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Ronin7zwhoops, I had to log off. i may have missed a answer to my question00:38
Ronin7zare there currently problems with multilib? seemed like i saw something like that on the wiki00:48
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Ronin7znvm what i saw was from version 2.6, im just gonna assume multilib is currently working :)01:42
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jaegerRonin7z: multilib has been officially supported for several versions now, yeah02:53
Ronin7zjaeger: yee i just saw, i was being an idiot and looking at the page in the wiki03:00
Ronin7zthe page never got updated so i was a bit confused, my bad03:00
jaegerAh, ok. Maybe a good task for us to go through and tag some things out of date03:48
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frinnstahh the joy of returning from vacation. lots of big ports to sysup07:41
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ryuofrinnst: our frinnst would never say that! who are you!? :P09:31
frinnsthmm anyone running into this with samba?
frinnstwonder if my docbook installation is broken or something09:58
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TomBHowdy. Think I might be missing something super obvious. I burned the 3.4 iso to a USB using dd, and I can't for the life of me get it to boot under uefi. It works fine on legacy, but whenever I choose crux on the grub screen in uefi mode I just get a static, unblinking underscore10:30
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Ronin7zjaeger: the page was called obsolete, the reason i got confused was that it didnt have a message saying - since version 3.2 there is multilib or something like that11:22
frinnstthe first 64bit isos that I made were 64bit only. then a 32bit overlay got added to that. that became crux 3.011:41
frinnsti assume the page you read was regarding the 32bit changes to my pure 64bit environment. its obsolete because its already included these days :-)11:42
Ronin7zfrinnst: yee might be , well all figured out now. gonna install crux on my laptop for now to see if i like it12:05
Ronin7zif so i will put it on my desktop as well12:05
pedjaACTION needs to get some better tools12:15
pedjathere is always one screw that just won't budge12:16
pedjaMOAR TORQUE is needed, apparently, then my cheap ass screwdriver can provide12:17
pedjaif only iFixit would ship to this part of the world...12:20
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jaegerpedja: that's one of the things I love about my ifixit kit, the little extension for more torque13:43
jaegervery handy13:43
pedjajaeger, their toolkits are pretty nice. you have the one with 64 bits, iirc?13:47
pedjathe annoying thing is, they are not that much more expensive then Chinese crap its sold here13:48
AnselmoI have a nice chinese screwdriver kit, with lots of different heads . . .13:49
Anselmobut I mean, for torque cant you always just clamp something onto the screwdriver and use it to twist ?13:50
jaegerI have the 54-piece kit13:50
jaegerIn general, sure. It's just nice that they include an easy piece for that13:50
pedjathey actually put some thought in it :)13:51
pedjait's one of those tiny laptop screws, ph00 or whatever13:52
pedjaI have to replace the button battery, but I basically have to tear the netbook apart to get to it13:54
Anselmoyeah x-x13:55
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jaegerI finally updated the MATE repo to 1.20 if anyone cares15:42
Ronin7zhmmm i seem to be running itno some images, my laptop gives me no bootable device found16:20
Ronin7zhas anyone used refind with crux before?16:20
jaegerI've used it once or twice long ago, not recently16:31
jaegerIf I recall correctly, refind needs a linux conf file generated as well as EFI stub support in the kernel16:47
jaegerUnless you use it to chainload some other bootload that has a native EFI executable, such as grub or elilo16:49
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Ronin7zjaeger: hmmm i will look into it16:55
Ronin7zi can enable efistub16:55
jaeger might be a good reference16:57
jaegerRonin7z: for clarification, I don't think refind has any ability to load linux kernels itself, it just loads EFI executables17:10
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jaegerthat's why you'd need either some other EFI bootloader OR EFI stub support in your kernel (which more or less makes it an EFI executable)17:10
Ronin7zjaeger: hmmmm, it should work. I have used refind as my bootloader since i started using linux17:10
Ronin7znever had to do any of those two things you mentioned tho17:11
Ronin7zmaybe it automagically worked?17:11
jaegerBut with those other distributions, did they have EFI stub support in the kernel already? or some other bootloader?17:11
