IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2018-07-22

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rmullMy crux nfs server doesn't seem to be working anymore, did anyone else have nfs break on them recently? Maybe related to /etc/services changes?01:26
jaegerI just dug into that, myself. hopefully will be updated soon but for now, apply this patch to rpcbind:
jaegeryes, related to /etc/services01:27
jaegerreported it already but it's night for him01:28
rmulloh wow thanks, trying now01:28
frinnstvmware nsx isnt very ipv6 friendly01:30
frinnstsilly critical icmp6 stuff omitted by default01:31
jaegereh, ipv6 is just a fad, it'll die out :D01:31
jaegerACTION ducks01:31
frinnstACTION kills jaeger a bit01:32
frinnstUP alert: fredrik-femputer IPV6 (2a03:12a0:f4:3003::beef) is UP01:32
frinnstsuccess \o/01:32
rmulljaeger: Worked! 2 points for you01:34
jaegerIt took me a while to figure out, so figured I could save you some time01:34
frinnstyou should have let him sweat a bit more01:34
rmullwould have had to cancel movie night01:35
jaegerThat's no good01:36
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frinnst2yep, works01:36
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frinnstfuck, sun is coming up01:39
frinnstos/2 warp vs win95. computer chronicles is awesome01:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: meson: 0.46.0 -> 0.47.106:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: streamlink: remove .md5sum06:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: youtube-dl: 2018.06.19 -> 2018.07.2106:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-iso3166: 0.8 -> 0.906:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-pycryptodome: 3.6.3 -> 3.6.406:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: streamlink: 0.13.0 -> 0.14.206:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: updated to 1.27.209:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: pango: updated to 1.42.209:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rpcbind: use sunrpc instead rpcbind as service-name09:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mjpegtools: fix compile by adding -fPIC10:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gstreamer-vaapi: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gst-python: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gst-libav: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gst-plugins-ugly: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gst-plugins-bad: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gst-plugins-good: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gst-plugins-base: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gstreamer: 1.14.0 -> 1.14.210:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 3.12 -> 3.1310:24
Romsterit must be commit sunday10:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: [notify] ffmpeg: 4.0.1 -> 4.0.2 libsdl2 is now an optional dependency10:38
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Peco__Hii there:)10:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mpv: minor cleanup added JOBS optional dependencies: rubberband vulkan-loader, the later can be found at
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: rubberband: initial import11:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vamp-plugin-sdk: initial import11:14
Peco_whoever did the vulkan loader, i love you11:16
Romsterthat would be pedja11:24
Romsteri was about to do it but then pedja said he was onto it.11:24
Romsteralso works for wine11:24
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Peco_im testing it right now :)11:24
Peco_trying out some Overwatch with it11:24
Romsterrubberband just got added for mpv to prevent desync of audio/video. i am using it with streamlink and chatty11:25
ronin_oh right if ppl wanna try lutris, it works pretty well11:26
pedjaPSA: vulkan ports are WIP :)11:27
ronin_pedja: i am aware, but someone might as well test right :)11:27
pedjaronin_, well, the do work for me[tm] :)11:27
ronin_im trying it out with wine and dxvk now11:28
pedjaon nvidia, I don't have intel/amd to test it with11:28
ronin_i might try(tm) to do a wine-staging port11:28
ronin_im testing on my amd r9 29011:28
ronin_just hope that doing the wine-staging port is not out of the scope of my ability :)11:29
Romsteri might if it makes some games i use work.11:29
Romsterbut i am running out of time and i've done a ton today11:29
ronin_Romster: There are a lot of games that just dont launch with wine but do with staging11:29
ronin_also dxvk is only developed for wine-staging so there is that11:29
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Romstercheck your pvtmsg window ronin_ for my games list.11:34
Peco_Romster: private message? dont even know how to do that lol11:34
Romsteri don't have lots fo time to test but the main one that's got a minor issue is AoEII11:34
Romsteryou'll have a window open or a tab.11:35
Peco_im using irssi11:35
Romsterdepending on your client11:35
Peco_i never registered this account11:35
Romsteri forgot how you get to that on irssi11:35
Romsteryou should make a freenode account :)11:36
Peco_yee im planning too11:36
Peco_and you mean Age of Empires II?11:36
Romster/ns help register11:36
Peco_Romster: you tried with wine 2.1?11:37
Romsternope i was on wine 3.6 now on 3.13 when ti's done building.11:38
Romsterred alert 2 worked on wine 3.6 but not on 3.7 on origin EA games.11:38
Romsterso hopefully it just works on 3.1311:39
Romsterthe background is missing on AoEII11:39
Peco_Romster: you should really check out lutris.
