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roothii :)00:10
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Ronin_whoops still was in su lol00:11
Ronin_i just decided to get alan s ports repo00:38
Ronin_damn that package is big00:38
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jaegeryeah, he has a lot of packages in his repo00:47
Ronin_i remember anyone here saying that they took a stab at installing discord?01:09
jaegerI have, and I think brian|lfs has as well01:12
Ronin_how did you go about it? just grabbed the tar from the site and went from there?01:17
Ronin_i understand that compiling failed right?01:17
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jaegercompiling didn't fail, its auto-update stuff seemed to break it after install01:53
jaegerI grabbed the .deb download and extracted it into a package01:53
Ronin_jaeger: hmm , i will google how that works :)02:02
jaegertake a look at the 'ar' executable for it02:02
jaegerthere's also a .tar.gz, looks like, so that would be easy as well02:08
Ronin7z_jaeger: yee i grabbed the tar.gz but i couldnt figure out how to install that lol02:24
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jaegerRonin_: here's an example:
jaegerIt still doesn't work but it does get farther than last time I tried it; it updates but crashes on every start02:35
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brian|lfshey jaeger is portdb broken03:37
brian|lfsits not showing me back there its been almost 24 hours03:37
jaegerthe official portdb updates once a day03:37
brian|lfsah ok probably missed it by like 5 or 10 minutes last night then lol03:39
brian|lfsplus DNS prorogation03:39
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SiFuhfrinnst: thanks for the 10 part documentary about Vietnam08:20
frinnstyeah pretty epic, right?08:22
frinnstso fucked up08:23
workoderathe ken burns one?08:45
workoderaI watched that as well, very very great08:45
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SiFuhfrinnst: yeah, damned those French..  Then the poor Vietnamese were occupied by the US08:53
workoderathe us dropped more bombs on cambodia during that time than the Allies dropped in the entirety of World War II08:59
workoderawhat's also weird is that the us entered that war to stop communism form spreading but at the same time supported the khmer rouge in cambodia09:01
SiFuhI am moving to Vietnam next year. I don't know for how long yet, depends on the contract I think, and whether or not I like it there.09:03
workoderacheck this, it's pictures taken by the viet cong and they are absolutely amazing09:04
workoderathey processed the pictures in stream water and only had a single film roll for the entirety of the war09:05
SiFuhworkodera:  My kind of woman09:06
SiFuhworkodera: Photo 5 is awesome!09:08
workoderayes my favorite as well09:09
workoderaamazing composition09:09
workoderathe one with the nurses is great as well09:09
SiFuhyes I was looking at the make shift tent theatre that was in the swamp with the nurses09:11
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SiFuhGambian pouched rats used in Cambodia for sniffing out landmines09:26
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john_cephalopodaSometimes also bees are used.09:37
SiFuhI think just said the british inventors in with big iron metal boots09:38
john_cephalopodaAnd sometimes
SiFuhamazing, did they teleport in or re-appear from invisibility?09:40
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: I don't like that idea, seems to be just burying everything in front of them.09:42
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Secret German teleportation technology. It's very eco-friendly.09:42
SiFuhHeard the guys at Boeing figured it out too09:43
john_cephalopodaNah, the Boeing guys just use Adobe Premiere Pro CC.09:44
john_cephalopodaIt's all faked.09:44
SiFuhnever seen it09:49
SiFuhSomeone was telling me that the guys at Boeing worked out that they can teleport mentally and were teleporting all over the place.09:50
john_cephalopodaA few decades ago money was sitting loose in the aircraft industry.09:57
john_cephalopodaSo people at American aircraft companies would sneak out in the morning, take a Concorde to Paris, spend a nice day there and be back in the evening without anybody noticing that they were gone.09:58
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pedjanot entirely sure if parody or not
Anselmolooks very serious15:34
AnselmoI shall read careully and use this to become 133715:34
pedjagood for you :)15:34
pedja'hand crafted in Notepad' damn, such skillz15:35
Anselmo''windows was invented by bill gates and MS in 1985. People were impressed because it was the first OS ever, and it was fairly stable''15:36
Anselmo''I preffer bista myself (because it looks the best)''15:36
SiFuhfirst OS ever?15:39
Anselmotrilian -- the best IM client out there -- can log into TWO OR MORE accounts at once15:39
Anselmouhhh, just the site pedja posted15:41
SiFuhAnselmo: Windows, first OS ever?15:41
Anselmothese are not my opinions15:41
AnselmoI'm hopefully not that confused15:41
john_cephalopodaThat site links to "windowblinds", a software that allows you to style window borders.15:41
SiFuhahhh I see15:42
