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jaegerRonin_: you need docbook-xsl installed for that one. Even with it installed it fails sometimes because docbook is terrible shit00:04
Ronin_well that is unlucky00:05
Ronin_jaeger: im doing all this for discord btw, flatpak seems like my last option lol00:05
jaegerwhat happened with the appimage?00:08
jaegeras a side note, saying crux doesn't support an initrad or initramfs is sorta misleading, because it's still linux, and of course you can use one. crux doesn't supply one, though, you'd have to use some tool to make it, like mkinitramfs, dracut, etc.00:09
Ronin_jaeger: uhm the image kept reloading constantly whenever i enttered some output00:18
Ronin_it was really weird00:18
Ronin_also hmmmmm00:27
Ronin_i just did a install enabled amdgpu in kernel, this is me trying to boot -
jaegerYour laptop has mixed video, right? intel onboard plus the AMD one?00:34
jaegeryou might not be able to use the amdgpu driver for framebuffer, though I'm not sure. No experience with those00:34
Ronin_ohh sorry00:34
Ronin_this is on my desktop00:34
Ronin_but you think its gpu related?00:35
jaegerWas just a guess since the amdgpudrmfb message was the last thing. Maybe someone with an AMD GPU will know better, I have none of those00:38
jaegerSince it's not the laptop, may be unrelated, dunno00:39
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ryuojaeger: by support, i mean you don't provide the tools to make it easy to do.00:44
ryuojaeger: OFC, you can hack it to work with an unsupported setup.00:45
ryuoI do that with Ubuntu with ZFS on root, but they don't support it officially.00:46
jaegerI read "not supported" as "not doable" in that case, sorry00:59
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Ronin_no one who has a clue?02:09
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Ronin_i tried with uhm 4.17.6 kernel but still getting the same issue -
Ronin_i can boot with void or arch tho, i guess im missing something in my kernel?02:59
jaegeryou could try using the void or arch kernel - if it boots, then compare the configs to see what's missing03:00
Ronin_hmmm , ye i will fix it tomorrow03:02
Ronin_should go to bed now03:02
Ronin_if someone has a solution lemme know :)03:02
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par4i never configured my network during install, so my ifconfig only shows an ethernet interface, and lo, how would i go about adding a wireless interface?06:51
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frinnstmake sure you have kernel support for the device08:02
frinnstinterfaces are configured under /etc/rc.d08:02
frinnstnet (regular interfaces) and wlan iirc08:03
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ryuopar4: you need to have the drivers compiled in.08:11
ryuopar4: if you can paste the contents of lsusb and lspci, we can tell you more08:12
ryuopar4: you'll also need wpasupplicant if it's not already installed.08:12
par4wpa_supplicant is installed, my network controller is a intel centrino advanced-n 6200, i have done modprobe iwlwifi08:14
par4dmesg grep returns iwlwifi 0000:02:00.0: direct firmware firmware load for iwlwifi-6000-6.ucode failed with error -2 . but also shows  iwlwifi 0000:02:00.0: loaded firmware version build 25532 op_mode iwldvm08:15
ryuodo you have linux-firmware installed?08:17
par4how do i find out?08:17
ryuo... how'd you check if wpa_supplicant is installed?08:17
ryuotry pkginfo08:18
par4pkginfo: option missing08:19
par4i checked by running wpa_supplicant08:20
ryuopkginfo -i | grep linux-firmware08:20
ryuoit's a package in opt.08:21
par4linux-firmware 20180408-108:22
frinnstiwlwifi-6000-6.ucode doesnt seem to be part of linux-firmware08:29
frinnst <- seems to be available here08:31
par4do i just copy that into /lib/firmware, or do i also need to run modprobe?08:36
par4did it, currently no errors in dmesg | grep iwl, but running /etc/rc.d/wlan start still shows it's unable to locate a device08:48
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ryuopar4: you need to reload the module or reboot.09:05
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Roninanyone by any chance using a amdgpu with crux?10:20
pedjaquite a few people, iirc. not me, thou, I am stuck with nvidia for now :)10:25
pedjabut it should be straightforward. kernel driver, mesa/xorg drivers10:27
Roninhmmm , i really cant see to boot10:28
Ronini have no idea what is going on10:28
Roninmy boot freezes here -
pedjadid you install linux-firmware?10:32
pedjait is stuck when trying to switch from efi framebuffer to amdgpu, afaict.10:39
Roninit booted10:39
Roninapparently i had to add amdgpu as a module, not built-in10:39
Ronini also apparently forgot to add keyboard support oh well10:39
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Roninjust have to figure out what module to load lol10:42
pedjaapparently, you can compile-in amdgpu, but you have to add firmware files for it to the kernel binary, too.10:45
Roninwhat if i just enabled everything in keyboards?10:46
Ronini dont know what exactly to enable for my kb lol10:46
pedjawhich one is it? generic usb/ps2, or something fancy?10:47
Roninpedja: its a usb keyboard10:50
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Ronini wonder if its a missing xorg thingy or a missing kernel module10:59
Ronini did install all xorg-input drivers except for synaptics, which i shouldnt need being on desktop11:00
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pedjaXorg.log should tell you11:35
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pedjagrep for 'input' both dmesg and Xorg.log, that should clear that up11:42
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pedjaas I said before, if you want a sane .config to start from, the one from CRUX iso is pretty good11:46
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Roninpedja: i must have missed that. i assumed that make menuconfig would use that config automatically11:49
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Ronini guess it doesnt?12:01
Roninits working now :)12:16
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pedja'make olddefconfig', 'make menuconfig'12:33
pedja'make help' for a lot more :)12:34
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Roninwell vlc is bigger then i expected lol13:00
john_cephalopodampv ftw13:07
Ronini always just grab vlc so that i have all deps for watching videos etc13:08
Ronindoes mpv play mkv ?13:08
john_cephalopodaRonin: mpv plays basically everything.13:15
john_cephalopodaRonin: mkv, webm, avi, gif, jpeg, png, youtube links automatically (when you install youtube-dl before compiling mpv), DVDs (mpv dvd://), CDs, BluRay, etc.13:16
john_cephalopodacd was "mpv cdda://"13:17
john_cephalopodaDVD and BluRay playback require optional libraries. libquvi libdvdnav libbluray libcdio-paranoia libvdpau13:18
Roninhmmmm that does sound nice13:18
Ronindo i remove vlc now for mpv hmmmmm13:18
john_cephalopodaIt has no fancy UI, you can simply start it from the command line.13:18
john_cephalopodaYou can just keep them installed side-by-side.13:21
Roninyee i could13:23
Ronini have a dumb fetish for having a low amount of packages lol13:23
Roninwhich i really really should get over13:23
john_cephalopodaI got 731 packages installed.13:29
john_cephalopodaprt-get listinst | wc13:30
john_cephalopoda117 on my server.13:30
Roninyee im sitting on 354 now13:32
Roninbut i will still need to install wine and steam stuff so thats gonna jump up13:36
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john_cephalopodaWine and steam are quite slim.14:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qtwebkit: 5.9.1 -> 5.212.014:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: update to 1.20.417:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: pciutils: update to 3.6.117:10
SiFuhI am trying to find a mesh that is IP68, So I can use it underwater and water does not pass through it. Anyone know what is the best name to call it for google search?17:22
SiFuhI need Alpha, Beta and Gamma to pass through it but not water.17:53
SiFuhthe point is not to damage a mica layer17:54
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