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roninjaeger: you use pulseaudio with wine right? I cant figure it out00:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia: updated to version 390.7702:08
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.7702:08
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Ronin_so im trying to mount a iso image and im getting permission not permitted, you think this is a kernel issue?04:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] jdk: update to 1.8.0_18108:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] jre: update to 1.8.0_18108:24
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SiFuhWell, try as I might, gobolinux and the latest glib glibc and gcc  just errors out. Haha and I don't like the package management system.08:57
SiFuhbut it did have some cool features08:57
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SitriDid the glibc break?10:09
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frinnstwhats wrong10:19
frinnstpushed an update yesterday10:19
SitriSiFuh's situation10:19
frinnsthas worked fine on my end for a few weeks but cant rule anything out10:19
frinnstffs, stop scaring me :-)10:19
frinnstno worries. I needed some waking up :D10:20
SitriWas going to offer to help him work through using a system with a broken glibc10:20
SiFuhSitri: no I just wanted to update it.10:20
SiFuhfrinnst: talking about gobolinux not CRUX linux ;-)10:20
SitriACTION has done some system upgrades where he just nuked all the system directories, then copied them over from another directory using that directory's glibc (which was compiled to work with the normal locations)10:21
frinnstif you really fuck glibc up then you probably need to boot a rescue media of some sorts10:22
SiFuhSitri: I always backup before doing real damage ;-) So if I ever broke a system I can always repair it. I was just playing around with gobolinux and was upgrading it to the latest of each version, to see how simple it would be.10:22
frinnstits fun when stuff like ls stop working10:22
Sitrifrinnst: Yeah, and it's pretty balls when upstream screws it up *cough*arch*cough*10:23
SiFuhSitri: but it was more of a pain in the butt so in the end, I dropped that distro and moved to GuixSD for testing..10:23
SitriFair enough10:24
SiFuhI never even saw Xorg launch haha ;-)10:24
SiFuhAs a matter of fact, I think gobo was the first distro in my tests that failed with Xorg and nvidia.10:25
SiFuhI didn't even get sshd running :-P10:26
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CruxDr01dHello Crux People, I'm have been updating a virtual machine to crux 3.4, I had some changes on ports that maybe are usefull to others.11:09
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: util-linux: update to 2.32.112:35
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darfoCruxDr01d, you could contact the port maintainers listed in the Pkgfile13:00
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CruxDr01ddarfo: I need to see each Pkgfile changed and what, I have repositories here
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rmullOne thing that grinds my gears is that ssh and scp use differently-cased -P flags for specifying the port number14:05
rmullWhy couldn't it have been the same?14:05
rmulloutrageous I tells ya14:06
Anselmothis also irks me x-x14:06
rmullMaybe they'll accept my pull request to correct this travesty14:07
Anselmogood luck14:07
AnselmoI imagine they'd have to still support the old ones for like, not to break all the scripts x-x14:07
Anselmooh, but -p is also taken on scp14:08
rmullI dunno, I think everyone will understand and update immediately14:08
rmullIn my experience people love change14:08
rmullThey can just give a heads up on twitter14:09
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AnselmoI wouldnt see that x-x14:09
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rmullHmm, then maybe I can add an extra patch that will print the latest tweets as the MOTD when ssh access is granted14:10
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Anselmothis is a patch to scp or to ssh14:12
rmullwhoever pays the biggest bug bounties14:13
pedjarmull, scp man page explains why the capital P14:15
Anselmossh doesnt use -P for anything though14:16
SiFuhit actually does suck that scp uses -P and ssh -p14:18
rmullpedja: Good point, hah14:19
SiFuhwe should email THeo14:19
rmullYeah, I think if we can maybe get a half a dozen signatures or so from #crux, he might consider it14:19
AnselmoI feel like this is an issue they're already aware of and dont want to break x-x14:20
Anselmoor solve or whatever14:20
SiFuhSo why cannot ssh use a -P then?14:20
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Anselmonot sure x-x14:23
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Sitri<rmull> One thing that grinds my gears is that ssh and scp use differently-cased -P flags for specifying the port number <-- they use the same config file though16:46
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lorddrijenSitri: different lineage19:32
lorddrijenscp came from bsd19:32
