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xckowine was always solid for me. used to play skyrim and morrowind through it.00:39
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jaegerI use it a fair amount... mostly my problems are due to something being missing, not crashes01:51
joacimone thing i liked about wine was that running something like touhou was easier than on windows01:51
joacimsince japanese locales are way fiddly on that platforms01:52
joacims/on that/than/g02:02
joacimbit too late for my brain02:02
joacimstill doesnt work i see02:02
joacimok ignore the correction..02:03
jaegerthe original statement seemed reasonable02:03
joacimi think i forgot what i was saying02:12
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SiFuhryuo: joacim: pedja: SASL works fine ;-)06:15
SiFuhryuo: thanks for the suggestion06:15
joacimnice =)06:43
joacimbit lame that clients dont wait for nickserv tho06:43
joacimeither way should work jsut fine06:44
joacimbut what should an what does work is usually different06:44
joacimi know i dont work, but i should06:44
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SiFuhjoacim: irssi has wait07:35
SiFuhautosendcmd = "/^msg nickserv identify <password>;wait -freenode 2000";07:35
SiFuhJust not working since Freenode changed something07:35
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frinnsthow professional10:28
SiFuhat least it works10:30
surroundergreat, short, slogan10:30
surrounderseems good!10:31
SiFuhseems to have nothing in it except index.html haha10:33
pedjafrinnst, this might be useful
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frinnsti got “Notice of Copyright Infringement” from HP for hosting binary firmwares on my website13:16
frinnstthey sure are cunts13:16
frinnstnot sure these apply to our blades or c7000s but still very nice13:17
SiFuhDownloading the files and installing them is a copyright infringement13:18
SiFuhCopyright Infringements are the biggest load of shit ever since they should only be applied by sources and not binaries and not on website clones.13:19
SiFuhI think I did not word that right13:20
SiFuhCopyright Infringements should only be on cloning source codes or faking the website. Not redistributing binaries.13:20
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john_cephalopodaACTION . o O ( Redistributing binary files with .mp3 and .mp4 file extensions )13:29
SiFuhyep they are modified and un-original13:30
SiFuhthey just sound like, the original mostly13:30
john_cephalopodaThe source are the tracks that were recorded in the studio.13:31
john_cephalopodaThe issue is that it is hard to say what the difference between a "binary" and "source" are.13:31
SiFuhIn Australia 'I think 2006' VCR's became legal.13:31
john_cephalopodaWhen I distribute a python program, is it source or equivalent to binary?13:32
SiFuh it was technically illegal to record TV shows at home prior to 2006, despite VCRs being a regular household fixture in Australia since the mid-1980s.13:32
john_cephalopodaIirc it was legal in Germany under the law that allows you to make private copies of things.13:33
john_cephalopodaAn issue with the law is, that you should be able to make copies of copy-protected media but breakingg copy protections is not legal.13:34
SiFuhRedistributing is not against copyright. Saying it is yours is against copyright13:34
john_cephalopodaIt is _copy_ right.13:35
SiFuhI use to work as a cartoonist. Anyone copies my shit but doesn't modify it, keeps my name, and reprinted it was fine13:36
john_cephalopodaWhen you upload a video to youtube and write under it "I own nothing" [sic], then you still infringe copyright because you distributed copies of copyrighted materials.13:37
SiFuhIf they made money from it and did not give me royalties.. then it became theft13:37
john_cephalopodaBy default your work is "all rights reserved".13:38
john_cephalopodaRedistributing your work - even when crediting you - is not legal unless you explicitely state it.13:38
SiFuhWe could make that the fact that someone thought of that law and that law being copied in a south park episode.. Imagine how many countries could be sued for copying the copyright law13:40
john_cephalopodaLaws are public domain.13:43
SiFuhso is the real world13:43
SiFuhand since no human has ever created anything, copyright laws should be changed.13:44
john_cephalopodaSo should mine workers be not paid because the stones they mined weren't created by them?13:45
john_cephalopodaShould blacksmiths not be paid because they merely took something existing and made something new out of it?13:46
SiFuhminers are paid because of the labor13:46
john_cephalopodaAnd writing a book, bringing existing ideas into a form, isn't work?13:46
SiFuhblacksmiths are paid because of the labor13:46
SiFuheverything existed before and was manipulated but nothing is new13:47
SiFuhactually the last one you said is kind of cool about the writers13:48
SiFuhI remember a conversation in 9th grade and my English teacher said that everyday new english sentences are created.13:48
