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darfopedja: py3qt built fine after I installed the new dependency00:07
darfonow to test if it can generate code00:07
pedjapy3qt5 builds fine, qscintilla doesn't. the fun never ends00:08
pedjamissing include00:08
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pedjait's looking at the wrong place, rather00:10
darfooh no00:10
darfowhat a mess. it built for me but on a system I don't trust.00:12
darfoall i need now is a circular dependency and my month will be made00:13
pedjafrinnst, is that your r00t password?00:14
darfoah, my qscintilla builds against the old qt400:14
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Worksterdarfo, change qmake to qmake-qt5 to link to qt501:27
Worksterat this point might tal to the maintainer of qt4 and see if we can switch the default qt to 5 so we have qmake-qt4 and qmake for qt501:28
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pedjaisn't qt4 basically orphaned at this point?10:56
pedjayay, splitting qscintilla to library and python specific part seemed to work, it builds now11:28
pedjayet another case of me being a lazy bastard biting me in the a$$11:30
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frinnstpedja: it is, yes12:46
pedjamaybe it's time for it to join qt3 in contrib :)12:48
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darforomster: i check my ports using qt5 are all using qmake-qt514:40
darfothere are only two ports in opt depending on qt4: pinentry-qt4 and xpdf14:48
darfopinentry has gtk2 and CLI variants in opt14:49
ryuodarfo: appears xpdf may be buildable with qt5.14:50
ryuoarch has it as such.14:50
ryuosame with pinentry it seems14:51
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pedjaxpdf lists qt5 as a dependency on the site15:03
pedjabut all that is irrelevant if xpdf or pinenetry maintainer hates/doesn't use qt5 :)15:05
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pedjaso, how's this for 629$?
jaegerseems decent15:19
ryuolxc list15:23
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frinnstcome oooooon south korea!15:31
john_cephalopodaWtf, 0:0?15:32
frinnstmm and 3-0 for sweden15:32
frinnstwith these scores its bye-bye for germany15:32
john_cephalopodaWell, would be expected.15:35
john_cephalopodaTrainer left all the good players at home.15:35
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tilmanfrinnst: what the fuck is this shit even?18:05
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elderKMy Lord, Rust takes forever to build :P18:20
elderKI think it takes the cake, longer than Firefox or QT5.18:20
elderKLLVM always takes forever but Rust takes the cake :P18:21
tilmansweden taking the damn group arstarstarstarst18:34
frinnstas it should be. obviously18:34
john_cephalopodaelderK: Firefox depends on Rust. I guess that's how they keep the build times low :รพ18:35
elderK:| One of the "crates" fails. clippy or whatever.18:35
elderKDoesn't seem to have killed the build, though18:36
frinnstyep dont worry about it18:36
elderKIt seems like it's building every possible package that is under Cargo18:36
elderKI've been waiting for over an hour :P18:36
frinnstits the rust implementation of office clippy18:36
ryuoelderK: clippy!? they found clippy?18:36
frinnstif that succeeds you get a helpful little paperclip telling you what to do18:36
elderKIs building everything under the sun for Rust really necessary? :(18:37
elderKI guess it is :(18:37
ryuoelderK: it's just so Rustic. :P18:37
elderK:P I'm going to cringe every time I have to update Rust now :P18:37
elderKryuo: :P18:37
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nekoseamDoes prt-get have a command to remove all unused dependencies on the system?18:38
elderKnekoseam: I wish18:38
elderKnekoseam: The best you can do is list "orphans"18:38
pedjahm, the streets are empty and everything is quiet. there is some football match going on, apparently18:38
elderKOr leaf packages.18:38
elderKprt-get listorphans18:38
nekoseamThat's a feature I'd love to see added :P18:39
elderKprt-get listorphans > out18:39
elderK:P Go through deleting the things you know you need18:39
elderKcat out | xargs prt-get remove18:39
elderKnekoseam: Me too18:39
elderKnekoseam: The problem is, though, is that your build of a given package may use something present on the system, even though it's not strictly mentioned in its "Depends on" list18:39
elderKLike say, building some media player and you only use it for say, mp3, but you had libogg and stuff installed. The player will become dependent on libogg and stuff18:40
elderKSo, while I wish we had a nice way to remove leaf packages, I can understand why doing that is a lot harder than it seems.18:40
elderKIt would be neat though to have a database that would say "These are the libraries that this package has linked to on your system, in extension to what the Pkgfile mentions."18:41
elderKI mean, you can write scripts to achieve that - using say, finddeps.18:41
elderKBut it would be nice if it was easily available whenever you wanted.18:41
elderKEnd Ramble :)18:41
pedjawouldn't that require adding metadata to packages?18:42
pedjawouldn't help much with soft dependencies, thou18:45
pedjahow do you keep track of what package linked to apart from set dependencies in Depends/Optional18:47
pedjathe idea of prt-get/pkgutils rewrite comes up occasionally, nothing to play with yet, thou :)18:51
nekoseamHm, so installing a package usually requires you to do 2 commands. httpup sync and prt-get dep/install the package. Are there any exceptions to this?18:52
ryuonekoseam: yes? if you have local ports you manage.18:55
nekoseamYou can't install a package unless you do the httpup command first, am I correct? I'm afraid of breaking something :/19:01
pedjanekoseam, one command (prt-get whatever). 'ports -u' fetches/updates the ports tree, you can run that from time to time19:01
pedjaafter the initial fetch, of course19:02
ryuonekoseam: well, you actually install packages with pkgadd.19:10
ryuobut, prt-get does more.19:10
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ryuoit's like dpkg and apt in terms of differences.19:11
onoderawhat is the default wrkdir, srcdir and pkgdir?19:22
onoderafor pkgmk19:22
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john_cephalopodaonodera: wrkdir is $PWD/work, srcdir is $PWD and pkgdir is $PWD.19:52
john_cephalopoda(At least according to what is set by default in pkgmk.conf)19:54
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