IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2018-07-10

teeAyyAlright compiling, fingers crossed00:32
xckonice work, let us know how it goes00:33
teeAyyWill do, I almost always mess something up but hopefully this time its good00:43
xcko/usr/src/linux-$version is the kernel source, you can get new versions from iirc00:45
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Ronin7zjaeger: the install workedddd !!00:49
Ronin7zI just switched from btrfs to ext4 , not sure if that is what solved it00:49
xckoteeAyy: when compiling the kernel, i like to make sure the -j flag is set for make so i use all the cores - goes way faster00:58
teeAyyWelp, hope it was set then haha00:59
teeAyyIts up to the net stuff00:59
Ronin7zwell, now i just gotta figure out how to use this repo
Ronin7zand then we're good to go01:01
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Ronin7zso im doing httpup copy /path/to/directory01:06
Ronin7zand i get failed to Download REPO :01:06
Ronin7zfailed to get remote repo file01:06
Ronin7zim dumb nvm, its fixed now01:08
Anselmoare you trying to install the full repo, Ronin7z01:08
Anselmoor, ok01:08
Ronin7zand yee it has quite a few packages i liked, so i just grabbed the whole thing01:09
Ronin7zafaik now i have to add the directory to my prt-get.conf01:09
Ronin7zand im good to go01:09
Anselmoyou can add the sync file in /etc/ports so that you'll update it each time you do ports -u01:09
Anselmobut also that01:09
Ronin7zi probably did it wrong but i just made a dir in home called ports and im just gonna dump everything in there01:10
Anselmoehh, you can do it different ways,01:10
Ronin7zso i tried adding a repo, with every package i get signature mismatch found01:15
Anselmodid you download the signature file for the repo into /etc/ports ?01:15
Anselmoor the pubkey rather01:15
teeAyyIs there a crux port for grub? I'm up to that step but I don't have grub01:16
Ronin7zso i have to get the public key and put it in /etc/ports01:16
AnselmoteeAyy: uhh, there is01:16
Ronin7zteeAyy: I think you already have grub installed01:16
teeAyyChecked that repo and couldnt see one01:16
Ronin7ztry typing man grub01:16
Ronin7zor grub-install --help or something like that01:16
Anselmoits in opt01:16
Anselmoyou were doing something with . . . uefi ?01:17
teeAyyI have nothing in /opt/bin01:17
teeAyyI'm installing through chroot01:17
Ronin7zits not in the folder, its in the /opt repo01:17
teeAyyGotchha haha, thanks01:17
Ronin7zdid you do setup?01:17
Ronin7zit gives you the option to grab packages from opt01:17
Anselmothey might not be using setup, . . . not sure how installing through a chroot is working in your case . .01:18
teeAyyI couldn't do setup, I couldnt get the liveusb to boot in uefi01:18
Anselmoif you have the ISO avaliable you should be able to find the package in it01:19
Ronin7zi can just use wget to get the key right01:19
Ronin7zdont need to do anything special outside of putting the .pub in /etc/ports i assume01:19
teeAyyYeadp found it now01:20
Ronin7zonly problem im having right now, for every package I get01:21
Ronin7zPkgfile line 17: git : command not found01:21
Anselmoyou likely need to install git then01:21
Ronin7zi already did01:22
Ronin7zbut hmmm i will try again i guess01:22
Anselmooh, uh01:22
Ronin7zthat was on my previous install which was borked01:22
Ronin7zits 03:30 , been on this for a while lol01:22
teeAyyIn the handbook, is grub-install a script? I don't have it after installing grub2 and grub2-efi01:28
Anselmoit isnt in /usr/sbin/grub-install01:29
teeAyyMy path is probably wrong actually, hold on01:29
teeAyyYip thats it01:30
teeAyyOooof getting there, feeling a bit dumb haha01:30
Anselmoehh, working with chroots can be weird like that I suppose :P01:31
Ronin7zhmmmm what the01:47
Ronin7zim having some weird issues01:48
teeAyyOk reboot time, if this doesnt work I'm done for the day :P01:49
Ronin7zi cant seem to install quite a number of packages like python3-pip , bspwm , ranger01:49
Ronin7zthey all throw errors01:49
teeAyyWelp messed something up, just get GRUB in the top corner, then it reboots. I'll keep looking01:51
Ronin7zno mdule named, set up tools01:53
