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rmullgroovy2shoes: I am also building your texlive, will report back tomorrow -_-02:10
rmullfailed with that perl handshake error above02:14
betanbI get a kernel panic with crux 3.4 iso on qemu, any ideas?02:19
jaegerwhat's the panic? root VFS?02:21
betanbKernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!02:26
betanbif fails just after trying to switch root02:26
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jaegerhrmm... how much RAM did you give the VM?02:33
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betanbyes, I forgot, now it works fine with -m 1024, thanks.02:38
jaegerok :)02:40
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groovy2shoesfinally, the operating system I've been waiting for!  after all these years!04:50
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SiFuh_hehe I didn't even know what a Hannah Montanna was until I saw this Distro05:31
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joacimdid anyone buy the crux shaving supplies yet?10:53
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john_cephalopodajoacim: Are they actually by CRUX or is it some company that wants to make money by jumping onto the CRUX train? :รพ11:35
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joacimcompany name is crux supply i think12:22
joacimi think their idea is to provide supplies and stuff for cruxers12:22
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rmullAs a cruxer, I could definitely use some supplies12:51
rmullI'll take three supplies please12:51
AnselmoI think they need a better supply selection12:52
AnselmoI am not sure I want these supplies12:52
frinnsteveryone always needs supplies13:11
frinnstupcoming firefox 61: now needs clang to build13:12
frinnst(oh joy!)13:12
AnselmoI really need to switch to a better browser13:17
frinnstall browsers suck13:23
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elderKHey peeps.14:00
elderKAnyone here having issues with Steam?14:00
ryuoelderK: i hear it overheats. =p14:01
elderKIt also has problems with OpenSSL :P14:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] firefox: updated to 61.0. New dep: clang14:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] firefox-pa: updated to 61.0. New dep: clang14:08
pedjafirefox upstream binary ftw14:12
surrounderelderK: hey a familiar nick :)14:14
elderKsurrounder: Hey man!14:14
elderK:D You use Crux, too?14:14
surrounderused to :) - just had a renewed interest in it again last week or so14:14
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elderKOh, what drew you away?14:17
elderKI've been a Crux convert since sometime around 2012.14:17
elderKSlackware before that :)14:17
surrounderhah, nice!14:18
surrounderrun still slackware on my home server14:18
frinnstslackware <314:18
elderK:P I figured it was time to move on from Slackware when it got to the point where I was using (hacky) scripts to manage dependencies and things :P14:20
elderKSimilar to Crux' finddeps14:20
elderK:P Every install was package by package, honed after years of trial and error :P14:20
elderKStill, I have fond memories of Slackware. It let me work on many awesome projects :)14:21
surrounderelderK: dunno why I went away really.. think since I got a dayjob in IT I didn't (and still don't often ) feel like fiddling around too much with IT stuff in my spare time14:23
elderKFair enough14:24
surrounderbut yeah, the KISSness of slackware and crux are luring me in again now after working with a little too much systemd for my taste in my dayjob14:24
elderKI got really sick of having to do all the dependency management myself. And I grew tired of the distribution expecting I wanted every feature enabled under the sun.14:24
elderKAs silly as it probably sounds given today's storage, keeping the system small is important to me.14:24
surrounderit's not about the storage for me, it's about simplicity14:25
elderK:P I'm on an SSD, so, you know, every G counts.14:25
elderKThat's the main kicker for why I chose Crux over something like Gentoo.14:25
surrounder"modern" distro's just have too much magic for my taste14:25
elderKCrux' port system won me over on the spot.14:25
elderKYeah, agreed.14:25
surroundercrux' ports system is a work of art14:25
surrounderfind it so beautiful even compared to slackbuilds / sbopkg14:26
elderKYeah, absolutely.14:26
elderKI mean, I was kind of... a Linux nomad for a few months before I found Crux. I even tried a legitimate install of Redhat, with RPM and stuff.14:26
elderKI tried making my own RPMs and things.14:26
elderKThen to find out that lots of the features RPM allows aren't really "useful" in practice or supported...14:26
