IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2018-06-06

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joacimthouht it was just a rumor01:35
joacimor a maybe01:36
Anselmoit was. . . . until it wasnt ;-;01:36
jaegermaybe we can sell them crux next01:36
joacimwho gets all the money?01:39
joacimthink everything ms does is the polar opposite of what crux does01:47
joacimeverything is too damn complicated for me01:47
jaegeryeah, I wouldn't bother putting any time into thinking about that, heh01:47
joacimcurious to try out their core setup for windows server01:49
joacimnot sure how that integrates with something like sccm tho01:49
joacimthink setting up sccm comes with too many damn pitfalls anyways. doubt their gui-less servers would make anything simpler or easier =)01:50
jaegerI've used core, it's fine. Just means you need more powershell or RSAT01:51
jaegerRSAT works surprisingly well01:51
joacimalways end up with powershell to do things anyways01:55
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joacimlike configuring switches for hyperv, or making virtual machines with an older configuration version because 8.2 is borked to hell01:56
joacimfor some reason, i can only import 8.2 machines only once01:56
joacimmaybe windows server has more gui things for hyperv02:00
joacimonly really used it on windows 1002:00
jaegerdunno, I have almost zero hyper-v experience02:00
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joacimthis makes no sense. i can't ping domains, but i can ping ips03:55
joacimbut curl and links can resolve domains just fine03:55
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frinnstjoacim: does ping resolve the domains? as in PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.07:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: sqlite3: update to 3.24.008:39
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libinput: update to 1.11.008:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: monit: update to 5.25.208:41
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joacimfrinnst: yes it gets that far. notice i can ping pretty much every other domain tho. so i suspect ddg are just blocking icmp packages12:29
joacimcan pretty much ping everything else12:30
joacimi couldnt at first tho12:30
joacimPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.12:31
joacimping crux.nu12:32
joacim64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=33.5 ms12:32
joacimthat works just fine12:32
joacimpebkac i think =)12:32
abenzjoacim: TR2 32 cores12:34
abenzand to think a year ago 4c/8t desktops were considered "highend"..12:35
joacimmight have to throw out mine and buy a new one =)12:35
abenzwould make an epic VM host though12:36
abenzif I'm not mistaken the only difference between epyc and TR in terms of features is registered RAM support?12:37
abenzryzen support ECC, but not registered?12:37
joacima year ago i was getting very tired fo the 4 core processors. the upgrade path for 4 core processors seemed so marginal12:38
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abenzyes, when no healthy competition is in place thats what we get12:38
joacimnot sure about the processor, but my motherboard only list UDIMM as compatible12:39
abenzI know people who kept using sandy bridge over all those "***lake" iterations12:39
abenzits basically the same processor12:39
abenzTR2 is 250watts tho12:40
joacimthe supermicro x8sil and xeon combo that i ordered supports RDIMM. ordered 8GB for 20 dollars12:40
mnkydethSandy Bridge with a healthy overclock is very viable in the 4c/8t market still. It's mostly GPU's that make the difference if considering gaming.12:40
mnkydethBut yeah, thank goodness AMD finally did something with Ryzen and Threadripper12:41
joacimthink we would see +100 MHz iterations of intel quad core processor for another half a decade from intel if amd didnt release their ryzen12:42
joacimor if it turned out ryzen was more like amd fx12:43
mnkydethNow we just need to wait for them to get there GPU's in line so Nvidia has some competition again as well.12:43
abenzdid you see intels keyntoe? their 28core demo machine was full of thick pipes and isolation etc12:43
joacimnot that i totally mind fx. seems like the platform is the last valid option for libreboot12:43
joacimphenom II at least12:43
