IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2018-07-16

jaegerOK, if you want to test it, here's a wine-pba port:
Ronin_jaeger: that includes staging patches?00:23
jaegeryes, pba is based on staging00:23
jaegerif you want to read about it, see and
Ronin_jaeger: will test tomorrow00:31
Ronin_its late now lol00:31
Ronin_did anyone manage to get ostree to install?00:34
Ronin_i downloiaded docbook-xsl but its still throwing the same errors00:34
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Ronin_TimB_: you here by any chance?09:25
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Ronin_maybe someone can help me out here, I installed docboox-xsl but this error keeps coming up10:16
Ronin_i tried the good old google but i couldnt find any answers10:16
frinnsthave you added to /etc/ports ?10:18
Ronin_oh to ports, no not yet10:19
Ronin_i will try that10:19
frinnstotherwise it wont work10:19
Ronin_where do i get
frinnstits probably located in the port root (they usually are)10:20
Ronin_im not seeing it on the ports page10:20
Ronin_ahh kay thanks, didnt know that10:20
frinnstso it would be /usr/ports/tb/tb.pub10:20
frinnstits up to the repo maintainer10:21
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Ronin_nope , its still throwing the same error10:21
frinnstworks for me10:24
frinnstyou cant have in /etc/ports/10:24
frinnstwhat does "ls /etc/ports/" say?10:25
Ronin_just shows it10:25
Ronin_the file i mean10:25
john_cephalopodaAnd "ls -l  /etc/ports/"?10:25
Ronin_bash-4.4$ wgetpaste -c 'ls -l /etc/ports/'10:26
Ronin_whoops wrong thing,
frinnstlooks right10:28
Ronin_yee its super weird10:29
frinnstwell you can always bypass the signature process with pkgmk -is10:30
Ronin_I already tried that,  Idont think its a signature error10:30
frinnstso what error did you get then?10:31
Ronin_lol i just figured out that my initial paste didnt get sned10:31
Ronin_this is it10:32
frinnstdocbook is shit. if you uninstall it it will probably not get used and skipped10:33
Ronin_nope, it still tries to use it10:34
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/ostree#2018.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.10:35
frinnstnot sure what to tell you10:36
Ronin_this is so weird10:36
Ronin_i removed the package, tried again and it still does the same10:36
Ronin_are you using prt-get ?10:36
frinnstno just pkgmk since I dont use the tb repo normally10:37
Ronin_pkgmk gives me the same issue10:37
Ronin_i dont know lol10:37
Ronin_i will try to edit the makefile to not include the man stuff10:37
frinnstdo you use runscripts yes10:37
frinnstyes, some ports require scripts to work properly. Like adding a service user (think apache) etfc10:38
frinnstdocbook uses scripts10:38
frinnstyou can just execute those now: /usr/ports/contrib/docbook-xml/post-install10:38
Ronin_ohhh kay sure10:38
frinnstits disabled by default since a malicious repo could just rm -rf /* etc10:39
Ronin_it seeeems like its working now, thanks alot :)10:39
frinnstyou can enable runscripts in /etc/prt-get.conf if you have a trusting disposition :)10:40
frinnstor do it manually like many of us do it10:40
Ronin_phew, i finally have flatpak lol10:41
Ronin_this doesnt mean i have to install gnome right10:45
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Ronin_back, had to reboot10:49
Ronin_back had to reboot10:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libwebp: 0.6.1 -> 1.0.011:20
Romstercheers on the wine comment jaeger also has a part in compat-32 ports11:27
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Ronin_Romster: welcome, really good workj11:35
Ronin_im planning on testing jaeger 's pba port today11:35
Ronin_i did forget to save the link tho lol11:35
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: xorg-libxscrnsaver-32: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.311:39
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: xorg-libxinerama-32: 1.1.3 -> 1.1.411:39
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: talloc-32: 2.1.13 -> 2.1.1411:39
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-32: 1.8.2 -> 1.8.311:39
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: curl-32: 7.60.0 -> 7.61.011:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.8.2 -> 1.8.311:41
Romsterluckily you can look in the /topic for the chat log11:44
Romsteri got steam native and in wine both working11:44
Ronin_yee its weird, for some reason i cant connect to content servers11:45
Ronin_or log in half the time11:45
Romsterdid you make a symlink for the certificates?11:45
Romsteri really need to add a README for that11:46
Ronin_nope i didnt, wasnt aware i had to whoops11:46
