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Anselmois there work being done on crux-arm to update to 3.4  ?14:30
pedjawell, that was fun
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pedjaAnselmo, that's a question for #crux-arm, really :)14:35
pedjaI am sure pitillo would appreciate any help14:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: hpcups: update to 3.18.614:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: popt: new source URL14:39
workodera pedja14:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] libgudev: new dependency gobject-introspection14:45
pedjaworkodera, nice :) for geocities...goodness... check out
workoderahehe cool14:52
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pedja is pretty cool, too. pro tip: set the speaker volume down before entering some of it :)14:54
pedjathe evolution of Web over the years is fascinating15:01
pedjafrom eye-sore, chaotic, personal to slick and (mostly) soulless and corporate15:03
ryuopedja: i was like, MY EYES, when i saw that.15:15
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pedjaspeaking of web development, this series of articles covers the latest shiny, I guess
john_cephalopodaA list of the important languages used in web development in 2018 and what is important to learn to become a web developer.15:23
john_cephalopodaHTML. CSS.15:24
john_cephalopodaC maybe.15:24
john_cephalopoda"You want to display HTML? Make sure to use node.js!"15:25
Anselmoho gosh humans15:25
john_cephalopoda <-- Here. Just HTML and CSS. No JS, no google spyware, no measurement pixels. And it still looks clean.15:26
pedjathat's a personal site.15:26
john_cephalopodaYes. That's my personal site.15:27
pedjaweb development, in the context of those articles, is for corporate or whatever ones15:27
john_cephalopodaIt looks modern but isn't a glob of scripts and stuff.15:27
john_cephalopodaPah, as if corporations need that shit.15:28
john_cephalopodaI have seen websites that present 5 sentences and use 3 screen pages for that, which have oversized background images and incredibly annoying scrolling animations.15:28
pedjathey 'need' for their sites to be as modern/slick/buzzword-compliant as their competition ones15:29
john_cephalopoda <-- This thing is over 11 screen pages on my screen.15:30
john_cephalopodaAll it says is "Monit is a monitoring tool that is pretty dependable. Here are links to community, docs and other interesting things:"15:31
john_cephalopodaNow compare that with an other open-source project that does it in one page like
john_cephalopodaOne look and you see what it is about and what it looks like. No scrolling needed. Top bar has all the links to community, docs (wiki) etc.15:32
pedjaif you're curious what sites use, there is a Wapalazyer extension for Chrome (maybe Firefox, too)15:33
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john_cephalopodaHeh, crux uses PHP, apache, OpenSSL and UNIX.15:37
john_cephalopodaMy website system can't be identified.15:37
pedjawhich of those two landing pages is more likely to attract some sweet VC money, you think?15:38
john_cephalopodaI guess VCs always press the "fund" button by accident when they lean over the desk to vomit into the trash bin after seeing a website :รพ15:40
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AnselmoI knew a person with a quite nice stereotypical hip modern looking website who didnt get any VC. ..15:48
Anselmohe even had a working product15:48
john_cephalopodaIf you look at companies that actually make money, you'll find that their websites often look pretty bad.15:53
john_cephalopoda"Bad" in the sense of "90s"15:53
Anselmowell, I mean,15:57
Anselmoit obviously depends15:57
john_cephalopodaThe website of SAP looks very plain.16:07
john_cephalopodaAh, damn that was only the cookie capture portal.16:08
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onoderaanyone here who likes go?19:02
joacimheard about it, and watch the guy with the glasses talk about it19:02
joacimdoes that count?19:02
ryuoI once tried it but didn't really like it. Why?19:03
onoderaim creating a library to build and interact with go ports19:04
onoderaand I'm have to make a data structure decision and wonder what people would prefer19:05
ryuoGreat. That can be our "goto" solution. :D19:05
ryuoGo on.19:05
ryuoMaybe some general advice would help you?19:05
ryuoWhy not a struct that holds both?19:09
ryuoEvery file will have a perm.19:09
ryuoand a path.19:10
ryuoonodera: i think you're prematurely optimizing... you can get pretty good lookup speeds regardless if you use a sorted array.19:11
ryuobut it's your choice.19:12
onoderaI'm not doing this for speed19:12
onoderajust for ease of use19:12
onoderaso no map?19:12
onoderaanyways a strcut is a good idea19:12
ryuoi generally avoid hash tables unless i'm pretty certain it's the best choice.19:12
onoderawhy didn't I think of that hehe19:12
ryuothey're more wasteful than a regular array...19:13
ryuoiteration is likely to be a common process that users will use.19:14
onoderahast tables?19:14
ryuohash tables, that's what a map is.19:14
onoderaor structs?19:14
ryuoand... hash tables are naturally unordered.19:14
ryuoso. they won't be in any predictable order.19:14
onoderayeah, the unordered thing is what made me reconsider using a map lol19:15
ryuomy motto is, if in doubt, use an array. you can sort it if you must.19:15
ryuoThat optimizes binary search.19:15
ryuoAnd... generally more flexible than a hash table.19:16
ryuohash tables make the most sense when lookups are your #1 operation.19:16
onoderathe thing I didn't like a about my second solution (in the pastebin), is that you can't use _, v := range, because you have two arrays you need to use the index19:17
ryuoonodera: it's hard to do things elegantly in Go...19:24
ryuothe language isn't very extensible.19:24
onoderayeah that's what I like about it though19:24
jaegerI'm using a binary search tree for my pkgutils style stuff... not the best choice 100% of the time but easy to use and quick19:45
jaeger(just commenting due to data structure talk, not using go for it)19:45
jaegerI think I may expand its use a bit... currently it's designed specifically to hold the struct for a package but I can already see some use for it elsewhere... for example, when listing files in a package .tar.gz - libarchive sorts the file entries by their position in the archive rather than by string value19:51
jaegerSo I could trivially use the BST structure to sort those19:51
jaegerA dynamic array would be easy, too, but would need to be sorted either during creation or after, before displaying the results19:52
jaegerI'm certianly not an expert programmer, though, so there are probably better ways to do things19:56
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ryuojaeger: i used sorted arrays when i only instantiate the data once or update seldomly.22:34
ryuothey're a simple DS, hard to get wrong.22:34
ryuoBSTs though are more difficult.22:34
ryuoThey're fine, but i don't like using them unless they're appropriate.22:35
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