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rmullanyone try void linux but return to crux? If so, why?14:34
rmull(why did you return, not why did you try void)14:34
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john_cephalopodaNever tried void.14:50
AnselmoI tried it14:50
Anselmobut before I used crux14:50
frinnstfor some reason the streets are very calm right now15:02
frinnstwonder why :-)15:02
ryuofrinnst: I have the strangest issue. lol15:03
AnselmoI recently used void on a server and got irked at some of the packageissues with just, things not wanting to install well15:03
ryuothe kernel maps my brightness keys to the same keys as the mic mute button, F20.15:03
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nathanielhii lads :)16:44
Guest70548why did my name change to guest16:45
joacimno idea16:56
joacimis your nick registered? dont know what happens when someone else has it registered and they reclaim it16:57
frinnstcongrats frenchies16:58
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nathanie1well we back :)17:04
nathanie1i just changed my name lol17:05
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Ronin_now it should be sorted17:05
Ronin_could anyone help me with setting up alsa and pulseaudio?17:16
frinnstdo you have alsa-plugins installed?17:26
Ronin_i installed alsa-utils17:26
frinnstare your user added to the audio group?17:27
frinnstthe pulse group?17:27
frinnstwhat doesnt work? does pulse startup ok?17:28
Ronin_uhmmm i just installed alsa-plugins17:28
Ronin_palsa does start ye17:29
Ronin_pavucontrols also work, but ti doesnt get any input17:29
Ronin_looks like alsa isnt getting passed, I also cant get my mic to work17:29
Ronin_i did include it in the kernel btw17:29
frinnstwhat are you using to test with?17:31
Ronin_just pavucontrol17:31
Ronin_hold up lemme reboot real quick17:31
frinnstmake sure the application uses the correct output etc17:31
Ronin_im used to everything just being routed to pulseaudio automatically17:31
frinnstwell obviously it doesnt. so check what does work and lets start there17:32
Ronin_ayee, lemme reboot first17:32
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Ronin_frinnst: alsa plugins fixed it :)17:34
jaegerI'd recommend putting this in /etc/asound.conf:17:36
jaegerpcm.default pulse17:36
jaegerctl.default pulse17:36
jaegermakes alsa use pulse by default17:36
Ronin_ohh I think it already does17:36
Ronin_nvm firefox doesnt17:36
frinnstthere are 2 firefox ports. "firefox" - defaults to alsa. "firefox-pa" defaults to pulse audio17:37
Ronin_oh really , imma use that then17:37
Ronin_compiling firefox gonna be fun :P17:37
Ronin_chromium took so long as well17:41
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jaegerthat reminds me, need to update the x86 ISO17:57
Ronin_i reckon that i should remove regular firefox18:00
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Ronin_so im trying to install rofi, but it tells me to get check 11.0 and i have 1018:18
Ronin_i tried getting check 12.0 from their site and just did make install but it didnt work18:18
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Ronin_or it ran but the rofi make still couldnt find it18:19
Ronin_nvm rofi is in a port18:19
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Ronin_i love the wine port, it pulls everything i need for 32bit stuff including llvm etc18:46
frinnstthank romster for that18:47
frinnsthis tireless effort to make it smooth :-)18:48
Ronin_its also super thorough about grabbing possible deps you might need18:48
Ronin_Romster: this package is gold :)18:48
Ronin_did you ever think of doing a staging package?18:48
jaegerI've considered modifying it to make a -staging port with PBA patches but haven't done so yet19:35
Ronin_jaeger: that would be really cool. if you ever do so and need a tester lemme know :)19:42
jaegerman, older Xeons are cheap... just ordered a pair of E5645s for $29 USD to test a theory19:47
Ronin_what theory do you wanna test19:47
Ronin_and yee those have bee ngoing for cheap for a long time now19:47
jaegerI have 3 Dell R610 servers in a home VMware lab. vSphere 6.7 has dropped support for nearly all 5000-series Xeons19:49
jaegerThere are some reports that it works with E5645s so I'm buying a couple to test in one of the servers19:50
