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groovy2shoesdon't y'all just *love* configure scripts that assume /bin/sh is bash?  -_-03:26
jaegerThat can be annoying but you can often deal with it by setting CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash03:32
groovy2shoesyou can also deal with it by running `rm -f /bin/sh && ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh`  ¬_¬03:34
jaegerthat's more of a 'bull in the china shop' option03:34
groovy2shoesthat's how I roll  ;)03:35
groovy2shoesthe latest version of poppler breaks more stuff not already covered by the patch, but in the same vein as the stuff the patch fixes...  working on an updated patch but wanna test it first03:36
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frinnstlast week before vacation \o/06:57
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ryuofrinnst: let's hope it's not one of these:
frinnstyes except its CRUX work :-)08:51
frinnstand you are the girl in that picture08:52
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frinnstwhy cant outlook just use pgp like a normal email client?13:45
frinnstnooo we will use personal certs instead13:46
joacimwhy cant outlook just use one type of mailbox so importing between different microsoft email clients becomes a non-issue13:56
joacimms use one type of mailbox rather13:56
Anselmothe imagemagick port points to a source url that now is a 404,14:23
Anselmobut it looks like it can just be fixed by changing it to from .3814:24
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frinnstAnselmo: yeah thats the case with all imagemagick updates unfortunately14:41
AnselmoACTION grumbles at people deleting old versions14:45
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ryuojoacim: because that makes too much sense.18:22
joacim15 years of OOo. locks up and crashes when i change styles and formating19:53
joacimseen that too much in the wild too. people made to use OOo suddenly has the need for anger management classes19:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: geany: Update to 1.33 release21:42
ryuojoacim: open office or libre office?22:04
joacimim complaining about both23:12
joacimthey're both turd23:12
joacimwell so is ms office, but at least it works kinda23:12
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