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jaegerRonin7z: just ext4 instead of btrfs? otherwise smooth?02:07
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jaegerRonin7z: sounds like python-setuptools is needed02:11
jaegerteeAyy: just to make sure, you're using grub2 rather than grub, right?02:11
teeAyyI'm gonna put it on hold for now, try again later when my heads clearer02:12
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teeAyyThanks for all the help everyone02:14
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ryuodespite how annoying ss is compared to netstat...02:51
ryuoit does have one feature netstat appears to lack.02:51
ryuoyou can use expressions to control what get it outputs.02:51
ryuoss -tun ! dst '&&' ! dst [::1]02:53
ryuofilters out local destinations.02:53
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jaegerbrian|lfs: has been down for a while?05:07
Workstershudders, and i thought my colour scheme was terrible on crux.ster.zone05:29
brian|lfsya I know I was on vacation for a week05:41
brian|lfsand my IP changed and easyDNS didn't update my IP lol05:41
brian|lfsit should be good now05:41
brian|lfsI need to re-install CRUX on my machien this weekend05:41
brian|lfsand work on some sort of kernel that just works for everyone05:42
ryuobrian|lfs: we have a dedicated server with KimSufi if you'd like a place for static web hosting.05:47
brian|lfsah ok cool I'll think about it I"m tired right now lol05:50
ryuojust note, backups are your problem.05:50
ryuothe server has ZFS, but no HDD redundancy.05:50
SitriThe fact that you have to pipe ss into cat is annoying as heck05:58
SitriAnd that trick doesn't work when you do: `ssh ... ss ... | cat`05:58
ryuoSitri: ...? Why?06:01
ryuowhat does cat do here?06:02
brian|lfsgood night all rebooting and getting some zzzzzzzzzzzz06:12
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Sitriryuo: it makes it so a single row of data fits on a single line06:17
SitriRather than it being overly spaced and thus need to be line-wrapped06:18
ryuoOh. I see.06:20
ryuoalternatively, you could do this:06:20
ryuodoesn't work. nevermind06:21
ryuobut yea... ss doesn't allow you to even specify formatting.06:22
ryuothe closest you could get is to take the dumped RAW data and reinterpret it.06:22
ryuoit supports a raw info mode.06:23
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Romsterso you can't dumop the info as xml/json or something ryuo?08:25
Romsterrather dumb08:25
Romsteror even csv08:25
ryuoRomster: seems so.08:25
Romsteri like the netstat name more than ss i keep forgetting ss08:25
SiFuhoh so that is what happened with netstat08:36
pedja'private (ssh) key never leaves your phone'. err, no
SiFuhMy phone has nothing to do with my computer, and that is the way it stays.08:45
pedja'curl random script | bash' as the default install method? you've got to be kidding me08:45
SiFuhor chat programs, or banking, or shopping, or anything that is unlreated to Phone Calls and SMSs a camera and a browser and a map. ;-)08:46
SiFuhThey must really love Apple products09:02
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pedjathey love that they can fence them pretty quickly09:51
Ronin7z_jaeger: yup, all I did was change the file system09:54
pedjaI am not familiar with how Apple does things, but can they blacklist the stolen ones?09:54
pedjastolen from an actual person, with activated AppleID thingie09:55
pedjaI've heard stories about people buying iGadgets 'imported' from EU, for a really great price, ending with a nice paperweight because of that09:59
pedjaif that happens to be true, I *will* laugh my ass off10:04
Ronin7z_sooo, someone who could help me figure some stuff out10:05
Ronin7z_i seem to be getting some errors while installing programs10:05
pedjapasted log >> 'some errors' :)10:05
Ronin7z_like when i try to install bspwm or compton i get a error saying xcb/xcb_iccm.h no such file10:06
Ronin7z_while i do thin I have the package installed10:06
pedja'prt-get depends $package'10:07
pedjaor use depinst, which should take care of the dependencies10:09
Ronin7z_pedja: thanks, i should have seen that on the wiki10:09
pedjaonly on install, mind you. subscribe to the mailing list for notices, add/removed deps, etc10:10