elderKAfter RPM annoyingness and Gentoo overcomplexity, Crux was like, :O14:27
surrounderelderK: hah same here; used to distrohop quite heavily like 10-15 years ago14:31
surrounderused most "popular" distros under the sun as well as lunar, sourcemage and of course crux14:32
elderKIono. Fedora, eh. Redhat, eh. Gentoo, I was a fan for a time but I grew extremely tired of its seeming overcomplexity. So, eh. FreeBSD, loved it. But got sick of my hardware never being compatible enough for desktop use.14:32
elderK:D I tried Lunar and SourceMage, too!14:32
elderK:P Spells and such. Was neat.14:32
surrounderhaha indeed14:32
elderKI tried Ubuntu once. And never tried it again. Hate, hate, hate Ubuntu.14:33
surrounderelderK: and agreed @ freebsd14:33
elderKUsed Debian itself though on a PPC, nothing but good things to say about Debian.14:33
elderKNetBSD is neat, too. Although I've never used it much - just browsed its code :)14:33
surrounderelderK: tried openbsd? really love the KISSness there aswell as the homegrown software with matching configuration14:34
surrounderelderK: and! it works ootb on my thinkpad x220 :)14:34
surrounderelderK: aye, I mainly use debian all day ( work at a small hosting company )14:34
elderKI have nothing really bad to say about Debian. I can't say I like systemd but that may just be my unfamiliarity with it. I do remember it giving me a lot of hangs though on PPC. But then, PPC was never something anyone cared about since 2k5 :P14:35
pedjaI would be surprised if it didn't, thinkpads are, iirc, one of the most popular amongst OpenBSD developers14:35
surrounderelderK: haha I found crux to be working the nicest out of the linuces I tried on my powerbook G4 years ago14:36
surrounderpedja: that's true14:36
elderKsurrounder: I used Crux 2.something on my PPC G4. This was circa 2014 though14:37
elderKIt worked well - but it was definitely left behind and unfortunately, I don't possess the knowledge to cross Crux 3x to PPC :(14:38
surrounderheh, haven't been in this channel for 4 years apparently14:38
surrounder-- Fri, 22 Jun 2018 (Sun, 30 Nov 2014) --14:38
elderKHow do you determine that, surrounder?14:40
elderKI'm unfamiliar with IRC's magic commands :)14:40
surrounderapparently still in my history / logfiles14:41
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elderK:P So no one have any ideas wrt Steam?15:39
frinnstdont use it, sorry15:40
elderKIt's not a rare problem - a lot of people seem to have it. I've tried the fixes I could find online, reinstall the certificates, etc.15:44
elderK(Steam can't find the SSL certs)15:45
elderKI figured it might have been an issue with it using it's own SSL library and maybe looking somewhere nonstandard.15:45
elderKBut I've had no real luck trying to trace it to determine the path it wants.15:45
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darfoable to build qt5, sip, and private sip for PyQt5, and my only qt5 app compiled and ran16:37
darfousing opt/qt516:37
darfocan't get the new version of pyqt to work with qt4 however16:37
darfowhat a mess to build qt apps16:38
darfoi built a private sip for qt4 but it segfaults16:38
darfojuggling all the options in the ports to get the right set of libraries for a given app is difficult16:40
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darfo"In order use the private copy of the sip module you must use the -n option when generating the bindings code." In order use the private copy of the sip module you must use the -n option when generating the bindings code." In order use the private copy of the sip module you must use the -n option when generating the bindings code." In order use the private copy of the sip module you must use the -n option when generating the bindings code." http://pyqt.sourceforg16:44
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darfopyqt 4.12.1 doesn't pass the -n flag when it runs sip. time for a patch.16:57
pedjadarfo, pyqt5 builds for me17:00
pedjawith private sip copy17:01
darfoyes worked for me that way too17:01
darfoi still have some apps that insist on qt417:01
pedjame too. not pyqt4, thou17:01
pedjaopt/qt5 broke apps that use cmake to find it, afaict17:02
darfoi wonder if that was part of cleanup up the bad 20-year old design decision mentioned in the email17:03
pedjaprivate sip? yes17:03
darfoi'll probably have to patch the the qt4 apps to use from PyQt4 import sip17:04
darfoif i get pyqt4 to work that is17:05
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darfodid you switch to I did in pyqt5 and I see there is one in pyqt4.12.117:08
pedjano, still use for sip and pyqt517:10
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pedjaI did add '--no-dist-info' to both, it breaks the build for me17:11
