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jaegerRonin_: yes00:07
jaegeryou can try one of the distfiles mirrors like
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Ronin_Your paste can be seen here:
Ronin_Your paste can be seen here:
Ronin_whoops that was a accident03:03
Ronin_hmmm odd, i just installed krb5 through make install03:09
Ronin_but it still grabs it03:09
Ronin_libsoup that is03:09
Ronin_so i grabbed krb5 from one of the repos jaeger mentioned03:10
Ronin_then installed it which should have worked03:10
Ronin_but when i do 'prt-get depinst libsoup' it still tries to install krb503:11
Anselmoif you just installed it through make install, I dont think prt-get has any way to know its actually installed on the system03:12
Anselmothere's a list of installed things in /var/lib/pkg that I think is what it refferences for that sort of thing but I dont recall specifically03:13
Anselmoyou could do03:14
Anselmoprt-get depinst libsoup --ignore=krb503:14
Ronin_Anselmo: thanks a lot :)03:15
Anselmoof course ^_^03:17
jaegerwhy'd you install it manually vs using ports?03:17
Ronin_becayse i didnt know how to03:18
Anselmoif you put a Pkgfile in a directory, you can do it pretty easily with just pkgmk usually03:19
jaegerprt-get depinst libsoup?03:28
jaegerRonin_: for what it's worth, I was suggesting you download the source from one of those mirrors, then you can put it into the port dir and install it like normal03:57
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mayfrostI am having fun times trying to solve why I don't have a working internet connection09:09
mayfrostmaybe you can help me solve this mistery09:09
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ryuomayfrost: ... yet you're able to tell us about it?09:10
mayfrostis from another computer09:10
ryuoOh, so not the network as a whole.09:11
ryuoFirst to check is networking configuration.09:11
ryuoCRUX has to be manually configured.09:11
mayfrostisn't there a default already working?09:11
mayfrostI did change the resolve.conf09:12
mayfrostthe machine with crux is a virtual machine on qemu09:13
ryuoso, CRUX is running in a VM?09:13
ryuowhat does ip address say?09:13
mayfrostis different from my machine09:13
ryuoOFC, but is there an IP address configured?09:14
mayfrostit says
ryuotry this09:14
ryuoOh wait09:14
ryuoICMP doesn't work from QEMU.09:14
ryuowhat's resolv.conf contain?09:15
mayfrosttwo nameservers09:15
ryuowhich are? the ones for your regular network?09:15
mayfrostone is and the other
ryuoremove the one that isn't
ryuothen try accessing stuff.09:16
ryuoi've used qemu a long time and you generally want to just accept DHCP's defaults if you're using the default networking.09:17
ryuoincluding the DNS info.09:17
ryuoby default it runs a userspace NAT for UDP/TCP sockets.09:19
ryuohence the weird addressing.09:19
mayfrostqemu has worked fine for me with the defaults thus far09:19
ryuoStill nothing?09:19
ryuoresolv.conf changes are instant...09:20
mayfrostyeah I wanted to check but no change09:20
ryuocan you paste or screenshot ip address output?09:20
ryuofyi, i've used -serial telnet::2121,server,nowait09:21
ryuowith qemu to get a serial console when I need to access it from a friendlier UI.09:21
ryuobut, side issue.09:21
ryuois nc installed?09:24
mayfrostis a fresh installation so my choices are limited09:25
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ryuomayfrost: fyi, ping tests are useless in qemu.09:26
ryuoNote - if you are using the (default) SLiRP user networking, then ping (ICMP) will not work, though TCP and UDP will. Don't try to use ping to test your QEMU network configuration!09:27
mayfrostoh ok09:27
ryuowas that all you were using for trying to determine connectivity?09:27
mayfrosttesting my way into ports09:27
ryuotry syncing ports.09:27
ryuoOk, so you don't have a connectivity problem.09:28
ryuonotice ping's attempts to probe the IP worked.09:28
ryuoso DNS is working.09:28
mayfrostis checking out09:28
ryuoi don't think about this very often honestly.09:29
ryuobecause, i just don't use ping in QEMU anymore :P09:29
mayfrostnow that I remember I do have problems09:29
mayfrostis qemu blocking ssh connections?09:30
ryuo*other* issues?09:30
mayfrostyeah it fails wehn doing ssl09:30
ryuomayfrost: i said, QEMU NATs it. you can't ssh into it without port forwarding.09:31
ryuobut, you can ssh to external hosts.09:31
ryuo... ssl? https?09:31
ryuothat's not ssh.09:31
ryuoyou probably need to install ca certificates, if it's not already.09:31
mayfrostsorry I tried both09:31
mayfrostthe ssh probably is qemu's nat09:31
