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darfogood one. where's my eyepatch?01:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: php: update to 7.2.711:20
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: pciutils: update to 3.6.011:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-six: update to remove bootstrap code11:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-pyparsing: update to remove bootstrap code11:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] python-pip: update to remove bootstrap code dependency change python -> python-setuptools11:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-appdirs: update to remove bootstrap code11:37
Romster3 monitor xorg display can not get DVI-I1center of HDMI-0 and HDMI-111:42
Romsterif anyone could assist me i am new to multiple monitors on Xorg11:43
frinnstRomster: xrandr --output12:02
frinnstRomster: "xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --right-of HDMI-0"12:03
Romsterxrandr: --output requires an argument12:03
frinnstdoesnt work?12:03
Romsterah yes but now my HDMI-1 is cloning DVI-I-112:04
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: [notify] mesa3d: updated to 18.1.3. New dependency python-mako12:04
frinnstyou can switch around all your outputs. try --left-of etc12:05
Romsterand i tried re-aranging my monitors and stuff to get it to flow the correct way and failed.12:05
frinnstI set this with xorg.conf:
Romsteri cna't change DVI-I-1 which is in the middle but i can swap HDMI-0 and HDMI-1, but as it is windows says HDMI-0 is 1 DVI-I-1 is 2 and HDMI-1 is screen 312:06
frinnstdoes the nvidia driver support xrandr even? might be something broken there..12:06
frinnstahh the joys of binary blackbox drivers12:06
Romsterxrandr --output HDMI-1 --right-of DVI-I-112:07
Romsterafter works12:07
Romsterso what did i do wrong in my xorg.conf i did try RightOF monitor0 and RightOf monitor112:08
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Romsterok so my primary needs to be monitor1 instead of 0 now.12:10
frinnstwell you can define whatever output as primary and then just move the others right/left of eachother12:10
Romsterso you don't even set a Device and i read you need a Monitor Devvice and Screen for each panel?12:13
Romsterso this should do right
Romsterbasically i moved the primary monitor to Screen1 i swapped the output on Device 0 and 1, and set RightOf12:16
Romsterto match what i did on the command line12:16
Romsterif my logic is sound.12:16
Romsterah your xorg.conf has LeftOf and RightOf i did try that before12:17
Romsterdo you use any other sections for Screen and Device frinnst ? or is that it.12:19
frinnstyeah just a sec12:20
frinnstthis is my complete config:
pedja'Option "TearFree" "true"' <-- does anyone set this to 'false' :)12:24
joacimI do12:27
joacimI like the retro look12:27
pedjajoacim, for extra retro look, try
joacimi tried such terminals on my mac a long time ago12:29
joacimthey were incredibly heavy for what they are12:29
joacimi could just use my sony crt. that one glows a bit like in those pictures12:29
pedjaiTerm2 is the golden standard on macOS, iirc12:30
joacimi didnt like using that12:31
joacimi see a lot of people love it12:31
joacimbut i mostly just stuck with Terminal12:31
pedjait's interesting to see people that use Macs and want to switch to Linux complain about Linux lacking a good terminal12:33
pedjaapparently, nothing on Linux comes close to iTerm212:34
frinnstpedja: its not the default :-)12:35
frinnstwell it might be these days, havent revised my config for a few years now :)12:35
joacimidk. my needs are simple. dont know what iterm2 offers. im happy with urxvt and whatever terminal mate comes with12:36
pedjaI moved all my xorg.conf to a couple of xorg.conf.d snippets few months back12:36
Romstercheers frinnst so all the things i've read that say you need 3 of Screen Monitor and Device are incorrect now. I would expect 1 Device is enough and this confirms it.12:41
pedjafrinnst, I've read that people are having issues with AMDGPU on 4.17/4.18. something about powerplay, whatever that is12:41
frinnstits the power saving thingy i think12:41
frinnstim even using DC these days. no crashes since 4.15? or whatever kernel it was12:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-six: fix signature12:46
Romsterone other thing when i tell my monitors to turn off they turn right back on again, so i've just been lazy and turn them off by the power button all the time.12:49
Romsteri should really figure out why "xset dpms force off" does not stay off.12:50
frinnstsomething wakes it up again?12:50
Romsteryes almost instantly12:50
Romsterfew seconds at most12:50