Romster/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt -> ../cert.pem11:48
Romsterln -s a symlink for that and it should then work11:49
Ronin_Romster: hmm i ran ln -sf  /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt -> ../cert.pem11:50
Ronin_still doesnt work, i ran it in su btw11:50
Ronin_should i restart or anything?11:50
Romsterln -s ../cert.pem /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt11:52
Romsterif i remember correctly11:52
Romsterno need to restart11:52
Romsterjust make sure ls -l /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt11:53
Ronin_still does that did the trick , thanks :)11:54
Romsterdoes indeed point to /etc/ssl/cert.pem file with with a relative symlink11:54
Romsteri'll add that to a readme11:54
Romsteratm compiling wine 3.1211:54
Ronin_oh really nice, that is not including the pba patches right?11:55
Romsternah it's not patched11:55
Romsterwhat do them patches offer?11:55
Ronin_much better performance a lot of the times11:55
Ronin_there are a lot of games that dont run with wine at all but do run with dxvk11:56
Romsterthere the patches that are not quite ready for wine-next i would assume11:56
Ronin_dxvk which translates dx11 to vulkan also needs wine-staging11:56
Ronin_uhmm not really, I dont think11:56
Romsterah i run nvidia blob11:56
Romsterthe only thing i find that works for me11:57
Ronin_i guess it is a testing area ye, but the performance gneerally is better11:57
Ronin_including the pba patches11:57
Romsterah yeah i know staging11:57
Romsteri did think about trying that but it's not hard to copy wine and edit the Pkgfile and add what you want.11:58
Romster1) i got enough as it is to look after and 2) crux official repositories tend to prefer being as close to upstream as possible.11:59
Romsteri've have AoEII bejewelled 3 work and a few others in steam on wine12:00
Romsteroh and red alrt 2 works wonders in wine.12:00
Romsterin windows 10 i had to do a direct play hack for ra2 but in wine i just set winecfg to windows xp and off it went.12:01
Romsterin it's own WINEPREFIX of course.12:01
Romsterit's also hard to pick what patches to include in wine-staging unless you are trying for a specific program12:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: intel-ucode: Update to 2018070312:03
Romsteri wouldn't mind trying amd graphics again but everytime i do get a new AMD card it's to new for the drivers12:03
Romster┼│code right :D12:04
Ronin_Romster: hmm im using a r9 290 and it seems to be working well12:05
Ronin_I have yet to boot up a game or try wine but12:05
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Ronin_TimB_: or anyone else, i installed flatpak and bubblewrap but everytime i try to launc hsomething through flatpak i get some erros about creating name space failed12:19
Ronin_i did enable that bit in the kernel just now btw but still doesnt work12:19
Romsterno idea on that sorry12:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 3.11 -> 3.1212:41
TimB_Ronin_: still having trouble with ostree?12:50
Romsterhm what support does a RX580 have?12:51
Ronin_TimB_: nope OStree is fixed, right now im having trouble with bwrap12:52
Ronin_and namespaces apparently12:52
TimB_bubblewrap? what's the issue?12:57
joacim what do you mean support?12:58
joacimshould work fine tho12:58
joacimmy rx 550 is good enough for what i use. quake, quake 2, and minecraft12:58
Ronin_TimB_: well when i try to launch something i get this12:59
Ronin_bwrap: Creating new namespace failed: Invalid argument12:59
Ronin_error: ldconfig failed, exit status 25612:59
TimB_Ronin_: do you have opt/libxslt installed? I see it gets utilized during build..12:59
Ronin_yup it is installed13:00
TimB_if possible, paste a complete build log please :)13:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ffmpeg: 4.0 -> 4.0.113:02
Ronin_TimB_: here you go :)13:10
TimB_oh, I see. try it with sudo?13:12
Ronin_that gives the same error13:12
Ronin_but i can try to get another log13:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: [notify] mpv: new dependency xorg-libxscrnsaver13:14
TimB_ah, ok.. not sure then, you have been looking into kernel settings already?13:16
TimB_maybe there is something in the gentoo wiki about it?13:16
TimB_CONFIG_USER_NS maybe?13:19
Ronin_TimB_: yes, I have that enabled13:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-setuptools: 39.2.0 -> 40.0.013:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-setuptools: 39.2.0 -> 40.0.013:19
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TimB_no idea then.. I'll ping you later when I'm home, maybe we can find an easy solution13:21
Ronin_TimB_: sure thing, i will keep looking :)13:21
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TimB_good luck :)13:22
