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jaegerThink I've finally got a decent set of MATE 1.20 ports going03:54
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joacima lot changed?05:19
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joacimrx580 now on sale at the original msrp that the rx480 launched07:15
joacimbullshit sales i think. they're lowering the prices to match current trends, and market it as a sale07:17
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innerhello crux world08:54
innerAnybody here ?08:55
innerMaybe someone could answer this question: which script or file starts the shell /bin/bash in crux?08:57
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workoderainner, this might be /etc/rc but im not sure09:20
inner /etc/rc does other initializations but not starting /bin/bash09:28
joacimyou mean as you login?09:43
innerso I got it now, env variable SHELL is set in passwd, and started by login, right?09:49
workoderayou should chsh to change your shell if thats what you are looking for09:55
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inneris it safe to change the TERM env variable to xterm-256color in inittab?09:58
john_cephalopodainner: What exactly are you doing?10:03
john_cephalopodainner: Better put "export TERM=xterm-256color" into .xinitrc.10:03
innerI don' want to start x, agetty is taking the TERM env variable from inittab, which is 'linux', now this is a 8 color term, I want to go for a full 256 term10:06
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innerI mean a 256 colors term, but without x10:07
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inner_So that's it folks, and thanks.10:33
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abenzfirefox consumes humongous amounts of RAM but remains surprisingly responsive14:32
abenz.. vs pre-rust FF14:32
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frinnstabenz: firefox ram usage seems very little compared to the ram usage required by each webpage14:44
frinnstyou can see what uses ram in "about:memory"14:44
abenzie firefox vs webcontainer?14:45
abenznice, never seen that page before14:46
abenzon crux 3.3 I remember needing to restart firefox after a day or two because it becomes very sluggish14:46
abenzbut now I don't need to.. ram usuage grows steadily but responsiveness doesn't seem to be affected14:46
abenzgood tradeoff for the compile time :)14:47
ryuoFirefox's ram usage:14:48
ryuoHow much you got?14:49
ryuoGreat, I'll use that much for cache.14:49
frinnstfree -h : available 52Gi14:49
frinnstlots of ram is lovely <314:50
frinnstwow ram is expensive these days14:51
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SiFuhClevo P650RS-G don't have a Russian keyboard hmm16:00
SiFuhbut the 650RS does :(16:00
SiFuhThe ribbon cables are different. I wonder if I could pop of the keys and swap them around16:01
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pedjathe ram prices could go up still, if China slaps the manufacturers with that 5 billion $ fine :)16:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: sshfs-fuse: update to 3.4.016:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dovecot: upate to 2.3.216:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: xfsprogs: upate to 4.17.016:36
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pedjayeah, this is totally how I imagined the Vikings lived :)
joacimmy first thought was "this must be a comedy"17:28
joacimafter seeing silje torp on the cover17:28
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pedja'not available'17:35
frinnst d�17:35
SiFuhI mean music17:35
SiFuhit's quite alright17:36
SiFuhI don't like the red picture of the long legged Alien doing a poop in a hole in the ground17:36
pedjaI sometimes wonder why Sweden/Norway has so many black/death metal bands17:40
SiFuhToo cold, they need the audio vibration to much faster and lounder to keep warm17:41
frinnstvisit sweden/norway during the winter and you'll know17:41
frinnst2-3hrs daylight ftw17:41
SiFuhProbably why so many vampires live there17:42
john_cephalopodaAll the people with their cameras and phones kinda ruin the atmosphere.17:43
SiFuhI despise phone addicts. I make sure I rarely use it. Hardly anything on it, and set to monochrome.17:44
pedjadid the event really happen if there are no shitty pictures/videos of it17:48
SiFuhpedja: of course, just ask schrodinger's cat17:49
pedjawhat's the Instagram valuation these days, 8B$?17:49
pedjaSiFuh, I would, if it wanted to come out of the damn box17:50
pedjaquantum physics is fun to try to wrap head around17:51
SiFuhI love quatum mechanics17:52
pedjaSiFuh, you might find something interesting to watch here then17:53
SiFuhWell if you know the starting point, the velovity, the time taken and the actual speed, not on;y can you figure out where you are, but also you can use the starting point, the velocity, where you actually are to know your current speed so Heisenberg can go back to amateur maths school :-)17:55
pedjaThe Royal Institution YT channel is pretty great, too17:55
SiFuhShroedineger's cat theory is basically the same as if a tree falls in a forrest does it make a noise if no one is there to hear it?  It's basically a silly concept that raises questions that would eeasily be solved by actually checking in on it.17:56
SiFuhand never-the-less if it is a sealed box, cats most definately dead. If it is unsealed cat won't shut up17:57
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pedjaif you're bored,
pedjalittle I remember from high school math isn't nearly enough to get me thru that :)18:10
