IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2018-07-17

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SiFuhFragil Rock distro ;-) Haha05:38
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Roninanyone here who build the vulkan headers and loaders before?09:01
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Roninim trying to get vulkan loader and vulkan headers setup for my system using amdgpu but im having some trouble09:12
Roninim not getting a vulkan_icd.d file in /usr/share/09:12
Ronini meant /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/09:13
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Ronin-Anyone seen this before?10:56
Ronin-I'm trying to boot efi btw11:00
Ronin-With btrfs11:01
SiFuhI am wondering if / is mounted with no noexec or your missing something in kernel... maybe11:01
SiFuhohhh btrfs ;-)11:01
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Ronin-The normal btrfs stuff is enabled11:03
SiFuhYou using grub?11:04
SiFuhI heard grub and btrfs are still in development..11:05
Ronin-Nope I'm using refind11:05
Ronin-Which normally works11:05
SiFuhOut of my league ;-) I didn't even know refind existed11:06
Ronin-I'm not sure this has to do with btrfs btw11:10
SiFuhwhats your partition setup?11:16
SiFuhRonin-: hey at the top of your photo, it says your partition needs to fsck  what partition are you mounting? and if it is / did you fsck it?11:19
SiFuhSounds like your filesystem is either corrupt, wrong fs type or your missing kernel options11:20
Ronin-Hmmm ye seems so11:26
Ronin-Wish I could figure out what tho11:26
Ronin-Guess I will just use btrfs11:36
Ronin-I mean ext411:37
Ronin-SiFuh I just have boot root swap11:39
Ronin-I could try grub maybe11:44
SiFuhgrub has problem with btrfs11:46
SiFuhI use ext4 as root11:46
TimB_I use grub, efi and btrfs for /, works fine11:52
TimB_no special setup steps11:52
Ronin-No kernel parameters set or anything?11:53
Ronin-I could try grub11:53
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Ronin-Only error im getting with grub is12:03
Ronin-Cannot open directory /usr/share/local12:03
Ronin-Does that matter?12:04
TimB_i don't think so12:04
TimB_don't forget to generate a grub config12:04
SiFuhCurious, why would grub care about user share local ?12:09
TimB_localizations maybe?12:11
Ronin-I installed grub but it's not showing up12:16
Ronin-Looks like efibootmgr doesn't automatically set grub12:19
frinnstdo you have grub-efi installed?12:21
frinnstgrub works fine with btrfs12:22
frinnstunless you use zstd compression for /boot12:22
Ronin-Yee I grabbed it during setup12:27
Ronin-I tried grub just now but it doesn't create a efibootmgr entry12:27
pedjaRonin-, mesa creates 'usr/share/vulkan/icd.d'12:28
Ronin-Yee it should but it didn't create the json file for my Gpu in the folder12:29
pedjawhich GPU is that?12:30
Ronin-Oh it's my r9-29012:31
Ronin-I actually can't get btrfs to boot mmm12:32
Ronin-Just to confirm I do mkfs.vfat then mount /dev/sdb1 /boot then grub-install /boot/efi then mkconfif12:33
Ronin-Mount /dev/sdb1 /boot/EFI I meant12:33
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Ronin-Well it worked13:03
Ronin-With refind13:03
SiFuhbtrfs and refind is booting?13:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: apache: update to 2.4.3413:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] mutt: update to 1.10.113:19
Ronin-SiFuh : yup it worked13:29
jaegergrub will create an efi boot entry if you use grub-install13:46
Ronin-Didn't for some reason13:47
Ronin-But refind worked13:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: squid: update to 4.114:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: whois: update to 5.3.214:27
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pedjathis should be fun. Khronos splits up vulkan-sdk repo into 4 separate repos, but the tarball name for all of them is still the same, sdk-$version14:34
pedjawhich is annoying, if you have one PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR set for all ports14:36
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seiflekhey guys15:25
seiflekdoes the current port of opt/gnupg compiles fine for you?15:26
AnselmoACTION testing15:28
seifleki keep hitting the same error15:29
Anselmosometimes, like often on new installs I've seen some of the dependancy libraries break it15:29
seiflekwhich maybe due to
seiflekhere's the log
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seifleki think i have to upgrade libgpg-error to 1.31-115:42
Anselmosorry was in the other room for a bit15:42
Anselmothough that sounds like a good plan15:42
seifleknow it builds fine15:43
Anselmowoo :315:43
seiflekfrom what i understood the patch from gnupgs website fix the build with older libgpg-error15:45
Anselmoare you sure that patch is present in the current port of gnupg?15:46
