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abenzI'm about to update a crux system to 3.4 (clean install), but want to keep my configs.. aside form backing up everything in etc, and my kernel config.. anything else?03:10
abenzhome is in a different partition03:10
abenzjust remembered, my custom ports, so /usr/ports as well03:14
jaegerYou could just do an upgrade instead of a clean install, but yeah, if you've got everything backed up it should be fine03:23
abenzjaeger: residual habits from windows days.. clean installs (my /home/user stays intact tho)03:24
abenzso its just the system itself03:24
abenzI'm just jumping around dirs in / to see if I left any configs around to backup03:24
abenzdon't want to figure stuff out all over again..03:24
abenzjaeger: so besides /etc and kernel config anything else that comes to mind?03:25
jaegerI usually just back up the entire system and then if I'm missing something, restore it from the image03:25
AnselmoI've had some programs that store important things in /var/lib/03:25
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jaegeralso, back up your internet connection03:26
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joacimi always keep a spare internet on a floppy05:24
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abenzjaeger: I replaced the default 3.4 pkgmk.conf with the one I used in 3.307:10
abenznow I see my CPU wont be fully utilised during compiles07:10
abenzI noticed a msg from make: jobserver not available, using -j107:10
abenzwhat was changed? can you share the stock pkgmk.conf that ships with 3.4 ?07:11
abenzbrb 1 min07:19
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abenzConnecting to||:80... failed: Connection refused.07:29
abenzjaeger: I checked the iso and saw the stock file, its basically the same.. just using nproc07:31
abenzso the jobserver error is related to how make is being called..07:31
joacimexport JOBS=$(nproc)07:39
joacimexport MAKEFLAGS="-j $JOBS"07:39
joacimabenz: use that instead of your regular MAKEFLAGS07:39
joacimi think some things look at JOBS instead of MAKEFLAGS07:40
abenzjoacim: giving that a go..07:42
abenzjust in time to compile RUST..07:42
elgewow, I just tried to run the 3.4 boot/vmlinuz as a xen paravirtualized guest and it worked.  you did freacking enable xen drivers into the installing kernel. THANKS07:46
abenzjoacim: still low utilization07:48
abenzyou seeing full tilization on your system?07:53
joacimnever had an issue like that on any of my systems07:59
joacimmy entire pkgmk.conf07:59
abenzI don't have firefox yet :(08:00
joacimfrom a 3.3 system, but the config is unchanged for my 3.4 systems too08:00
abenzcompiling it right after rust08:00
joacimcan curl that08:00
joacimor wget =)08:00
abenzwhy dont you specify -march=zenver1 in your CFLAGS08:01
abenzor march=native rather08:01
joacimdid you happen to ahve a kernel config that only supports one core?08:01
abenzno I'm using the same kernel config I've always used08:02
abenzactually right now my cpu is at 100%08:02
joacimi dont care too much abotu that kind of stuff. i just leave it default08:02
abenzdoing rust, but rust seems to have its own scripts and not using the traditional stuff08:02
joacimdifferent stages of building things has different cpu utilization08:02
abenzyes.. I don't know if the JOBS thing fixed it08:02
abenzearlier it definitely had a problem.. was hovering around 10% the whole time08:03
abenzand make specifically threw that jobserver not found using -j1 warning08:03
joacimrust doesnt use the regular old make stuff08:03
joacimi dont know if rust is python or what. should see 100% usage more often during the firefox build08:04
abenzbut about the march stuff, in some instances the gain is quite significant.. a recent kernel commit also enabled march=native (previously it was possible with an external patch).. so it does have some merit08:04
abenznot that you need that on a 16-core server chip ;)08:04
joacimi rather not deal with issues that might happen due to that kind of stuff08:05
joacim+ being able to just take my ssd out of one system and slap it into another is nice08:05
abenzwow.. all that was just "stage1"08:15
abenzmy fx is starting to show its age08:16
elgewith what tar arguments is the rootfs.tar.xz archive created?  am I safe using tar xJpf?08:20
elgeI need to rebuild it to fix the agetty console thing for xen/pv08:21
elgenope, I have problems with copying /dev/ from rootfs to newroot/dev/ so `tar cJpf` is no good09:04
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ryu0abenz: he knows. I'm working on upgrading it.09:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: clex: update to 4.6.patch909:46
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iproute2: update to 4.17.009:47
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ryu0abenz: he knows. I'm working on upgrading it.10:01
abenzryu0: alright10:08
ryu0i would be done already but i ran into some snags i couldn't have predicted.10:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] updated to 2.2.8 (CVE-2018-12020)10:09
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pedjaelge, 'tar -Jcf'10:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qt4: signed11:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qt4: Fix moc parsing glibc-2.25+ system headers (closes FS#1666)11:25
frinnstcheers pedja11:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: iasl: update to 20180531 release17:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: jamvm: update to 2.0.0 release18:08
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joacima dell latitude with ryzen sounds nice20:27
joacimshame those gaming reviewers skipped right over it =)20:28
