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pedjajoacim, 'your kind' :) ?00:27
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frinnstnorwegians probably10:09
frinnstthey are a bit odd10:09
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frinnstmy god ubuntu "apt autoremove" is stupid with regards to old kernels11:20
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frinnstHP Proliant BL465c G7 24-core 2x Opteron 6174 32GB 10GbE11:26
frinnsttalk me out of buying11:26
joacimdon't buy it. who needs that many cores anyways11:29
frinnstnot sure what I would do with it11:33
frinnsthomelab at work maybe?11:33
ryuofrinnst: it's from HPE. they want to extort you for updates down the line.11:40
ryuoOn a side note, i found an issue similar to my own, though another product line.11:41
joacimi think he already paid the extortion fee =)11:57
ryuofrinnst: you mean it tends to keep old kernels lying around?12:43
ryuofrinnst: i've noticed that on all my normal installs, but for any I installed manually, the system only keeps a max of 2. the current and the previous kernel releases.12:44
ryuoIt's weird.12:44
frinnstmy script doesnt remove obsolete packages12:44
ryuomaybe there's some configuration setting you can toggle to make it remove really old kernels.12:45
frinnstyeah its just a very basic ansible playbook12:45
frinnstset it up like 2 years ago and havent looked at it since12:45
ryuoi just noticed that Ubuntu automatically removes old kernels for debootstrap installs but not for ones done with the regular installer.12:46
ryuoI wonder if the installer sets some flag to preserve kernels by default?12:47
frinnsti just run apt update && upgrade in it, more or less12:47
frinnstor yum update if its a rhel thingy12:47
ryuoi'm not even using ansible.12:47
ryuoI'll look into it.12:47
ryuo10 seconds of googling12:49
frinnstautoremove does remove my kernels - i just dont run it automagically12:49
ryuoI see.12:55
pedjaon openSUSE I keep the kernel that it shipped with, running one, and running-1.12:58
pedjaso zypper auto-removes the old ones12:59
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jaegerfrinnst: I think I'd avoid opteron servers just based on age and power consumption13:13
jaegerAnd of course HPE because of their paywall support BS13:13
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jaegeractually, power specs on that one don't look as bad as I expected13:33
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frinnsti can download stuff via work14:18
frinnstbut 'tis a silly idea!14:18
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pedja'Infinity Wars' has way too many characters23:20
Anselmoisnt that the premise ?23:22
pedjathey even cut out a few of them in edit :)23:23
pedjait would be more interesting if 2/3 of them died, so the rest are pissed even more23:24
Anselmoperhaps they should have advertised it as they did23:26
pedjabut almost all of them are protected by the Shield Of The Plot/upcoming sequel deals23:26
Anselmobut done the film as a like,romantic comedy with no relation to the advertising23:27
pedjacomic book nerd backlash would be huge :)23:27
pedjaMarvel isn't stupid23:27
Anselmoehh, I'd find it funy :P23:28
Anselmobut then I'm clearly not the intended audience23:28
pedjaI watched it to see what the hype is about23:29
Anselmowas it worth it ?23:30
pedjait looks gorgeous :)23:30
pedjabut story-wise? meh23:31
Anselmoany modern hollywood film is gorgeaos isnt it ?23:31
pedjait has some fin moments. to bad they are too brief23:32
AnselmoI recently rewatched Life of Brian23:33
Anselmomy so hadnt seen any monty python, so was fun23:34
pedjaHoly Grail next?23:34
Anselmowill probably wait a while, but that or maybe just the television programme at some point23:35
pedjaspell fail. again. time to go to sleep for me23:36
Anselmooh ;;23:36
Anselmobut seeya pejda23:36

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