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joacimim not the kind to get mad at an entire store because one rep was a bit rude or annoying00:02
joacimlike the store that left me hanging for 3-4 months with my cpu rma. annoyed, but i still buy things from them00:02
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joacimif it was a small local store, that would be different since there are many other alternatives00:03
joacimexcept for the hipster jeans store. i like their jeans, and i like their selection of boots00:03
joacimyou get one free repair too, when you buy their jeans =)00:03
john_cephalopodaBet they haven't got my size.00:05
joacimstill need to get rid of these 34" belts i bought. i dont know anyone that wears 29-30" pants00:06
john_cephalopoda40 is length, 36 is waist. Though I am not sure which units they use.00:07
john_cephalopodaIt's jeans by Mustang.00:07
joacimi was looking for 40 waist00:08
joacimcan you live with 32 length?00:08
joacimthey have a custom made service, but thats expensive00:08
john_cephalopodaLol, 32 length. That would be shorts.00:10
joacimfor me, the length is pretty much spot on00:12
joacimi guess they make common sizes00:12
john_cephalopodaI have an uncommon size :รพ00:12
john_cephalopodaI'm a little over 2 meters tall and relatively slender.00:12
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darfojaeger: getting an error building opt/qt5 under Docker with CRUX 3.4
darfobuilds fine on native box and a VM01:56
darfoThe strange bit is Could not find qmake configuration file .01:57
darfothe space between the period and file is supposed to be the name.01:57
ryuodarfo: it sounds like your ship has sprung a leak.01:58
darfoYeah, need a dry-dock.01:58
darfojaeger: at least that what I got from googling that message. On the native build that line does not appear at all.01:59
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jaegerno idea there, sorry03:07
jaegermaybe Romster has seen that before?03:08
darfonp, i just knew you used docker :)04:40
darfoI'll keep digging since docker is my port verification platform04:41
jaegeryeah, I do use docker fairly regularly but never really use qt5... it would be nice if there were more information in the log or a more verbose error05:05
jaegerI can duplicate the build failure here but I don't see anything obvious05:05
jaegerPretty tired, though, going to sleep05:06
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Romster"ship has sprung a leak" dies...05:45
Romsternot sure, but i'll look into it sometime05:46
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abenzwhat prts do I need to get vdpau ? (amd 5450 card)09:16
abenzI did prt-get search vdpau and installed all listed ports09:16
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abenzand recompiled ffmpeg and mesa3d11:03
abenzAnd I'm part of "video" group..11:03
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Romsterthen you tell your video player to use the vdpau backend11:30
Romsteror for firefox just having ffmpeg installed with vdpau support is enough11:31
abenzError opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device.11:31
abenzI feel its something obvious.. but cant pinpoint it11:32
abenzin smplayer, in video output drivers, I dont have opengl, vx, and the usual drivers11:33
abenzeg vdpau is not listed there11:33
abenzI tried running mpv from cli directly as well11:33
frinnstI dont think mpv supports it11:38
john_cephalopodaabenz: Have you tried recompiling mpv yet?11:38
frinnstyou need mplayer11:38
frinnstno it should support it - nevermind11:39
john_cephalopodaFrom mpv manual: "vdpau  requires --vo=gpu or --vo=vdpau (Linux only)"11:39
abenzI didn't have mplayer in 3.3.. always used mpv (with smplayer as frontend), it worked nicely11:40
frinnstmplayer works just fine11:40
abenzjohn_cephalopoda: yes recompiled ffmpeg, mesa3d and mpv11:40
frinnsti use it with smplayer and vdpau11:40
abenzprt-get depends mplayer11:41
abenzshows everything installed apart from mplayer itself11:42
abenzin addition to adding your user to video group, does one need to do anything elsE?11:42
frinnstwell your gpu needs to support it. what gpu do you have?11:42
frinnstamd and intel works fine. not sure about nvidia. I think they do something different11:43
abenz$ lspci | grep VGA11:44
abenz01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 / R5 230 OEM]11:44
frinnstshould be good to go11:45
frinnsti've never had any problems with mplayer and vdpau11:45
abenzI quit my WM and logged out, that should suffice.. but let me reboot for good measure11:45
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abenzno good11:48
abenzin list of output drivers (in smplayer) I have: drm, ctc, image, gpu..11:48
ryuoabenz: for AMD, nstalling libvdapu or libvaapi isn't enough.11:49
ryuoabenz: you must also rebuild mesa with vdpau and/or vaapi support.11:49