jaegerI'm not 100% sure, just a guess17:11
Ronin7zthat might be the case ye, then again adding efi stub support shouldntb e that much of a problem17:11
Ronin7zdistros ive used previously are arch and void linux17:11
jaegerarch at least has it enabled in their kernel17:12
Ronin7zenabling in the kernel isnt that difficult tho , literally just ticking a box in menu config17:12
jaegeryeah, it's not hard at all17:12
Ronin7zthe biggest problem im having tho is figuring out how im gonna get my hands on the package17:12
Ronin7zfor crux that is17:13
jaegerwhich package?17:13
frinnst lol17:14
jaegerfrinnst: I never did really figure out what the gtk3 issue was... I rebuilt everything that uses gtk3 plus a few other things and it eventually worked again17:16
jaegervery strange17:16
Ronin7zjaeger: the refind package17:16
frinnstah thanks for letting me know17:16
jaegerwish I knew the issue but oh well17:18
jaegerno refind package for crux that I'm aware of currently... but you probably already have it installed, no?17:18
Ronin7zjaeger: Nope, or i had but i wiped the boot partition since ye i kinda always do that out of habit17:20
Ronin7zdidnt realize that there wouldnt be refind package for crux lol17:20
jaegerThere are a lot of EFI bootloaders available, presumably just hasn't been a need for it yet17:21
jaegerIf you end up liking crux, make one :)17:21
jaegerYou could use the binary package temporarily, too17:22
Ronin7zjaeger: making a bootloader smh17:23
Ronin7zI dont even code17:23
Ronin7zi can do some php, html, css, swift and java but really basic lol17:23
jaegerwell, no reason you need to make a bootloader yourself17:23
jaegerfor example, you could use the CD or USB refind download until you have your system up and running... or use a different bootloader17:24
jaegerAre you dual-booting on a mac or do you use refind because you like it?17:25
Ronin7zhonestly the only reason i started using refind was because someone had me install it when i first jumped onto the linux train a couple months ago17:25
Ronin7zand i guess I do like it alot ye17:25
Ronin7zi also tried using grub but ye its not working for some reaosn17:28
jaegerI can try to test refind in a VM or something but it may be a while, working currently17:28
jaeger may be of use, if you've not already been there17:31
Ronin7zyee but i might have missed some bits17:31
Ronin7zI will toy around with it a bit more17:32
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jaegerbuilding a quick VM to test refind from the binary zip18:51
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jaegerRonin7z: ok, works fine from the binary zip in my test VM19:00
jaegerRonin7z: I downloaded the binary zip from the refind site during the chroot part of the crux install, unzipped it, ran refind_install, and made sure my kernel had EFI stub support19:02
ryuoThe beginning of the end for AMD?19:02
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jaegerAlso added some defaults to the refind_linux.conf that it created - "ro quiet rootfstype=ext4 root=/dev/sda3"19:02
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Ronin7zjaeger: thankss19:10
Ronin7zi can just wget the image i guess19:10
Ronin7zfrom the refind thingy19:11
jaegeryeah. I imagine it'd be easy to create a crux package for it but since one doesn't exist yet, this is an alternative19:11
jaegerI'll look into that at some point if you don't get there first. :)19:12
pedjaryuo, how do you figure that those chips will hurt AMD?19:14
ryuopedja: look at China's history. it's like training your competition to replace you.19:15
ryuopedja: i've read about US companes like Schwinn that no longer exist because they went for short-term profits in China, and Chinese companies basically took their business in the long term.19:17
pedjawell, China is investing heavily in RAM/flash production already19:18
ryuoI thought they already had x86 from VIA.19:19
pedjathey are still stuck at 40(?)nm fabs, iirc19:20
pedjaso good enough for low powered/simple-ish stuff, not so much for modern CPUs. yet19:25
pedjatheir Sunway architecture, which powers worlds no2 supercomputer is made with 65nm process, and it's no slouch, thou :)19:33
pedjait will be interesting to see where it all goes, for sure19:36
Ronin7zwell okay here we go19:36
jaegergood luck :) If you have trouble, feel free to ask here19:44
pedja'legacy 40GbE' :)19:46
Ronin7zjaeger: well i cant seem to find framebuffer console support19:47
Ronin7zor console display driver support19:47
jaegerIn your kernel config?19:50
Ronin7zye i found it19:50
Ronin7zall i gotta do is19:54
Ronin7zget network working for now lul19:54
Ronin7zthen i can try refind19:54
pedjais ARM really feeling threatened by risc-v?