pedjaRonin7z_, 'prt-get help' will provide a useful reference10:12
pedjaand Ronin7z_ welcome to CRUX, hope you enjoy it :)10:15
Ronin7z_pedja:  thankyouu :)10:17
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Ronin7z_so to get a newer kernel i just download the tarbal10:34
Ronin7z_unback it and place it in boot10:34
Ronin7z_removing the *old* kernel10:34
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.310:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dovecot: update to
*** abenz has joined #crux11:14
Ronin7z_so im trying to start x -
*** workodera has joined #crux11:21
Ronin7z_ this is the full xorg log11:32
john_cephalopodaprt-get isinst xorg-xkbcomp11:37
Ronin7z_yee i just installed that and then it worked11:37
Ronin7z_then after rebooting it didnt anymore11:37
Ronin7z_i tried to remove it and reinstall it, if i try to reinstal i get invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character11:40
john_cephalopodaprt-get depinst prt-utils && revdep11:41
Ronin7z_still same issue11:42
john_cephalopodawhat's the output of "revdep"?11:42
Ronin7z_doesnt return anything11:43
john_cephalopodaI have no clue what it could be then.11:45
Ronin7z_im just gonna see if i can remove the xkb-comp tar11:46
frinnsthmm reminds me of something on the mailinglist11:46
frinnst was what I was thining of. but doesnt sound like the same issue11:48
Ronin7z_yee i was just reading that page , but seems different11:48
Ronin7z_where does crux store its pkg tars?11:49
frinnstby default in the port dir. you can change that in pkgmk.conf11:51
Ronin7z_yeee i just found it11:51
Ronin7z_i have a bad habit of asking something to quick11:51
frinnstso it would be /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-server/xorg-server#version.tar.xz etc11:51
Ronin7z_well i managed to boot into x11:51
Ronin7z_my wm wasnt working yet tho so i just had it run urxvt11:52
frinnstvery old thread i noticed11:52
frinnstdo you have space available in /tmp =11:53
frinnstand permissions are ok?11:54
Ronin7z_they should be11:54
Ronin7z_i also didnt set /tmp11:54
Ronin7z_maybe i should have lol11:54
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frinnstwell by default it should work. but if you are mounting something else there the permissions might be off11:55
Ronin7z_yee might be12:00
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Ronin7z_so im running into two issues, I cant seem to get my touchpad to work12:55
Ronin7z_and when im trying to compile something from a repo i get the signature mismatch error, the repo doesnt have a public key listed on the xorg ports12:55
Ronin7z_i meant crux ports*12:56
frinnstit probably has the public key in the port root13:07
frinnstas in /usr/ports/<repo>/<repo>.pub13:07
frinnstyou can use "-is" to ignore the signature if you trust it13:08
Ronin7z_why cant i get my mouse to work, i enabled support for synaptics in kernel13:17
Ronin7z_and i have the driver13:17
Ronin7z_mouse = trackpad/touchpad13:17
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mayfrostRonin7z_: did you installed the xorg metapackage?13:36
Ronin7z_mayfrost: probably not, is that just xorg or xorg-server? cause i installed those13:43
mayfrostjust xorg13:44
mayfrostthat one has the mouse support13:45
Ronin7z_hmmm i have that installed ye13:45
mayfrostI supposed that came with xorg-xf86-input-mouse and it would solve your issue13:46
Ronin7z_yee i grabbed xorg-server xorg-xf86-input-mouse and synaptics13:47
mayfrostcould they be conflicting?13:56
jaegeryou might need to verify which type of touchpad it actually is13:58
jaegersynaptics, elantech, etc.13:58
jaegerand make sure you have the proper kernel support for it13:58
jaegersome are usb, some are i2c, etc.13:58
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Ronin7z_*searches laptop model* lol14:06
john_cephalopoda[john@metis ~]$ libinput list-devices14:12
john_cephalopodaSegmentation fault14:12
Ronin7z_virtual core pointer?14:16
Ronin7z_if it helps, it is a acer aspire Nitro14:17
darfoanything interesting in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?14:27
Ronin7z_i was just about to grab that14:28
Ronin7z_here it comes14:28