abenzryuo: I did recompile mesa3d11:49
ryuomesa3d? not mesa itself?11:49
ryuomesa handles a lot more than 3D these days.11:50
abenzI thought it was called mesa3d11:50
abenzprt-get search mesa11:50
abenzthere's no "mesa"11:50
ryuoLet me check.11:50
ryuodid you recompile your video player?11:51
ryuotry installing vdpauinfo from Romster's repo.11:53
ryuoit's a debugger for vdpau.11:53
abenzryuo: yup recompiled mpv11:53
abenzand ffmpeg as well11:53
abenzI'm recompiling mesa3d again now for good measure11:54
ryuoit could be a matter of setting your VDPAU driver.11:55
ryuobut, you'd need to use vdpauinfo to know.11:55
abenzprt-get: reinstalling mesa3d 18.0.5-111:58
abenzpkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)11:58
abenz-- Packages where update failed11:58
abenzoh wow, I wonder if this is it?! that be embarassing11:58
abenzhold on let me exit X11 so mesa reloads11:59
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abenzyea that wasn't it12:04
abenzryuo: what other output modules do you have? xv, opengl..all those you have right?12:05
abenzI think I'm missing a fundamental package because i dont have any of those12:05
abenzvids in browser work fine btw12:05
abenzfast and responsive12:05
ryuompv -vo help12:06
ryuopossibly, but it could also be the port isn't requesting support.12:07
ryuoNope. Nouveau is a different driver.12:08
ryuoabenz: but seriously, install vdpauinfo. that's the only way you're going to narrow down the issue.12:08
ryuoit helps sort out installation related issues.12:09
ryuosometimes auto-detection of VDPAU drivers fails.12:09
ryuoso you need to tell it which one to use.12:09
ryuoabenz: you can install it from Romster's port.12:09
ryuoi use it on every distribution when i'm setting up video acceleration support.12:10
ryuothat and vainfo12:10
ryuowhether it's ubuntu or something else.12:10
abenzmpv -vo help12:10
abenzAvailable video outputs:12:10
abenz  gpu            : Shader-based GPU Renderer12:10
abenz  null           : Null video output12:10
abenz  image          : Write video frames to image files12:10
abenz  tct            : true-color terminals12:10
abenz  drm            : Direct Rendering Manager12:11
ryuoOk... i think the problem is the port may not be requesting support.12:11
ryuobut first.12:11
ryuoplease, install vdpauinfo to see if vdpau is even working correctly.12:11
ryuoi'm almost surpised it's not in xorg repo.12:12
abenzryuo: thanks, but I think we can safely assume the problem is not vdpau now, its I dont have video output12:12
ryuofine, ignore what i've been trying to tell you.12:12
onoderawhat's the output of mpv --gpu-context=help12:12
abenzmpv --gpu-context=help12:12
abenzGPU contexts (APIs):12:12
abenz    auto (autodetect)12:12
abenz    drm (opengl)12:12
abenzryuo: I will install it now12:12
onoderait didn't compile with x1112:13
abenzsorry that sounded dismissive, I meant it as thanks for your tips12:13
ryuoabenz: ok. well, i wanted to verify that VDPAU is configured corectly.12:13
ryuobecause if it isn't, it still won't work.12:13
ryuovdpauinfo is how i confirm that.12:13
ryuoit's a basic tool for checking *only* VPDAU.12:14
onoderaabenz: do you have xorg-libxscrnsaver installed?12:14
ryuoit dumps info about your hardware.12:14
abenzx11 not found!12:14
abenzwhen compiling mpv12:14
onoderayeah you're probably missing xorg-libxscrnsaver12:14
ryuoonodera: why isn't that a dependency?12:14
onoderai had the same problem a while back12:15
ryuoof mpv.12:15
onoderaI don't thinkl so12:15
ryuoRomster's port...12:15
ryuoi can't see why anyone would want to use mpv w/o X.12:15
abenzX Screen Saver extension client library...12:15
abenzhow is that related to video output!12:15
ryuoabenz: easy. it probably allows it to disable screen saver while it is running.12:15
onoderathey added it as a dependency a while back12:16
onoderabefore it was optional12:16
abenzrecompiling mpv now..12:16
ryuoonodera: i think we need to poke Romster to change the port.12:16
abenzaand x11 is detected12:16
ryuoRomster: ping. your port, mpv, could use xorg-libxscrnsaver as a mandatory dependency. it's basically necessary to use it fully.12:16
abenzmpv --gpu-context=help12:17
abenzGPU contexts (APIs):12:17
abenz    auto (autodetect)12:17
abenz    x11probe (opengl)12:17
abenz    x11egl (opengl)12:17
abenz    x11 (opengl)12:17
abenz    drm (opengl)12:17
abenz    vdpauglx (opengl)12:17
abenzwho would've thought..12:17
abenzryuo: onodera: thanks a lot12:17
ryuoabenz: because, X has a screen-saver mode even if no DE is running.12:17
ryuoabenz: it just blanks the screen if nothing else is providing a screensaver.12:18
abenzright.. but how thats a pre-requisit to detecting x11 is beyond me12:18
ryuoNo idea. It must have been an upstream decision.12:18
onoderaI asked about it in their irc, apparently they had to do all kinds of check for this dependency12:18
ryuoif they don't detect all the X11 libs they want, it gets disabled.12:18
