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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: acl: cleanup, keep static lib and *.so symlink in /usr/lib09:08
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ryuoEvery time I boot up, my server reminds me of something I already knew. My hard drives are SMART.10:07
pedjafrinnst, you have a couple of Toshiba DT01ACA300 disks, right?10:48
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pedjathere is a 20€ difference between that and 2tb model, so I am tempted :)10:51
pedjano issues so far, part from btrfs induced ones?10:52
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frinnstno problems10:53
pedjait would require BIOS/GPT boot voodoo10:56
pedjabut, how hard can it be?10:56
joacimwhat for10:57
frinnstonly if you intend to boot from it10:57
pedjaand I do :)10:57
pedjamigrate my 2x1tb disks data to it10:58
frinnstbtw I might be able to score you a i5-4670 (i have one sitting on my desk at work)11:01
frinnstno motherboard though11:01
frinnstnot sure how pricey 1150 motherboards are11:02
joacimc222 boards might be cheap11:03
joacimgot a LGA 1156 motherboard for about 25 dollars, with 25 dollar shipping11:04
joacimSupermicro X8SIL11:04
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pedjaafaict, 70-140€ for lga1150 here11:10
frinnstyou would need a cooler too so that would be a few more euros. I can probably score ~4gb ddr3 for you but thats more or less it11:14
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pedjayou are a cool human, my friend :)11:17
joacimwhy are LGA1150 xeons still so expensive :/11:19
joacimLGA1155 ones are a lot cheaper11:19
pedjawhat's 'a lot'? 30+%?11:21
joacimmore than 100 dollars11:21
joacim1155 and 1156 xeons can be found for about 30-50 dollars i think11:22
joacimnice ones too11:22
joacimlow power ones can be cheaper11:22
pedjait's interesting that majority of lga1150 m/b available are micro/mini itx11:25
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pedjajoacim, didn't you have some exams coming?11:32
joacimhmm? no11:38
joacimfinished mine in march or something11:39
pedjaah. must've misread/misremember, then. sorry11:40
joacimidk. may and june are more typical for exams i guess =)11:44
z3braoi there11:45
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joacimhwo do you do11:46
z3brafine thx :)11:46
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pedjafinally, beer'o'clock13:08
pedjawhat's the significance of this tls-1.3?13:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: attr: updated to 2.4.4813:22
frinnstV.   Solution13:26
frinnstDisable Hyper-Threading Technology on processors that support it.13:26
frinnstfun fun. wonder when a similar exploit will be found for amd13:26
frinnstLate October, 2004: Initial discovery.13:29
pedjaopenBSD already did that, citing an upcoming Defcon talk as a reason13:34
frinnstyeah its from that13:34
pedjawhat's the AMD equivalent? SMT?13:35
joacimis it now i stop regretting buying an i5 instead of an i7? =)13:37
pedjaSpeculative Store Bypass: Vulnerable. fun13:38
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pedjastill much better than m android phone :)13:48
pedjahm. Intel CEO resigned/was fired.13:54
z3brabecause of the fact he sold all his shares before meltdown/spectre were discovered?13:56
pedjaofficially, having an affair with subordinate14:06
pedjaseveral years ago, thou14:07
workoderaill never buy intel again14:16
pedjaif the price/performance is right, why not?14:24
pedjabased on that metric, AMD is, more often than not, a better choice, afaict14:27
z3braback in the i7 days I got the latest AMD (so an i7 equivalent) for the price of an i314:29
pedjawhen it comes to CPUs. Intel NICs are still the safest bet with Linux/BSD OS, right?14:29
pedjabest support14:29
z3brawhen did you last call the intel support because your linux didn't work?14:30
pedjaheh. sorry, I meant kernel driver support14:30
z3brawell, I never had a problem with mine to be honest14:36
z3brathe integrated CPU worked quite well also14:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: attr: fixed signature15:18
workoderapedja, amd seemed to handle the spectre thing better15:23
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pedjazstd is stupid fast, both compressing and decompressing. I am impressed17:52
ryuopedja: it's ze standard now!17:55
john_cephalopodaryuo: That's what I paid for a 64 bit RasPi B3+, an aluminum case, an SD card, a power cable and a 100g roll of solder.17:56
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: lol. yea... it only makes sense if you're into ancient hardware.17:57
john_cephalopodaAnd it has HDMI and probably 16777216 colors.17:57
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: how's the flirc case?17:57
john_cephalopodaAh, I read 800MHz instead of 80MHz.17:57
john_cephalopodaryuo: It's really good. conducts away the heat quite well. You can feel the whole case getting warm.17:58
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: yea. ironically, it's cheaper than a fancier transparent case with fans.17:58
john_cephalopodaAnd more power-efficient.17:58
ryuoi found that funny.17:58
john_cephalopodaMy website,, now runs on that RasPi.17:59
john_cephalopoda(No https yet, didn't have time to set up the ACME stuff yet)17:59
ryuowhat web server?17:59
ryuooh, wait.17:59
john_cephalopodah2o web server.17:59
ryuoServer: h2o/2.2.517:59
ryuoyea, most web servers display it in a HTTP header tag.18:00
john_cephalopodaI also have to add some extension things in the header.18:00
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: so... how doe h2o support dynamic content?18:01
john_cephalopodaLike X-Clacks-Overhead "GNU Terry Pratchett"18:01
john_cephalopodaryuo: It supports cgi and fcgi. I am currently only serving static sites though.18:01
ryuoI see. So it's as featureful in that area as hiawatha.18:02