john_cephalopodaSo weird to see a software that is not open-source.15:42
SiFuhSo weird to read that someone thinks Windows was the first OS ever15:42
SiFuhAnselmo: sorry15:42
Anselmo's ok :P15:43
SiFuhnecesseties <-- heh15:44
SiFuhpedja:  is that logo a butt plug?15:45
Anselmoisnt that a compass or something15:47
Anselmoreminds me of the knights of the eastern calculus15:47
SiFuhpedja: It was either written as a joke, or it was written as a joke15:47
SiFuhand I still have sub7 !15:48
Anselmo:315:49 s7beta22.zip15:50
SiFuheven got the first 2 versions of windows  windows_203.zip15:53
Anselmothe author claims to be 15.5, and their favorite movies are the matrix, the other matrix,the third matrix, and ''real hacking movies''15:54
SiFuh709K Apr  8  2015 zip/windows_101.zip15:54
SiFuh709k :-)15:54
SiFuh1.4M Apr  8  2015 zip/windows_203.zip15:54
Anselmo < linux bsod :315:55
SiFuhthat's when windows exponetially exploded in size15:55
SiFuhWindows 3.01 = 8.4MB16:00
john_cephalopodaIt is really hard to get a BSOD with Windows if you want one.16:03
john_cephalopodaA Linux kernel panic, on the other hand, can be created within a minute.16:03
john_cephalopodaEasiest solution is going for the "init not found" panic that can be activated by simply changing the root=/dev/sdX kernel parameter in the bootloader configuration.16:05
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: pull out sound card whilst windows is running ;-)16:05
john_cephalopodaYuck, hardware16:05
john_cephalopoda"How many software developers do you need to change a lightbulb?" - "None, it's a hardware problem."16:06
SiFuhMy favorite is  "How many country singers does it take to change a light bulb?" "2, one to change the globe, and another to sing about all the good times and memories he had witht he old bulb"16:07
SiFuhI like country16:08
john_cephalopoda"How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?" - "One. Germans are very efficient and not very funny."16:09
john_cephalopodaI prefer Folk over country.16:09
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: Arlo Guthrie and Roger Miller?16:09
john_cephalopodaFirst Aid Kit.16:10
Anselmoohey I've heard them16:10
Anselmoshould listen again to that16:10
SiFuhI can listen to this16:11
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: reccomendations?16:11
SiFuhok shutup16:11
SiFuhI was listening this one
john_cephalopodaThat one is nice, too.16:12
john_cephalopodaThere's some recording of a concert, Boston iirc.16:13
SiFuhreminds of fleet would mac without fleetwood mac or music.16:13
john_cephalopodaThey play a lot of songs and it's a really nice recording.16:13
SiFuhthis one i like!16:14
john_cephalopodaI want to make music myself but I can never decide on a genre.16:15
SiFuhI have only ever dont hip hop16:16
john_cephalopodaThe rap part or the beat part?16:16
SiFuhrap part16:17
SiFuhI grew up with MC Hammer, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Young MC, Tone Loc, Digital Underground...16:18
SiFuhSo I always loved my old style old school hip hop16:18
SiFuhI did a few vocals in Thailand for various bands (Payment was beer)16:19
SiFuhlive not studio16:19
john_cephalopodaI grew up with Kraftwerk, Extrabreit, Foo Fighters, Supertramp, Split Enz, New Musik,...16:20
SiFuhfolk music - remove most instruments, introduce Irish accent and slow the tempo ?16:20
SiFuhI am teasing16:21
john_cephalopodaLater I found folk music and lo-fi.16:21
SiFuhI like it16:21
john_cephalopodaThe only rap I listen to is 20syl, some French rapper.16:21
SiFuhI love country more ;-)16:21
john_cephalopoda*gasp* That means war! ;þ16:22
SiFuhI don't know, because coutnry has it's own variety of genre16:22
john_cephalopodaYeah, every genre has its own sub-genres.16:22
john_cephalopodaAre you playing any instrument?16:23
SiFuhwe got our rap, and blues, rock, rock'n'roll, jazz, country western,... so much16:23
SiFuhbut the most common rule is no swearing,  inuedo is ok16:24
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: yes, Russian keyboard :-)16:24
SiFuhharmonica, keyboard, clarinette16:24
john_cephalopodaI got a ROM sampling synth which has basically every instrument imaginable as sound presets.16:25
SiFuhi probably would too, but i prefer life. So I spend more time in foreign countries than enhancing my life locally16:26
SiFuhI often think about what I would do if I never left my parents home or the country I was born in..16:26
SiFuhand that is not offensive, that is actually what I often think about.16:27
SiFuhI genuinely wonder what I would do, and what cool shit I'd buy, and new things I'd do with the equipment.16:28
SiFuheverything I do is limted to suitcase sizes16:29
john_cephalopodaA microphone, a small musical keyboard and a laptop are enough :þ16:30
SiFuhmicrophone is in the laptop16:30
john_cephalopodaNah, the quality of that is horrible.16:31
SiFuhmusical keyboard is not esential to my work.16:31
SiFuhit is because I have a broken life16:31
john_cephalopodaA laptop microphone always picks up the vibrations of the ventilation and hard drive.16:31
john_cephalopodaA cheap external microphone costs 20€ or so.16:32
Anselmoand typing16:32
SiFuhand weight16:32
Anselmoand volume16:32
SiFuhi hate carrying chargers16:32
Anselmothis is probably the reason I dont have a mic really c_c16:32
