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joacimtyvm :300:35
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jaegersure :)00:37
joacimthis lagavulin 16 is pretty good, but i think i need a different daily driver00:37
joacimit seems better for occational enjoyment00:38
ryuojoacim: a what?00:42
ryuoI thought it was a laptop for some reason.00:43
joacimyeah a very smokey laptop with a long aftertaste =)00:43
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pedja'Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted[...]' wth does that mean :)?00:51
jaegerPerhaps it causes heart palpitations00:51
joacimcheaper stuff isnt that much cheaper either, due to the vice tax00:55
pedja'vice tax' applies to liquor, cigarettes, tobacco?01:10
joacimrenting people is illegal, so that stuff is tax free atm01:10
pedjaprostitution is illegal in Norway?01:11
joacimi dont think prostitution itself is, but pimping and renting is01:12
joacimwish this had subs01:16
joacimthey're trying to see which one is the most attractive female prostitute01:17
pedjalet me guess. none of them :)01:19
joacimfirst one got 0 customers. as a 2 meters + tall woman on those heels01:20
jaegerman, that wig on the third one :D haha01:23
jaegerhaha, does that sign say "fire sale" ?01:25
joacimsale due to fire damage01:28
jaegerAh, ok. Funny either way =D01:28
jaegerfrinnst: topical :)01:30
pedjaapparently, there was a fire sale of 1920x in USA. 250$ for it01:34
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jaegernot bad, though the 1920x is less tempting than the 1950x of course01:35
pedjait would do :)01:36
joacimkinda regreted spending so much on this computer, but it has been rock solid too, so the money spent seems worth it now01:38
jaegerAt least you didn't have to deal with the first-run ryzen crashing issues with it01:38
joacimyeh. my ryzen was annoying due to that01:39
joacimbut i think the worst about my system was the motherboard. think it caused most of the instabilities that i had01:39
pedjaso it wasn't money spent, it was money (smartly) invested, then :)01:39
jaegerMy first one was unusable due to crashing or freezing... and I thought the replacement was bad, too, but eventually found some info that pointed to a BIOS option01:39
joacimi hope most ryzen systems never had the kind of issues i had01:39
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jaegerit's been rock solid since I changed that setting01:39
joacimi tried different bios settings, but nothing seemed to help for me01:40
pedjaevery architecture has teething issues01:40
frinnstmine has been rock solid after the replacement cpu01:40
jaegerthis one was something power-related, it was causing the CPU to enter a power state that was too low, apparently01:40
joacimfrinnst: didnt you have m.2 issues too?01:40
pedjaisn't being an early adopter fun?01:41
jaegerindeed :D01:41
frinnsttrue, bad connector01:41
joacimfirst time i had early adopter issues too.01:43
joacimoutside of the purely driver related issues i had with the C2D system01:43
joacimit had a combined IDE and SATA controller01:44
jaegeron the opposite end of that, I was cleaning out my old house and found a box in the attic from the previous owner... for a compaq presario 200mhz pentium mmx01:44
frinnstyeah I had c2d issues too01:44
pedjaI wonder how many zeroes does the price for IBM's 19Tb nvme ssd have...01:44
joacimand i had an IDE DVD drive, so I needed a custom boot iso for gentoo01:44
jaegerall of them01:44
frinnstjaeger: empty box? :(01:45
jaegeryeah, it was empty... which is good, I already had enough stuff to take to an electronics recycler :P01:45
joacimi once tried to throw an empty pc case into the steel bin, with the front panel in the plastic bin at the recyclers01:45
joacimgot yelled at and told to throw it in the electronics waste section01:46
joacimseemed like a non-issue to me, to throw generic steel bits into a bin full of other steel stuff01:47
jaegerspeaking of old hardware, I used an old PSU to hook up my android car stereo in the house while I wait for the proper wiring harness to arrive... kinda neat, will take some time to find all the settings01:48
jaegerIt played music from my phone and from a usb drive without trouble, so yay01:48
jaegerLooks nice, the packaging was high quality, has builtin wifi and GPS01:48
joacimsounds nice. think you can use it for wardriving? =)01:49
jaegermaybe :) It seems like you can install apps from the play store01:49
pedjaapropos waste separation
pedjatop comment is awesome01:51
jaegerheh, that's pretty good01:51
joacimgypsy powered recycling sounds like the system we have partially installed here01:55
joacimi see a lot of people dumpsterdive to sell in other countries01:55
pedjavans and trucks full of shit that Austrians/Germans threw out come here every couple of weeks01:57
pedjacouple of stores sell them01:58
joacimat first i thought vans like the shoe brand01:58
pedjaclothes, kitchen appliances, that sort of thing01:58
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joacimjaeger: have you seen this error when building mate/gvfs?02:21
joacimi rebuilt samba, and all dependencies are installed02:21
jaegerhrmm, doesn't ring a bell. Maybe ldb needs a rebuild?02:22
joacimill try that02:22
joacimspent all this time fiddling with samba. ill try to rebuild ldb too02:23
jaegerI'll try to reproduce it in a clean env02:23
joacimrebuilt ldb, still the same issue02:26
joacimnothing seems to depend on it tho02:26
jaegerdoes building with -j1 make a difference?02:26
joacimcan try that02:27
jaegerdoes nm -D show anything useful for
jaegerok, looks like those two symbols show up there... I wonder if they show up in the ldb libs02:30
joacim-j1 works02:30
jaegerAh, ok. Some kind of race condition, then02:30
jaegerthose are annoying02:30
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joacimi dont know what pulled in ldb on this system.02:30
jaegergood question. I sorta remember it being a samba thing, maybe it was a dep in the past and no longer necessary02:32
joacimdependent --all ldb shows nothing also02:33
