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Romsterwhat would you use dxvk in windows for?01:47
Romsteri haven't messed with mingw in a very long time01:47
joacimrunning directx software on vulkan i guess01:48
Romsterin windows?01:48
joacimtried vkquake on my laptop. looks like it wont work on mine.01:48
joacimguessing vulkan isnt supported by the driver on sandy bridge01:49
Romsteri am not sure why but mpv dragging the window is slow and jerky yet other GUI's i can drag smooth and fluently01:57
Romsteron nvidia glvnd vulkan01:57
joacimnoticed kwin can crash when i use mpv02:05
Romsterglxgears and cube all show fine02:07
Romsterand mpv is linked with vulkan-loader and i am using02:09
Romsterstreamlink -p "/usr/bin/mpv --vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan --cache 4096 --no-cache-pause --title='mpv quirkygeek17/best'" best02:09
Romsterhrmm it's only jerky when i got 2 or more players on the same screen, surely my gtx750 Ti can handle more than one?02:16
Romsterwonder if gtk gtk3 needs a rebuild to link with vulkan?02:19
Romsteri'm not sure what else links with it, maybe even xorg-server?02:19
joacimsomething like that should work fine (without vulkan) on much older cards02:19
jaegerI wouldn't use dxvk in windows, not even sure you could do that... but the mingw compiler is needed to build it02:24
jaegerfor linux02:24
jaegerer, oops. paste buffer fail02:25
Romsteroh crap is it... i was about to start work on vxdk soon to add it for wine02:25
Romsteror are you in the process of doing that jaeger ?02:26
Romsterman i retired my mingw ports years ago02:26
jaegerI've started to look at it, not far in yet02:26
jaegerI built wine-staging from git and installed it, then was trying to build dxvk and found the mingw dep02:26
Romsterah got any Pkgfiles of what you done so far?02:27
jaegerNot yet, just building manually until I have something that works. Of course I will share when it does :)02:39
Romster2017-2018 the year where dependencies grow exponentially02:40
Romsteri made a patch for "finddeps" to also list *-32 ports that are linked.02:43
Romsterjust haven't bothered to add a feature request for that yet02:44
jaegerJust noticed there are dxvk releases on the github page, so can test those at least before diving into the build stuff03:07
Romsterwwork is really killing my mind, trying to make a shell script and i am struggling to figure out the logic with a bit of complex string matching and transforming after grathering peaces of information from various sources03:33
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jaegermixed results with dxvk stuff but maybe04:05
jaegerI'm missing parts04:05
jaegercan't run any 32-bit stuff currently with it04:05
jaegerI can run the native linux cube and cube-32 and 64-bit cube in wine from the vulkan SDK installed in the prefix04:15
jaegercan't run the 32-bit cube from wine04:15
jaegerA problem for another time, gotta sleep04:22
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frinnstmode -i17:28
frinnstmy irc skills are rusty17:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: net-snmp: updated to 5.817:43
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joacimbefore i bought my switch, there were firmware available for download22:24
joacimtoday the drivers and software page is empty22:25
joacimit helps to complain =)22:31
ryuojoacim: what switch?23:36
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joacimhpe 1920s. 24 port version23:38
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ryuojoacim: do you know the product #?23:42
ryuoJL385A HPE 1920S 24G 2SFP PoE+ 370W Swch23:44
ryuoJL384A HPE 1920S 24G 2SFP PPoE+ 185W Swch23:44
ryuoJL381A HPE 1920S 24G 2SFP Switch23:45
ryuoThis seems related, but no idea what it is.23:45
ryuojoacim: shit tends to get lost on the HP/HPE websites. sometimes you have to dig to find anything.23:50

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