abenzsee you guys in a bit12:19
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ryuoabenz: anyway, run vdpauinfo to see if your driver is auto-detected.12:19
ryuoonodera: i think VAAPI is the future though myself.12:20
ryuovdpau isn't be extended to support newer codecs like VP9.12:20
ryuoso i think VAAPI is probably going to take over in the long run.12:20
onoderafrom what I heard is that if you use hardware decoding some inferior cscaling algorithm gets used12:21
onoderathis could be different now though12:21
ryuowho knows.12:21
ryuoall i know is VDPAU seems to have been abandoned.12:22
ryuoit's not being improved still.12:22
onoderaand I'm very OCD about this little placebo video quality things, lol12:22
ryuoit stops at H.265.12:22
ryuoyet VAAPI continues to receive newer codec support.12:22
ryuoVP8/VP9 for now.12:23
ryuoSo, i suspect VDPAU is on the way out.12:24
ryuopretty much everything that uses VDPAU already supports VAAPI.12:24
Romsternot everyone uses screensavers ryuo12:28
ryuoRomster: yea, but it's necessary for X11 support to work at all now.12:28
Romsterso i made it a soft dependency12:28
Romsterwhat do you mean at all?12:28
ryuocheck backlog. abenz couldn't get it to be detected until they installed the screensaver library.12:29
ryuoIt refused to enable X11 output support.12:29
Romsterif it was at all wouldn't mpv make it a requirement and not optional?12:29
ryuoX11 support is still optional.12:29
Romsterthe fuck is this shit12:29
ryuoBut, the screensaver is mandatory if you want X11 support.12:29
ryuoYea... onodera knew how the fix it.12:30
ryuoi was just pinging you because it seemed like something the port should address.12:30
Romstereveryone bitches at me for adding to many dependencies so i keep it to a minimum12:30
Romsterand all it does is cause problems12:30
ryuoGuess I have the opposite philosophy.12:31
ryuoi try to minimize problems that people experience, regardless of dependencies or whatever...12:33
ryuominimalistic dependences never really made sense to me.12:33
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ryuoespecially given how most PCs have a shitload of RAM and storage...12:35
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onoderaI used crux because of the minimal dependencies though ;)12:46
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onoderaryuo: hehehe12:56
frinnstgod damnit13:38
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pedja35+ C is expected by the middle of next week. that should be fun13:44
pedjaand if Sahara heat wave hits, 35C would seems like a cool breeze :)13:46
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frinnstthis is indoors :(13:49
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pedjacrank up the air conditioner :)13:58
AnselmoI dont have an airconditioner ;-;13:59
pedjawe bought it last year. saved our sanity pretty much14:01
Anselmowell, here It got up above 30 for an entire week. . . .14:02
Anselmobut I dont think I am going to be another summer in this city x-x14:02
pedjalast year in July/August there were maybe 10 days with below 40C temperature14:06
joacima week of sub 20C temperatures14:08
joacimwas relatively warm in may14:08
joacimi guess its going to be unbearable in july/august like usual14:08
pedjawhat does 'unbearable temperature' mean in Norway? 35+C?14:10
joacim25 maybe14:10
pedjaso if you came here in July/August, you'd melt, pretty much :)14:11
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pedjaif I was rich, I'd spend my summers somewhere in Scandinavia14:23
pedjayou have my kind of weather there (not too fucking hot)14:25
pedjaoh, well14:25
joacimyou could move to some scandinavian shithole14:26
joacimand vacation somewhere else =)14:26
pedjanah, your winters are too extreme for my taste :)14:28
joacimdecember is pretty mild14:30
joacimaround 0C14:30
joacimcan get cold around january/february14:31
joacimmarch is miserable, so can april be14:31
onoderahas httpup been made especially for crux14:37
onoderaor what it a thing before?14:37
joacimthat i dont know. only ever seen crux use that14:58
pedja cptn is in SF now? good for him :)15:05
pedjaonodera, I think it was made for CRUX, but could, in theory, work elsewhere15:08
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jaegerThank you, valgrind, for being so useful18:22
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frinnstdo I detect a sense of irony?18:48
jaegerNot in this case, I was being serious18:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: fluidsynth: Update to 1.1.11 release21:58
john_cephalopodaFinally got around to set up ck4up.21:58
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: time for your ckup? =p22:17
john_cephalopodaWell, when checking out the websites I saw that fluidsynth was a bit outdated.22:17
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