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jaegerRomster: why not just add the symlink to the steam port?13:28
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Ronin_TimB_: i managed to fix it :)13:32
Ronin_i just enabled all the flags that had to do with namespaces13:32
Romsterjaeger, iwas going to see if it can be added into ca-certificates as other things may depend on that path and filename but i forgot to file a feature request. guess i'll add it to the steam port13:35
jaegercould always change it later if needed, I wonder what other things might use that particular link13:36
jaegerIf there are others, then sure, it would make more sense in the certs port.13:37
Ronin_jaeger: what was the thing again to route all audio to pulseaudio?13:40
Ronin_im getting this wih a flatpak hm ALSA lib pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused13:41
jaeger'pcm.default pulse' and 'ctl.default pulse' in /etc/asound.conf13:42
jaegerthough that error looks more like pulseaudio isn't running13:42
Ronin_firefox-pa works13:43
Ronin_the audio does get send through to pavucontrol13:43
Ronin_mic and stuff also works through pulseaudio13:43
Ronin_jaeger: asound.conf is a file i had to make myself right13:44
Ronin_not one that already existed13:44
jaegergenerally, yes13:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: steam: ->
Romsterasound.conf does not exist by default13:48
Romsteradded the symlink to the steam port13:49
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Ronin_hmm if only i could fix my audio issues in flatpak14:57
Ronin_TimB_: have you tried any flatpak apps with audio yet?14:58
Ronin_maybe this is related - bash-4.4$ sudo alsamixer15:03
Ronin_ALSA lib control.c:1262:(snd_ctl_open_conf) Invalid type for CTL default definition15:03
Ronin_cannot open mixer: Invalid argument15:03
jaegerdo you have the pulse plugin stuff installed with alsa-plugins? pkginfo -l alsa-plugins | grep pulse15:15
Ronin_yee i do15:17
Ronin_removing the asound.conf file fixed alsamixer15:17
Ronin_but still audio in flatpak15:17
jaegerodd. alsamixer works fine for me with that setup15:21
Ronin_jaeger: im testing ur wine build btw15:29
jaegerIt works well for me, I'll probably put it into my repo15:30
Ronin_yee im gonna test it with dxvk15:32
Ronin_but it should be fine15:32
Ronin_jaeger: Romster oh right if you guys ever want to have a extensive look at wine deps, this blogpost might help a lot -
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TimB_Ronin_: cool, and no, not yet15:50
TimB_but discord should work when you run pulseaudio --start before running it15:51
TimB_so you are already running pulse right? not sure, I tried avoiding pulse for the longest time15:53
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jaegerI haven't tried anything flatpak-related but the discord appimage seems to work ok for me15:55
jaegerwith pulse15:55
Ronin_yee discord works fine ofr as well with the appimage15:55
Ronin_its just flatpak15:55
TimB_i'll have a look15:57
TimB_i got nobody online in discord to test it but I don't see any activity in the settings, might not work (input)16:01
Ronin_yeee that seems weird16:10
TimB_I'm sure sound worked for me while testing some steam games via flatpak16:15
Ronin_TimB_: hmm that is very weird16:16
Ronin_might be something about mysetup16:16
TimB_well, I'm most likely mistaken and sound didn't work. does pa work for you in other situations?16:18
Ronin_atleast in firefox16:18
Ronin_the appimage that is16:18
TimB_not sure then, permissions maybe16:19
TimB_i installed pavucontrol and fiddled around there, output works16:24
Ronin_hmmm i do have pavucontrol16:28
Ronin_TimB_: could you show me how yours looks?16:28
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Ronin_TimB_: this is mine, i realize it looks kinda weird16:30
Ronin_could you show the playback tab16:34
TimB_its just system sounds on 100%16:34
Ronin_yee i was wondering if flatpak showed up and how firefox audio looked for example16:34
TimB_but I added an image16:34
Ronin_hmm thats odd16:34
TimB_well, I normally don't use pa, so don't expect it to be configured on my end16:35
TimB_your icon cache seems a bit off, right?16:36
TimB_are those check boxes muted or not on your side?16:37
Ronin_yeee but thats another thing16:37
Ronin_everything isl isted as audioIPC Server16:37
Ronin_which seems ood16:37
TimB_no clue about pa, sorry16:38
TimB_but make sure you don't mute anything, which might as well be our culprit16:39
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Ronin_soo apparently itsn ot flatpak18:17
Ronin_audio in general is not working for me18:17
Ronin_do most people here just use alsa?18:18
