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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.15.101:30
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elderKGod damn01:58
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elderKHow much space does Firefox need to friggin' build?!01:58
jaegerAll the space!01:58
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elderK:| I have 10G free and that's just not enough02:13
elderKI'm thinking of setting up a ramdisk and building there, since I have a massive swap partition :P02:13
elderKOther than that, I don't know which packages on my system are taking the most space, so I can't just trim and make spae :|02:14
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jaegerwell, that wouldn't be hard to figure out02:20
elderKJust ask each package for it's footprint, du those,?02:22
jaegertry pkgsize02:22
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elderKah, thank you jaeger.02:24
elderKMuch nicer.02:24
elderK:P Trying to install firefox-pa.02:27
elderKI've been tweaking the firefox build for ages for pa.02:27
elderK:P Nice that there's a new port that has -pa02:28
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: python-32: fixes FS#166810:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libtirpc-32: initial import10:56
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pedjaso, Americans, since it's Independence Day, any sign of aliens yet (the extraterrestrial ones) ?12:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: iperf3: Update to 3.614:19
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ryuopedja: Nope. Just the terrestrial ones.14:22
ryuopedja: And they're the undocumented kind.14:22
pedjaryuo, shouldn't you be somewhere else, eating barbecue and drinking beer :) ?14:24
Anselmowait, was it even 4july when they showed up14:24
pedjahm, that's a good question14:26
pedjait's been a while since I watched it, can't remember the timeline14:27
pedjathe sequel is awful, btw14:29
pedjaI had more more fun watching Sharknado14:29
ryuopedja: no? i'm not a fan of the 4th. it's always *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*.14:29
pedjaah, the fireworks?14:30
john_cephalopoda3 more comics until 2018!14:32
ryuoIt'll be the XKCD comic of the year.14:33
ryuoWhich'll never happen again.14:33
pedjaMunroe is a genius.14:33
john_cephalopodaExcept when there's a long break.14:33
ryuoUnlikely, but you never know.14:33
ryuoThe rate of release makes it so.14:33
john_cephalopodaUnfortunately #2001 wasn't used for A Space Odyssee references.14:34
ryuoIt's weird how it doesn't use the #s special these days.14:34
ryuoHe skipped 404 =p14:34
john_cephalopodaWasn't 1337 also wasted?14:35
ryuoIt was a comic about hacking.14:36
john_cephalopodaAh, yeah.14:36
ryuoI have to say this one...14:36
ryuoThe tag line should be.14:37
ryuo"Why I never buy an ad-supported phone..."14:37
jaegerAre ad-supported phones a thing? That's horrible14:37
ryuojaeger: yes. they call them Amazon phones with lockscreen ads.14:38
jaegerDefinitely hard pass on that, heh14:39
Anselmoweird c-c14:40
ryuojaeger: i've avoided models that were ever sold with this feature because it's impossible to tell if a used model has them or not.14:41
ryuoBut, i could see this catching on over time. companies tend to blindly emulate success.14:41
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jaegeryeah :/14:42
ryuoif Amazon gets away with it, what's to say others won't do the same? they preinstall crapware on PCs still for crying outloud.14:42
ryuoWhat's more crapware on smart phones?14:42
ryuoat least on PCs though you can still install vanilla windows.14:42
ryuoTo reduce the amount of crap.14:43
ryuoThough, there's still that windows telemetry bullshit you can't do much abou.14:43
ryuojaeger: i remember when we used to call this shit spyware, but no one seems to care about it now.14:44
ryuoit's become the "norm".14:44
ryuoultimately, if it sends back data about you back to the mothership, it's spying.14:45
ryuoBut, now they just call it telemetry, a euphemism for spying.14:45
Anselmobut you've legally consented to the spying, and its to provide you better services !14:45
ryuoAnselmo: -flusehs-14:46
jaegeryeah. It was spyware until it went into the contract :D14:46
ryuoDoesn't change shit as far as I'm concerned.14:46
jaegerIt does as far as the law is concerned, I'm sure14:46
pedjaNokia phones ship pure Android, so it's only Goggle spying on you :)14:46
ryuoYea, but the principle hasn't changed.14:46
ryuoIt's possible to use Android w/o google apps but most phones don't ship that way.14:47
AnselmoI mean, nitpicking its different, its just like14:47
AnselmoACTION sighs at humans14:47
ryuothe real issue is you're not given the choice to refuse really.14:48
pedjait's funny how some laptop vendors sell shipping just pure Windows, without their crap, as a defining feature14:48
ryuoIt's a gun-to-head thing ultimately.14:48
ryuoYou either accept it or you don't use the software.14:49
ryuopedja: aka, "signature PCs".14:49
pedjaah, yes, that's how are they called. thanks, ryuo14:49
ryuopedja: or as the windows store called them14:49
ryuoWindows Signature PCs or so.14:49
pedjaLenovo Ryzen laptops are like that, iirc14:50
pedjaor was it Huawei?14:50
ryuoLenovo doesn't really have much with Ryzen.14:50
jaegerno idea if my laptop came with that stuff since it was in chinese, heh14:50
ryuoThey still haven't launched their thinkpad ryzens.14:51
ryuoAmusingly, I think HP is the most serious Ryzen vendor.14:53
ryuoif you exclude custom desktos.14:54
pedjawell, there is this
pedjacuriously enough, I couldn't find that model on Huawei site. there are a bunch of Intel ones15:00
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pedjaa lot of interesting stuff here
pedjait must be the cold and long winters so almost all Norwegian series are dark, gritty, thrillers :)19:18
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pedjainteresting premise for the tv show. Russia occupying Norway on behalf of the EU20:33
joacimi think the swedish and danish ones are gritty like that too21:01
pedjayeah :)21:13
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pedja'nordic noir' :)21:20
pedjaI guess it somewhat plays on misconceptions people have on that part of the world. shiny, happy, gorgeous people, healthy-ish society21:24
pedjaon second thought, discard that. I don't know what the hell am I talking about21:25
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