jaegerI have E5530s currently and they are definitely not supported anymore, already tested19:50
frinnstI think older cpus still work E5320 for example19:52
jaegerfrom what I'm reading only the 5600 series and newer have the required instruction sets19:52
jaegerso I'd guess the E5320 will not19:52
frinnstsry 6.5 - not 6.719:53
jaegeryeah, they still work fine with 6.519:53
Ronin_soo i just installed steam19:55
Ronin_im getting steam has trouble connecting to servers19:55
Ronin_nvm spamming the button worked19:55
Ronin_nvm it didnt lol19:56
jaegerSide bonus if they work, that have 2 more cores than my current CPUs19:57
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Ronin_anyone ever had to deal with steam content servers unreachable?20:24
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TimB_Ronin_: you are trying to run steam with wine or native?20:50
Ronin_TimB_: just native, i havent tried wine yet20:57
TimB_you could try to run it via flatpak, I just pushed it in my ports collection :)20:58
TimB_i gave it a try some days ago and it ran pretty stable as far as I could tell20:59
Ronin_TimB_: ohh that is nice, i actually spend like 2 hours trying to get flatpak to run like yesterday20:59
Ronin_or a bit more20:59
Ronin_is that the tb ports collection? I put that in a while ago21:00
TimB_you can find it in the portdb, it needs some dependencies so just add the whole repo to your ports collection21:00
TimB_it is :)21:00
Ronin_yee i added the tb collection ye :)21:00
TimB_let me know if you run into problems21:00
Ronin_sure thing will do :)21:00
Ronin_only thing I still have to setup right now is Lutris21:01
Ronin_because managing wine prefixes and using different wine versions is really convenient through that21:01
TimB_never used it, but I run windows 10 on a second hdd on my desktop21:02
TimB_last time I used wine with steam is some years ago, and it was only somewhat useable21:02
Ronin_it currently is super stable21:02
Ronin_like sure you get some performance hit21:03
TimB_Lutris looks cool though21:03
Ronin_but with wine-staging + dxvk games run really well21:03
Ronin_also lutris makes it kinda of a one click install21:03
Ronin_for reference im playing on a r9 290 and a 6700k and i get around 60 fps in the witcher 3 on high21:03
Ronin_same for nier automata21:03
TimB_I'm gonna try it for vermintide 2. latest 10 update pretty much messed up my system again...21:03
TimB_I thought people use play on linux?21:04
TimB_sounds fair enough fps wise21:04
Ronin_yee its pretty good21:04
Ronin_and POL is old, lutris is much more convenient21:04
TimB_discord is in flatpaks repos too21:04
TimB_okay, cool, thanks for the info :)21:05
Ronin_im running a appimage now21:05
Ronin_but i cant seem to figure out how ot add it to my bin21:05
Ronin_or add it to rofi rather21:05
TimB_a flatpak or an appimage?21:05
Ronin_the appimage21:05
Ronin_i made a simple bashscript which just runs it , then symlinked it to my /usr/local/bin21:06
TimB_I added a alias in zsh for that21:06
Ronin_for appimages?21:06
TimB_for the flatpak :)21:06
Ronin_I never used zsh before, i was thinking of trying it21:06
TimB_looks like this: alias steam='flatpak run com.valvesoftware.Steam/x86_64/stable'21:07
Ronin_do you use dmenu or rofi?21:07
TimB_even works with rofi21:07
Ronin_yee i cant seem to symlink scripts to my rofi21:07
TimB_maybe settings?21:07
Ronin_rofi should be able to grab things from /usr/local/bin right?21:07
TimB_is /usr/local/bin in your path?21:08
frinnstwe dont use /usr/local/bin in the default path21:08
frinnstcrux doesnt use /usr/local at all21:08
TimB_that's what I thought21:08
TimB_might be it, just place it in /usr/bin21:08
Ronin_nvm i added it to .local/bin21:08
frinnstI assume you have that in your path :-)21:10
Ronin_yup , but i just added it to bin21:10
Ronin_its working now21:10
Ronin_man i actually love this distro and community. the next distro for me is void but that community isnt half as friendly21:10
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Ronin_TimB_: hmm the KRB5 mirror is still down21:57
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Ronin_thanks :)22:02
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Ronin_hmm i installed krb5, but the package is still saying it needs it23:06
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