seiflekit's not, it's implemented in the 2.2.9 version15:47
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seiflekthey've implemented new log levels names on gnupg:master15:51
seiflekwhich shouldn't exist in 2.215:53
seiflekand the 2.2.9 implement the fix15:53
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pedjawell, vkquake runs fine, which means that Vulkan works.17:11
pedjaand I still suck at FPS17:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: glibc-32: updated to 2.27-217:15
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: glibc: updated to 2.27-217:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: pulseaudio: updated to 12.217:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cmake: updated to 3.12.017:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.8.417:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: pulseaudio: updated to 12.117:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: krb5: fixed source url17:22
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ronin_my install worked finally17:44
ronin_anyone using lxappaerance?17:44
Anselmowoo !17:44
ronin_my firefox theme is super scuffed17:45
ronin_but i cant seem to change it with lxappareance17:45
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pedjayay, I learned a new word. never heard of 'scuffed' till now :)17:58
ronin_hmmm i think its time to jump down the PA rabbithole18:03
ronin_because i cant get my mic to work without it18:03
pedjaronin_, external mic?18:07
ronin_yee , its usb mic18:07
ronin_attached to my headset18:07
ronin_pedja: its a kingston hyperx cloud 218:09
ronin_alsa seems to see it but i cant like turn it on18:09
ronin_im just gonna do PA because its easier and more convenient18:10
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ryuolmao. you can't make this shit up. this bug title is hilarious.18:16
ryuo" Many 3rd party scanner drivers are broken by a sane change"18:16
ryuoThis change wasn't so sane, then?18:16
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pedjaronin_, when you plug it in, is it listed in alsamixer?18:27
ronin_yees, but i cant like unmute it18:27
pedjait should be listed in pavucontrol 'Input Devices' tab18:31
ronin_pedja: without pulseaudio?18:33
pedjawith PA running18:34
ronin_ahh yee18:34
ronin_so im wondering, i kinda fucked up with python pip, is there a way to reinstall all packages? lol18:34
ryuoand people wonder why i think language PMs are evil incarnate...18:36
pedjapip works fine (in a virtualenv :) )18:37
pedjaI prefer conda to pip, thou18:48
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ronin_i think this sysup has been running for about an hour lol19:15
john_cephalopodaronin_: qt5 update takes 1 to 2 hours.19:23
john_cephalopodafirefox takes 45 minutes, chromium takes 5 hours or longer.19:24
john_cephalopodaOn a 4th gen Intel i7.19:24
ronin_john_cephalopoda: yee itss loooooooooong19:26
ronin_im on a 6700K19:26
john_cephalopodaronin_: You should've used Debian.19:31
ronin_nahh its fine, its a one time thing since im on a fresh install19:32
ronin_now i will just do it weekly and be fine19:32
ronin_john_cephalopoda: firefox update here we go19:43
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ronin_is the brianlfs port repo new? i just saw it has discord20:20
ronin_never saw it before20:23
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ronin_so i was stupid and i removed the python pkg_resources dir20:28
ronin_do i have to reinstall or can i fix this lol20:29
ryuono idea.20:29
Anselmoyou can probably update the python packages20:34
ronin_Anselmo: its really broken20:36
ronin_or rather this is the problem -
frinnstjust rebuild py*20:45
frinnstor rather, reinstall20:45
Anselmoinstall from prt-get21:13
pedjainteresting read
pedja0.05% of Internet users here use ipv6, apparently. quite an elite club :)21:43
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pedjaaccording to, anyway21:44
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ronin__TimB_: i tried discord but im getting a seg fault when trying to install23:00
ronin__it automagically solved itself but i still dont have audio23:04
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roninhad to reboot whoops23:16
ronincan i force flatpak to use alsa?23:20
ronincould also be to not having systemd23:21
roninthis is a log of the issue
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ronindammit had to reboot again23:27
Anselmowait, .sql ? X_X23:27
ronin why is pulseaudio being so difficult23:28
ronincant make it work with wine and flatpak23:28
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roninhow long does it generally take to get a confirmation for the mailinglist? never used one bfore23:50

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