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jaegerpedja: I paid $249 us for my 8gb rx580 for comparison00:44
jaegerI've tested it with basic stuff like glxgears already, no issues there... tried a couple steam games, too. Else Heart.Break() and Bioshock Infinite00:56
jaegerI'll test minecraft, too, because why not? But haven't yet00:57
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jaegerMNKyDeth: so do you have UEFI sorted now?02:24
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MNKyDethjaeger i do.... However i tried a fresh install. The initial search command for the root directory fails. But, i can get it to work without the if statement and specifying the drive (hd1,gpt2)/vmlinuz02:59
MNKyDethSo... Not sure why it doesnt work youe way for me but i do have it working.03:00
jaegervery odd03:02
MNKyDethI did have to copy the .pf2 file and such as well. Honestly I dont care since it works. When i booted and was working from the grub shell it seemed to only allow stuff from with the EFI/ directory.03:04
jaegerIf you sort out the search, you don't need to copy the font anywhere03:04
MNKyDethI do understand that. I tried the filesystem UUID and the partitoon uuid just to see.03:05
MNKyDethBut it seemed to only allow the /boot drive.... /EFi/ on down to wherever.03:06
jaegerDefinitely something missing, though I'm not sure what03:08
MNKyDethI have the efi vfat partiton on sda1. Windows installed to sda2 and 3. My crux (linux) drive is nvme0n1p1 /boot.  ... nvme0n1p2 is / and nvme0n1p3 is /home.  ... nvme0n1p4 = swap03:09
MNKyDethI tried several different kernel configs and i am pretty sure i enabled all the efi stuff.03:10
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: llvm-32: remove .md5sum08:17
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frinnstjaeger: cheapest 580 with 8gb i can find is ~$406 here in sweden08:59
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pedjaAsus Strix one is around 400€. must be the extra RGB09:45
pedjaif I win the lottery, I might get something like
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pedjathat's a week old 2700, apparently10:10
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john_cephalopodaVR might be a market worth entering...10:13
john_cephalopodaYou can get good VR goggles with controllers for 250$ in the USA. In Germany and the rest of Europe, the exact same thing is 498€.10:14
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pedjaunsurprisingly, gnugo is kicking my ass :)11:51
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jaegerfrinnst: bummer :/13:05
ryuoThis may be the wrong place to ask but13:36
ryuoany thoughts on how I might debug this issue further?
ryuoI discovered it persists regardless of distribution.13:37
jaegerIt does sound like a kernel issue, or at the extreme, a hardware defect. Would be nice if someone else with the same model could test it too13:38
ryuojaeger: not a hardware issue. it works under windows when the proper drivers are installed.13:39
ryuoit's something else.13:39
ryuoI already fixed a different compatibility issue.13:39
ryuoaudio LEDs weren't working.13:40
ryuojaeger: i thought if i could trace what is genereting the input events, i could learn more about how they're mapped.13:43
ryuobut this is the kernel, something I rarely try to debug.13:43
ryuoObviously the keys are identified, but they aren't reported correctly.13:44
ryuoWell, i'm at least happy with my iodd2531...13:45
ryuoI discovered how to use it for virtual USB drives.13:45
ryuoOf the 2 firmwares, I went back back to NTFS firmware.13:45
jaegerHave you already grepped through the kernel source for the keycode, for example?13:45
ryuojaeger: no. I tried that. in Alpine linux, it spit out an unrecognized scan code or so.13:46
ryuoand... all 3 keys spit out the same message in dmesg.13:46
ryuoI'll try to grab that again.13:46
ryuojaeger: it seems the systemd distros map it, though the kernel doesn't.13:47
ryuojaeger: i'll try it again with that one, though i haven't had any luck.13:49
ryuopretty sure that the F20 is what udev is doing.13:49
pedjaI have a similar issue with hp mini/opensuse Leap. ironically, only brightness keys work as they should, all the rest are completely random13:50
pedjaFn+function key is broken for half of them13:53
jaegerIf it's udev, perhaps there's a tweak or update for hwdb you can use13:54
ryuojaeger: no can do. the issue is the kernel reports them as the same scan code.13:55
jaegerI thought so but your other comments seemed to contradict that13:55
ryuoHow can userspace tweaks fix that?13:55
jaegersuch as systemd mapping it13:56
ryuojaeger: ah. i meant, on alpine linux, they don't map it so the kernel says the function keys are unknown.13:56
ryuoand they're all the same value.13:56
ryuooddly, they have the following scan code sequence: 0x5a 0xda13:57
ryuoNot sure how it's supposed to be read.13:57
jaegerIs the first down and the second up, maybe?13:57
ryuohard to tell.13:59
ryuoHm... i did learn that it was atkbd that complained...14:06
ryuomaybe i should try debugging that driver.14:06
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pedjasomeone in Hollywood is writing a script about this as we speak15:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] nsd: update to 4.1.2315:49
ryuopedja: I can see it now. A movie about how Harold Rump got elected due to meddling from Prussian hackers. =p16:39
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joacimpedja: was the reset bug with passthrough on threadripper fixed?22:38
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pedjajoacim, afaict, yes, with a BIOS update22:48
pedjawhat's your m/b?22:49
joacimnot one for mine22:49
joacimat least the description doesnt mention anything useful22:50
joacimx399 taichi22:50
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pedja'ThreadRipperPI-SP3r2' has the fix22:52
joacimoh ok22:52
pedjaupdate to 2.3, then to 3.10, and you should be good to go :)22:52
joacimthe fix works regardless of kernel version?22:52
joacimi should be good then22:53
joacimwant to give the passthrough project another go22:53
pedja(based on what I read, I don't have TR to play with :) )22:53
joacimtomb raider is decent22:53
joacimanniversary is the best one imho22:54
crash_you mean the first one?22:55
joacimsecond game from the legend triology22:56
joacimnever enjoyed the older tank control games that much22:56
joacimbut i never really gave them a chance either22:56
pedjajoacim, there might be some tinkering involved to get it working, depending on how good of a job m/b vendors did with the BIOS :)23:05
joacimi can try it out i guess23:06
joacimwonder if i can passthrough a voodoo card on a pci bridge23:06
pedjatry something simpler first23:06
joacimlike an r9 29023:06
pedjayeah, something like that23:08
joacimit is something i'd like to try tho. voodoo 3 pci + vortex 2. that with a single core of 3.5 GHz23:08
joaciman older x99 system might be easier for that kind of stuff since i think those have pci slots23:08
joacimso i wouldnt have to run normal height cards on a riser or in an enclosure23:09
pedjaI think wendell tested vega, rx and fury23:09
joacimgueuss it is on their linux channel23:09
pedjaforums and linux channel23:09
pedjar/vfio is a good resource, too23:10
joacimi dont think they like my kind there23:10
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