Peco_they also have a installer for the game11:39
Romsterbut i know what button to press.11:39
Romsterstarcraft had the same issue in the past.11:39
Peco_the best thing about lutris for me is that lutris makes it super easy to manage multiple wine versions since they have their own runners/wine versions11:39
Peco_so you can have 3.12 and 2.1 for another game for exmaple11:40
Romsterhrmm but i so like the massive amount of work i do in opt/wine :)11:40
Romsteri could easily do that with different installs.11:41
Romsterbut i could see what patches/versions they use for said games.11:41
Peco_Romster: hmmm yee it might take the fun out. generally tho i would always use wine-staging over regular wine11:41
Peco_another thing is that like alooooot of games run really well with DXVK, which only works with staging.11:42
Peco_dx11 games that is11:42
Romsterdid i mention i aso am a chanop in #winehq :) i try to keep to unpatched where i can so i can learn what issues there are etc.11:42
Peco_Romster: I wasnt aware of that, what is a chanop btw lol11:42
Romsterthat @ sign on ya name gives you powers to kick ban etc.11:43
Romsterchannel operator11:43
Peco_ohhh yee sure11:43
Romsterand ot change the topic etc.11:43
Peco_ye ye11:43
Romsteri help out where i can.11:43
Peco_but ye, I think most people use staging nowadays11:43
Peco_merely because of dxvk11:43
Romsteryou're talking about this right?
Romsteri am open to new projects doing stuff but i'd like to learn and patch myself if something really needs patching. then i'll throw it in my romster/ collection11:45
Peco_Romster: yee that is what im talking about11:45
Romsterand then see if i can get it upstreamed11:45
Peco_Dxvk is not so much a patchting thing as a translation layer11:45
Romsteri see11:50
Romsterwe already have DX to opengl so this DX to vulkan will be the way to go as opengl is depreciated.11:51
Peco_Yee, but why would you start from scratch if the groundwork is already there. if that is what the wine team is planning11:53
Peco_just for reference, Nier Automata runs at 60fps on high with dxvk on my r9 29011:53
Peco_same for The Witcher 311:53
Romsterthat might be the branch that gets imported into wine, i don't know.11:57
Romsterin any case you've given me options i can mess with Peco_ for games/programs.12:00
Peco_Romster: sure thing, good luck in trying to try everything out12:00
Peco_if you got any questions you can always ask12:00
Romsterif i can find you :D12:02
pedjawhat's the relationship betwwen wine developers and dxvk? are they cooperating or?12:04
Peco_oh right, i should make a accoutn12:04
Romsteri have no idea pedja i am curious myself12:22
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pedjahm. I wonder what's 'lvlk3d' library that wine is checking for at configure stage12:27
Romsteri remember when i used to use bitchx before irssi. those were the days12:28
Romsteryeah i haven't a clue but intend to find out.12:29
pedjaso dxvk is for dx11, vkd3d for dx1212:39
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Peco_oh right, my audio is working with wine now12:48
pedjaI am not sure I would trust btrfs with that much storage :)12:50
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Romstersame but i'll read that blog12:52
pedjait would make an interesting experiment, thou.12:54
Romsteri'd like the hardware12:54
Peco_man i almost got MTGA working with wine12:55
Peco_but it crashes randomly12:55
Romsterthe joys13:01
Peco_I might setup a passthrough vm but i dont really like doing that13:02
Romsterneed a second gpu for that13:04
pedjaor use iGPU for desktop, pass dGPU to VM13:08
Romsternot aware of that13:09
pedjar/VFIO probably has a guide for it, or something13:10
pedjathis looks like more trouble then it's worth, imho
Peco_Ohh i have done it before13:12
Peco_its not that difficult, the arch wiki guide is really good as well for it13:12
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Peco_im havimg some issues that i normally dont have like I cant play Overwatch13:12
