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joacimjaeger: I get permission-based mismatches on your dconf port from the mate repository.04:47
joacimcould my umask of 0022 cause this?04:48
jaegerMaybe, though I generally don't alter my umask and I think 0022 is the usual, right? I'll test it in a container. For now, going to sleep, I'm dead tired. Will check it out tomorrow04:49
joacimheh. sleep well04:49
joacimcouldn't sleep on my end04:49
jaegeractually, dconf doesn't have many deps, should be quick to test04:49
joacimdidnt take long to compile at all on my t42004:50
jaegerhrmm, no mismatch in the container. I'll test it on a non-container system tomorrow, too04:50
joacimonly one i found so far with this issue04:51
jaegeryeah, bit strange. Will try to look into it more when I'm more awake :)04:52
joacimbut i have been fiddling with the umask in the past, so i wouldn't be surprised if im the cause =)04:52
jaegerfair enough, heh04:52
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pedjapoor donkey
pedja'in 2013, a zoo in China tried to pass off a dog as a lion'07:02
pedjawell, those portable dogs, that are all the rage these days, *can* pass as a rat07:03
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frinnsti saw a picture of that 'lion'. it was awesome09:44
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pedjaheh. even with mpv Vulkan backend, 4k video is basically unplayable on my machine13:05
pedja170-180% CPU usage, too13:05
joacimdid i see someone complain about docbook a while ago? :313:13
joacimhad to remove docbook-xsl to compile samba13:13
pedja'If it can shock or blind you it's layer 1.' nice13:18
joacimosi model=?13:18
pedjathat would be my guess :)13:20
pedjait's from one of the custom headers that Wireshark d/l server sends13:22
joacimhard to find a good explanation of that I think. seems like most people don't really understand it themselves when they answer people asking about it13:22
joacimand just repeat the same crappy definition as everyone else13:22
pedjanetworking was never my thing :)13:32
pedjamy use of tcpdump/wireshark is pathetically amateurish13:32
joacimi use wireshark only to get the proper download link so i can download stuff through firefox when the launcher for GTA5 fails to download updates =)13:33
pedjanice :)13:34
john_cephalopodaIs the OSI model even used anywhere?13:49
john_cephalopodaUsually I see the TCP/IP model, which is Application, Transport, Network/Internet, Link, Physical13:51
jaegerjoacim: I do see the dconf mismatch on a non-containerized system13:51
john_cephalopodaLayer 1 is physical, so electricity on cables or light in fiber.13:51
joacimstrange that container systems are different13:54
jaegerindeed. I wonder if it's a known umask+namespace interaction or something13:55
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pedjaI just 'love' when I fuck up port that is using node, so npm d/l bunch of stuff over and over and over again14:50
frinnstjoacim: you probably missed the install-scripts for docbook16:35
frinnstit was related to something like that16:36
joacimthe scripts should run whenever i update stuff with prt-get16:47
joacimi did set it to run scripts16:47
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I can manage to build a mingw cross-compiler for dxvk19:04
joacimthink i should get a 5k monitor just so i can fit discord somewhere19:32
joacimtoo big, even in compact mode19:32
jaegerI love the engrish on cheap electronics sometimes: "More strongth"19:47
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