SiFuhcreating something was basically shifting that which existed already.13:49
john_cephalopodaThe only difference between writing a book and making a marriage ring out of metal is that the one person shifts atoms and molecules while the other one shifts words and sentences.13:50
SiFuhand nothing was created, it was manipulated13:51
SiFuhso copyright laws are based on manipulation13:51
SiFuhSo if I have a copy of windows and change the name to window by removing the s, technically it is original, and I can copyright it13:52
john_cephalopodaThe special thing about non-material works is, that they are really easy to take away.13:55
SiFuhYeah look at Microsoft and how much of Sun's Java they stole13:56
SiFuh"Humans have been stealing from each other for so long, they beleive it is normal now" -- My father13:57
john_cephalopodaWhen you build a phone and sell it, people can buy it but nobody can just duplicate it. They need the materials and the labor that you invested to create the same thing.13:57
john_cephalopodaBut when you create a book, people can just take your labor and replicate it with zero work involved on their side.13:57
SiFuhYou forgot about China.. yes?13:58
john_cephalopodaYeah. As I said.14:01
john_cephalopodaYou need the materials and the labor.14:02
SiFuhSiFuh> blacksmiths are paid because of the labor14:02
SiFuhyeah I remember that too14:02
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john_cephalopodaSiFuh: In the book/ebook case, there is no work involved in copying it.14:26
joacim"remove bubble machine"14:26
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john_cephalopodaSiFuh: When you want a phone copy, you need to create or buy the parts, and you have to assemble them.14:27
john_cephalopodaOf course you cut some corners because you don't have to create the hardware and case design yourself, which is a work that is similar to writing a book.14:29
john_cephalopodaCopying an e-book is one click in your torrent program. Copying a phone means creating or buying all parts and assembling them.14:35
john_cephalopodaInstead of Material -[manufacturing according to design]-> Parts -[assembly]-> Phone, you do Parts -[assembly]-> Phone. You just skip one of the steps.14:36
SiFuhThe guy whom wrote the ebook used labor14:43
joacimand it takes real effort to write a good torrent description and addint periods instead of whitespacesi n the filename. maybe tag your own name in a []14:48
SiFuhI wrote on my torrent "worst series every made" and people still downloaded it14:48
SiFuhdude, I just ate one of the hottest chillies in the world. I went to pee, and now something else burning. Then I touched my eye and it is burning haha14:49
SiFuhthis is awesome14:49
SiFuhi even wore gloves when cutting it :-)14:50
jaegerman, the threadripper 2 series reviewer packaging is nuts15:22
joacimthe regular packaging is nuts enough =)15:32
pedjaWraithRipper cooler is interesting15:44
pedjaI wonder how it stacks up against Noctua TR coolers15:47
pedjaand yes, I know that liquid cooling has better performance and it is much more reliable these days, but I am old school :)15:52
frinnstholy shit15:52
frinnstthat think looks huge15:52
frinnstwho would have imagined behemoths like that would ever exist back in -01 ?15:54
frinnstACTION remembers his Alpha PAL 8045 fondly15:54
joacimhwo come i get nothing but shit from normies when i use ddg15:54
frinnstget better normies15:55
joacimtrying to. normies here sucks15:55
john_cephalopodaWhat is "normies"?15:56
frinnstthose regular people you sometimes have to interact with15:57
john_cephalopodaLike, those people who are not on IRC?15:58
frinnstyeah those weirdoes15:59
pedjaor slack or gitter or15:59
john_cephalopodaEw, slack16:00
john_cephalopodaAnd Discord16:01
pedjaI've played with Matermost and RocketChat on Cloudron demo instance16:04
john_cephalopodaMatrix/Riot IM seems pretty ok.16:05
pedjaonce they solve their scaling issues16:07
john_cephalopodaScaling issue?16:08
pedjacheck this thread
pedjaFrench government thinks it has potential, apparently16:10
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smolboyeeh why is this kernel failing to boot17:02
smolboyeim using efistub and i have set everything correctly17:02
smolboyeit always ends in kernel panic17:02
jaegerdid you make sure to set the 'built-in kernel command string' and verify that it has the correct root=?17:04
jaegerIs the kernel panic a root vfs panic?17:04
smolboyei set root=/dev/sda3 which it is17:04
smolboyeidk why i get root vfs panic tho :/17:05
jaegerSo it sounds like efistub is working fine, because it loads the kernel (which then panics)17:06
jaegerIf root=/dev/sda3 is definitely correct, you're probably missing support for either the disk controller or filesystem17:06
smolboyeweird, ill check17:06
jaegerroot vfs panics are one of those things 99% of the time17:06
smolboyei use the same config on all my systems17:07
smolboyei mean over multiple distros17:07
jaegerhrmm, odd then17:07
