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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nvme-cli: updated to 1.616:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: acpid: updated to 2.0.3016:10
SiFuhSo it the ATF are responsible for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Religious sects why were they not called FART ?16:24
DaViruzquite handy to have a buerau that's responsible for my three most favorite things16:42
SiFuh:-) haha mine would AF ;-)16:48
SiFuhsince I gave T a long time ago...16:48
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joacimthink i'm content with ART18:50
SiFuhhow about eFART    explosive firearms alcohol religion and tobacco?18:56
SiFuhor FACET Firearms Alcohol Cults Explosives and TObacco18:57
SiFuhor FACT since they forget to use the E in ATF ?18:57
joacimnever been in a cult before. feel like im missing out19:02
joacimthink i should find a cheap one19:02
joacimthat requires little effort19:02
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frinnstsoooo hot21:20
pedjaRachel Riley? yes, she is21:28
pedjasorry, I was watching '8 out of 10 cats does countdown' when I saw that :)21:29
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ronin_so i installed gentoo because i couldnt get audio working with wine/pulse-audio23:14
ronin_but man im missing crux23:14
ronin_jaeger: you had wine working with pulseaudio right>23:15
jaegerronin_: yep, no issues23:31
jaegerdid you build wine after installing pulseaudio?23:32
ronin_might not have? not sure tbh23:32
ronin_i think i did23:32
ronin_gentoo useflags sound nice but in practice i find them quite bothersome23:32
joacimdoes wine use sdl?23:32
ronin_i miss how simple crux is23:32
joacimyeah useflags becomes a chore. managing them system wide, then per package23:32
joacimjust becomes a big mess after a while23:33
ronin_like as a concept i like it23:33
joacimwhen i used gentoo, i often had to go back and look through my use flags23:33
joacimmacports does this too (variants). just as annoying there23:33
ronin_i like void, but i like crux a little more23:34
jaegerronin_: do you have /usr/lib/wine/fakedlls/winepulse.drv and /usr/lib/wine/
ronin_and i like the people here more as well23:34
jaegerascension/jaeger ~ $ pkginfo -l wine-pba | grep -i pulse23:34
ronin_jaeger: im not sure since im on gentoo now23:34
ronin_im gonna install crux23:34
ronin_just was struggling with useflags for like 10 minutes23:34
ronin_decided that even if i solved this, i dont wanna do this again23:34
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