Sitri... right, but they both use .ssh/config19:33
jaegeryeah, you can specify differen ports for different hosts in config and forget about it19:33
lorddrijenACTION strokes his neckbeard19:34
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ryuoACTION shaves lorddrijen's neckbeard.19:53
lorddrijenACTION glues the left over hair to ryuo's butt19:53
ryuolorddrijen: nice try, but nothing adhers to it. not even pants. :D19:54
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lorddrijenSitri: just use lftp and avoid scp altogether19:58
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SitriHave you tried reading?20:05
lorddrijensorry didn't know you were a douche20:05
ryuolorddrijen: but how would lftp help their situation?20:06
SitriNo, just have a low tollerance for people who misread shit.20:06
ryuoit's not a SCP/SFTP client last I checked.20:06
SitriIt is actually20:07
ryuoSo it is.20:07
ryuoSFTP, not SCP.20:07
lorddrijenSitri: sorry, too busy doing actual work to think scrollback is important. keep strokin that dick though20:07
SitriActually it supports a special protocol that uses SSH with a normal shell, so it doesn't need SFTP support on the server.20:07
Sitrilorddrijen: Here, I'll give you the cliff's notes.  I state that the scp and ssh commands use the same configuration file.  You respond with "different lineage" which is hardly related to the discussion.  I clarify that they still use the same configuration file regardless of that.  You respond with "just use lftp" as if that were something that even mattered in context.  Then I call you out for saying random shit while highlighting me and you bitch about it, and20:10
Sitrithen I type this line.20:10
ryuoSitri: maybe it's time to just let it go?20:10
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jaegerWoot, replacement CPUs do indeed solve the problem21:35
jaegerordered 4 more :)21:36
jaegerhard to complain about 6 CPUs for $87 USD21:37
jaegergets me a bunch of extra cores/threads, too21:37
pedjajaeger, is the goal to have more cores/threads then joacim :) ?21:39
SitriOne of your multi-cpu machines just had all the CPUs fail at once?21:39
jaegerNah, the goal is to have supported systems running VMware vSphere 6.721:41
jaegerthey dropped support for a lot of CPUs in that era for the 6.7 release... but the E5645 is supported and cheap21:41
jaegervs the E5530s which are no longer supported21:41
jaegerSitri: 3 dell servers in my home lab21:41
jaeger2 CPUs each with 4c/8t21:42
jaegerpedja: I may have more than he does already but not in a single machine :D21:42
jaegercan't remember which TR he has21:42
pedja1950x, iirc21:42
jaegerbut I do have 2 systems with 24t currently21:42
jaegerok, so he has me beat on single-system cores and threads, still21:43
john_cephalopodaYou could buy the cheapest Android phones you can get and then use them to run a distributed OS.21:43
jaegersomeone has probably done that21:45
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SitriReminds me of that joke about a Beowulf Cluster of the OLPCs21:46
SitriThe ones that chirp to do wireless networking21:47
ryuoSitri: how about a beowulf cluster of discarded 286s?21:47
AnselmoI met someone recently with a cluster of orangepis :321:48
pedjadidn't GCHQ build a 96 RPi Beowulf cluster?21:50
ryuoAnselmo: i have to ask. do they blend?21:51
Anselmothis particular person was as far as I could tell, doing it 'cause its cool21:51
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joacimif someone gets more than 16 cores, i might just have to get 3222:06
AnselmoI have sudo on a 16 core computer22:07
Anselmobut only 1622:07
Anselmomaybe could setup something on it and find credentials to access some supercomputers :P22:08
joacimi tried using mine with john the ripper for finding out zip file passwords22:18
joacimfigured out the password on one file, out of 322:18
joacimafter 2 days i gave up and closed it =)22:18
Anselmooh, ha no the just, regular user of that machine sometimes accesses supercomputers22:19
pedjajoacim, try hashcat22:23
pedja'pfSense Virtual Security Gateway Appliance specifically certified for VMware will be discontinued'22:25
pedjastarting with 2.4.4. on the upside, 'Gold' subscription is no more22:26
SitriDoes VMWare have any advantages over qemu or virtualbox?22:33
SitriOther than it makes your wallet lighter?22:33
pedjait depends, as usual. personal use, work/test lab22:39
pedjaI've used Vmware Workstation for a while, then Virtualbox, now libvirt/qemu/kvm22:40
pedjaplayed a bit with HyperV, never used vSphere :)22:46
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jaegerjoacim: I have 2 systems currently with 24 :) in about a week it'll be 423:40
jaegerfor a single-hypervisor personal use thing, I'd say no. qemu, virtualbox, parallels, vmware workstation, they all give you mostly the same stuff23:41
jaegerbut if you want a cluster of multiple host machines, distributed networking, converged storage, etc., you need something more23:41
jaegervmware's enterprise stuff (at least some of it) is pretty cheap for home lab use23:48

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