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jaegerMNKyDeth: yes, removing all the FB options matters - you need to keep efifb in there somewhere, and I'd also recommend simple fb03:16
jaegerthe initrd in my case is only intel microcode, nothing related to booting or the display03:17
jaegerWhen booting EFI you DO want the gfxmode, gfxpayload, and gfxterm stuff - when you pick a boot option those get passed to the linux kernel which is where efifb/simplefb take over03:18
jaegerfor clarification, even if you get "no suitable video mode found" the system will boot - you can still get into it via ssh, for example03:19
jaegeryou just can't see much of use on the console03:19
MNKyDethYeah, i made it to command line. Was very happy. :) Grub menu is garbled but i copied that unifont.pf2 file and not sure if that was correct. I also renamed it to unicode.pf203:19
jaegerthese two lines configure how grub finds its modules AND unifont:03:19
jaegersearch --fs-uuid --no-floppy --set root 07c700d8-f241-4df4-b03c-28d87dffade603:19
jaegerset prefix=($root)/usr/lib/grub03:19
jaegeryou should use your own UUID, of course, but that should sort out not finding the font03:20
jaegeryou can find all the relevant UUIDs for your sytem with blkid03:20
jaegerAFK for a bit, need to shower. I moved today03:20
MNKyDethI was sure which uuid to use honestly.03:20
MNKyDethBut the info is good and shows me i need to go back in there and clean it up a bit.03:21
MNKyDethAt least i have something i can use now without using the usb stick to boot and chroot.03:22
jaegerA bit about the UUIDs:03:31
jaegerthe one used in the --set root line is the UUID of the / partition03:32
jaegerthe one used in the windows section is the UUID of the ESP because that's where the windows bootloader is03:32
jaegerThe one used in the linux menuentry sections is the PARTUUID of the03:35
jaegernotice in blkid's output there are separate UUID and PARTUUID (if using GPT which you should be for UEFI)03:35
MNKyDethYes, used gpt. Also, i suppose i was confused on which uuid to use and where. I still put /dev/nvme0n1p1 etc in my fstab but i know i can move those to uuid as well.03:45
MNKyDethIve just never used them before along with uefi03:46
jaegerYou should be able to use them in fstab as well but it's certainly not required03:47
MNKyDethI know when i used blkid from the usb stick or in the chroot it didnt specify the uuid of my partitions. Its why i used the cfdisk to see as that shows it.03:47
MNKyDethNot at the computer for the rest of tonight. Bit i will definitely check blkid again in the morning.03:48
jaegerall good. going to sleep soon myself03:49
MNKyDethI do appreciate all the info too. I know i have a working system but i know it can be better as well.03:50
jaegerAnyway, I think you could even use my grub.cfg nearly unmodified - the parts needing to be changed would be kernel versions and03:50
jaegerNo problem, glad to help... or at least try to help :)03:51
MNKyDethYeah, they are close03:51
MNKyDethI went from a xeon 1290-v2 to a 2700x. Amazing difference for compiles.03:51
jaegerI have a 1700x, quite happy with it03:52
jaegerdid some build time tests a while back -
MNKyDethI should do some timed compiles. I did time my kernel. Was around 50 or 54 seconds. The xeon was always around 4min.03:54
jaegerNot bad either way03:55
MNKyDethVery nice03:55
MNKyDethSeems to taper off around 8 cores.... Threads03:55
jaegeryeah, definitely03:56
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MNKyDethAnyways, thanks man and joacim and frinnst for the advice earlier.03:58
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jaegerNo problem03:58
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MNKyDethThe llvm-32 getting a md5sum mismatch. pkgmk -um fixed it.11:20
MNKyDethI think the md5sum was from the 6.0.0 version. Its now on the 6.0.1 version.11:21
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SiFuhdamn, gotta go to police station on Thursday to ask for donations to help with my speding ticket15:46
joacimmake a speeding ticket patreon16:02
pedjafrinnst, it's even better if you watch the whole thing16:27
pedjathe poem section16:28
pedjathat Canadian chick is just not funny16:29
frinnstnah I like her16:30
pedjadid you watch the all female episode?16:31
frinnstnot the best episode but meh16:32
pedjaI don't remember, were Vegas and Wilkinson ever in the same episode?16:33
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pedjahm. 'Castle Rock' is intriguing. but, I am a fan of (some of the) Stephen King's work :)21:00
pedjasome reviewers think it's 'too slow'21:02
pedjaslow burning is a feature, imho.21:03
pedjaor is instant gratification he way of the world now?21:05
pedjaapparently, no need to take hp mini completely apart to change the CMOS battery.21:12
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pedjaon the upside, if I ever want to swap the wifi card or hard disk, I know exactly which screws I need to remove. so, not a complete waste of time21:14