abenzit seems they only found out about the 32 core TR2 a few days/weeks ago and went crazy12:43
joacimwould've thought they noticed the 32 core epyc last year =)12:44
abenzthey just didn't expect amd to release a TR with all 4 dies active12:44
abenzintel has a different mentality for market segmentation12:45
mnkydethIt's funny too as it uses the TR4 socket still. So no new mobo needed. Prolly just bios update.12:45
joacimi think it would be really nice if amd had a site like intels ark12:45
abenzie just look at their highest end core i9s, you have to buy a dongle for RAID.. they are scared it will eat into their juicy xeons lines12:45
joacimark is very handy for looking up capabilities of intel processors12:45
joacimwhen i bought my i5, xeons were a very valid option for the same price, if you didnt care about overclocking12:46
joacimseen a lot of people around with an E3 1230v3 in their consumer chipset motherboards12:46
joacimsame price, same performance, but has hyperthreading12:46
joacimsame price as my i5 469012:47
abenzI see12:47
abenzmaybe for the midranges12:47
joacimsupports ECC memory too, if i wanted a C226 motherboard12:47
abenzbut for the highend stuff, they always do these nasty segmentation stuff12:47
abenzneuter AVX etc12:48
joacimthey do that with the low end too. more consumer focused i5 and i7 does not support ECC memory. but their i3, pentium, and celeron does12:48
joacimwhere there arent any xeons to compete against12:48
joacimdont know if they changed that with their current lineup12:48
joacimbeen a while since i looked at intel and their features12:49
abenzwhereas with AMD, eg taking the bulldozer family for example, you get the same feature set from the 4xxx to 8xxx, which match their opterons.. no lockdowns12:49
joacimtbh, i think the amd motherboards looks a bit cheesy. easier to find solid looking intel motherboards12:49
abenzso its just speed/cores that differentiate the SKUs12:49
abenzthis is because of intel12:50
abenzeg look at the ryzen thinkpads12:50
abenzthe intel thinkpads have superior screens12:50
abenzits some "partner programs", that intel enforces on OEMs to never release premium AMD stuff12:50
abenzalways the cheap stuff12:51
abenzits nasty. Nvidia tried to pull something similar with their "Geforce partner program", but the huge backlash forced them to backaway12:51
joacimoh they backed away?12:51
abenzyup, the "program" is canceled12:52
joacimasrock always looks a bit cheesy, no matter if intel or amd. asus and some others do not have WS boards at all for AMD12:53
abenzI was hoping by now supermicro or other WS-oriented vendor would release a nice (non-gaming) boards for TR12:54
joacimdont really care at all about some fancy gaming boards with ROG branding and owls and stuff on them12:54
mnkydethAsus if I recall owns asrock. It's Asus's lower end tier. I could be wrong on that....12:54
joacimtho functionally, those mothebroard are very good12:54
abenzTR has an edge on epyc (for certain users at least) since it has higher clockspeeds12:54
joacimpegatron owns both asus and asrock12:54
mnkydethAhh yep, was just googling myself :)12:55
SiFuhpegatron sounds like a decepticon12:55
joacimmsi has "arsenal gaming"12:56
mnkydethit's a my little pony version decepticon12:56
joacimno idea what that means12:56
SiFuhmnkydeth: :-P hah12:57
mnkydethMSI was always big on "Military Grade" as a selling point. Possibly trying to kind of rebrand it maybe?12:58
john_cephalopodaI once used a computer with some Asrock Gaming motherboard. It had an extremely cringy, low-res boot splash logo.12:58
joacimi think theyre all like that now :(12:59
joacimmine just says sapphire asrock on the splash screen12:59
mnkydethWish we still had Abit and Chaintech around making mobo's. If they are wish they were still in the US market...13:00
john_cephalopodaOr was it msi? I remember a dragon graphic.13:00
joacimi think they're all kinda doing something dragon. or birds13:01
john_cephalopodaReminds me of the incredible artworks on GPU packagings.13:03
joacimwasnt too long ago when those graphics were on the cards themselves13:03
john_cephalopodaHeh, never saw one of those.13:04
john_cephalopodaBut they are usually so full of plastic that I wonder if it improves the airflow or rather traps heat.13:04
john_cephalopodaI opened up my graphics card some time ago because it was loud. Turned out that the fan was constantly rubbing against a densely packed layer of dust (2 or 3 cm thick).13:09
