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SiFuh__Anyone using XCalc with HPDI and set up the font so it can actually be seen?05:15
ryuoSiFuh__: are you asking how the font can be set?05:28
ryuoxcalc uses the old XFS system, so you have no modern font features... best you can do is choose a larger font.05:29
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ryuoSiFuh__: This should help you get started.05:43
ryuoSiFuh__: just need to find a font that goes big enough.05:43
SiFuh__ryuo: I am using this font xcalc*font: -sony-fixed-medium-r-normal--24-170-100-100-c-120-iso8859-105:44
ryuoSiFuh__: it's still not enough?05:44
ryuoyou may have to change applications then.05:44
ryuo ?05:45
ryuoI used to use this when I wasn't using a regular DE.05:45
SiFuh__Oh it's enough  i was just wondering if there are nicer fonts? This one seems condensed05:45
ryuoSiFuh__: you don't have many options with XT apps.05:45
ryuoSiFuh__: you'll have to see what xfontsel offers.05:46
ryuoFonts will generally look like crap with XFS.05:46
ryuothe only font API that most XT apps support.05:47
ryuoOne exception i know of is XTerm, which can use XFT.05:47
SiFuh__When I set the font to larger sizes a white colum starts to appear05:47
ryuoSiFuh__: I see. Aren't you already using GTK2 or GTK3?05:47
ryuoYou can play around with galculator if you don't mind using GTK2 or 3.05:48
ryuoIt should have fewer issues with fonts.05:49
SiFuh__the one on the right uses sony fonts05:51
SiFuh__the one on the left uses a font size 32. You see how that white bar appears on the right?05:51
ryuoMakes me think the font choice is giving XT bad info.05:52
SiFuh__I was thinking the same05:53
SiFuh__it happens with all font once i pass size 2405:53
ryuoSo you're saying the Sony font is effected?05:54
SiFuh__The sony font is the largest font, that I found I can use at size 24 but not higher.05:56
ryuohave you tried terminus?05:56
SiFuh__it also starts to make that white bar as you can see05:56
SiFuh__It is the same on Void Linux and Slackware05:57
ryuoI think this is an issue with XT... it was created before higher dpis were a thing.05:58
ryuoYou may have to use a different calculator if you're wanting a resolution.05:58
ryuoResolution... when talking about screen resolutions.05:59
ryuoactually... that's an idea.06:00
ryuoa GTK2/3 based calculator that tries to mimic xcalc but in a modern context.06:00
SiFuh__I'd rather use bc but I find it is not very good with deciminal points06:05
SiFuh__i might look into it and see if it has that functionality06:05
SiFuh__12 / 11 = 1  heh06:06
SiFuh__bc -l   12 / 11 = 1.0909090909090909090906:07
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ryuoSiFuh__: why? is xcalc that good or what?06:46
ryuoSiFuh__: I genuinely want to know why you're so opposed to change here.06:46
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joacimim content with libqalculate. i like a calculator that can do unit conversions, especially currency conversions10:53
SiFuh__ryuo: because xcalc does everything I need :-)10:58
SiFuh__ryuo: I use to use gcalculator. Never said I was opposed to it. I just want xcalc to look good since it is installed already11:00
SiFuh__joacim: that's awesome11:14
joacimmade my own port for it, but someone else said they also had a port so i've been holding back with uploading it11:16
joacimmy pkgfile if you want it11:20
joacimi didnt bother with cleaning up the footprint and such. might depend on other things too (not sure)11:20
SiFuh__joacim: I'm using void11:21
SiFuh__Actually I can use that11:22
joacimheh. np11:23
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SiFuh__that is cool11:46
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joacimoh i hate that gui11:49
joacimi just use qalc11:49
joacimfor gui ones, i like soulver-style calculators11:50
joacimthink they're a lot nicer to use11:50
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pedjasolver-style? something like SpeedCrunch?11:52
joacimnot quite11:55
joacimsoulver would be like a text editor, that spits out the results of your calculations in real time11:55
joacimcan go back and edit any line you want11:56
SiFuh__(y4x2 + 2xy - y)/(x - 1)        =      ((y * (4 * x) * 2) + ((2 * x) * y) - y) / (x - 1) = (10xy - y) / (x - 1)11:56
joacimchange any variable to change the outcome11:56
joacimi found a gtk3 (+CSD) application that seemed similar11:57
joacimbut i forgot the name11:57
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joacimyeah saw12:02
joacimit is not the same12:02
SiFuh__paper mode in galculator does something similar12:10
joacimnto even close12:10
joacimthey removed the skeumorphic buttons12:10
joacimwhich is good12:11
joacimbut isnt quite what im looking for12:11
joacimfor me a good calculator is a text editor with calculator features12:12
joacimqalc is more of a command line tool which is fine, but something like soulver or NaSC has other uses that suit certain things people typically used a spreadsheet for12:13
SiFuh__joacim: something like this?