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ryuojoacim: most promising ones i've seen is HP Elitebooks...20:45
ryuojoacim: HP's web store now has 13 different laptop models with Ryzen.20:46
ryuo4 of those are elitebooks.20:46
joacimexcited to get one in 5-6 years when they're 100-200 dollars20:53
ryuojoacim: oh, that's right. You're El Cheapo.20:54
ryuoThe cheapest mouse in all of Mexico. :P20:54
joacimonly for laptops i think21:01
joacimi dont use them often enough to justify paying that much for one21:01
joacimif i can get an old one for less than 300, i rather get that than a brand new one for over 100021:01
ryuojoacim: probably best choice is thinkpad X230 or earlier then.21:02
frinnstI dont understand why people *want* laptops. you cant use one more than 30minutes without going crazy21:16
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Hmm, why that?21:16
joacimryuo: already have a t420, and an x22021:17
joacimi think i like the t420 more. feels more solid. even tho the screen is bigger and provides more pixels for things, i think the x220 screen is nicer21:18
joacimsince you get the optional ips display on that one21:18
abenzfirefox does seem snappier21:40
abenznot sure about the interface changes tho21:41
abenzthe best look was the compact theme (dark/light) that was integrated briefly but then removed21:41
joacimi like the current look, since it reminds me a lot more of the old 1.x releases21:52
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: shitty user interface21:54
frinnsttrackpads are useless. the keyboards suck21:54
frinnsttiny screens21:54
ryuoI have to wonder.21:54
joacimi like good trackpads21:54
joacimtho only apple did them well21:54
ryuoDid Firefox see GIMP's UI and think... we gotta get us some of that?21:54
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Some laptops have nice keyboards. I'd say that my business laptop has a better keyboard than my desktop PC.21:54
abenzryuo: indeed!21:54
frinnstthen you need a proper keyboard :-)21:55
john_cephalopodaScreen is reasonably-sized with 15''. I just sit a bit closer to it.21:55
joacimi dont like the ones apple use now tho. no tactile feel. just the fake "click"21:55
ryuo17.3" is the largest you'll generally find.21:55
Anselmothe main reason I use my laptop is that I dont always want to stand x-x21:55
joacimtrackpoints is nice enough too, but a dedicated mouse is nicer21:55
john_cephalopodaAnd Trackpoint still exists.21:55
john_cephalopodaI use a tiling WM, so mouse use is very limited.21:55
ryuoonly on elitebook or thinkpads...21:55
joacimbest laptops come with trackballs21:56
ryuojoacim: why would I want it to be able to track my balls?21:56
ryuoSounds gross.21:56
john_cephalopodaryuo: You want to track them so you don't lose them.21:58
joacimtheyre not slimy if you clean them regularly21:58
john_cephalopodaKids at school always took the ball out of the mouses...21:58
joacimwe were always well behaved with our balls22:04
joacimnever took them out22:04
pedjafrinnst, another for your collection?
pedjaah, yes. ABS is a no-no, iirc :)22:27
joacimi think the only thing he needs now is a keyboard with switches like these22:39
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frinnstwow that looks stupid23:37
ryuojoacim: incidently, you can buy Elitebook 745 g3s for ~300 USD right now.23:41
ryuomade in 2015.23:41
john_cephalopodaWhen I read "Chrome toggle switch" I thought it was some hardware switch to enable and disable some spy features of the Chrome browser.23:46
frinnst lovely23:48
john_cephalopodaEverybody talking about keyboards and I have been using the crappy DELL standard rubberdome keyboard that came with the computer for years.23:49
frinnstwell its fine if you don't know any better23:49
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: were you raised in the era when mechanical keyboards were a thing?23:50
frinnstyou cant miss what you dont know23:50
john_cephalopodaI have tried out mechanical keyboards in stores and they weren't very pleasant.23:50
john_cephalopodaI guess I am just used to the quick response of rubberdome stuff.23:51
frinnstits not for everyone I guess. But the switch type is very important. I assume the demos were "gaming" branded? usually linear switches with no feel to them23:51
john_cephalopodaI guess.23:52
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: cpus come with built in google chrome backdoors now23:53
abenzjohn_cephalopoda: try cherry reds23:53
john_cephalopodajoacim: Yeah, but Purism has hardware switches for those features.23:53
john_cephalopodaabenz: Got to try it out some time. I don't usually get into electronic stores though and I usually just use what I got there until it breaks.23:54
abenzyou might like browns as well23:54
joacimi think browns feel a bit dirty23:54
joacimblue ones are nice i think23:54
joacimnever tested red ones23:54
joacimi ordered a blue one as a spare last year, and they sent me one with brown switches :(23:55
abenzbrowns are lighter23:55
joacimeven contacted the store about it, and they insisted there was nothing wrong with their description23:55
abenzits a personal preference, best to test them out in store23:55
joacimsince when you look closer, the part number is for brown switches23:55
joacimbut the description is for blue switches23:55
jaegerthat's a store who doesn't want repeat business :P23:56
joacimttheyre goot at RMA tho23:56
joacimissue? REPLACE!23:57
joacimtheyre very prompt at that kind of stuff23:57
jaegerfair enough23:57
frinnst.. except in some cases i guess :)23:57
frinnstI've managed to sell off 2 keyboards. so i'm down to 4 mech now :)23:58
frinnst3 mx blue + 1 unicomp23:59

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