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vlnxI used to use OSSv4 but am using alsa now18:19
AnselmoACTION uses alsa, but ronin is gone18:20
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john_cephalopodaACTION uses ALSA with OSS emulation enabled.18:27
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Roninanyone here who is familiar with the samba package?19:13
jaegerI would guess that alsa is probably more prevalent amongst crux users, but there are definitely a few of us using pulseaudio19:14
jaegerI use pulseaudio but for things that expect alsa, that asound.conf makes alsa send all its audio through the pulse plugin19:14
jaegerRonin: probably everybody or at least most folks know what samba is, if you have a specific question about the port, ask19:15
Roninjaeger: thats odd, i will try your setup thing again in asound conf19:15
Roninwell the package compiling fails19:15
Roninthis is the log -
Roninor atleast the end of it19:16
jaegerlooks like more docbook BS from that short log, though the most useful bits are missing, seems like19:16
Ronini can get the entire log but its gonna be long19:16
Roninoh well19:16
jaegerI'd recommend removing docbook-xml and docbook-xsl, building samba, and then reinstalling the docbook stuff19:16
jaegerYes, that's annoying, but unfortunately stuff like that crops up with docbook19:17
Roninoh well i dont mind that much19:17
Roninwhy is docbook so bad smh19:17
Ronindoes wine work with pulseaudio for you?19:17
jaegerWish I knew. Maybe our port sucks, maybe it's just the software19:17
jaegeryes, works fine19:17
Roninare you using any servies? i remmeber using consolekit2 dbus and something else in void19:19
Roninalso this is the whole log -
jaegerdbus is required for quite a few things, that's the only one I'm using that's probably relevant19:21
Ronini just realized19:23
Roninim using alsa as a service19:23
Roninmaybe thats causing some problems19:23
jaegeryeah, that looks like docbook junk in the log19:24
jaegerThe only thing the alsa "service" does is save and restore mixer levels. It's not a true service, really19:25
Roninoh i didnt find it in the weaky , but is there a way to remove a package inlucding its deps19:25
jaegerThere's not a direct way because removing deps can be dangerous for other packages... but you can see what deps were part of the package with 'prt-get depends package' or 'prt-get quickdep package'19:26
jaegerand use prt-get remove on them19:26
jaegerI use a script to find leaf ports, like this:
Roninjaeger: that seems nice, I will try that out19:30
RoninI feel like i installed a lot of unnecesary packages so i wnat to do some system cleaning19:30
jaegeryeah, never hurts to prune now and then19:31
Roninnormally i would just reinstall lol19:35
Roninor i just reinstall19:38
Roninwonder whats quicker19:38
jaegerGiven that crux is a source-based distro, reinstalling is rarely faster, in my opinion :)19:39
jaegerUnless you keep copies of your built packages or use someone else's, etc.19:39
Roninwouldnt that defeat the point of a source based distro19:40
jaegerdepends on why you use a source distro... if it's to optimize your packages with specific CFLAGS, well, you did that when you built them the first time, right?19:41
Roninyee i did19:42
jaegerIf you just use it to spend some CPU cycles compiling, then carry on :)19:42
RoninI also just like trying new distros19:42
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Roninjust wondering how many packages you guys using?19:47
jaegervaries wildly between machines for me... this one has 493 installed19:50
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Roninyee im sitting around that as well19:53
Roninbut ive had this install for like 4 days lol19:53
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frinnstgoddamn its hot21:07
john_cephalopodaIt's geologically cold.21:08
frinnstdoesnt help to know21:09
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lorddrijenwhat a charming quit message21:41
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jaegerhrmm... 32GB DDR4 3200 for $359 today. tempting, pretty good deal compared to recent prices22:56
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frinnstwhat caused the price hike? i havent followed it23:00
AnselmoI got the impression part of it was from gaming / gpu stuff23:01
Anselmoits not something I follow extremely closely23:01
jaegerprice fixing, supposedly23:01
jaegerplus flash demand23:02
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frinnst wat23:07
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pedjainteresting times, when 12Tb hard disk is cheaper then 64Gb ddr4 RAM23:46
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