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frinnsttoo hot at work08:33
frinnstgive me -15C now!08:33
surrounderwhat frinnst says08:33
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Server rooms are usually cold.08:33
surrounderso through with this damn summer08:33
frinnstyeah but cant really do my work from there08:39
frinnst23C and 56% currently in our racks08:41
frinnstbit higher than usual. around 20-21 during winter08:42
frinnstlooks like a very lovely piece of kit09:37
frinnstaircon ordered. 2wks delivery :(09:56
john_cephalopodaDelivery: December 2018. Warranty until June 2019 (when it will suddenly break down).09:57
frinnstLeverans: Fr.o.m. 13-08-201809:57
frinnstdelonghi pac ex120 - hope it doesnt suck09:58
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pedjafrinnst, how big is the room you want to cool of?11:36
frinnstnot sure how big my apartment is. but its way less than 100m^211:37
pedjaI have 12000 BTU AC, for 60m211:38
pedjathe 'proper' one, not this portable thingie, thou11:39
pedjabut I don't think 40+C temperatures are that common in Sweden, so you should be fine :)11:45
frinnstyeah for sure11:50
pedjadamn. CRUX has ipv6 mirror in Kazakhstan. cool12:02
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joacimwas thinking about the personal sized aircons. to keep under my desk or something like that12:56
joacimlast weeks heat wave is over for me12:56
joacimno more 30C bullshit12:56
joacimpedja: what's this vkquake.pak?13:05
pedjarenamed quakespasm.pak13:08
joacimyeah but what is it :313:08
joacimnot seen any package of quakespasm that includes their own .pak yet13:08
pedjait's an optional quakespasm content, afaict13:10
joacimthe arch aur package just install the main binary + icon and desktop file13:11
joacim"Replacement .ent files to fix z-fighting for several id1 maps added to quakespasm.pak."13:12
joacimbugfixes i guess13:12
joacimsaw a lot of zfighting when i played quake through quakespasm on windows, makes me wonder if the quakespasm.pak was missing there too13:13
joacimsecret doors were horrible about that, when they would slide into another wall13:13
joacimi keep switching my kvm switch to input 2 when i want to work on the other monitor...13:13
joacimso easy to pick up bad habits13:14
pedjaarch vkquake port installs it, afaik13:14
joacimdifferent maintainers i guess13:14
joacimbut ill look into installing it with my port too, if it fixes zfighting13:15
pedjamy guess would be that it's some engine specific stuff/bugfixes, as you said13:17
joacimit is fun being that one guy that bottom posts with plaintext emails, when people send me html formated ones13:28
joacimthe freenode spammer is still going strong in this other channel i lurk13:30
pedjajoacim, btw, if you are looking for pak0/pak1, search GH :)13:43
joacimthey're in a box up on my shelves :313:44
pedjanice :)13:44
joacimCD is way scratched up, so i had to procure the music13:44
joacimbut the pak files are on the working part of the CD13:44
pedjaI don't build html plugin for Claws, so when I get html mail, it looks...weird13:46
pedjawhose bright idea was that, I wonder13:47
joacimi usually set my clients to view the plaintext version if it is available13:48
joacimhtml email is annoying i think13:48
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joacimno idea if my quakespasm loads the pakfile. cant figure out how to make it more verbose about such things13:53
frinnstyou gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys hole14:23
joacimi never paid14:29
joacimyamagi quake2 has much nicer packaging documentation. with a lot of nice things to know14:32
joacimquakespasm is a bit quiet about data directories and such things14:32
pedjawhen that's the case, I usually look at how openSUSE or Fedora packaged it for hints14:39
pedjamodulo distro weirdness :)14:40
pedjafrinnst, lol14:40
joacimmost distros dont seem to package quakespasm at all14:49
joacimthey tend to go for darkplaces14:49
joacimseems these applications likes to have their assets alongside their binaries14:53
pedjathey are a PITA, aren't they?14:56
joacimsimilar with quake 2, but that game is better documented for packaging14:58
joacimhave to make both my ports consistent i think. similar locations and names14:58
pedjaI usually put them in opt or usr/{share,lib}, and make (or steal^Wborrow) some trivial shell wrapper14:58