frinnstits just one screw, no?21:14
frinnstatleast on the prodesk models21:14
frinnstor are you talking about the laptop thingies?21:15
pedjano screws :) just gentle push to one side, and it pops out21:15
frinnst these are pretty nice. one thumb-screw on the back21:16
pedjastep 8
pedjadifferent model, same principle21:17
frinnstmy old eeepc was horrible to pull apart21:19
frinnstyou had to remove the keyboard to get access to anything21:19
pedjaat least it wasn't glued together, as Apple gadgets are. or so I've heard21:20
Anselmoa lot of laptops are pretty terrible to take apart x-x21:21
Anselmoat least for some things21:21
pedjafancy thin ones, probably21:22
frinnsti dont understand how people can use a laptop as their primary computer thingy21:22
pedjaiFixit are doing Gods work21:22
frinnsteverytime i use one i go crazy21:22
Anselmoehh, I mean even taking apart a normal one is probably a bit of a pain21:22
AnselmoI took apart a thinkpad notlong ago and reapplied thermal paste, but it took an entire evening21:23
Anselmowhich is probably better than those whatever, macbook aires21:24
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pedjaI keep hearing about the death of the desktop machine. 'why do you need it? just use tablet/laptop.' errr, no.21:27
MNKyDethLoius Rossman for anything mac related21:27
pedjaI've watched some of his videos/rants. he is cool21:27
Anselmoehh, I figure many people whos lives dont revolve around computers, dont need desktops21:27
MNKyDethWasnt this past quarter an increase in computer sales and the first incrrase in the last 5yrs or something?21:28
pedjaI think so, yes21:28
pedjait's hilarious that these days the CPU is one of the cheaper computer parts21:30
pedjacrazy GPU prices, until recently, insane RAM prices (those won't come down any time soon, sadly)21:31
MNKyDethYeah... Gpu prices are starting to come down. Got my 1070ti two weeks ago for $420 my 2700x for $280 ram was expensive for 16gig though ... Like $300'ish21:32
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pedjaAnselmo, everything is in The Cloud, who needs local horsepower :)21:33
MNKyDethI do hate the term "cloud" ... Cloud vs somethingnlike an ftp server .... Cloud= we retain your info and use it for our purpose. Ftp does same stuff but its yours.21:34
pedjawell, DIY cloud is an option. but who 'normal' would do that :) ?21:36
joacima store here have been clearing out their stock of amd graphics cards. so could get an rx 580 for about 250 euro21:38
MNKyDethI would hate to try to replicate the iphone store or whatever it is. Google play....21:38
pedjaCloudron has a pretty cool demo instance for playing with various cloud apps21:38
pedjajoacim, did you buy it?21:39
joacimi've been attending some "cloud" seminars a few months ago21:39
joacimthey said cloud, but to me it sounded like they stopped buying their own hardware, and simply rented a virtual machine on someone elses infrastructure21:40
pedjaMNKyDeth, F-droid?21:40
joacimbut ofc people are quick to tell me i'm wrong :321:40
MNKyDethAny of you use AMD gpus? Is it holding up well with gaming?21:40
joacimin linux? i have an rx 550 i use. it works well enough for what I use it for (minecraft and quake)21:41
MNKyDethI almost bought and amd gpu. But it would have been my first ever. Just didnt have it in me just yet to do it. Maybe next gen.21:42
SitriI ended up getting an nvidia one, couldn't get mine to run minecraft21:42
joacimthe rx 5xx stuff just works with a recent kernel and xorg21:42
joacimthere is a bit of fiddling with firmware if you diy the kernel tho (crux)21:42
pedjayou can either embed it into the kernel, or let the driver load it from the file system, iirc21:44
pedjathe matter of preference, I guess21:45
pedjacheapest 8gb rx580 here is ~350€21:47
MNKyDethWhat about the vega stuff? Not for price but for compatibility... Does it work properly with free and or binaries?21:52
pedjait's an ongoing work, AMD is upstreaming the shitload of code.21:59
pedjaboth graphics and compute side22:00
pedjathe idea being that their binary drivers should be used only in corporate, 'must have verified drivers' settings22:01
pedjaopencl bits are a bit of the mess now, iirc, vulkan side works reasonably well22:02
pedjasome people here are using AMD GPU's with DXVK, seems to work just fine22:04
MNKyDethI have a lot of linux native games via gog and steam. I have most of the old loki games on cds. As well as the unreals and id games.22:07
MNKyDethSo fairly big gamer Linux wise.22:07
MNKyDethBeen using crux since around 2.0 or 2.1 but i never visited irc for an extended period of time. Oh and uefi sucks the first time around. :)22:08
MNKyDethHad all of the s2games too until they went more moba style.22:10
Anselmopedja: well, something like that22:20
AnselmoI've also heard that argued by some people into privacy in the way of like ''I dont want anything important in my house or easily tied to my legal identity22:21
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