jaegerdo the other distros use initrd/initramfs?17:07
smolboyei never really set one up on any17:08
smolboyeand crux doesnt need one17:08
jaegerIn general that's true but if you used a config that worked on another distro but did use one there, it would probably need one here, too17:08
jaegerIf you didn't use one there, then that's probably not it17:08
smolboyena i didnt use one tbh17:09
smolboyethe first thing i do is compile my own kernel17:09
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JesseOorChristel just posted this "denial" on the freenode blog
JesseOorThis blog is essentially an ad for the Handshake ICO scam with a one-line "denial" of involvement mixed in there. It's obviously very unethical of Christel to not mention her own involvement in the scam which the blog post promotes.17:11
JesseOorConsider Andrew Lee's involvement, Andrew Lee is Christel's boss at London Trust Media and he also controls the majority of freenode voting rights. Andrew Lee also heads the handshake ICO scam. Coincidence?17:11
JesseOorOh, and about those donations she speaks of:
JesseOorDon't support freenode and their ICO scam, switch to a network that hasn't been co-opted by corporate interests. OFTC or efnet might be a good choice. Perhaps even
smolboyeoh wait should i disable "initramfs support"17:12
jaegerhaving support for one doesn't make one required, that option is safe17:12
smolboyei guess17:13
smolboyeyeah uhhhhhh17:16
smolboyedoesnt boot17:16
smolboyemust be some controller17:16
john_cephalopodaOooh, yeah, I got a handshake mail today. I remember.17:20
john_cephalopodasmolboye: Any error messages/panics?17:21
smolboyecan you give me some time? currently compiling another kernel17:21
smolboyeand thanks for help17:22
smolboyejohn_cephalopoda: no real error in the kernel panic17:36
smolboyeat least nothing visible17:36
Sitri"no real error"17:47
SitriWhat's the error?17:47
Sitri <-- something covered there?17:48
smolboyeone sec17:49
smolboyeyeah let me set debug17:49
john_cephalopodaI use grub. My command line is:17:54
john_cephalopodaset root=(hd0,gpt2)17:54
john_cephalopodakernel (hd0,gpt1)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda217:54
john_cephalopodaAre you sure that you haven't only set root but also passed the "root" parameter to the kernel?17:55
jaegerWith efistub that's done in the kernel config17:59
smolboyei set root=/dev/sda318:01
smolboyewhich is my root18:02
smolboyecurrently compiling the kernel with debug18:02
smolboyeim sorry for taking so long, its my old laptop to blame x-x18:02
Sitri"Set “debug” kernel parameter (in bootloader config file or CONFIG_CMDLINE) to get more detailed kernel messages."18:10
smolboyei did18:18
smolboyeits still compiling lol18:18
smolboyeguess what, booted18:24
smolboyei did nothing18:24
smolboyeabsolutely nothing18:24
smolboyejust compiled with debug18:24
SitriI quoted that bit because it's clearly accessible without recompiling18:24
smolboyeyeah but im a tard18:25
smolboyeand it was already compiling18:25
smolboyethanks, it booted18:25
SitriMaybe you forgot a `make install`?18:25
smolboyei just did make && make modules_install18:26
smolboyenothing more18:26
smolboyethen i moved the kernel to an efi file in boot/efi18:26
smolboyeand rebooted as i already had an entry for it in efibootmgr18:26
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smolboyeok um, is there a way to upgrade all packages/ports18:38
smolboyeand im actually a bit confused. how do i install i3?18:39
smolboyei enabled contrib and did ports -u, i thought it would be in /usr/ports/contrib18:39
jaegerIt's not in contrib, see here:
smolboyeoh yeah, my bad. how do i add the other user port repos?18:40
jaegeryou can get the sync file from the "type" link on the main portdb page or the "get sync file" link on the collection page18:41
smolboyeoh so i will have to do that for each package?18:43
smolboyethis is fun18:44
smolboyealso, is there a way to upgrade all packages in one go?18:44
Sitrismolboye: prt-get help | grep -A 999 SYSTEM18:46
jaegernot for each package, for each third-party repo you want18:55
joacimif i define options for a module in /etc/modprobe.d/18:56
joacimis that enough to autoload that module on boot?18:56
jaegernot quite, add a modprobe to /etc/rc.modules as well18:56
joacimor should i specify somewhere that i want to load a specific module18:56
jaegerThe stuff in modprobe.d defines parameters or blacklists but not autoloading18:56
joacimah nice18:57
smolboyehm i installed networkmanager (sorry. works best with my shitty bcm chip) and added it to rc.conf. why does nmtcli say cannot connect?19:00
joacimsorry for what. i use nm too :319:00
joacimit is convenient and works ok19:00
smolboyewhat exactly did you do to install it?19:01
smolboyeim sorry im quite new, and this is v exciting19:01
joaciminstalled with prt-get, (make sure install scripts are ran (check /etc/prt-get.conf))19:01
joacimi think the hangup for me was my kernel config. i forgot something in there19:01
joacimso my wifi module would load, but i couldnt actually list networks or connect to anything19:02