joacimsince you already commited to /usr/share/games with your vkquake, i guess ill do the same14:59
joacimmy yamagi quake 2 port uses /usr/lib/quake214:59
pedja'usr/share/games' is, per man hier, place for static data files15:01
pedjaprtverify isn't screaming at me, so I guess it's OK :)15:02
pedjaidk, I might change it to usr/share/vkquake15:04
jaegermake it /usr/share/workfiles15:04
pedjajaeger, so '/usr/share/port_name' ?15:05
jaegerI was just joking about hiding it from your boss :P15:05
pedjaah :)15:05
pedjaI need to check other game ports, to see how are they doing it15:06
pedjavariant of 'nothing to see here, boss, honest'15:07
joacimfound my boss sitting in the lunch room watching sports for hours15:09
joacimso that joke doesnt apply to me :315:09
joacimno matter what i do, it only seems to want to load from ~/.quakespasm15:19
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libdrm: update to 2.4.9315:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: lvm2: update to 2.02.18115:27
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.15015:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gdbm: update to 1.1715:28
jaegervkquake seems to work great on the rx 580, no surprise15:35
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joacimframerate with uncapped fps?16:01
jaegerI'll have to figure out how to uncap it, it was 71 the entire time16:04
joacimthink render fps and logic fps can be untied16:05
joacimnot sure tho16:05
joacimthe engine likes to break above 7016:05
joacimhost_maxfps maybe16:06
joacimon my sandybridge laptop with quakespasm, i get 328.9 FPS in timedemo demo116:09
joacimdoesnt look like i need to remove the fps cap for that. so leaving it at 72 is probably safe16:09
jaegertimedemo on demo1 gives me 844.8 FPS, heh16:12
joacimscr_showfps 1 to display fps16:12
joacimin general16:13
jaegeryeah, that's how I knew it was 7116:13
pedjahow do you run it in timedemo mode?16:38
joacimopen the console and type timedemo demo116:38
pedjathat complicated, eh?16:40
joacimfor me the console is bound to |16:40
joacimor the key just above tab16:40
pedja287fps, full screen, 1920x1018016:45
pedjanot bad for almost deprecated graphics card :)16:46
Anselmodoes your screen even work at 287Hz ?16:47
pedjavsync off16:48
jaegerheh, ran a timedemo of an old hipnotic hipdm1 deathmatch session... 1298FPS16:48
pedjaNetflix has some hdr10 and dolby vision videos, if anyone has a TV that supports either16:51
jaegersetting host_maxfps above 72 definitely does break the game physics in entertaining ways16:51
jaegerlike no elevators work16:51
pedjawhat was the modern game that breaks with high fps? one of the GTA ones?16:53
joacimthere. updated my port. assets are system wide, in /usr/share/games16:53
pedjajoacim, apply for contrib :)16:54
joacimwas thinking about making a games repo actually =)16:54
joacimwith quake ports, quake 2, map packs16:54
joacimand a fonts repository16:54
pedjaI have a couple of games ports16:55
pedjaI guess people use mostly Steam/Lutris on CRUX16:57
joacimon linux i mostly stick with native non-steam games16:57
pedjaPlayOnLinux fork of sorts16:57
joacim+ gog once in a while16:57
jaegerI played a little of Metro 2033 redux and Else Heart.Break() with the RX 580, both work great17:12
jaegerElse Heart.Break() is a fun game. Short but you can do a lot17:12
joacimwill test the vkquake port in a bit :317:13
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joaciminstall -D -m 644 $SRC/ctf-patch/baseq2/*.pak $PKG/usr/share/games/quake2/baseq2/18:46
joaciminstall: target '/usr/ports/mine/yamagi-quake2/work/pkg/usr/share/games/quake2/baseq2/' is not a directory: No such file or directory18:46
joacimwhat am i doing wrong?18:46
jaegerdon't think you can use wildcards with -D18:49
jaegeradd an install -d -m 755 $PKG/usr/share/games/quake2/baseq2 first, then remove the -D from the next line?18:50
joacimsounds about right18:53
pedja480p streaming ftw19:16
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joacimbeen almost 2 months since i updated the laptop. taking quite some time now21:04
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crash_i like the temperature outside now 15C21:47
crash_yeah, it seems to be a bit cooler these coming days :)21:50
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