mayfrostbut the ssl is when I try a port09:32
ryuoyou can't access the VM at all from the outside.09:32
ryuothat's how NAT is.09:32
mayfrostI was trying to set a vm where I can try to make a few ports09:32
ryuoit makes it impossible to treat it as a server.09:32
ryuoYea... you'll need a different QEMU setup to do that.09:33
ryuothe default one isn't usable as a server. only a client.09:33
mayfrostyou said I need to do port forwarding right?09:33
ryuoYes, but i don't think QEMU supports that.09:33
mayfrostthanks for the tips you give me btw09:33
ryuoguess it oes.09:33
ryuofrom that link.09:33
ryuo To forward host ports to your guest, use -netdev user,id=n0,hostfwd=hostip:hostport-guestip:guestport09:34
ryuojust keep in mind, https default port can't be easily forwarded. you need root to bind ports below 1024.09:34
ryuoyou'd need to run qemu as root to do that... but if you're just testing random ports09:35
ryuogo ahead and use a higher port09:35
mayfrostI'll take a look at that09:36
mayfrostmy concern is making two ports before installing crux on my main machine09:36
mayfrostone is a window manager I became reliant, ratpoison09:36
mayfrostand the other an outliner where, unfortunately, I became dependent because I wrote all on it, gjots209:37
ryuoI see.09:37
mayfrostso until I make ports for that I'm going to need to make the ports beforehand09:37
ryuoso, why do you need to run a server to do that?09:38
ryuoto transfer the ports out?09:38
mayfrostthe ssl connections interfere with the ports09:38
mayfrostcan't download much with prt-get breaking09:38
ryuofrom the VM?09:39
ryuothat's not going to be fixing by using forwarding.09:39
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ryuoThose are outgoing connectons.09:39
mayfrostmaybe I will try using a spare machine09:39
ryuoport forwarding only helps for incoming connections.09:39
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ryuowhat SSL errors do you get?09:40
mayfrostyeah, using that second machine sounds more and more good idea09:40
ryuoi don't think it's going to fix the main issue.09:40
ryuoSSL errors either mean the server isn't properly configured or you don't have the right certificates installed.09:40
ryuounder normal circumstances.09:41
ryuowhat's the error?09:41
mayfrostopenssl error with sslv309:42
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ryuocurious. seems to be because of ssl3.09:47
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ryuowget ''  --secure-protocol TLSv1_2 -O /dev/null09:49
ryuodoes this work?09:49
mayfrosti'll try09:49
ryuoopenssl s_client -ssl3 -connect
ryuocan also try this.09:50
ryuosee if it works.09:50
mayfrostunable to establish ssl connection09:52
ryuowhich command?09:53
mayfrostthe first09:53
ryuoHm. strange. it works with my desktop09:54
ryuobut has issues with SSL3.09:54
ryuotry using TLSv1 instead of TLSv1_209:54
mayfrostthe second throws me that error09:55
mayfrostchanging to TLSv1 has the same error09:56
mayfrostinvalit protocol09:57
mayfrostthe TLS errors09:58
ryuoI said SSLv309:58
ryuoyou put TLSv309:58
mayfroston openssl I did sslv309:59
mayfrostoh sorry10:00
mayfrostnow I change TLS to SSLv310:00
mayfrostunable to establish ssl connection10:00
ryuoSame issue.10:01
mayfrostbtw I tested crux 3.3 and 3.410:02
mayfrostboth with the same issue iirc10:03
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ryuomayfrost: are you using -enable-kvm?10:04
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ryuoand your user has RW access to /dev/kvm?10:05
ryuoon the host.10:05
mayfrostmmm don't think so, is not root10:05
ryuotry doing this:10:06
ryuochmod 0666 /dev/kvm10:06
ryuothen try restarting qemu.10:06
ryuomay or may not be relevant.10:06
ryuothe user running qemu needs access to the kvm.10:07
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mayfrostsame error10:12
mayfrostit works now10:16
mayfrostmy script didn't have -enable-kvm10:17
mayfrostthank you so much ryuo10:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: fuse3: update to 3.2.412:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ocaml: update to 4.0712:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: tevent: update to 0.9.3712:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: tdb: update to 1.3.1612:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: talloc: update to 2.1.1412:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: fakeroot: update to 1.2312:18
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Ronin_hiii :)14:10
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Ronin_anyone who might know how to fix this ?
