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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ethtool: update to 4.17 release13:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: cppcheck: update to 1.84 release14:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: iasl: update to 20180629 release14:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pkgconf: update to 1.5.1 release14:08
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AnselmoACTION jumps18:28
SiFuh_just checking, thought ye all be dead18:28
SiFuh_lake placid... then an old granny feeds a massive aligator ... that's exactly what this room reminded me of ;-)18:30
SiFuh_Anyways, good night and gald to see someone clinging on to a buoy ;-)18:31
SiFuh_that actually sounds aweful spoken out loud18:32
Anselmohows life in sifuopolis18:32
SiFuh_i had to help a woman dress then kindly tell her to hide her boobies, and then tell her they are too big to zip up her dress after she asked me to fix her dress because she broke her zip. Then help her parents carry her 'was a boyfriend, and super drunk' into the house, only to find out later on that he is no longer he boyfriend and she plans on marrying me18:34
Anselmo. . . .18:34
SiFuh_never going to happen, cause she is Australian18:35
SiFuh_and I laughed so much about this insantiy18:35
SiFuh_how was your day?18:36
AnselmoI went to a store and got sandles18:36
Anselmobiked around18:36
Anselmodid work ish things18:36
Anselmohad tea18:36
SiFuh_I wish I could do that, except the sandles part18:37
SiFuh_no chance18:37
SiFuh_I bought ZP1400 Phillips Geiger-Mullen tubes from the Bosnian military ;-) for $19.30 each18:38
SiFuh_ooppps  failed Bosnian military factory ...  sorry18:38
AnselmoI hate when I am like, going to a store, and I feel weird trying to go there barefoot so I just have to put on socks and shoes and that takes forever so it isnt fun18:38
Anselmowhat are you ussing those for ?18:39
SiFuh_I wear GPs (military boots) or Cowboy boots, fsck everything else ;-)18:39
SiFuh_Anselmo: geiger counter :-P18:39
Anselmoahahha, I've considered getting military boots,18:39
SiFuh_I won't wear anything else18:39
Anselmoonly recently have I gotten into wearing multiple shoe types, a year ago it was always barefoot or hiking boots :PP18:39
SiFuh_I am thinking of panama jungle boots next18:39
SiFuh_barefoot is drug addict methedone hospital run..   screw that18:40
SiFuh_I'd prefer to wear a full suit18:40
Anselmois that a markov chain ?18:41
Anselmobut I mean, barefoot is pretty nice and convenient for most things18:42
Anselmojust frowned on more than it ought to be x-x18:42
SiFuh_That is Queensland Australia a red necked drug addicted retart state. Wanna fit in here? No shirt, no shoes, tattoos over 90% of your body, scream words that start with C and F and beating your wife in public and throwing your kids at walls, and expecting the world to respect you.18:42
SiFuh_and that is the lesser part ;-)  there is much worse here18:43
SiFuh_and they wonder why I live in Asia 90% of the time18:44
AnselmoI've never been to australia, or asia for that matter18:44
Anselmobut I havent tatoos and I dont think I've ever been without a shirt in public, at least since I was a small kid :P18:45
Anselmobut shoes I can do without18:45
SiFuh_I seen a shitty commodore pull up in front of me, some tattooed studded woman, gets out of drivers side. From passenger side of vehicle a dick with nothing on but shorts.  Goes into resteraunt and orders food and eats it in resteraunt.18:46
SiFuh_The owner says "This country is fscked, biggest mistake to do business here. I can't kick him out because he will claim discrimination and I will lose everything"18:47
Anselmoare you doing ok sifuh_ ?18:51
john_cephalopodaI prefer to wear shoes over walking barefoot. Glass shards are no fun.18:52
john_cephalopodaSocks and sandals are the pinnacle of footwear. They are ventilated but still warm.18:52
SiFuh_i see people spit and shiton ground. I see guys piss on the floor18:53
SiFuh_Fsck the bare foot crap man18:53
Anselmoif you walk around enough you're feet can usually deal with it . . .18:53
SiFuh_barefoot in jungle/forrest is great. Paul Mcarntney in a city is just grosse18:54
Anselmoand you can wash them when you get inside,18:54
SiFuh_yeah sounds great, what about between toes without callouses18:54
Anselmoexperimentally, its quite rare that thats a problem18:55
Anselmoperhaps you should watch that you dont accidentally walk though large piles of shattered glass18:55
Anselmobut honestly I'd do that with or without shoes18:55
SiFuh_tomorrow Anselmo gets sent to quarantine18:55
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AnselmoIve had weird pieces of glass embedded in me and its never been a problem . .18:56
SiFuh_I sit at a Taxi rank and watch the crap unfold over days, and I remember what I see18:56
SiFuh_Anselmo: as I said before, Humans evolved from Cave men to the 17th century Lords, back to cavemen but with mobile phones and laptops.18:57
AnselmoACTION grunts18:58
SiFuh_have to sleep    bye bye   see you all tomorrow if you don't get eaten by crocodiles or alligators18:58
SiFuh_Anselmo: urban or jungle... urban, bad mistake, jungle fine18:58
SiFuh_see ya18:58
Anselmociao sifuh_,18:58
Anselmoand a merry tuesday to you18:58
AnselmoI've never known a sunday who wasntalso a tuesday18:59
Anselmoat any rate good night18:59
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jaegerIt's back up now.22:45
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jaegerAnd it's down again for more maintenance. :)23:00
pedjathey are thorough, I'll give them that :)23:17
jaegerThe first one was emergency, the second one we triggered for a free upgrade23:18
pedjaupgrade to a bigger box?23:18
jaegerNot a different VPS but they periodically increase your storage, bandwidth, etc.23:19
jaegersometimes RAM23:19
pedjanice of them23:19
jaegerYeah. I've been very happy with them over the years23:19
pedjalinode, vultr and rambus(?) seem to be a safe bet for vps23:21
pedjaramnode, apparently23:23
jaegerI haven't used the latter two but definitely would recommend linode23:25
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