mnkydethBeen trying to get vlc installed on my Crux. I get an error duing qt4 compile. This is Crux 3.4 I am using. Any ideas?13:15
mnkydethI did install qtwebkit thinking that would help. Did some googling but didn't find anything specific.13:15
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: had that happened to a power supply. now all my computers have dust filters =)13:25
joacimmnkydeth: are all dependencies installed?13:26
joacimdoesnt look like webkit is listed as a dependency tho. the dependency list is too long for me to test the build myself13:28
mnkydethI beleive they are all installed. I used sudo prt-get depinst vlc13:32
mnkydethSo I assume it was getting what it needed.13:32
joacimlist them out13:50
joacimprt-get depends vlc13:50
joacimor just qt4 in this case13:51
joacimthe entire build log would be helpful too. should be in /var/log/pkgbuild by default if logging is enabled13:52
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joacimtalk about aws stuff on twitch, ofc gamers end there dropping shitty comments about the presenters choice in computers =)14:20
john_cephalopoda"I run my games on Microsoft Azure"14:20
john_cephalopodaHmmm, I wonder if those GPU bitcoin mining farms can be repurposed to be video rendering farms one day.14:21
Anselmodo people even mine btc with gpus these days ?14:22
AnselmoI thought now you had to have asics to even compete14:22
john_cephalopodaDon't know.14:25
john_cephalopodaBut some time ago the GPU market got pretty empty because people kept buying hundreds of GPUs for their mining datacenters.14:25
frinnstwe demoed nvidia grid yesterday14:28
frinnstvmware horizon and cad and other 3d demo stuff14:28
frinnstworked pretty great14:28
frinnstbut we will NEVER buy nvidia hardware. fuck their licenses14:31
ryuofrinnst: with lub, or no?14:39
frinnstthat would be too gentle14:39
joacimnvidia does not deserve lube14:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nss: updated to 3.37.315:00
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SiFuhrename -v 's/South.Park./South\ Park\ /' *.mp417:23
SiFuhWhat am I doing worng?17:23
jaegerdoes rename support regex?17:24
jaegerrename 'South.Park.' 'South Park ' *.mp4 <-- maybe something like this instead?17:25
jaegerI haven't used rename in a long time so I might be misremembering17:25
SiFuhi use gprename17:25
SiFuhbut I don't have it on this computer17:25
SiFuhyou are right17:31
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SiFuhjaeger: I used massren.18:39
jaegerwhatever works :)18:41
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SiFuhI also got kicked from #voidlinux18:44
SiFuhI guess kiss a monkeys bana was too strong for them18:45
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ryuoSiFuh: at least you didn't say horse weiner.18:51
SiFuhactually I can tell you exactly what i said18:52
ryuoSeems they banned you.18:53
ryuoACTION shrugs.18:53
ryuo... derogatory language?18:55
SiFuhyeah, I have never sworn on IRC in my life18:56
SiFuhmaybe banana or crap or kiss or monkey was obscene to someone ;-)18:56
ryuoRepeated, even? It looks like ban on first offense.18:56
AnselmoI mean, how long do bans there last ?18:56
Anselmothough I suppose perhaps usually kicking someone in that sitution should be enough x-x18:57
ryuoWelp, all the more reason not to use 'em.18:58
SiFuhweird i think18:59
nweSiFuh: if I was you I should write a shell-script and use find/ls (if the files are in the same directory) and than use mv+awk/cut. to get the name I want.19:01
SiFuhnwe: i usually do, I just wanted to do it a more pro style..19:02
SiFuhIn the end I used massren    and was able to rename files vi style, which I thought was kind of cool19:02
nweeh? what do you mean with more pro style? more output colors, debug flags or what?19:03
SiFuhno  just one line command19:03
SiFuhnwe  during a job interview with a Japanese company in Bangkok back in 2005 I was asked to mass rename files. I use awk, sed, cut and the Western dude looked at me like I was an idiot.. I felt like an idiot19:05
ryuoSiFuh: i normally do something like this, but then it depends on the job. i rarely need to batch rename anything other than file extensions.19:05
SiFuhHe said to me "I have never seen it done that way"  Yet it was better than his way19:06