Ronin_im trying to install gpgme which seems to require gnupg but when i try to install gnupg i get a error which seems to point at it missing gpgme14:13
pedja'$ sudo make clean install' <-- you know that there are gnupg/gpgme ports in CRUX repos, right?14:16
Ronin_pedja: yee but those also dont seem to wrok14:17
pedjagnupg works for me just fine. what's the issue you're having?14:18
jaegerI don't use gpgme but I use gnupg everywhere, seems fine to me14:19
Ronin_this is the log of when i try to install gpgme14:19
pedjausing contrib/gpgme port?14:20
Anselmouh, have you run a sysup yet ?14:20
Ronin_this is the output of gnupg
Ronin_Anselmo: uhm i havent yet, also never heard of it whoops14:22
Ronin_you meant systemupdate ofcourse14:22
Anselmoprt-get sysup14:25
Anselmogoes through all the packages in ports and updates them if you're on an outdated version14:25
Anselmoif you've not done that its possible some dependancies are out of date and that should bring them all to about the same page14:26
Romsterports -u && prt-get sysup ; prt-get update -fr `revdep` ; rejmerge14:26
Ronin_Anselmo: yee i just done that, its running now. will probably take a while14:26
Romsterprt-get deptree gnupg14:27
Ronin_is there a way for me to see how many packages i have installed btw?14:27
Romsterlookf or missing things and prt-get install or prt-get depinst those.14:27
Romsterpkginfo -i |wc -l14:28
jaegermaybe libgpg-error is out of date there14:29
Ronin_whoops i never set makeflags for prt-get14:35
Ronin_maybe its using 1 core now lol14:35
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Ronin_would just setting makeflags as a export do the trick?15:06
jaegerlook in pkgmk.conf15:07
Ronin_oh right prt-get is just a frontend for pkgmk and pgkadd15:09
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Ronin_jaeger: i just put -j5 in ${CFLAGS} ?15:11
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jaegernope, keep looking :)15:16
pedjais 700kb python program a common pattern?15:17
pedjaor is it esr specialty :) ?15:18
Ronin_the handbook says best not to change them smh15:19
pedjaCFLAGS? it's best to leave them alone, and override on per-port basis15:19
Ronin_im dunb15:20
pedjaas in 'when it won't build with them'. rare, but it happens.15:21
Ronin_i just have to uncomment the makeflags and put -j5 there15:21
pedjanope. look at JOBS variable before it :)15:21
pedjawell, you could hardcode it, if you want15:22
Ronin_uncommenting it and leaving nproc is fine15:22
Ronin_i get it15:22
Ronin_just to double check the line should be CXXFLAGS="{$CLAGS}" right15:24
Ronin_oh right would it be useful if i added my laptop to the crux on laptops page?15:25
pedjasure. the most current one on that page is for 3.0, which was a while back :)15:31
Ronin_i will do it after i get my gpu stuff sorted then15:33
pedjanvidia/intel combo?15:36
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SiFuhNo need for Talent15:38
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Ronin_compiling rust seems to take a long timeee16:17
jaegeryeah, it's quite large16:26
SiFuhRust first appeared in 201016:30
SiFuhDamn, am I behind16:30
SiFuhnever heard of it16:30
john_cephalopodaRust is great. It takes 5 hours to compile, but it allows firefox to be only one line of source code long.16:31
Anselmoamazing, I might have to make my own firefox in that case, it soo easy !16:34
SiFuhI think the name Earthworm is good16:40
SiFuh Earthworm, Firefox, Windmill, Waterworks, Void linux16:42
SiFuhFirefox and Void Linux don't fit..  Firefox should be Fireworks.16:46
SiFuhVoid is just never going to fit16:47
SiFuhI can configure polkit-1 to work on Gentoo, but then I go Slackware, I have to do other things, then I go Void and I must do other configuration... Why can't polkit-1+linux just have a universal way?17:14
john_cephalopodaIt should be Avatar Linux.17:29
SiFuhgood point17:33
pedjalike the (shitty) 'Dancing with wolves IN SPACE' movies, all eye-candy, no substance?17:41
pedjayes, movies, there are quite a few sequels coming, because the first own made  shitload of money17:43