pedjatries to write outside $PKG17:12
darfoI put in a sed to kill that line in the Makefile after configure since it only seems to be for pip which I do not use17:12
darfodid have to patch in a $(DESTDIR) in the Makefile for python2 for some other file though17:13
darfono wait, that was in sip17:14
darfothe patch for python2 I mean17:14
pedjaisn't packaging software fun?17:15
darfosed -e '/\/usr\/bin\/python' -i Makefile17:15
darfothat sed was for pyqt 5.11, just before the make17:15
pedjathat's one way to do it :)17:15
darfofun most times unless I'm short on time17:16
darforight now the df repo has several apps in it that are broken because of qt517:16
darfoyes, i'm anti-pip. don't like targets that can change if they are rebuilt when they go grab something from the internet.17:18
pedjaI am rebuilding it now, with 'fixing private includes' line removed17:19
pedjaI use pip often. in virtualenvs, of course :)17:19
darfoqgis, qutebrowser, calibre are hard enough to build without semi-random change coming into modules they use.17:20
darfostill haven't studied virtualenvs17:20
pedjaqgis is easy, its dependencies can be a little tricky to get right17:20
pedjaupdate to qgis3 is on my TODO17:21
darfoeasy to build qgis, not so easy to get more of the functions working in it17:21
pedjahence the dependencies comment :)17:21
darfothe run-time changes are what bite. noticed the discussion earlier about perl having the same issue.17:22
pedjayeah, python deps for qgis is PITA17:23
pedjaluckily, Arch did most of the leg work17:23
darfokick-ass gis though17:23
pedjaoh, yes :)17:23
darfostill haven't plumbed all it depths17:23
darfoi backed down my qgis to LTS version last year because the bleeding edge as actually the broken bones and bleeding edge :)17:25
pedja3.4 is the next LTS, sometime in October17:26
darfoi didn't have enough spare time to make all the update.17:26
darfocool, i'll have more time in October. time in the summer is precious here.17:27
pedjaI do it piece by piece. hopefully I'll do it by the time 3.4 lands :)17:27
pedjaand most of the plugins I use with it should catch up by then17:29
darfogood idea17:31
darfogotta go unload groceries. afk.17:31
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darfoand 22 years later some shops still add managers :(18:51
darfopyqt5 is passing -n PyQt5.sip so now i have a clue what name to pass to private sip for pyqt418:57
darfopassed the first hurdle: private sip is no longer segfaulting19:11
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darforats. qsci api is writing outside the sandbox.19:33
darfoand a few other things too19:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: updated to 1.27.019:34
pedjadarfo, you are building Qscintilla against pyqt4?19:55
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pedjaI am getting 'ValueError: PyCapsule_GetPointer called with incorrect name' with build against pyqt5. something is broken, apparently19:56
pedjasame error as with an application that uses pyqt5 for GUI19:57
darfoyes, i am still20:10
darfothe error you're getting: is it with python2 or 3?20:11
pedjapython3, pyqt520:12
pedjawhen qt5 builds, I'll try with pyqt5-5.10.120:13
darfoi noticed i was getting warnings from gcc7 about passing wrong types of args to sprintf formats when i didn't have the correct versions put together20:14
darfothe qt5 calls apparently changed so when pyqt5 generates the glue for python to call them there is often an argument type mismatch20:15
darfoi'm sorta guessing here20:16
pedjaupstream docs state that pyqt5 and qt5 versions shouldn't matter, pyqt5 should build against version+-1, just without all the features20:17
pedjathey recommend to use the latest one, but one version down should work20:18
darfothe docs between qt and riverbank/sourceforge confused the heck out of me20:20
pedjathat the 3rd party app using pyqt5 breaks is expected, but qscintilla should build fine20:22
darfoi got that the sip version didn't matter but since pyqt is generating bindings for python to the library I would think the versions very much matter since this was a qt5 jump from 5.10 to 5.1120:22
darfoi think my qscintilla problem has always existed I just didn't have a good sandbox when I built pyqt420:23
darfoqscintilla is building fine20:23
darfopyqt4 with qsci support turned on is my problem20:24
pedjasomething tells me that my pyqt5 is subtly broken20:25
darfothat's what I got from the gui apps until I bump pyqt5 up to 5.1120:25
pedjaI did all the dance: update sip, make a private sip module for pyqt5, and it builds fine with python3.20:27
pedja'from PyQt5 import QtCore' doesn't work, thou :)20:28
darfothat's how I tested that I finally got all the configure options right on the private module.20:28