AnselmoI mean. . . .it seems normally nicer to do something thats consistent between machines . . .19:06
ryuofor i in *.png; do mv $i ${i/.png/.gif}; done19:06
ryuoOr so.19:06
Anselmomost computers have awk/sed/cut/grep,19:06
nweso what you will do is to write it  in python/perl/golang instead or what?19:06
Anselmorather few have massrename19:06
SiFuhi have prefered to always send my commands to a text file.. I can review it and the run it as a script.19:06
SiFuhif no massren  I'd use awk/sed/cut/grep19:07
nweso just and "dry" run mode for it and check the output...19:07
nwemassren is it build in python or?19:08
nweno I found it:)19:08
ryuovar toilet = new Toilet();19:09
SiFuhmassrename is like opening a directory in vi and using a text editor to rename all the files19:09
SiFuhcareful ryuo chanserv might ban you19:10
ryuoi've been using x11vnc today to debug some docker tests that use GUIs.19:10
ryuootherwise no way to see what the GUI is doing.19:11
Anselmowhy are they in docker ?19:16
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ryuoAnselmo: ask the upstream. i'm only doing a bounty.19:22
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jaegeryou can have crux 3.1 on WSL now -
jaeger(just because the official crux docker image is old)20:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia: updated to version 390.6720:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.6720:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iana-etc: md5, signature and small updates21:06
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iana-etc: add update.sh21:06
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iana-etc: update to [master] of FreeBSD21:06
pedja'Linux proficiency exam' seems to be heavily Debian/RH biased, which means I would probably never pass it :)21:09
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Anselmooh, I took one of those x-x21:11
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pedjasome of the questions are...weird. 'what option would you pass to acpitool to hibernate the system?'21:14
Anselmowhere its like, I know perhaps how _I_ would hibernate a system. . . .. I havent a clue what youre weird tool wants x-x21:16
pedjagranted, I've seen 'test questions'. how similar are they to actual ones idk21:16
Anselmois this for a cert of some sort ?21:17
pedjaapparently it is21:17
jaegerhrmm... still haven't figured out my weird touchpad thing21:18
jaegerAnyone ever see a situation where a laptop touchpad doesn't work when you first boot, but works perfectly after you suspend and resume the laptop once?21:18
pedjadoes suspend and resume cycle somehow resets the driver, I wonder21:19
AnselmoI assume you'd have found if it was a module getting loaded after resuming21:20
jaegerI think it must somehow but nothing suspicious stuck out to me in the logs21:20
jaegerno difference in modules loaded before and after21:21
jaeger <-- the Xorg.0.log if you're bored21:21
frinnstin what fucking situation would you need to hibernate a system you take a cert for?21:23
AnselmoI mean. . . general knowledge of system tools ?21:24
frinnstah, so as in "what tools to remove from your server post install"? :-)21:24
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pedjait's probably unrelated, but '(EE) client bug: timer event14 keyboard: offset negative (-480ms)' occurs only once in that log21:32
jaegeryeah, I saw it but I've no idea if it's in any way related21:33
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pedjaiirc, you had no issues with Arch on that laptop?21:39
jaegercorrect, though I didn't spot the difference during the time I had arch installed21:42
jaegerso I know it's a config issue, not a hardware issues21:42
jaegerbut is the issue in X config, kernel config, driver version? dunno21:42
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pedjamaybe libinput-record can help to pinpoint the issue21:55
joacimis evdev considered abandoned these days?21:55
joacimnot sure what the point of libinput is21:56
joacimdoes it solve a problem evdev couldnt?21:56
joacimoh ok21:56
joacimbut i dont use that21:56
joacimalso, for my use, libinput has fewer features21:56
joaciman option to adjust scroll speed would be nice21:56
pedjathat's a feature :) (lack of options)21:57
joacim"that old thing works too well, lets replace it with something new, and adopt it everywhere long before it has the features people actually use"21:58