SiFuhpedja: what year?17:43
pedjawhat year what?17:44
SiFuh'Dancing with wolves IN SPACE'17:44
SiFuhall i can find is "Lumpy Space Princess dances with wolves"17:45
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SiFuhJames Cameron Admits Avatar Is Dances With Wolves In Space.. oh ok I understand  sorry pedja17:49
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pedjanice. 5 episodes in, and I still have no clue what is the bad guys end game.20:24
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frinnst5eps in of what?20:32
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pedjabased on 'The three days of the condor' book20:37
pedjanot bad so far20:38
pedja'Fauda', otoh, is fscking awesome. (Israel/Palestine conflict)20:45
Ronin_anyone here who uses steam and wine?21:15
Ronin_i mean them as seperate entities btw, not wine under steam in specific21:16
aaroncodingYou want to install those?21:21
aaroncodingI usually look into arch build scripts and try to convert to crux21:22
aaroncodingif i do not know how to build myself21:23
Ronin_yee i was more wondering about if it worked lol21:25
Ronin_i will need to figure out how to build but thats another concern21:25
Ronin_jsut was wondering if there were any issues or w/e21:26
aaroncodingit probably works =21:28
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Ronin_anyone tried zen kernel before?22:06
ryuoRonin_: *xen*22:08
ryuothe zen kernel already reached enlightenment. :P22:08
Ronin_oh did the name change22:08
Ronin_im looking at zen right now22:08
Ronin_last updated a day ago22:08
ryuoThat actually exists? I thought it was a typo for Xen, a specialized hypervisor kernel.22:09
Ronin_no, zen kernel is supposed to feel more responsive etc and has some other optimizations22:09
Anselmowhat even is that22:10
Ronin_so yee i was thinking of going with that22:11
Ronin_i assumed that because crux uses an unmodiefied kernel i could also get my kernel from there22:11
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Ronin_2seems like running btrfs is troublesome22:45
Ronin_do most of you just use ext4?22:45
AnselmoI typically use btrfs on most things22:47
Ronin_seems like everytime i try to install crux with btrfs it seems to crash22:48
frinnstim using btrfs, its awesome22:50
Ronin_wonder why its always crashing for me22:50
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frinnstdepends on what features you use. some are unstable but the basics work pretty good. single, raid1, raid022:51
frinnststay away from raid5/622:51
Anselmois it enabled in your kernel ?22:51
Ronin_hmmm i just did a fresh install and tried to boot22:51
Ronin_and ye it should be by default22:51
Ronin_unless im missing some flags22:51
Anselmoare you sure ?22:51
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Ronin_Anselmo: btrfs itself is automatically selected ye22:52
Anselmocause I feel like I have to mark it usually22:52
Anselmobut ok22:52
frinnstyou cant build it as a module if you intend to boot from it22:52
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ryuofrinnst: sure you can, you just need an initrd, which crux doesn't really support.23:06
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Ronin_just trying to get flatpak running lol23:22
frinnstthat line doesnt make any sense23:24
frinnstwhy would you want to remove the binaraies just before install?23:24
frinnstalso the makefile doesnt seem to include any support for "clean"23:25
frinnstjust omit "clean"23:25
Ronin_i get the same error without clean23:27
Ronin_im trying to build libostree23:27
*** retard has joined #crux23:27
frinnstnot the same error23:27
Ronin_because it is a dependency of flatpak23:27
Ronin_frinnst: does this make more sense ? :
frinnstyes. thats a problem with docbook-xsl23:29
frinnstjaeger is the maintainer, stick around and ask him about that23:29
frinnsti've seen those errors before. thought they were fixed though23:29
frinnstwork in 5hrs. "oops"23:30
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