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joacimi did find the firmware tho00:17
joacimwhy i said it helps to complain =)00:17
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ryuofrinnst: yea, but in this case they couldn't find it.01:29
joacimim not a they. i identify as a potted plant01:30
joacimpls use the proper pronoun01:30
ryuojoacim: yes, your soilyness.01:30
ryuoI think frinnst is mainly referring to HPE proliant servers.01:31
ryuothose "require" an active warranty or such to download vital stuff like BIOS.01:31
ryuoBut amusingly the last 2 BIOS firmwares didn't even check if i had one.01:31
ryuoThey just let me DL it.01:31
ryuoWhat's up with that?01:32
ryuoWell, if they can't be bothered to enforce it, not my problem. :P01:32
frinnsttry finding firmware for a bl460c gen9 for example01:32
ryuoAh. I was thinking the ML10 v2.01:32
frinnsteven hp microservers required an account last i looked01:33
ryuoNot to download.01:33
ryuoHey, I found the BIOS firmware.01:34
ryuoOh wait.01:34
ryuoAh this it it.01:35
ryuoACTION facepalms.01:35
frinnsthah yeah have fun01:35
ryuothe heck are you talking about?01:35
ryuothe bl460c isn't gen901:36
ryuoThere it is.01:36
ryuoFound it.01:36
ryuoI can download it...01:37
ryuoGo figure.01:37
ryuofrinnst: i have only seen the entitlement enforced on the SPPs.01:38
ryuoOddly some of them it isn't applied to.01:38
ryuoEven though the wording suggests otherwise.01:38
ryuoMy proliant is out of warranty now but I had used it to get the last SPP it qualified for applied.01:39
ryuoOddly enough the BIOS and iLO updates haven't required an entitlement.01:39
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abenzhey guys02:22
abenzI think I asked this before..02:22
abenzI have this file:02:23
abenz01. Op.5 nє 1 in B - flat - 1.Allegro Moderato02:23
abenzsee the special character after Op.502:23
abenzthis causes smplayer to fail to open it (no such file..etc)02:23
abenzwhat do I need to install to make my system recognize these characters and so able to open them in players etc02:24
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frinnstryuo: make sure you are online on irc during the weekdays. I might need you to find hpe downloads for me during work hours :-)08:41
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ryuofrinnst: lol.11:03
ryuofrinnst: i don't see how it's hard, but then I'm used to having to find crap.11:06
frinnstyou can probably charge people in for doing it too11:10
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ryuofrinnst: you trolling? lol11:22
frinnsthehe no11:30 is hated everywhere11:30
abenzscanning a qrencode to add a complete vpn profile to a mobile device is pretty cool11:32
abenzACTION jumps on wireguard hypetrain11:32
ryuofrinnst: weird. i just consider it... normal.11:36
abenzwhat a world of difference, compared to ipsec..11:36
ryuoACTION watches the train derail.11:37
abenzI didn't pay much attention at first given I was happy with openvpn11:37
abenzbut if you use vpns, its worth checking out for sure11:37
frinnstabenz: what are you running it on?11:43
frinnsthavent really kept up to date with it. how's the encryption offloading etc?11:43
abenzlaptop, desktop..etc. I'm migrating everything to it. On embedded especially the speed increase is alone worth it (add to it simplicity and all that and its a no brainer)11:44
abenzembedded as in openwrt routers11:45
abenzfrinnst: encryption offloading I can't speak about x86, but on embedded again it surpasses openvpn in speed (which uses hw accelerated openssl)11:49
abenzipsec is accelerated too but wireguard is secure by default and  the config setup is elegant as opposed to ipsec with its maze of "left and right" configs11:51
abenzhaving said all that, I see new versions pushed almost monthly, so I'm not sure how production ready it is.. seems pretty stable tho11:52
frinnstyeah ipsec can be a bit of a pain when using different vendors12:02
frinnsti've never been impressed by openvpn speeds but very easy to use12:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: gdbm-32: 1.16 -> 1.1712:16
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libdrm-32: 2.4.92 -> 2.4.9312:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.8.512:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: pango: updated to 1.42.312:31
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pedjathere is Wireguard for EdgeRouter, if anyone wants to play with it12:47
pedjaiirc, people get 800+Mb on 1/1Gbit pipe, which, if true, is insane :)12:48
pedjait is interesting to watch WG path to upstream13:03
pedjaLinus and gkh are fans of it, apparently13:04
frinnstjust like openvpn i fear the appliance support will be lacking13:28
frinnstcant imagine cisco supporting it :)13:28
pedjaor pfSense any time soon13:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: updated to 1.28.014:19
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: pango-32: 1.42.2 -> 1.42.315:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-32: 1.8.4 -> 1.8.515:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.8.4 -> 1.8.515:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ant: 1.10.3 -> 1.10.515:09
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frinnstI'm sorry rum ham!15:15
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SiFuhirssi is not auto joing the channel anymore damn it17:09
frinnstdoesnt /save work?17:11
SiFuh <-- this17:11
SiFuhthe rules changed17:12
frinnstah yeah we use +r17:13
frinnstnobody can have nice things :(17:13
SiFuhi have been registered for years17:13
SiFuhjust sudenly this spam shit and i can't auto log in, I can only join #openbsd  and have to manually join all other channels17:13
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joacimi think some channels have a delay on the autojoin17:27
joacimso you have time to register before you join17:27
joacimsome clients*17:27
joacimon freenode, i think you can also use your nickserv password as the password when connecting to the server17:32
SiFuhi always used delay 200017:35
SiFuhnot it only works on OpenBSD17:35
SiFuhI tried other times and still not work17:36
pedjajoacim, you can also use TLS certificate17:39
SiFuhpedja: saw that, but I worked 12 hours and drank 3 litres of beer when I saw it. So I put that on hold for now ;-)18:00
dbrookeI use sasl which should complete authentication before attempting to join -
ryuoSiFuh: do you use SASL?18:43
ryuoSiFuh: i'd suggest switching to it. I've never had that problem with SASL active.18:44
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joacimcan sasl authentication also retake your nick if your old session hasnt timed out yet?18:58
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jaegerwhy you gotta go crazy with the saved window layout, irssi?19:00
joacimrizon supports sasl like this too19:01
joacimtoo american for me19:17
joacimi could use a complete set of keys made out of reindeer antlers maybe19:18
jaegerheh, that's ridiculous19:20
jaegermuch like its price19:20
joacimlooks 3d printed19:21
joacimguess one could flatten the top of some old worn out caps, and clue them in yourself19:21
joacimfill the gaps with epoxy if it needs to be thicker19:22
smolboyethere is no b43-fwcutter port?19:35
jaegerLooks that way. Would probably be an easy one to make19:57
smolboyeyeah might do that20:36
joacimtempted to buy crux supply products every time i see them :320:44
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ronin7zsooo i tried going bac kto void linux for a short while, mainly because i kept having issues with wine where it kept crashing\22:25
ronin7zdoes anyone have better experiences?22:25
joacimnah. been a very long time since i last used wine22:44
joacimused it for eve online, and back then it was always a bit unstable22:45
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