john_cephalopodaAnselmo: Well, if you want to use it for music you don't type while singing. But the background noise is still there.16:33
SiFuhand 4 underwear are not enough, but 5 is too much16:33
Anselmosome cameras have mics, if you have one16:33
john_cephalopodaNot great microphones but at least separated from a humming laptop.16:34
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john_cephalopodaLol, that soung :D16:40
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SiFuhit was so cool16:41
SiFuhat the end he reminds me of a younger fatter steven segal16:42
SiFuhI think his best song was "a beer is better than a woman"16:44
SiFuhCountry Rap ;-)16:47
SiFuhSunny Ledford does some cool stuff too16:53
SiFuhus older guys remeber this
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Ronin_hmmm so i installed discord but it crashes after update19:49
Ronin_just like jaeger19:49
Ronin_i wonder if libc++ would fix it19:49
Ronin_i rmember that being a dep on arch and void19:49
SiFuhI like void, but the users are twats19:52
SiFuhsorry it is off topic :-)19:53
SiFuhI have used linux since the 90's and I found the most rude of all Linux usres to be the pigs of void19:55
SiFuhI can't give it to you19:55
SiFuhi use void ;-)19:56
AnselmoI feel like most of the crux users I've talked to are pretty comfy19:56
SiFuhme too19:57
SiFuhsometimes I want to ram that crux up into the void19:57
SiFuhso in the end I abandoned the void19:57
frinnstRonin_: any output with the crash?19:57
SiFuhtold em they are a room of fsckwits19:57
SiFuhcruxer's are best ask pedja to google it19:59
Ronin_SiFuh: hmm odd20:01
Ronin_they are helpful but not nice in my experience20:01
Ronin_void i mean20:02
Ronin_crux community seems really nice so far20:02
SiFuhMy point exactly.20:02
SiFuhVoid are arrogant20:02
Ronin_i switched from void to crux recently20:02
Ronin_still have it on my desktop tho20:02
Ronin_anyone know of a way for me to run flatpaks or snaps?20:03
Ronin_or appimages20:03
SiFuhSome dude comes in room complaining his keyboard don't work. I asked him to test it in terminal. Same results. So I said it is a hardware issue, probably recently cleaned his keyboard.  The channel insulted me for stupidity.20:03
SiFuhTHe guy change keyboard, all works, and says it is true, he cleaned his keyboard. Then the void twits who insulted me, start giving advice and yet problem already solved....20:04
AnselmoACTION rolls eyes20:04
Ronin_seems like a nice community20:05
SiFuhexactly my point20:05
SiFuhI like the distro, hate the team20:05
Anselmohas anything been sorted out with the guy vanishing ?20:06
SiFuhand it's not the th actual development team, it is the channel whores20:06
SiFuhhaha I can't beleive how many descriptive swear words in a milli second I just thought of to decribe these twits20:07
SiFuhi have never insulted an entire channel in my life, but after 3 days of bullshit, (The previous days were actually good) I just left with room ful of fsckwits20:08
SiFuhAnselmo: who vanished?20:09
SiFuhAnselmo: the netbsd dude who created the package manager for Void?    Nothing gone forever20:09
Ronin_he was just gone outta nowhere20:10
Ronin_xbps is really good tho20:11
SiFuhprobably couldn't handle the room of fsckwits also20:11
AnselmoSiFuh: ahm20:11
SiFuhI have created a masterpiece, unfortunately it has atttracted the vermon.20:12
SiFuhsorry Anselmo: you are not on the list of scavangers ;-)20:12
SiFuhbut the channel has so many insulting pricks20:12
SiFuhawesome distro though20:12
SiFuhlove xbps and love the runit system20:13
SiFuhfor me xbps is one character too many... should be 3 or less like every other unix command20:14
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pedjaRonin_, most of appimages I tried work fine on CRUX. any particular application you had in mind?20:35
pedjain my (limited) experience, most upstreams will fix/tweak their appimage if you bug them long enough/provide a solid bug report :)20:38
pedjaFreeCAD devs are cool people20:39
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Ronin_pedja: heyyy, just saw ur message21:18
Ronin_it was about the discord appimage21:18
Ronin_this is the output when i try to run it
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onoderamy crux prt tool can now download sources concurrently :)21:35
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pedjaRonin_, well, the error is self-explanatory :) you need fuse kernel driver and fuse3 from opt repository21:51
pedjaFUSE_FS is what to look for in kernel config thingie.21:55
Ronin_pedja: thanks, i was thinking it might be kernel related but wasnt sure. i have to admit i had to really dig into it still22:55
Ronin_thanks tho :)22:55
Ronin_i did install fuse atleast22:56
pedjaRonin_, kernel .config from the CRUX iso git repo is a pretty good starting point, imho22:59
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Ronin_pedja: seems like i already had the fuse kernel driver23:16
Ronin_but i did installed fuse instead of fuse323:16
Ronin_oh right if anyone might be interested, the discord appimage works now :)23:20
Ronin_just gotta test voice support23:20
Ronin_this seems like a upstream error no? Your paste can be seen here:
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