Ronin7z_so im gonna remove all drivers except for libinput14:30
mayfrostif it doesn't work try to change the touchpad settings in the BIOS to basic14:32
Ronin7z_i uhm14:33
Ronin7z_forgot my bios password lol14:33
Ronin7z_im not sure if this helps, but i was using void linux earlier and my touchpad worked fine on that14:35
Anselmoare you sure you're using all the same kernel parts from that ?14:36
Ronin7z_i managed to get in my bios14:39
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jaegerRonin7z_: from the xorg conf and libinput stuff, looks like it's not even appearing14:41
jaegerwhich points towards missing kernel config14:41
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Ronin7z_jaeger: yee its odd tho, i did grab all of the synaptics thingies14:42
Ronin7z_changing touchpad to basic also didnt do anything14:43
jaegerdoes it show up under lsusb or lspci output?14:43
jaegerpedja: I think I finally got optimus support working with glvnd last night. need to test some more today, I was really tired14:44
Ronin7z_lspci doesnt do anything14:44
Ronin7z_oh it does in root, didnt do anything under user14:45
jaegerthat's odd, even as a user lspci should show something14:46
jaegerAnd lsusb?14:46
Ronin7z_thats lsusb14:47
Ronin7z_if i do lspci under user i get bash: lspci: command not found14:47
pedjajaeger, that's excellent :) are you planning to write a wiki page about it, once you figure it all out?14:48
jaegerRonin7z_: because it's not in the path, probably14:49
jaegerroot's path includes sbin dirs and user doesn't, by default. That's one thing I change on all my systems, I hate that behavior14:49
Ronin7z_ahhh sure14:50
Ronin7z_oh right jaeger you need the output of lspci?14:50
jaegerpedja: probably, yeah14:52
Ronin7z_im just gonna enable literally every touchpad driver there is14:52
pedjanever played with it, but I hear it can be PITA to set up14:52
Ronin7z_also im using kernel 4.17 if that matters14:52
jaegerRonin7z_: ok, what's the exact model of this laptop? I want to look for info about the trackpad online14:53
Ronin7z_acer aspire VN7-592G-58j314:54
Ronin7z_jaeger: that should be it14:54
jaegerI can't find much info about it specifically related to the trackpad, except for someone saying that it's a PS/2 synaptics14:57
Ronin7z_so it seems like make all only builds arch/x86/boot/image but i use arch/x86_64/boot/bzimage14:58
Ronin7z_i dont think it matters14:58
Ronin7z_but im lost lol14:58
jaegerIf that's correct, make sure the PS2 stuff is enabled14:58
Ronin7z_yee i just did14:58
jaegerone of x86 or x86_64 is a symlink to the other in modern x86_64 kernels14:58
Ronin7z_also is there a more elegant way of upgrading kernel outside of removing Sytemmap and vmlinuz14:58
jaegerand 'make all' does make bzImage if the build completes successfully14:58
Ronin7z_and putting the new files in?14:58
jaegerI use vmlinuz-$version and$version personally14:59
Ronin7z_ny mouse works finally15:01
Ronin7z_now on to tackling why i cant install rofi15:06
*** nathanie1 has joined #crux15:07
nathanie1this is ronin typing from my laptop finally15:07
nathanie1i still have to change my uname for irssi on my laptop is what i meant15:18
*** nathanie1 has quit IRC15:24
Ronin7z_would anyone know what is causing that issue?15:31
Anselmoits possible neofetch just didnt have a footprint file ? or hasnt been updated in a while15:34
Ronin7z_ahh sure, that might be the case15:34
AnselmoI feel like 6c37 has sometimes been not as perfect in updating all parts of a port between versions so ..15:35
Ronin7z_may i ask what ports you use?15:35
Ronin7z_isnt there a ultimate ricing port :pog15:35
AnselmoI do a lot of packaging of things for my own use, or pulling peoples Pkgfiles and tweaking them to my needs15:36
Ronin7z_what adjustments might those be15:37
Ronin7z_i guess its a bit broad15:37
Ronin7z_just wondering why anyone would modify working pkgfiles15:37
Anselmooh, I have baguettes for haskell things, df for Qutebrowser, and deepthought for . . . a bunch of things I ported myself, too15:38
Anselmouhh, to use different build flags and often just newer versions15:38
Ronin7z_i guess that makes sense ye15:38
*** Ronin has joined #crux15:39
Anselmolike, usually the official ports are pretty up-to-date, many individuals ones not so much :P15:39