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: no IPv6? For shame. :P18:05
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: what web framework were you considering?18:05
john_cephalopodaNo framework. I just write the pages myself in HTML and CSS and upload them via ssh/scp.18:06
ryuoSo... you only author static content.18:07
john_cephalopodaOf course I could write some automatic stuff in Ruby On Rails. But right now I don't really need anything dynamic.18:09
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pedjahere is the (huge) list of static site generators
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frinnstpedja: just dont put zstd on your /boot partition :>18:50
frinnstgrub doesnt support it yet18:50
pedjafrinnst, zstd the cli tool, not btrfs compression algo :)18:51
pedja10gb xml file --> 728Mb zst archive.18:55
tilmanpedja: how much in gzip?18:56
pedjait was 600mb with bz2, but it took a while to decompress18:56
pedjaand this is with ratio 6 for zstd18:57
pedjabenchmarking different compression levels for the same file is easy enough19:00
pedjait is capped on using 'just' 256 threads, thou19:03
pedjaso dual socket TR2?19:05
Anselmodual epycs would have that19:06
Anselmoor could19:06
Anselmowith hyperthreading19:07
pedjaiirc, epyc2 should be 64core19:11
AnselmoI thought it was 64 core, but with hyperthreading and 2 threads per core . .19:12
Anselmoand with two chips . . .19:12
Anselmowait, 32 cores / chip and 2 threads per core19:31
Anselmoso a dual is 12819:31
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ryuopedja: what we have here is twice the epyc phail potential.21:17
ryuops -u romster21:20
ryuobrb. need to reboot the server.21:21
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pedjaAnselmo, the rumour is that AMD is testing 48 and 64 core CPUs in the lab atm, shipping q3/q4 2019 :)21:23
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pedjais there any truth in that, or are they just trolling Intel, idk21:24
Anselmo'tisn't something I much follow21:25
pedjapretty nice site, if you are into hardware pr0n :)21:27
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ryuoi was using ufw for awhile. i ended up disablng logging because of how noisy it got.21:52
pedjaufw? that's iptables gui frontend?22:11
ryuopedja: no... it's a CLI one.22:12
ryuothe default iptables frontend for ubuntu.22:12
ryuoi got thinking though.22:13
ryuoi've been doing bounties...22:13
ryuoperhaps CRUX could post bounties to get certain itches scratched that no one's been willing to do?22:13
pedjabounties usually have money value attached22:14
ryuothey do.22:14
ryuobut, it was just an idea.22:15
pedjaI am curios. what do you think are bounty-worthy things for CRUX?22:15
ryuoi don't know too much myself, but there's some kinds of features i think it could use.22:15
ryuolike a system for managing kernels.22:16
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pedjathere was a kernel port floating around at some point, iirc22:16
ryuoyea... but it'd be good if it could actually be part of an official port, like opt or contrib.22:17
ryuoerr repo22:17
ryuopedja: well... it's something everyone could use. most people need a kernel. a system for managing them could ease upgrades and other nuisances.22:18
pedjasome people prefer stable, some run bleeding edge22:18
ryuonot just the building of them, but also the installation and packaging.22:19
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pedjathat would require a rather bloated .config, to cover all the stuff people have/use22:19
ryuowell. i was thinking of taking a page from Gentoo's approach.22:20
ryuoa default is provided for the lazy, but it can also take a custom located somewhere, like /etc/kernel.cfg22:20
ryuojust to make something up.22:21
ryuoeither way, i'm generally too busy anymore to configure kernels by hand. it's just too time consuming.22:22
pedjaonce I have a working .config, 'make oldconfig && make' is all it takes22:24
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ryuoNevermind. Evidently no one thinks it's a big deal here.22:26
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pedjaif the kernel was a port, what do you do when the new version is out, but nvidia binary driver doesn't compile with it? wait for them to fix their shit?22:32
pedjapeople using amd don't care about that22:33
ryuothere's not much that can be done about that. sometimes you can patch the issue... but the best solution would probably involve basing them on LTS kernels.22:34
ryuoexternal kernel packages are sometimes better off as DKMS style things...22:34
pedjanow, *that* would be interesting22:35
ryuoit would probably require some kind of kernel framework first.22:36
ryuoconsistent naming for CRUX kernels, etc.22:36
ryuoi guess i'd start with a port that manages kernels.22:36
ryuoyea... that sounds doable.22:37
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pedjaa while back, I split nvidia port to modules and everything else, but abandoned that idea after a while22:43
pedjaapart from nvidia, zfs/spl are the only ones that come to mind as a candidates for dkms22:47
pedjavirtualbox modules were merged upstream, iirc22:48
pedjano wonder wikipedia extract has 1+M words, they are in two different scripts (Cyrillic and Latin)22:52
pedjatransliteration ftw, as soon as I figure out how to use that Python module :)22:53
frinnstvbox is upstream?23:22
frinnstonly the guest stuff right?23:23
pedjaI am not sure, tbh, it's been a while since I looked at it23:27
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pedjayes, the guest part (4.17.2)23:37
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pedjaguest additions were always PITA to enable, iirc. cool23:42
pedjabut not nearly enough as the Vmware ones. good riddance23:44

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