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Ronin7zi cant seem to be able to figure out how to get networking to work unlucky20:26
Ronin7zalso since im using a scuffed usb cable i cant use network tethering20:27
jaegerWhat kind of network card do you have?20:27
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jaegerIf you just need it to get refind, you could also put it on a usb drive20:28
Ronin7zjust a laptop on, i need to figure it out20:28
Ronin7zand sure but im gonna need to get my network working sometime regardless20:28
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jaegercheck lspci | grep -i net20:29
Ronin7zi got a qualcom atheros20:29
Ronin7znetwork controller20:29
jaegerwireless only or do you have wired as well?20:30
Ronin7zi just tried wpa_passphrase ssid password >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf lol20:30
Ronin7znope, wireless only20:30
jaegerdoes the interface show up in 'ip l' output?20:30
john_cephalopodaRonin7z: I got a Qualcom Atheros 9k ant it is working.20:31
john_cephalopoda*ant -> and20:32
Ronin7zyee i get wlp7s0 and emp8s020:32
jaegerok, so you're on the right track, then. module and firmware (if needed) are in place20:33
john_cephalopodaRonin7z: What kind of network do you want to connect to? Normal wifi with WPA?20:33
Ronin7zjohn_cephalopoda: yuppp20:33
Ronin7zjust normal wifi20:34
john_cephalopodaThat's how you can configure that in /etc/wpa_supplicant.20:34
Ronin7zthats waht i got kinda20:34
jaegerhe already did so20:34
Ronin7zdo i have to append it or start the service or something?20:34
john_cephalopodaRonin7z: Yep. Make sure that it says DEV=wlp7s0 in /etc/rc.d/wlan20:35
jaegerRonin7z: take a look at /etc/rc.d/wlan - it has wpa_supplicant setup in it. you might want to use that instead of /etc/rc.d/net20:35
Ronin7zayee , ive done that now20:36
Ronin7znow i just need to enable it i reckon?20:37
john_cephalopodaThen just run "sudo /etc/rc.d/wlan start".20:37
jaegeryeah. add it to the services line in rc.conf for future use, and as john_cephalopoda says to start it once20:37
Ronin7zwait, thats how you enable services in crux?20:37
Ronin7zthat is so nice20:37
jaegernice and simple. :)20:38
Ronin7zhmmm it got timed out while waiting for carrier20:38
Ronin7zprobably a mistake on my end20:38
Ronin7zin terms of password20:38
jaegerdouble check your passprhase setup, yeah20:38
john_cephalopodaUpper-case and lower-case matter in the SSID.20:38
Ronin7zyee thats where iwent wrong20:38
Ronin7zi reckon i cant just change the config file right20:38
Ronin7zwill have to do wpa_passphrase again20:39
jaegeryou could also test that your laptop can see the network with something like 'sudo iwlist wlp7s0 scan | grep ESSID'20:39
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jaegeryou can change it any time but you'll need to restart wpa_supplicant for it to take effect20:39
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jaegerThe easiest way to get the encrypted version of the passphrase is to use wpa_passphrase, but it can output to stdout and you can copy/paste into the file if you want20:40
Ronin7zgrep essid gives me interface doesnt support scanning : device busy20:40
john_cephalopodaIf you don't need or want to encrypt the passphrase you can use the link I posted above.20:41
Ronin7zis restarting a servcie simply20:41
Ronin7zputting restart instead of start?20:41
john_cephalopodasudo /etc/rc.d/service_name restart20:41
john_cephalopodaYep :)20:41
Ronin7zits working20:42
Ronin7zam i gonna have to always put the version number im trying to install? eg: i cant just put firefox and have it grab latest20:43
jaegeryou don't have to specify versions, just package name20:43
jaegeryou can see at any particular time in /usr/ports what version of a package is available20:43
jaegeralso with 'prt-get info firefox' or similar20:43
Ronin7zyeee im not done installing yet tho20:43
Ronin7zgonna setup ports etc after setting up refind i guess20:44
jaegerIf you haven't already, you might want to read through the handbook to get familiar with how things work in general20:44
Ronin7zyee i have been doing that, network was the only thing i was really struggling with20:44
Ronin7zand the bootloader20:44
Ronin7zhavent even gotten to ports yet20:44
jaegeryou'll get there20:45
jaegerports are pretty important for crux20:45
Ronin7zyeee so ive noticed20:45