pedjahm, Qscintilla is using private copy of sip, too, apparently20:30
darfoi'm building PyQt5 for python2 and python320:31
darfooh, I'll check out qscintilla closer20:32
pedjaI was wrong. if I am reading this correctly, qscintilla should pick up pyqt5 sip copy?20:36
darfoThat's how I read "There is no need. The configuration and build of "sub-packages" like that will automatically pick up the private copy."20:39
darfobut I'll have to see it work to believe it :)20:40
pedjayeah :)20:40
darfothat email thread gets longer every day20:40
pedjagentoo and arch are still at 5.10.1 pyqt5. I wonder why...20:41
darfoi noticed the guy from qutebrowser asked some questions on it that I'd just worked out.20:41
darfoi saw arch wasn't there yet but didn't check gentoo. guess I'll keep hacking at it20:41
darfomaybe I should commit my changes for qt5 use to my repo. At least they seem to be working.20:42
pedjapyqt5 or qt5?20:42
darfoi called it pyqt5-sip instead of sip-pyqt5 since I think of it as being useful to pyqt5 and meaningless to sip20:43
pedjashare, please :)20:43
darfoi'm trying to stay with the opt version of qt520:43
darfowill do, takes a bit. Got to get them out of my sandbox to my local git repo machine.20:44
pedjaah, ok. no worries, I am in no hurry20:44
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darfodf repo has updates21:01
darfopy3qt is python3 and PyQt521:02
darfodoh, wait I have to sign them21:02
darfothere, signed21:05
darfosip is for python 2 and 321:05
darfoqscintilla is only built to work with qt4, I've never used it with qt5 iirc21:06
darfoi using the naming convention that -compat suffix means python2 or qt4 depending on the context21:07
darfosince we're supposed to believe that python 3 is the true path :)21:08
darfobah, outside my sandbox built sip fine then py3qt fails to build21:11
darfowtf. got too many moving parts in my sandbox.21:11
darfoError: Unable to import PyQt5.sip. Make sure you have configured SIP to create a private copy of the sip module.21:13
pedjathat looks familiar :)21:14
darfoforgot to commit/build the pyqt5 private sip21:19
darfobuilt pyqt5-sip and now py3qt is chugging along21:20
darfofrom PyQt5 import sip works from python 2 and 321:22
darfodon't guarantee those ports aren't writing outside $PKG yet21:22
pedjathat's fixed in upcoming releases21:24
pedjadoes 'from PyQt5 import QtCOre' work?21:25
pedjaat least qt5 works now. time to open the bug.21:28
darfolet me try it21:29
darfoyes it works from both python 2 and 321:30
darfoopen a bug for what?21:31
pedjaqt5 not shipping cmake files21:34
pedjaso application using cmake to find qt5 libs fail miserably21:35
darfoah, I've not hit that one yet. Only have one app that must use qt521:36
pedjadarfo, did you push all your pyqt5 and friends ports to df repo?21:36
darfoonly the ones for python3 and qt521:36
darfoand python221:37
darfoqt4 stuff is not ready yet21:37
pedjatime to steal^Wborrow them, then :)21:37
darfoplease, help your self :)21:37
john_cephalopodaHere is a cephalopod man. Enjoy responsibly.
pedjadarfo, I am curious. in py3qt port, why the move from usr/share/sip to /usr/share/sip3 ?21:48
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darfoto keep it separate from python 221:49
pedjaah. makes sense21:49
darfoi am trying to re-examine all those in light of this new private sip method21:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vlc: 3.0.2 -> 3.0.321:55
darfomy py3qt finally failed:  File "", line 101, in <module>22:02
darfoFileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/share/sip/PyQt5/QtNetworkAuth'22:04
darfoso have a leak some where22:05
darfothis error is what lead me to de-pipify the sip port22:06
pedjamy build is still going (dual core and all that)22:10
pedjadarfo, was that at install stage?22:11
darfoIt installed the other modules but croaked on QtTest22:12
pedjaI used '--no-dist-info' to get past some dist-info error I was getting22:13
darfonope, threading in the log, it wasn't QtTest22:14
darfoi'll try that22:14
pedjawas it something like 'make-install dist-info'?22:14
darfoi'll try that22:15
pedjaadd '--no-dist-info' to configure22:15
darfoi just have a dual core with two threads each so it takes a while22:18
pedjae6500 here :)22:19
pedjaPentium(r) Dual Core22:20
darfoit seems to me that Intel CPUs started crapping out faster after the Pentiums22:24
darfostill have some lying about but I'm too impatient to use them22:24
darfosomeone must have a converse for Moore's law about consumption doubling every two years so I never get anywhere22:25
darfoqt5 is way bigger than qt3 was22:26
darfoi smell dinner. afk.22:26
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