pedjaI use evdev, works fine, afaict21:58
joacimyeah i use evdev on the laptop. cant be bothered with switching21:58
pedjajoacim, that's a tag line for Wayland21:58
pedjait is THE FUTURE, thou22:00
joacimi like the nvidia bs around wayland22:00
joacimseen developers complain about nvidias refusal to support wayland properly22:00
joacimhow nvidia is trying to push their own bs22:00
pedjaah, that22:01
pedjaisn't their bs actually Khronos standard?22:01
joacimno idea22:02
pedjaNvidia will support Wayland when some big customer asks for it, and that isn't happening any time soon, imho22:03
joacimthink they should push for inclusion of that kind of stuff in wayland tho, instead of sneaking it in with their driver22:03
joacimor pestering wm devs about it22:03
pedjaWayland won't see any bigger adoption before Nvidia supports it22:04
joacimfeel like there are way fewer workstation applications for gnu/linux now, compared to 10-15 years ago22:05
joacimi guess there are CAD appliations?22:05
pedjaa few audio/video/vfx apps22:06
joacimis maya3d still maintained for gnu/linux?22:06
joacimdavinci resolv too i guess22:07
joacimbut i dont know how professional that application is22:07
pedjamaya2016 is supported on rhel/centos22:09
jaegerhehe, just saw a great quote: "Kickstarter is just monetized scope creep."22:09
pedjanatron is Linux nuke-inspired compositor22:11
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joacimi always thought of kickstarter as a trust fund for rich kids that got told by their parents to get a job22:12
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pedjaand here I am, compiling fortran and qt4, with no cores left to watch Person of Interest22:20
frinnstno vdpau?22:20
joacimhow about distcc22:21
joacimagainst my threadripper :322:21
joacimwould need frinnsts internet i think, for that to work maybe22:21
joacimwant my threadripper?22:22
pedjacan't afford it, unfortunately22:22
pedjamy quest for great-grandfathers pot of gold was unsuccessful :)22:24
pedjawell, gold coins22:24
joacimmy father has a chest that i want22:25
joacimno not hairy22:25
joacimmine is tho22:25
joacimthink i got my mothers chest22:26
joacimand my fathers height22:26
joacimno i mean hairy22:26
frinnstthis is getting weird22:26
joacimhair from my mothers side, general build from my father22:26
joacimlike my grandfather has more or less the same hair as me. on my mothers side22:26
joacimhe went to sweden during the war, ofc this is weird22:27
pedjamy grandfather was POW in Germany during ww222:31
pedjaworked at some big farm near...Stutgart? Frankfurt? don't remember22:32
joacimthat sounds horribly shitty22:33
joacimmy grandfather on my fathers side was still young22:34
pedjasettled so nicely that my grandmother had to drag his ass back home after the war22:34
joacimi think the stories i heard were german soldiers would take kids to the movies to show them german propaganda22:34
joacimhe went to germany as a soldier after the war tho22:35
pedjawatching the Berlin wall fall was cool22:40
joacimi dont remember that at all22:40
joacimwas too busy figuring out how to ride a bike22:40
joacimor digging for worms in the garden22:40
joacimleft a bucket of worms in the hallway once22:41
joacimtook my mother a while to figure out what the stink was22:41
pedjadid they scatter around the house?22:46
pedjayay, qt4 finally finished building22:48
joacimi dont remember that22:49
joacimi just remember putting the bucket there22:49
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pedjaonce I asked a friend why is he going fishing. 'it calms me down'22:53
joacimfishing is nice22:54
joacimactually getting a fish is a little stressful tho22:54
pedjaI asked how. 'I fish a little, then I go into the water and kick their asses'22:55
pedjamajority of the people I know go to get away from their wife and kids just for a bit. kinda sad22:56
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joacimmy father likes to bring people along for fishing and hunting22:57
joacimdont think he goes out alone much22:57
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pedjathat's nice22:58
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joacimi thin im more of the kind of guy that would go alone tho23:04
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