Romsterit used to work then some update broke it12:50
Romsterages ago12:50
frinnstsleep .512:51
frinnstxset dpms force off &12:51
frinnstsleep .112:51
frinnstxset -dpms12:51
Romsterlike a very long time maybe a year or 212:51
frinnstI use that. dont remember why i needed -dpms12:51
Romsterand why the sleep?12:51
Romsterof 100ms12:52
frinnstdont remember12:52
pedja'notify-send "Monitor off in 10 s" ; sleep 10 ; /usr/bin/xset dpms force off ; exit 0'12:52
Romsteri will test after i fix my xorg.conf12:52
Romsteralso i am not sure if i should stitch the 3 monitors together or not, for panoramic background12:54
Romsterbut thank goodness that command that fixed the left to middle to right screen. it was doing my head in with my mouse pointer.12:55
Romsterif i could of swapped cables i so would have12:55
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pedjaI am not a driver, but holy shit
frinnstlmp1s are pretty epic13:38
pedjaI had to google that :)13:44
frinnstshame porsche and audi left lemans. only toyota left. they won quite comfortable this year13:45
pedjaanyone watching Formula E? had no idea that such a thing exists until now13:50
frinnsti've watched a few races13:51
frinnstthe limitations are so irritating. they need to swap cars mid-race because the battery cant last the entire race13:51
pedjathat adds an extra drama to it13:53
pedjaI see that the Chinese team is kicking ass this season13:54
pedjaporsche is planning to join it, too.13:56
frinnsttop speeds are a bit weak and the cars are all the same (i think)13:57
frinnstno development during the season13:58
frinnstah they allow different powertrains now. thats good14:00
pedjanew car, double the range. so, no car swaps anymore
frinnstno question formula e will take over from formula 1 - or rather, formula 1 will go electric14:06
pedjaalmost all the big boys either joined or plan to in the near future14:07
frinnstyeah much easier to get started there than formula 1. no matter how much money you throw at it you'll need a few years to start to win14:08
frinnsttoyota spent lots of millions in the 00s and never won14:08
pedjakeeping the car variety at the minimum makes for a much more interesting race14:09
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jaegerAnyone play the game Else Heart.Break()?14:29
jaegerIt's pretty fun14:29
joacimnever heard about it14:35
AnselmoI had a friend who was into it, a few years ago,14:37
Anselmobut I've not played14:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] gsettings-desktop-schemas: new dependency gobject-introspection14:41
jaegerI enjoy the idea of a game where you can hack a ton of stuff around you, including environment sometimes14:43
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onodera`drwxr-xr-x` a permission string like this, does it have a name>18:36
ryuoonodera: No. It only has a string or octal form.18:56
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nathanie1I recently learned about crux, I was just wondering if there was a maintained wine-staging port somewhere. I tried the good old google but couldnt find anything outside of normal wine22:23
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jaegernathanie1: there's one in maraku's repo, I do not know if it's up to date22:26
jaegerotherwise, I don't have a port of it, have just compiled from source22:26
nathanie1the repo doesnt exist anymore, unlucky -
nathanie1jaeger: i guess I could do that. Im currently on void linux which i like. Im just curious so i was thinking of trying crux for a bit22:27
jaegerah, I see it has failed the last 147 syncs... must be down :/22:27
jaegernathanie1: I always recommend trying it in a VM so you can play with it without breaking things... though a VM may be too lightweight for your wine needs, it would at least give you a feel for the distribution22:28
nathanie1the problem i have with VM's for me is that i will just shutdown the VM whenever I dont feel like dealing with something22:28
nathanie1I will probably just make a tarball of my current install just as I did with gentoo and arch so i can always easily go back22:29
nathanie1jaeger: anything you think i should know before switching?22:29
jaegerfair enough22:32
jaegerI'd suggest reading through the handbook to see what you think, not a bad place to start.22:32
jaegerAlso, know that the crux community and dev team are both small22:32
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nathanie1yee the community being small is something i did notice when googling. I havent decided yet , the distro just seemed interesting. I shall see about trying it out. thanks for the advice :)22:37
jaegerWelcome. :)22:37
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