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Ronin__jaeger: so i installed pulseaudio and alsa-utils. naything else i would need?00:31
joacimi'd say SDL maybe. if wine uses SDL for audio, you might need to specify that it uses alsa or pa for audio00:33
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Ronin__joacim: that would be libsdl right00:34
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jaegeralsa-plugins also01:07
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jaegersdl is not amongst wine's deps by default01:15
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pecowell im typing this from my new cruxbox :)01:47
pecowith the wrong uname *facepalm*01:47
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roninwell the install worked, time to get pulse working hehe01:59
roninjaeger: do you start pulseaudio in your xinitrc? if you use that atleast02:00
jaegerno, not explicitly02:14
jaegerbefore you work on wine, can you get sound from pulse at all? with paplay, for example02:21
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roninjaeger: im almost setup, just have to get firefox-pa working now02:45
ronini dont have anything else to test audio for pulse atm lol02:53
jaegertry using paplay to play a wav file02:57
jaegersome provided with alsa03:02
roninjaeger: seems like mpv is using pulseaudio just fine03:22
roninatleast I can use pavucontrol to switch outputs etc03:23
roninand the audiostream displays there03:24
jaegera good start03:25
roninit was mainly flatpak and wine which didnt seem to be working03:26
roninseems like my mic for input is also working fine03:26
jaegerI can't speak to flatpak but if you build wine after pulseaudio it should pick up pulse support03:30
roninjaeger: kay, I will try to do that then03:30
roninim gonna grab your wine-pba patch btw03:30
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Worksteryou probably need to run "winecfg" for each of the WINEPREFIX's and set the audio output.03:57
roninto get a rsync repo, i just cd into the folder and then run synch + url name right04:50
roninnvm it worked04:52
roninjaeger: does your wine thingy include vulkan? it should right04:54
Worksteryou get the foo.rsync file and put it in /etc/ports/ then ports -u05:01
Worksteror ports -u foo05:01
Worksterunless you are talking about a single port then the command is listed on ports page05:01
roninyee thats what i ended up doing05:06
roninRomster jaeger do the wine packages include vulkan-icd-loader stuff?05:07
Worksternot what i am aware05:11
Worksteris that nvidia only?05:12
roninnope its also on amd05:14
roninim gonna try building it tomorrow i guess, ths is the arch pkgbuild
ronini guess i will just follow that05:15
Worksteris wayland even worth using yet?05:17
Worksterit's been ages since it's been out05:18
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frinnstfucking shite switch09:46
frinnsta switch 2hrs away stops responding on the mgmt interface09:47
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frinnstjust the web interface.. everything seems to be up09:48
frinnstbut i didnt have time to enable ssh before it died :(09:49
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joacimI guess you can call this a weekend road trip10:19
Romstercall a on site tech to hit it with an axe?10:38
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jaegerronin: the wine-pba port is unmodified from Romster's opt/wine port, except for the patching to staging/pba11:37
roninjaeger: aye sure, have you ever thought of doing a normal staging package, reason im asking is because the pba patch that u are using is based on 3.7 which is quite old in wine-terms. I would do it myself but yee11:45
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jaegerI haven't, the PBA patches are what I wanted, specifically... but you could easily adapt the port to use a newer version of whichever part and remove the pba stuff11:56
jaegeryou could even grab 3.12 straight from and forego the specific git commits11:57
roninjaeger: guess i will try to do my own port then11:59
roninif i manage to setup vulkan-loader i will try that as well12:00
jaegerat some point using crux you'll want to make your own packages anyway, it's good practice12:03
roninyeee seems like it12:06
roninalso have you ever looked into lutris ?12:06
jaegerI've read about it, haven't used it12:06
roninits a really convenient program to manage wine games and use different prefixes etc12:06
roninlike if you have the wine deps installed it cna take care of all your games12:07
Romsterit's good practice until you make/maintain ~500 packages :P12:22
roninwell there is only two things that i need12:23
roninwhich are wine-staging and vulkan-loader12:23
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pecoanyone using neovim?12:41
Ronin7zwhoops sorry12:41
Romsternot i12:44
Romsterand mmm beer12:44
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pedjaneovim? I've tried it, not particularly impressed with it. not enough to switch from vim, anyway12:58
Ronin7zi was having some trouble installing the package, still do but i just gave up lol12:59
Ronin7zmight as well use vim and maybe learn what plugins do12:59
pedjaI'd suggest to not go wild with them, it can be confusing when you ssh into another server with vanilla vim :)13:03
Ronin7zpedja: i never have ssh'd in my life13:05
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frinnstACTION is upgrading our production clusters to vsphere 6.513:11
frinnstwhat can go wrong?13:12
pedjaon a Friday afternoon, no less. you are a brave man13:14