Ronin7z_i guess that will be something for me to figure out as i go15:39
Ronin7z_I quite like crux so far tho15:39
Roninjust random issues like this -
Roninwhich i cant seem to figure out15:40
AnselmoI've been using it basically exclusively for like, a year and a half, now ?15:40
Anselmoand some before then, too15:40
Anselmo(not that there arent people who have been using it waaaaaay longer than that here :PP)15:41
Ronin7z_Anselmo: yee i guess that makes sense, I only started using linux like half a year ago15:41
Ronin7z_went from antergos > fedora > arch > void linux > arch > gentoo > void linux > crux15:42
Ronin7z_something like that15:42
*** workodera has quit IRC15:42
Anselmolots of hoping,15:42
AnselmoI used to do that :P15:42
Ronin7z_its just finding a distro to settle on mostly15:42
Ronin7z_i will testdrive crux for a while on my laptop15:42
Ronin7z_if i like it , i will put it on myu desktop15:42
Anselmomm :315:43
Anselmore that package error though: do you have startup-notification installed ?15:43
Ronin7z_Anselmo: that worked15:44
Anselmoas that looks like it might be needed even if its not in the dependancy list on the port15:44
Ronin7z_odd that it doesnt automatically grab it if i do depinst tho15:44
Anselmothis is why I want to change the Pkgfiles :P15:45
Ronin7z_host your own repo15:45
Ronin7z_i will use it :)15:45
AnselmoI should probably make it avaliable eventually15:45
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Ronin7z_Anselmo: that would be nice15:48
Ronin7z_any guide i could use to get steam up and running?16:08
*** kyaaa has joined #crux16:11
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mayfrostRonin7z_: a good rice could be done by a single port, it just need good ideas16:22
mayfrostI mean, a port can install files too, that can be used to set configuration files16:24
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*** smolboye has joined #crux16:26
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*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux16:32
Anselmojust install your rice as a port :P16:45
Anselmono idea about steam . .16:45
Roninmayfrost: lol, i meant like a port that has a bunch of tools and wm's etc17:50
Roninalso that seems complicated17:51
john_cephalopodaRonin: You can simply make a port that has all the tools and wms as dependency.17:54
john_cephalopodaWhen you run "prt-get depinst <portname>", it will automatically install all those tools.17:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: updated to 1.27.118:06
mayfrostRonin: as john_cephalopoda said, there are metapackages like xorg that do several stuff18:35
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Ronin7z_i was thinking of maybe doing my own package repo19:26
Ronin7z_or port repo sometime down the linme19:26
Ronin7z_but i imagine i will have to learn atleast some scripting/coding then19:27
Anselmothe syntax of the Pkgfiles is really simple19:27
jaegerAnd there are many to use as references19:29
Ronin7z_no discord package unlucky19:31
Ronin7z_i could use like flatpak but i dont like flatpak that much19:32
jaegerI've tried to make one on a couple of occasions... the auto-update breaks it19:32
Ronin7z_oh right ive had this weird issue where i cant do make installs on my laptop19:32
Ronin7z_i cant find ./configure for example even if I see it in the folder19:33
Ronin7z_or make19:33
Anselmomaybe its not marked as executable ?19:33
Ronin7z_i never was aware that i had to chmod those files19:34
jaegergenerally you don't19:34
Anselmoyou dont always need to19:34
jaegerWhat do mean when you say you can't find configure even if you see it?19:44
Ronini already figured it out19:45
Ronini just had to chmod it19:45
*** JanC has quit IRC19:56
*** JanC has joined #crux19:56
jaegerpedja: yep, optimus is working with libglvnd on my laptop :) Never had it working in crux before, even before glvnd, so that's cool20:20
Roninmmm trying to install pulseaudio
jaeger Ronin: are you using 'prt-get depinst' ?20:21
Ronintrying to install libnsd also gives me errors20:21
Roninand yee20:21
jaegerwhat's the error from libsndfile?20:23