Ronin7zi just installed urxvt pog20:49
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Ronin7zjaeger: did you just get the bin file from refind ?21:00
jaegerI downloaded the binary zip file... refined-bin-0.11.2.zip21:02
jaegerso if that's what you mean, yes21:02
Ronin7zye sorry for being unclear, thats what i meant21:03
jaegerunzipped that, ran refind-install21:03
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jaegerit generated refind_linux.conf but I added some small tweaks to it:
teeAyyHey. What sorta things should I look for if I can't get my 3.4 usb to boot under UEFI? It works fine on legacy, I've tried a bunch of different bios settings (like secure boot off and whatnot) but I still get up to the grub menu, then just a static, non-blinking underscore in the top left. Any ideas where to look?21:05
jaegerHaven't run into that one, myself... you definitely want secure boot off as we don't have support for it, but not sure about the underscore. Is that after you select a boot option or does it happen on its own when the menu appears?21:08
teeAyyAfter I press enter in the grub menu21:25
teeAyyIf I edit the grub options first, assuming they're not invalid I get something along the lines of "Booting commands" and then the underscore, but I can't remember the line exactly21:26
Ronin7zjaeger: well i managed to boot butttt
xckoteeAyy: can you boot other distros under UEFI from a usb?21:27
Ronin7zthen again , i should be close to fixing it21:27
Ronin7zor rather finishing the install21:28
teeAyy@xcko I have in the past, I didn't try last night because I only had the one USB on me21:28
xckoteeAyy: what kind of hardware are you using?21:31
jaegerteeAyy: haven't run into that one, sorry. If there was any other output, maybe that could help21:31
teeAyySamsung Series 921:31
jaegerRonin7z: doh, looks like a mess21:31
Ronin7zjaeger: yuppp, im gonna have a smoke and then see about how to fix21:33
jaegerno, massdrop, I don't want a pair of headphones for $700, thanks21:33
jaegerRonin7z: did you tell refind where to find your root partition in refind_linux.conf?21:33
john_cephalopodapedja: Lol, ARM spreading FUD. Suckers.21:33
Ronin7zyee i just did root=/dev/sda221:36
Ronin7zi didnt set rootfstype tho21:36
xckoteeAyy: can you boot from the usb in bios mode?21:39
Ronin7zi wonder why i get all these permissions denied21:39
teeAyyYeah bios mode works no problem on the same usb21:39
jaegerRonin7z: dunno, would be nice if it were possible to see above that21:39
Ronin7zany idea on how i would accomplish that?21:41
john_cephalopodaRonin7z: lilo? grub? syslinux?21:43
Ronin7zrefind :)21:43
jaegerRonin7z: what does your partition layout look like? and your refind_linux.conf?21:43
Ronin7zi wish i could take screenshots and stuff21:44
jaegerIf you boot back into the install media and chroot in you should be able to paste them to or similar with curl21:44
Ronin7zi could try using wgetpaste21:44
jaegerparted -l | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io21:44
jaegersure, wgetpaste would be fine, too21:44
Ronin7zi thought I would be smart by just uncommenting the lines for contrib and compat-32 in the config21:45
Ronin7zinstead of using the proper commands, guess not21:45
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jaegeras far as I know refind supports btrfs... but I don't think you need rootfstype= for that21:52
jaegeronly for ext2/3/4 when using the ext4 driver for all21:52
Ronin7zyee it shouldnt matter, i was getting the same errors with and without it21:52
jaegerbesides, if refind were broken you wouldn't get far enough to see those errors21:53
Ronin7zthis is my partition layout
Ronin7zjaeger: yee I dont think its a refind issue21:53
xckoteeAyy: doing some searches for 'samsung series 9 uefi install' and it seems there are a few people with similar issues, maybe that'll help. good luck21:53
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jaegerI suspect btrfs might be the cause here but I have very little experience with it21:53
Ronin7zive been using btrfs on different distros just fine21:54
Ronin7zbut it might be the issue21:54
teeAyy@xcko I'll have a look, thanks. I just found a second usb and was able to get Arch booting from uefi21:55
jaegerI've done one or two installs with btrfs and not had problems, but I don't use it regularly. With that said, just guessing, as I've not seen all that permission spam before21:55