smolboyeactually i installed networkmanager19:02
smolboyeand i added it to rc.conf19:02
smolboyeit still isnt running19:02
joacimonce added to rc.conf, it runs after a reboot. but you could just run /etc/rc.d/networkmanager start19:03
smolboyesays its already running?19:03
smolboyewhy doesnt nmcli work then19:04
joacimdont know. i need to see the exact error19:04
joacimand command19:04
joacimpastebin if the command is long =)19:04
smolboyeugh sorry19:04
smolboyei just typed nmcli19:05
smolboyewhy is there no nmtui19:05
joacimi dont know what is needed for nmtui19:06
joacimi just use nmcli19:06
joacimdo you run dbus before networkmanager in /etc/rc.conf19:07
jaegerTUIs are generally redhat things, I believe... might be in a separate package from the main nm stuff19:07
smolboyeah no19:09
smolboyei dont run dbus19:09
smolboyeand apparently i dont have polkit installed either (?)19:09
joacimdid you run prt-get depinst when you installed networkmanager?19:12
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smolboyeno, my bad.19:14
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pedjanmtui is curses based frontend19:22
pedjanot built by default, afaict19:22
pedjajoacim, you have networkmanager port or do you use one from contrib?19:23
joacimi use the one from contrib19:23
joacimi dont have nmtui19:23
pedjathat one is way old :)19:23
joacimidk. it works =)19:24
smolboyeok yeah fixed19:29
smolboyei still dont understand how to go about installing soemthing like i3 or bspwm19:30
jaegerYou might want to read the handbook and check out the prt-get manual page, too19:31
jaegerIn general, you get the repo you want (if the port isn't in the official repos), add it to prt-get.conf, and use 'prt-get depinst <whatever>'19:31
smolboyethanks, makes sense19:31
joacimwhen LACP is enable in the switch, should bonding just work?19:33
jaegermaybe... but you should check the module params for bonding, you probably need to specify some19:34
jaegerfor example, this is mine: options bonding mode=802.3ad miimon=10019:34
joacimsame as mine. in /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.conf19:34
joacimthe bond seems to be up and running, but when i run iperf from two computers, i get only 500 Mbps from both of them19:35
jaegerThat should work for a standard LACP config, then19:35
jaegerfrom 2 other systems simultaneously?19:36
jaegerhrmm, not sure there. I know LACP won't split packets for a single stream of data but that's not the case here19:37
joacimnot sure if i have to fiddle with some kind of "group" in the switch or something19:37
jaegerdoes the switch have a load balancing policy or similar?19:37
joacimfailover seems to work fine19:38
joacimno idea. instaslled the switch last night =)19:38
joacimgotta setup trunking i guess19:39
smolboyeim really having fun19:46
smolboyethis is the closest to bsd i can do i guess, thanks broadcom19:47
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joacimone of my nics are missing from /proc/net/bonding/bond020:02
jaegerthat could explain the half bandwidth thing :)20:03
joacimdid i do it wrong?20:04
joacimfor setting up the bond?20:04
jaegermaybe s/emp3/enp3/ ?20:05
joacimhow did i not see that...20:05
Sitrised -i 's,ENV{net.ifnames}=="0",ENV{net.ifnames}!="1",' ${pkgdir}/lib/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules20:07
SitriErr, remove the ${pkgdir} but run that and things will be less stupid20:08
SitriRun that before eudev starts or simply after each time it upgrades20:08
jaegerdevice naming doesn't matter for bonding20:09
SitriNo, but it makes it so you don't typo the stupid names.20:09
SitriWhich are hard to tell if they're correct or not to start with20:09
joacimi dont mind them too much if they're stable20:10
jaegerThey make sense and don't change unless your hardware does, for what that's worth20:10
SitriI manage a hodge-podge of systems.  Having each system have an eth0 is what keeps me sane20:11
joacimi keep forgetting doesn't respond to pings20:14
joacimbut i keep trying to ping it anyways20:14
jaegerhow's the iperf test now?20:25
joacimworks against my desktop from video game computer and server20:26
joacimso that side works now20:26
joacimbut the server is still being a pain20:26
joacimi set up trunks with the workstation and server ports, with static mode disabled20:26
joacimthat did the trick for the workstation. doesnt seem to work the same way when i repeat that for the server20:27
smolboyedoes anyone of you use firefox-bin?20:33
pedjaI do20:33
smolboyehow did you add it to path?20:33
smolboyeit gets installed to /opt right20:33
jaegerI symlink /opt/firefox/firefox to /usr/bin/firefox20:34
smolboyei shouldve done that20:34
pedjaI use this wrapper
smolboyei symlinked it to ~/.local/bin and added it to my path20:35
smolboyebut dmenu doesnt get it20:35
Anselmowhere does dmenu get the path from ?20:35
smolboyenice wrapper, where do you put it?20:35
pedjaas part of the package build20:40
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