Peco_since I cant connect to the gameserver for some reason13:13
pedjawith dxvk?13:13
Peco_but also normal wine13:13
Peco_Im thinking that im missing some sort of dep but i cant figure out which one13:13
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pedjathat's, correct?13:18
pedjaaccording to, you might miss gnutls, libldap and libgpg-error13:20
Peco_pedja: i think i ahve those installed13:22
Peco_i just boot into the game directly13:22
pedjadoes the game generate any logs?13:24
pedjaor tcpdump/wireshark the traffic when you try to login, maybe there is a clue there13:26
Peco_pedja: i was not aware of the existence of that file13:30
Peco_but i will try to find it13:30
pedjatry 'wine whatever.exe &> whatever.log'13:36
pedjamodify accordingly :)13:36
pedjaiirc, wine is pretty chatty13:37
Peco_I normally would but since there is no wine-staging for crux yet im using lutris13:40
pedjaI don't see wine-staging mentioned anywhere on dxvk GH page, just 'wine > 3.10', which CRUX wine port is13:42
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Peco_pedja: hmm might be, im in the discord of DXVK13:59
Peco_and the dev told me that he builds for wine-staging13:59
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Peco_I wonder if its due to the network servcie orw/e14:11
Peco_but there is no output to speak off14:11
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jaegerPeco_: take the wine-pba port and modify it not to include the pba patches14:17
jaegerthen you'd have staging14:17
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Peco_jaeger: wouldnt that give me 3.7 staging since it uses the files from your webspace?15:22
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jaegerif you change nothing else, sure, but you could easily grab a newer version if you want15:36
jaegerI use 3.7 because that's what the PBA patches match15:36
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Peco_jaeger: oh right there is 3.11 staging15:41
Peco_but that might be debian only although i doubt it15:42
Peco_this one should just be for every distro15:44
jaegerI'm sure you can build staging on any distro if you have the dependencies15:54
Peco_yee, reason why i said debian only was that i fond this repo later15:54
jaeger is probably the best bet15:55
Peco_the first one i found was debian package specifically15:55
Peco_im building the wine that i linked earlier15:55
Peco_if it works i will make a port out of it15:55
jaegerthat one has PBA patches, looks like15:55
Peco_yup it has15:55
jaegerheh, carry on15:56
Peco_its building now, gonna test it later15:56
Peco_oh right, my overwatch issue was because im a idiot15:57
Peco_and i forgot to update overwatch lol15:57
Peco_so something im wondering, would it be considered lazy to make a port which downloads source files then just does confige, make , make install ?15:58
Peco_sooo wine-staging build and isntalled with succes16:03
jaegerwoot, home lab cluster has been upgraded from 24c/48t to 36c/72t16:03
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pedjajaeger, now you need something like for storage :)16:20
jaegerI already have 32TB ZFS, it's enough for me currently :)16:21
pedja'32 TB should be enough for everybody' - Bill Gates16:23
jaegernotice I did have 'currently' in that statement :P16:23
pedjayup :)16:23
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jaegerEven if I wanted that crazy amount of space I'm limited to 4 3.5" drives in my current NAS setup, unless I were to replace the HBA with one that had external SAS connections16:50
jaegerI wanted something that takes a small amount of physical space16:50
frinnstwhat hardware ?16:51
jaegeryeah, a gen8 microserver G1610T16:51
jaegerworks perfectly for my needs. Not a powerful CPU but enough to get the job done16:52
frinnstyep they rule16:52
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joacimthought about the new one, but they upped the price when i was ready to buy it17:30
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