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jaegerpermission spam and cannot execute21:55
jaegerRonin7z: what model laptop is it?21:55
xckoteeAyy: That's the other option, it's pretty straightforward to install crux into a chroot from another OS21:56
Ronin7zjaeger: its a Acer nitro, i can get you the specific number if you need it21:56
Ronin7zanywho i was using void with btrfs just fine before21:56
teeAyyYeah I wondered about that, you can also install it under legacy and then replace the bootloader afterwards right?21:56
jaegermight help, was going to look it up online21:56
jaegerteeAyy: you can, though converting from BIOS to UEFI can be a bit annoying21:57
teeAyyAhh ok, I'll have a look into the chroot option21:57
jaegermainly due to needing to convert from msdos to gpt disk labels and add an EFI system partition21:57
jaegerIt's doable, though21:57
Ronin7zman man, i feel like i must have messed something up during the install21:59
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xckoteeAyy: yeah, if you create an efs ahead of time, and use I think syslinux or grub you can boot under both. I've done it before but it's been a while22:00
xckogentoo's handbook covers using grub this way if you're interested22:01
teeAyyHmm I'll give it a look22:02
teeAyyIs there anywhere you'd reccomend to read up on the chroot method?22:02
xckothe crux handbook and this: which covers installing packages when the host doesn't have pkgadd22:06
Ronin7zi guess i will try installing in a vm and see if i get the same issues22:06
Ronin7zjaeger: someone suggested chmodding the files22:06
Ronin7zbut that seems kinda weird22:07
jaegerRonin7z: no reason you should need to do that, if the install was done as intended22:07
xckoteeAyy: I think the setup-install script is basically just doing that, pkgadd'ing whatever filesets you select.22:07
xckoteeAyy: so basically follow the handbook, then when it asks for crux specific stuff, use the chroottesting page to work around that, then continue with the handbok22:08
jaegerteeAyy: there's a static pkgutils included in the install ISO which should be usable in pretty much any other distribution. you would do something like this after you uncompress it and add it to the path (or just use the full path to pkgadd): mkdir -p ${chroot}/var/lib/pkg; touch ${chroot}/var/lib/pkg/db; for P in /mnt/cdrom/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r ${chroot} ${P}; done22:10
teeAyyAlright, I'll do my best. Thanks for all the help22:13
xckoteeAyy: I think it's really instead of running setup-install, you follow the second part of step 2 in the chroottesting page, and everything else is the same22:20
xckoif you do go the route of booting under both uefi and bios, I recommend syslinux with an efs, gpt, the gpt mbr from syslinux and toggling the legacy boot flag with parted (or fdisk?). This lets you boot in bios mode normally, then iteratively test your setup with uefi until it works22:23
Ronin7zI wonder if fixing this install would be quicker then just starting from scratch22:24
xckoRonin7z: check seems there is some tips for btrfs under troubleshooting22:26
jaegerI've got to leave for a few hours, will be interested to know what the solution is22:27
Ronin7zthis may sound stupid, but could it be that i ran setup before setup-chroot?22:28
jaegerthat is the proper order, setup installs packages. chrooting wouldn't work before the packages were installed22:29
Ronin7zxcko: thanks i will check that out22:39
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teeAyyOk making progress, up to setting up my locales. I'm using `localedef -i en_NZ -f ISO-8859-1 en_NZ` which I think is right, but I'm getting told ISO-8859-1 doesnt exist. Is this something else I need to copy off the iso?23:42
teeAyyI'm using the chroot install23:43
teeAyyYeah I think I'm missing all my character maps, I'll have a look where to put them23:45
Ronin7zim prolly just gonna try chroot install as well23:46
teeAyyYeah that was the problem, all good now23:52
teeAyyAlright on to the kernel23:54
teeAyyWish me luck boiyos23:54
teeAyyHmm, I don't have /usr/src/linux-blah-blah, I assume because the setup utility creates that? Anyone know what I'd need to use to get that where it is? i'll look on the iso23:55

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