimbut it wont cause bleeding or cuts13:20
pedjaand makes that distinctive sound13:20
joacimif you just want to beat someone, without causing bruises, i recommend a phone catalogue13:21
john_cephalopodaOf course real leather needs some good care.13:21
pedjajoacim, favorite of law enforcement forces worldwide13:22
joacimmost things sales guy say is real leather is just some synthetic shit13:22
pedjamost of my belts are 10+ years old. no care, lot's of abuse, still look like new13:23
pedjahint: Italian leather :)13:24
joacimmy regular belt isnt that high quality, but it still works13:24
joacimbroke that metal thing tho13:25
john_cephalopodaBelt makers get more money when they can sell you 5+ synthetic belts than selling you one single belt.13:25
joacimworst is, the top grain leather belts sold through massdrop are cheaper than the cheap crap norwegian stores sell13:27
pedjaI think I bought most of my belts with 70-80% discount. gotta love 'they are so last season, get rid of them' shopping period in Italy :)13:39
pedjathat applies only to clothes, and that kind of thing. things that really interest me are rarely, if ever, on huge discounts13:42
frinnstah so its official now13:47
SiFuhWait for a new EULA agreement officially handing over all guthub to microsoft13:48
SitriAs in all submitted code becomes MS'?13:51
SiFuhyeah  (my morbid joke meant that)13:51
joacimi pretty much always buy my clothes in end of season sales13:52
joacimi'll always need a sweater. dont care if it is almost spring or not13:52
Anselmosecondhand stores \o/13:57
joacimare full of crap in norway13:58
joacimsince people buy crap, and throw out crap13:58
SiFuhand it is always one season?13:58
joacimreally old furniture is nice, but hard to find clothes13:58
frinnstwinter and extra winter13:59
frinnsta customer wants me to manually check the system load of their server between 4am-6am14:00
frinnstfuck that. thats what monitoring software is for14:00
joacimmost of my customers would give me a broken piece of shit after standing in line for 20 minutes, and expect me to be able to fix it within the next hour14:01
joacimand get mad if i charged a fee one could live on14:02
frinnstthe customers developers have their own devel server to play with. everything has been chmodded by them to 77714:02
joacimsounds like my first week with gnu/linux14:03
joacim"this su thing sure is annoying"14:03
joacimreinstalled a few hours later once i figured out it was a dumb move14:03
Anselmothe only people who usually ask me for help fortunatelyseem to know already what theyre doing more or less c_c14:04
frinnstProblem name: Disk I/O is overloaded on Zabbix server14:04
frinnststorage vmotion over 1gbit link. this kills the i/o14:04
SiFuhMy last big argument was with a French guy who could not, no matter what, understand the concept of SATA->USB3.0. He kept asking me what version USB was the hard disk. I kept saying it is NOT USB. He said but this is USB 3.0. pointing to the plug.14:19
SitriThe USB part of it would still have a version, no?14:21
SiFuhIt was an adpater. He understood it was a USB 3.0 connection but he could not understand that internally it was SATA. Even used the analogy of a French power plug connecting to an Australian powerpoint. You need an adapter14:22
SitriFair enough14:22
SiFuhThe guy speaks English. I kept saying. It is NOT USB3.0 It is SATA!14:23
SiFuhThen he'd tell me to shutup and ask "What version USB is the SATA then?"14:23
frinnstsounds like fun14:23
SiFuhIt was far from it.14:24
joacimi dont know that many guys like that14:28
joacimthe few i know, i can avoid well enough14:29
joacimtho explaining to someone why one would choose one brand of graphics card or cpu, or having to explain that having four memory modules in one motherboard does not mean quad channel gets old fast14:29
joacimthe same old misconceptions gets spouted again even after you show them intel cpu specs and amd graphics drivers on platforms that isn't windows14:31
joacimand i like the part where they talk shit about apple, within earshot of someone that just bought an apple product14:31
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joacimmade the mistake of buying a black aluminium housing for my rpi. going to be covered in finger prints soon enough14:36
joacimbought this case14:54
joacimi think the ethernet pins might be grounding against the case14:55
joacimonly one standoff too. by the gpio pins in the back14:56
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john_cephalopoda"It is not easy to live in a large numbers of sellers. Only to provide good service to buyers!"14:58