Roninthis is what happens with libsndfile
jaegeryou can safely ignore that one and pkgadd the built package20:23
Roninnever used pkgadd before hmmm20:23
Roninnever seems to quite work for me20:23
jaegerif there's a footprint mismatch, NEW means there's a new file, usually caused by you having some library installed that the package adds support for if found20:23
jaegerMISSING on the other hand is the opposite, something it expected was NOT found20:24
Ronini always get stuff like this bash-4.4$ sudo pkgadd pulseaudio20:24
Roninpkgadd: could not determine name and/or version of pulseaudio: Invalid package name20:24
Roninbut thats probably a me problem lol20:24
jaegergive it the full path to the package file20:24
pedjajaeger, nice :) time to unleash libglvnd on others, perhaps?20:24
jaegerwhich by default would be /usr/ports/opt/pulseaudio/pulseaudio#blahblah.pkg.tar.gz20:24
jaegerpedja: I'd like to soon, if possible. the optimus stuff wouldn't hold it back anyway20:25
Ronin7z_pkgadd is supposed to give me output no?20:25
jaegerRonin: prt-get understands how to find things just by name, like 'pulseaudio' - pkgadd doesn't, it wants the path to the package20:25
Ronin7z_i just did pkgadd for libsndfile and i didnt get any output20:26
jaegernot unless something went wrong20:26
jaeger'prt-get isinst libsndfile' will tell you if it's installed or not20:26
jaegeror pkginfo -i, etc.20:26
Ronin7z_why does it give no output20:27
jaegerACTION shrugs20:27
Ronin7z_wouldnt it be more logical if it said something like installation succes20:27
jaegerthat's the way the author wanted it20:27
pedjaRonin7z_, set 'PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW='yes' in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:27
jaegerprt-get does, so meh :)20:27
Ronin7z_pedja: that would solve the footprint error?20:28
jaegerno, but it would ignore NEW footprint files20:28
pedjaNEW are harmless, MISSING is a bug :)20:29
*** pitillo has quit IRC20:29
*** pitillo has joined #crux20:29
pedjajaeger, still having issues with laptop touch pad?20:31
Ronin7z_that was me20:31
jaegerstill have the one where I need to suspend once for it to work. otherwise it's fine20:32
Ronin7z_jaegar did help me fix it tho :)20:32
Ronin7z_oh you were having issues20:32
jaegerRonin: this was before you came in, yeah20:32
pedjait's a weird bug20:32
jaegermy touchpad works fine... but only after I suspend and resume the laptop once20:32
jaeger(each boot)20:32
Ronin7z_that sounds like a hassle20:32
Ronin7z_i wanna see how many packages i have installed20:32
jaegerIt's not bad. Annoying but only once after a boot, so not terrible20:33
Ronin7z_i guess you also dont actually boot your pc that often20:33
jaegerNo, I mostly leave computers on20:33
jaegerAnd that's a laptop, so it just get suspended when I take it somewhere or don't use it20:33
pedjathe joys of Linux on a laptop, I guess20:33
pedjait did come a long way, thou20:34
pedjaLinux support, I mean20:34
jaegerno doubt about that. This is the best laptop I've ever used with linux20:34
jaegerAnd I've had many over the years20:34
Anselmoblah, lately my desktop has been being weird and forcing me to reboot it more than I'd like20:35
Ronin7z_i have to set something up to suspend right20:35
jaegerI used to have some crash/reboot issues with my ryzen 7 but that's been rock solid since I found the power option in the bios20:35
Ronin7z_like map the lid switch or something20:36
Ronin7z_havent looked into it yet20:36
jaegerRonin: kernel support, mostly. but you could also use pm-utils and acpid20:36
Anselmohave you closed it yet ?20:36
Ronin7z_i did on void linux, but when i opened it i still was down 20% battery20:36
Anselmoeven with suspend O_O20:36
Anselmo? rather20:37
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux20:37
jaegerafter how much time?20:37
Ronin7z_like a while20:37
Ronin7z_i guess suspend =/ standby?20:37
jaegerthey're somewhat different20:38
pedjaapparently, 'modern standby' is all the rage these days
pedjabecause who doesn't want the laptop to behave like a smart phone when it goes into standby20:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 2.2420:50
joacimim quite happy with hibernation and such as it is now20:53
