IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2018-07-08

jaegerI'm surprised there's not a bug for it already... unless it's somehow my system00:00
jaegerDo you mind testing the port?00:00
jaeger if you have some time00:01
frinnstim running fluxbox so unsure if I can see the problem00:03
jaegerthe question marks are indicative of it failing in some way, plus the borders aren't the arc ones, they're whatever was selected before00:04
jaegerI'm not sure how fluxbox handles borders, haven't used it in years00:05
frinnstbetween windows? it does those itself00:05
frinnstmenu items look a bit odd. no borders separating "File" "Playback" etc in audacious00:06
jaegergot a screenshot of a full window with border?00:06
jaegerhrmm. yeah, fluxbox is doing its own borders and titlebar... and the menus look weird like you said00:09
jaegerI guess I'll have to search for a new theme that works with gtk3 3.22.x00:10
jaegerwith flat elements00:10
frinnstmousing over say the bookmarks list in firefox doesnt draw what you are selecting either00:10
frinnstbut probably something on my system i guess00:11
jaegergrabbed another one I've never tried before,
jaegerSame issue00:19
jaegerThough it's based on arc so maybe not far enough from the original00:19
jaegerpaper is no longer in development00:19
jaegeradapta requires inkscape! heh00:19
frinnsthah wtf00:22
lennoxthats a really weird dependency00:28
jaegerLooks like inkscape doesn't build currently, too00:35
jaegeryeah, my guess is it's used to do some svg processing or something00:36
jaegergrabbed yet another one, vimix, and same thing. It seems to me that if all these themes were broken there'd be much more noise about it online.... wondering what might be wrong on my system00:36
frinnstwhat version of gtk does the major distributions use? is it really 3.22?00:42
jaegerwell, shit. It IS something on my system. my MATE test VM doesn't have the issue00:43
jaegerNot sure00:43
frinnstoh thats interesting00:43
frinnstoff to bed. let me know if you find out the cause00:43
jaegertake care00:44
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jaegerin the VM, for example, vimix and the paper icon theme work properly:
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ryuoAm I the only one that's envisioned a core dump as a process taking a dump on your FS?07:43
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frinnstryuo: yes11:53
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ryuofrinnst: so you too, huh.22:54
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Ronin7zhiii, soo23:09
Ronin7zfrom what i understand it is currently not a multilib image?23:10
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