joacimwithout being annoying to use like a spreadsheet application =)12:13
joacimyeah looks like it12:14
joacimsoulver/nasc/calca all seem similar12:14
rmullI use a python shell as my calculator, but my math needs are pretty basic :x12:19
pedjaipython ftw12:26
frinnstbc you peasants!12:29
SiFuh__frinnst: bc -l12:32
pedjaah, bc, the ed of calculators12:37
joacimbc is aight, but currency conversion without an online search engine is voncenienti13:04
SiFuh__Things You Will Need: A computer running Ubuntu.      Damn - instant failure13:04
SiFuh__joacim: extcalc and concalc  ?  but exitinct by the looks of it13:06
joacimqlc dumbass13:06
joacimqalc i mean13:06
joacimi cant type today13:06
joacimextalc is nothing like soulver. another one of those skeumorphic ones.13:07
SiFuh__i know that I am just shoing you an example13:07
joacimdumbass is always a joke13:07
joacimnever an insult13:07
joacimlibqalculate have the nice features i want, and i think NaSC seems to present those features well13:08
rmulljoacim: There is always GNU Units for unit and currency conversions offline13:11
joacimi dont have that installed. but i do have libqalculate =)13:12
SiFuh__awesome game13:23
jaegerI use dc for simple calc stuff... used an RPN calculator in school so it stuck13:51
SiFuh__jaeger: I haven't known anyone that can understand dc ;-)14:05
jaegerI even used my HP48GX this week, heh14:08
SiFuh__haha how cool as that14:09
SiFuh__makes my Casio fx-100s look like a donkey kong game14:11
jaegerI love the HP48 series, you can do a ton of stuff with them14:14
SiFuh__jaeger: gives me an excus to test mtpfs14:18
SiFuh__I just took a photo14:19
jaegerwoo :)14:20
SiFuh__I kept even the card-board insert to protect it from drops14:20
joacimi justh ave my ti-83. didnt keep the box tho14:21
SiFuh__changed battery yet??14:21
joacimgot a ti 84 too, but for some lame reason, that one didnt came with the book describing the basic programming14:21
joacimchanged it a few times14:21
SiFuh__never changed battery, purchased only for calculating binary, hex and dec back in early 2K14:22
SiFuh__eventually stopped using it because someone created software to do the same thing ;-)14:23
SiFuh__I am sure the youth of today would think it is a mobile phone14:23
jaegerI used the hell out of my HP48GX back in school, had to change batteries quite a few times... but the current set has been in there for years. So long that I had to clean them a little bit recently14:26
SiFuh__I wonder if my parents still have my first calculator ;-)14:28
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jaegerhrmm, might have found a workaround for my ryzen 7 issues14:34
jaegerThough it'll take at least a week of uninterrupted uptime to convince me, heh14:35
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jaegerinteresting idea15:39
jaegerFancier than my TI-8515:39
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SiFuh__ridiculour price15:40
jaegerWell, it is for 30 users15:40
SiFuh__I am sure more than 30 can use it  ;-)15:41
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john_cephalopodaFor that price you can get Maple or Matlab for those students, as well as a screen sharing administrative thingie, so the admin can correct students.15:48
SiFuh__or a thermal imager ;-)15:49
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john_cephalopodaI just checked out build scripts I made for a linux distro I planned to launch a few years back.17:35
john_cephalopodaThey are basically CRUX scripts.17:35
joacimand today i put on a sweater17:37
SiFuh__john_cephalopoda: My second distro, that I also never released was the same.17:56
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john_cephalopodaMy package manager stub is called "flapjacks".18:49
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dbrookethe first calculator I used had a nixie tube display
onoderadbrooke: that's so cool20:44
dbrookecool enough that I remember it 8-)    my mother used it for the accounts for my father's camera shop so I presume that he was able to get it from Minolta at trade price though probably still cost a relative fortune20:47
dbrookethe first one I had myself was a Sinclair Cambridge (type 4) - quite an advance in just a few years20:56
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