Romsteris it bad that the default on most is nano and i am like ugh i can't handle nano since using vim for so long13:16
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Romsterfrinnst, uh your cpu missing instructions for vsphere 6.5?13:17
Romsteri was reading that the other day13:17
pedjaI think that was jaeger13:17
Romsterit was13:17
jaegerIt was me, yes. vSphere 6.7 is the problem version, 6.5 is fine13:23
jaegerI solved it by replacing the CPUs in the first server as a test; it worked fine, so I have 4 more CPUs ordered13:23
jaeger$87 USD to replace all 6, can't complain13:23
jaegerfrinnst: what kind of servers and CPUs are you using?13:27
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frinnstthis is our production cluster, not my lab playground13:36
frinnstits a mix. but hpe gen8 and gen913:37
jaegerDoesn't matter if it's prod or lab, 6.7 still drops support for a bunch of processors13:40
jaegerSo before you go to 6.7 in the future, check that13:40
jaeger6.5 shouldn't be any problem13:40
pedjawhat's the reasoning behind dropping support for a bunch of CPU's?13:41
pedjathey lack some features?13:42
jaegeryeah, lack of features/flags13:47
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jaegerThere's a list of the dropped lines in various places, one here:
jaegerIt's not a perfect list; I'm replacing my E5530s with E5645s, which do work even though Xeon 5600 series is on the list13:51
jaegerThey have whatever flags/features are needed13:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dar: update to 2.5.1614:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: lvm2: update to 2.02.18014:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.67.014:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: poppler-glib: update to 0.67.014:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: poppler: update to 0.67.014:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: fix build with poppler 0.67.014:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] php: update to 7.2.814:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.14914:53
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CruxDr0idIm using one virtual machine to build the ports and share the packages, other machine, server, use this packages,15:11
CruxDr0idon server revdep gave cyrus-sasl and others and not on building machine,15:12
CruxDr0idI rubuild it on the builder, re-installed and revdep on server keeps showing it.15:12
pedjarevdep -vv cyrus-sasl15:18
CruxDr0idThanks pedja, I will run it after both builder and "client" finish to run current revdep :P15:19
CruxDr0idI bet someone have teaked the iso builder to use host ports and builded packages :P Also the way iso is built require "crux-media" to be present, this obey me to boot from tinycore.iso then mount crux iso and chroot ....15:22
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CruxDr0id# revdep -vv cyrus-sasl ** calculating deps ** checking 1 ports ** checking linking cyrus-sasl:/usr/sbin/saslauthd: error cyrus-sasl: error #15:38
frinnstprt-get -fr update cyrus-sasl15:38
CruxDr0idI have done that on the builder, then on this machine downloaded the package and installed. On builder revdep gives no output.15:39
jaegerrun ldd on /usr/sbin/saslauthd, see what it says is missing15:41
CruxDr0idgreat tip jaeger , # revdep -vv cyrus-sasl ** calculating deps ** checking 1 ports ** checking linking cyrus-sasl:/usr/sbin/saslauthd: error cyrus-sasl: error #15:42
CruxDr0id # ldd /usr/sbin/saslauthd | grep "not found" /usr/bin/ldd: line 160: /lib32/ cannot execute binary file: Exec format error => not found #15:43
jaegerthat lib32 linker is suspicious15:44
jaegerbut also the pam linking15:44
jaegerIs one of your machines 32-bit and the other not?15:46
CruxDr0idI was having issues with only configuring for 64 bit, last night I build the kernel and updated glibc-32 and was able to build gcc that was missing a 32 bit stub header.15:47
jaegerI wouldn't recommend messing with the toolchain or removing glibc-32 at all15:48
CruxDr0idI just fixed the pam / cyrus-sasl thing, installed the 32 bit glibc and will update the kernel15:48
jaegerMakes things harder for no benefit :)15:48
CruxDr0idyes, :)15:49
CruxDr0idI using git to keep local ports versions and changes, when I update from upstream I'm using rebase, I'm doing it wrong ?15:57
CruxDr0idthis way upstream keeps "clean" and the changes applied on top, the way I saw was to merge --no-ff15:58
jaegerI think most of us just use an overlay for that, some dir that isn't affected by ports updates but exists first in prt-get.conf16:18
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pedjaI've read an article on Microsoft licencing, and my poor brain hurts now19:25
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john_cephalopodapedja: Don't do anything with microsoft, use open-source tools :รพ20:06
pedjasometimes open source tools don't cut it20:08
john_cephalopodaWhat are you trying to achieve and which tool do you want to use for that?20:12
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Ronin_is it normal that crux saves everything in my home dir?21:10
Ronin_i just checked it and its such a mess21:10
Ronin_nvm im retarded and accidently synced a port collection to my home dir21:10
Ronin_cleaning this is gonna take a while21:20
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john_cephalopodaRonin_: Is there a file called "REPO" somewhere?21:37
john_cephalopodaRonin_: If there is, cleanup can be easily done with the following command:21:39
john_cephalopoda grep -v "f:" REPO | sed -e 's/d://g' | xargs rm -r21:39
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