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frinnstso. hot.08:50
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dbrookeonly 23°C outside at the moment, yesterday reached 32 and it was 38 in my server room which resulted in SMART temperature warnings 8-(09:50
frinnstwarmer today than yesterday here09:50
frinnsthad 27C in my bedroom during the night09:50
dbrookeabout 27 inside here now09:54
pedjait's not too hot here, but the humidity is killing me09:55
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frinnst wtf13:45
TheCephalopodWow, better than Tardigrades.13:47
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ryuoThanks for the update captain obvious...19:52
ryuoI thought they had some kind of vulnerability in the windows login screen or something.19:52
ryuoBut nope, it's a run of the mill thing where a malicious user just boots something else.19:53
john_cephalopodaryuo: But did you think "agian"?20:15
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: huh?20:15
john_cephalopodaThere is a typo in the text wall that is shown in the beginning of that video.20:16
john_cephalopodaAt 0:0320:16
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pedja'Castle Rock, based on the stories of Stephen King' this should be interesting21:11
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Ronindoes anyone have a chrome/chromium package they could semd me?22:38
Ronini really dont wanna compile it lol22:38
Roninnvm got it :)22:43
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MNKyDethI enjoyed Crux 3.4 on release. Built myself a new puter. This one has UEFI. Two drives, one for hopefully Crux and one for Windows... I installed windows first then tried Crux. I failed, mostly because I don't know much about UEFI stuffs.23:46
MNKyDethI tried several other distro's just to see if I could gleen some relevant info. Only distro I could get installed along with windows was Fedora 28. All other distro's failed to load the OS upon the first reboot.23:47
MNKyDethSo I feel like I am doing something wrong. I tried doing a mbr install of Crux. It loads the kernel but eventually errors out saying it cannot find root directory. Or root partition.23:48
MNKyDethAnyone with experience loading Crux up with a windows install on a different drive using UEFI? I have a NVMe for Crux and Windows is on a sata device.23:50
jaegerI have to leave now for a while but if you don't get it figured out I can try to lend a hand later. I have a couple of systems which dual boot windows 10 and crux via UEFI. One of them is a laptop with two separate physical drives, the other has a single drive partitioned for both23:50
jaegerI definitely recommend using UEFI for any current/future installs and I can post an example grub2 config for you later on23:50
MNKyDethThat would be amazing. :)23:50
MNKyDethI tried to glean some info from the Fedora 28 install however I don't think they are using grub23:51
jaegerIf you're using some other boot loader I might not have anything useful but there are some example things in the crux wiki's UEFI page, too23:51
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jaegerMy guess is that they probably use systemd-boot these days23:51
jaegeror whatever gummiboot became23:51
MNKyDethI been trying the grub way.23:51
jaegergrub2/grub2-efi is definitely my preferred way23:51
jaegersec, I'll post the grub config from the laptop before I go, maybe it can help23:52
MNKyDethI have my bios forced to UEFI so that way I know windows and Linux is forced to use it.23:52
MNKyDethI removed the legacy bios allowed. Mostly because I was not sure if that was also causing an issue. I tried installing both ways.23:52
jaegerIt can be made to work both ways but in my personal opinion it's far easier to stick with one or the other23:54
jaegerand if windows is already UEFI, don't change it, not worth the trouble23:54
jaeger <-- grub config from the laptop23:54
jaegerwindows is on an nvme ssd, crux on a sata ssd - my ESP is on the nvme ssd and I didn't add one to the sata ssd, no gain to that23:55
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MNKyDethAhh... I might be going wrong there..... I was making the efi folder ESP right? on my Crux drive nvme. And windows made it's own on the sata drive.23:56
jaegerso after installation and mounting the ESP to /mnt/boot/efi (or /boot/efi in the chroot) I run: grub-install /boot/efi23:56
jaegerthis will create a boot entry for you named "grub" but you can remove it and make your own if you want23:57
MNKyDethUsually when I do the grub-install /boot/efi I get an error saying unknown filesystem23:57
jaegerWell, you can have more than one ESP if you want to, but I don't see any benefit, just confusion23:57
jaegerIs your ESP vfat?23:57
MNKyDethbut I do see the "grub" in the directory23:57
MNKyDethyes, mkfs.vfat that partition then mounted23:57
jaegerHrmm, not sure where that came from, then. Anyway, I need to go for now, sorry. Will try to help later if you don't get it sorted by then23:58
MNKyDethAlready been a help, thank you :)23:58
jaegerwelcome :)23:58
MNKyDethI have a few more options to try23:58
MNKyDethI'll be in and out myself. If you post I read the irclogs. I have for years. lol23:59

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