joacimmight be decent15:01
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jaegerMy ryzen 7 system is still not stable... locked up sometime last night16:47
jaegerI wonder if I can duplicate the behavior on the ryzen 3 system16:53
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john_cephalopoda"Apple's own Local Area Network". Yeah, and I bet a proper adapter cost 1000$ back then :þ17:42
john_cephalopodaI wonder if Apple makes more money with their projectors or with their DisplayPort -> Some proper connector adapters.17:44
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joacimthey have projectors?18:04
joacimdisplayport is nice tho18:04
joacimvesa standard18:04
joacimno license fees18:04
joacim(tho there is one anyways because hdmi)18:04
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john_cephalopodaMost projectors got VGA, some got VGA and HDMI.20:24
john_cephalopodaMy laptop has VGA and HDMI outputs, which is nice.20:24
joacimnew projectors supports modern standards20:25
joacimold projectors are going to be dongle hell no matter which machine you get20:26
joacimunless its one of those few machines that still have vga outputs20:26
joacimthat old projectors does not support DP does not mean DP is bad20:26
joacimhavent bought a single device in the past 5 years that didn't support DP20:27
john_cephalopodaUniversities usually don't buy the latest stuff. They keep the projectors until they break down forever.20:28
joacimfor a long time now, NTNU have had several different types of cables running for different machines20:29
john_cephalopodaProjectors that have DP ports usually have either HDMI and VGA as back-up because only Mac uses DP.20:29
joacimone of the biggest universities in norway. tho they can claim that due to absorbing a lot of smaller non-universities20:29
joacimand my thinkpads, had DP for 10 years now20:30
frinnstoffice computers usually come with vga and dp these days20:30
joacimand it is not a big deal having to carry a dp to hdmi adaptor in my bag20:30
frinnsttiny desktops from hp, lenovo etc20:30
joacimthink i paid 5 dollars for it20:30
john_cephalopodaHad a DELL Ispiron 17 once, VGA-only. New Inspiron series has HDMI and VGA. The DELL Latitude I got also has HDMI and VGA.20:31
joacimthe only time i used my vga was when i was testing a crt i found in the trash =)20:31
joacima laptop that has hdmi and vga does not mean those are the only ones that matters20:32
joacimdisplayport is here to stay20:32
joacimand is a proper vesa standard (hdmi is not)20:32
frinnstoffice equipment -> dp20:32
frinnsthome equipment -> hdmi20:32
joacima university that takes themselves seriously either upgrade their projectors, or get adaptor boxes since teachers and visitors will show up with all kinds of boxes20:33
joacimhalting a lecture because the teacher showed up with a device that only has dp isn't very professional20:33
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darfotil: don't configure filesystem layouts that aren't supported by the CRUX install media kernel20:59
darfohad LVM2 PV on a MD RAID1 with /usr and /var as LVs21:01
darfothe 4.14.40 kernel on the 3.4 install media doesn't support LVM so the Volume Groups don't show up in /dev21:02
darfotoo tired to figure out what kernel option is missing21:03
john_cephalopodajoacim: Right now I see all the Mac people running around with adapter bags in the university, while people with other laptops just hook up their VGA or HDMI ports, and done.21:08
joacimsame as me and my thinkpad then21:08
john_cephalopodaAlso projectors are really expensive. Universities don't just buy new ones because they want to be modern, when 90% of the students got VGA or HDMI and the rest have their adapters.21:09
joacimkeep a hdmi adaptor in my bag for the rare times i need to use a tv or some old gear21:09
joacimthats is why they might buy boxes that convert from dp to hdmi instead21:09
joacimit doesnt cost them too much to run an extra cable21:10
john_cephalopodaIt costs a lot to buy a new projector that supports a standard that is pretty much exclusively used by Apple though.21:10
joacimmy dell monitors only have hdmi and dp, two inputs of each. my thinkpad has dp and hdmi, my mac mini has hdmi and dp, my graphics card all have several dp outputs and one hdmi each21:12
joacimcouple of them has a dvi output, but no vga21:13
joacimeverything i own supports displayport21:13
joacimnot everything i have does that21:13
joacim+ dp supports hdmi signaling.adapters are cheap21:13
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