joacimwhen it is reliable20:53
joacimisnt always on some computers20:53
*** onodera has quit IRC21:02
*** milanos has joined #crux21:24
Anselmohey milanos21:24
milanosI'm thinking about switching to CRUX and had a few questions21:25
Anselmowell, I am sure I and the others here can do our best to answer)21:27
milanosMainly about the port system. Is it worth it? To compile all your packages. My main draw is the bsd init scripts, but I am weary about compiling packages on a lower end mechine21:27
milanosHey Ronin7z_21:27
Ronin7z_milanos: ive started using crux today on a i5-6300hq and its been fine21:28
milanosRonin7z_: Cool, Mine is a 7 year old i3(dont remember the version) but that is good to know21:29
AnselmoI run it on a raspi, but granted that raspi doesnt usually need things to be super up-to-date all the time21:29
Anselmoso when I update it I just have to be patient and let it do its stuff21:29
Ronin7z_just do updates overnight21:29
milanosYeah. My 2nd question is why CRUX over a distro like nutyx or slackware21:30
Anselmowhat do you like about either of those ?21:31
AnselmoIm not at all familiar with nutyx, and only slightly with slackware21:32
milanosI like how slackware keeps vanilla software21:33
milanosYeah no problem21:33
milanosI just was thinking about that specificly I like21:33
Anselmocrux is usually really out of the way,21:33
Anselmoaside from configure flags for the most part everything is whatever the upstream has21:34
*** smolboye has quit IRC21:34
Ronin7z_ye which i like21:35
Ronin7z_for kernels you just grab the latest for example and it works21:35
milanosI like nutyx's pretty much everything, the chroot package installation, the minimalist approach21:36
milanosBasicly how flexible it is21:36
Anselmoquickly glancing at nutyx it looks quite similar in some ways . . .21:37
milanosYeah, its my current distro21:37
Anselmolike, awful lot of ways c_c21:37
Anselmohow hadnt I heard of this before21:37
Roninthe biggest thing im not looking forward is setting up mesa etc21:37
Roninand vulkan for dxvk21:37
Roninalso wine-staging, anyone here has experience with that?21:37
milanosIt is a french one. I heard about it when talking to one of my french friends21:37
AnselmoI just feel like by now I should have heard of all the distros I would like, yet apparently not :PP21:38
milanosYeah, you are one of the lucky 10k21:39
Ronin7z_from 10k?21:39
Ronin7z_i have been on quite the journey as far as distros go21:39
milanosOhh its an xkcd thing
AnselmoI used to be till I found crux :321:40
Anselmo*used to be on major distro hopping journey21:41
milanosOhh. Yeah, I just like the ones with cool features. I use NixOS on my main, and maybe crux on my secondary21:42
Ronin7z_yeee i might settle on crux21:49
Ronin7z_if i manage to get wine setup21:49
milanosI think im going for nutyx. Thanks for all the help21:57
Ronin what file manager do you people use?22:05
xckothe shell.22:08
AnselmoI dont know the last time I opened a file manager >//<22:08
Roninits the only way i know how to open appimages lol22:08
Anselmocan you not ./ them ?22:08
xckowhat's an appimage?22:09
Roninits like a independent executable with deps pre installed22:11
Anselmothe only time I've ran into that was krita, which is a huge pain to deal with anyway >//<22:13
*** milanos has quit IRC22:13
xckolike a static binary? I've never heard of them before22:13
*** xcko has quit IRC22:13
Anselmoit seems slightly like a hip modern thing filling the role of a static binary . . . .22:14
Anselmobut now you're gone22:14
*** xcko has joined #crux22:14
Anselmoit seems slightly like a hip modern thing filling the role of a static binary . . . .22:14
Roninyee well it doesnt seem to be working22:14
Roninim trying to setup pavucontrol and pulseaudio as well22:14
*** Ronin has quit IRC22:18
Ronin7z_wanyone here using a usb headset and by any chance knows what to grab in the kernel lol22:23
Anselmouh, have you found its entry in lsusb ?22:23
Ronin7z_i cant select it in pavucontrol tho/pulseaudio22:25
Anselmoin make menuconfig have you searched for the name from that ?22:25
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC22:31

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