SiFuhThat isn't high school maths18:13
john_cephalopodaOh, elementary school maths.18:13
SiFuhThe concept of uncertainty can be interesting. If youa re too loazy to go and look18:15
SiFuhBut that is basically what I see in both of these theories. They are sitting behind a desk running numbers and being bewildered by questions.18:16
SiFuhIt's like that alcoholic dude I met last month. Comes up to me shaking and asks me   "What time is it? My phone says 4am and my laptop says 5 pm. I am awake now because my 3:30am Alarm on my phone woke me up"  He actually went out into the real world and asked me.18:17
SiFuhThen I configured his phone to update time from the Cell Tower...18:18
SiFuhpedja: that was a good URL  like that read (Didn't read all, but speed-read it)18:34
john_cephalopoda<SiFuh> The concept of uncertainty can be interesting <-- Yeah, I studied that. Well, not exactly studied that, but in exams I always had a lot of uncertainties.18:34
john_cephalopodaStudy CS, learn quantum physics.18:35
SiFuhWe experience it daily, and some joker turns it into a cat story and another into speed or position18:35
SiFuhMy friends say Itallian Pizza and Pasta shop is the best in Australia. I have never tried it. I collect reviews and find no one complains about it. So it is either good or bad. Probably good because everyone loves it.  I can never know if it is good or bad unless I try it.18:37
SiFuhI find that the cat is neither dead or alive a silly way of looking at 'I honestly don't know'18:38
SiFuhAnyone here tried runit instead of rc/openrc sysVinit?18:40
onoderaSiFuh: I tried
onoderanot exactly runnit, but the point being it's quite easy to replace these two18:42
onoderait uses some busybox init18:43
SiFuhI have seen this before18:43
SiFuhAhh no, never seen it before. I am thinking of slackware's sbopkg haha18:44
SiFuhonodera: that is not bad18:48
SiFuhWhat I liked about runit was it is realtime,  remove or add link and it shutdowns or runs the service.  so  ln -s /etc/sv/sshd  /etc/service/sshd    and it starts.  rm /etc/service/sshd it stops and doesn't run next reboot.    sv start sshd   sv stop sshd   sv restart sshd18:50
frinnstyou consider that a *feature* ?19:09
SiFuhI like rc too19:10
SiFuhI just liked the concept19:13
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jaegerrandom C question - copying the *contents* of a pointer to another point is easy with *a = *b, but what's the proper way to copy the contents when they are a pointer to another struct? memcpy?19:25
jaegerI want the contents of the pointer rather than the address. can't do something like a->*element = b->*element or *a->element = *b->element19:29
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jaegerIf you do a->element = b->element you just end up with the same pointer address, of course19:32
jaegerMaybe what I want to do is write my own deep copy function specific to this struct20:00
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jaegeractually, thought of a smarter way, never mind :)20:30
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ryuojaeger: normally, you make a copy of each pointer's "contents".20:32
ryuothese are called deep copies.20:32
jaegeractually, no, not a smarter way20:32
jaegerryuo: yeah, I mentioned that above20:33
jaegerI think that's the way I have to go in this case20:33
ryuothat normally entails a malloc + memcpy.20:33
jaegerwhich is ok20:33
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jaegerthe struct contains a pointer to another struct as one of its elements, and that struct has several pointers in it :)20:37
jaegergood times20:37
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ryuoif you want to get away with shallow copies, invest in immutable. :D20:51
jaegerI'm freeing the original in this case20:51
jaegerBut it did just occur to me that I could add a flag to my free function that keeps the internal struct if it's going to be assigned elsewhere20:52
jaegerer, used elsewhere20:52
jaegerIn this case I'm thinking specifically of a binary search tree wherein when you delete a node with two children you copy the contents of the right subtree's minimum node to the node, then delete the minimum20:55
jaegerThe delete function normally frees all the struct's internals but I could flag it to avoid doing that in this specific case20:55
jaegerwould save some time, effort, and memory over duplicating the entire struct21:04
ryuojaeger: the HP support forums are weird... they give out "badges" for ordinary activity.21:08
jaegerI detest gamification of support stuff21:10
ryuoNot to mention a complete waste of coding.21:12
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ryuoI think I found very clever spam...21:43
ryuoIt's off-topic, but it seems to pose as a support question. It links to a specific host, which makes me think it's an ad in disguise.21:44
ryuoNot to mention it's their first and only post.21:44
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jaegerOK, I gave up on trying to short-circuit it and did a deep copy22:39
pedja'Halt and Catch Fire' is fscking awesome.22:42
pedjayeah, yeah, I am a couple of years late to the party. what else is new :)22:43
pedjajaeger, are you using openCL with glvnd nvidia port?22:50
pedjaI had to symlink to so.1/so for it to work.22:52
pedjaI removed it from the nvidia port recently and just use ocl-icd loader instead22:55
jaegerI'm not using opencl at all currently22:55
pedjaah, ok22:56
pedjaworks fine, even though nvidia is stuck at OpenCL-1.2 :)22:58
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