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Peco_uhm im running into some issues with my port10:02
Peco_the exact same steps im doing in a local clone i made in my home dir dont work if i execute them in my /usr/ports/ronin dir10:03
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.99.917-84210:11
joacimcould you post the pkgfile?10:17
Peco_joacim: yess10:17
Peco_there it is :)10:17
joacimNot really an answer, but you could change the download10:23
joacimif you want 3.1.0 specifically10:23
joacimunless you want the latest git version10:23
Peco_hmmm i can try that, i would prefer latest git version10:23
Peco_but on the off chance anyone else would want to use that port, i reckon they would prefer stable/release versions right10:23
joacimi would, but i know there are people that prefer the git version of things too10:25
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Peco_i guess that makes sense. Think i will try to get this version going first, might do git later10:26
Peco_but you think changing the dl link would fix the error?10:26
Peco_seems odd to me10:26
Peco_the real question is, is that a error with the port or with my system hmmm10:30
joacimi see python in there. do you have stuff installed in the path of your regular user that isnt available systemwide?10:41
Peco_joacim: hmm might be the case, I will have to check10:43
joacimi'd test it myself, but i'm going to run out in a bit10:43
Peco_yee no problem10:44
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deus_exPeco_, master builds fine here, 3.1.0 breaks with the same error11:08
Peco_deus_ex: okay thanks, I will make the port just get the git version then11:08
deus_exyou can tie it to specific commit you know builds, or just use whatever the HEAD is :)11:09
deus_exor roll your own tarball, if you have somewhere to host it11:10
Peco_pedja: its fine like this, i can just use the git source . and indeed just using master doesnt break11:11
Peco_but this is an error in my pkgfile11:13
pedjamay I suggest adding '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr' to cmake? and building out-of-tree11:16
Peco_pedja: hmmm i originally had /usr as a prefix11:16
Peco_building-out-of-tree, i dont know what that means11:17
Peco_I dont do development or use git often outside of downloading packages and storing dotfiles11:17
Peco_so im learning here11:17
pedjajust a second11:18
Peco_pedja: uhm it worked11:20
pedjaPeco_, try this
Peco_pedja: I will11:21
Peco_these are the edits i made just now and this builded and installed succesfully -
Peco_was the way i did it like bad practice?11:23
pedjait builds debug version by default, which is not what you want usually :)11:24
Peco_in your pkgfile, wouldnt $git and $ name conflict since the git already points to jaagr/polybar?11:26
Peco_i might be misunderstadning here11:26
pedjapassing a directory name to git clone is optional11:32
Peco_oh right, its just the directory name, sure11:32
pedjaI like to set it explicitly11:33
Peco_yee that makes sense11:33
pedjahere is the edited version, for reference
Peco_is there any difference between specifying the PREFIX in cmake or make?11:35
Peco_or just preference11:35
pedjadefault for most upstream that use cmake as a build system is '/usr/local', which CRUX doesn't use11:36
Peco_ahhh sure that makes sense11:36
Peco_I just added /usr/local/ to my path , but i guess that would be better ye11:37
pedjafor the majority of applications that use cmake, those 2 options are really all you need for them to build properly11:40
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Peco_anyone here using on crux?12:12
Peco_through wine ofcourse12:12
Peco_pedja: thanks for the info, helps a lot12:12
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SiFuhtar -zxpvf archive.tar.zxpvf ;-)12:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: flash-player-plugin: update to
pedjaFlash plugin is still alive? damn :)14:30
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tsaopI am having trouble with Vulkan validation layers and loaders, following the repo split.17:40
tsaopUnfortunately, the tarballs provided by github are all named sdk-$version.tar.gz17:40
tsaopShould I force download of a specific git tag from the repo?17:40
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pedjatsaop, try this
pedja(my vulkan repo)18:02
tsaoppedja: noice18:02
pedjaI'll appreciate some more testing before I push them to contrib18:04
tsaophow did you get the proper tarball name?18:04
tsaopI only get sdk-$version.tar.gz18:04
pedjafollowing the tip from, and a little bit of experimenting :)18:05
tsaopvery interesting18:06
tsaopI should fix all of my github based ports18:07
tsaoppedja: vulkan-loaders needs python3 dependency18:10
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pedjaI keep forgetting to add it. thanks, tsaop18:12
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tsaoppedja: building your ports in a docker containers as we speak18:13
pedjaif(well, when) you find more issues, shout :)18:16
tsaopI will18:16
SiFuhArrgghh, I lost the 's' in bash. Damn it!18:18
Peco_pedja: i tested with dxvk on r9 290 with mesa 18 and llvm618:25
Peco_it works fine18:25
pedjagood to know, since I don't have anything else but nvidia to test it with :)18:26
tsaoppedja: vulkan-loader needs dependencies to be vulkan-headers xorg-libxrandr18:27
tsaoppedja: same thing with -32 package18:28
jaegerSiFuh: in bourne again hell? :)18:36
tsaoppedja: I confirm The Witcher 3 is running with RX 580, dxvk and your vulkan ports18:40
pedjaany more issues with dependencies or something?18:41
tsaoppedja: other than fixing vulkan-loader, no18:42
tsaopmight want to do a pass of prtverify18:42
tsaopjust to be sure18:42
pedjagood. thanks for he help, tsaop18:42
pedjayeah, I'll unleash prtverify on it next18:42
tsaoppedja: hope it lands soon in contrib to delete my local copies18:44
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Peco_z3bra: i saw some older videos of nixers workflow. are there any recent ones? I quite liked the compilation you did21:41
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