jaegeryeah, I see the same... that's what made me think maybe it used to be a dep02:33
joacimsame story with having cmocka installed. giving me a footprint mismatch with samba. nothing seems to depend on it, so i just removed that one02:34
joacimarch's package for samba depends on ldb, so i guess it was an old dependency02:35
joacimopt/ldb is pretty old too02:36
jaegerdeps changed with version 4.7.7->4.8.1 but not specifically ldb02:37
joacimoh wait. i forgot to reinstall ldb before i ran make -j1 for gvfs...02:38
joacimnever mind. i reinstalled it again before running make -j102:39
joacimtoo late for computer problems02:39
joacimmight as well remove ldb and build samba without it, since opt/ldb is a bit outdated02:42
jaegerworth a try. maybe ldb can be removed entirely02:42
pedjasamba port was changed to use some bundled libs, ldb being one of them, iirc02:43
joacimofc i forget to remove the docbook stuff02:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cyrus-sasl: updated .footprint03:00
joacimgvfs builds fine without -j1 once i remove ldb03:10
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onoderasomething weird just happened, both #crux and #crux-devel said I was banned..?10:22
onoderaI even tried it on a different IP10:23
abenzwere you in other channels and did you get banned there as well?10:23
abenzI get a notification from freenode about an onging spam countermesures10:24
onoderaim in #6c37 on freenode which worked just fine10:24
onoderalet me try restarting my client10:25
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onodera still says im banned using autoconnect10:26
onoderatyping it out manually works10:26
onoderaman I was scared, thinkng "what did I do" lol10:26
abenzwhat client?10:42
abenzit could be the countermeasures (you joining too many channels at once)10:46
abenzjust guessing, dont actually know10:47
abenzif you can script a few seconds delay into your client try it10:47
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joacimthink it is the channel mode set in place a while ago to avoid the bot spam12:11
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frinnstonodera: yeah its the +r mode - only allows registered users to join15:05
frinnstwe cant have nice things because of the spammers15:06
frinnstappears to be unset at the moment tho15:09
jaegeryeah, switched it to +b $~a15:09
jaegerban of unregistered users with exceptions for the bots15:09
jaegerThe exceptions did not work with +r15:10
frinnstah ok15:10
ryuoyea... i suggested it as a compromise for trusted nicks.15:13
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frinnstis down for everyone else?16:07
frinnstlooks like it16:07
ryuoDNS resolves.16:08
ryuono connection to ohst.16:08
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ryuo interesting.16:14
ryuoSame network?16:14
ryuoCould it be an ISP outage?16:14
ryuo208.118.235.0/24 seems to be their network.16:15,, and all resolve to ips in that region.16:15
ryuoNot reachable via IPv6 either.16:16
ryuoFrom 2001:4830:c15f::a2db:6352 icmp_seq=3 Destination unreachable: Address unreachable16:16
ryuoMore than ipv4 pings showed.16:16
ryuofrinnst: something you needed from
ryuoi suppose you can switch to a mirror.16:19
frinnstyeah but I have it all mirrored16:19
frinnstso its just an invonvenience16:19
ryuoit reminds me of the time was down for like 2-4 weeks because of a critical hardware failure.16:19
frinnstor was down for a week or two :)16:20
ryuoOur founder had to contact our host contact to arrange a time to figure out the issue.16:20
ryuoAnd it also took time to acquire replacement equipment.16:20
ryuofrinnst: i had to contact distrowatch to inform them that we were still kicking.16:21
ryuothey moved Frugalware's status to "dead" or w/e.16:21
ryuofrinnst: you work in IT was it?16:24
ryuofrinnst: do you frequently have to boot from random media?16:24
ryuophysical media, over USB.16:25
frinnstno, rarely need to do client stuff16:25
ryuoI was going to suggest that an iodd2531 could be a worthwhile investment (or toy).16:25
ryuoBut, IT today may make that unnecessary out of the consumer market.16:25
frinnstis it that usb thingy you place iso's on?16:26
ryuoIt's useful if you need to quickly prepare boot media for a local machine job.16:26
ryuoyea... that's one thing it can do.16:26
ryuoIt can also mount virtual drive images as usb mass storage.16:26
ryuoI could see it being useful for technicians that need to physically visit a location for a job.16:28
ryuoIt can also hide or make the main drive read-only so the host cannot modify it.16:28
dbrookeI've had the original 2501 since 8 years ago but the selector switch is a bit intermittent now16:33
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ryuodbrooke: huh. is that USB2 only?18:38
joacimi think plain usb drives are easier for that kind of stuff18:48
joacimsince you're likely to need more than one drive to work on multiple computers18:48
joacimbut network booting is a thing too18:48
joacimand for technicians, i think having a read only switch is nice18:49
joacimi think you can also do this with a phone now. through mobile phone software applications18:49
dbrookeryuo: yes18:55
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ryuodbrooke: ah. the newer ones work on USB3 and SATA.19:05
ryuojoacim: possibly. OTG is rather flexible.19:06
dbrookeit has ESATA but I've never used that19:15
ryuodbrooke: oh, i meant internal SATA.19:16
ryuodbrooke: can't say i'm surprised. eSATA is largely dead.19:16
ryuoas is firewire.19:16
joacimi think eSATAp could be neat, for stuff like keeping a dvd drive on your desk19:22
ryuoiodd2531 is pretty nice.19:23
ryuo*really* fast on USB.19:23
ryuoI mean, sheesh. the virtual CD drive loads at native speed.19:24
ryuoI can dd images off the ISO at 100+ MB/s.19:24
ryuoif it were a real drive, it'd cap around 8.19:24
onoderafrinnst: my irssi seems a bit weird, it connects to channels and only after it actually msgs nickserv19:51
onoderathis is a followup of the conversation from this morning :)19:51
joacimyou can identify with sasl20:07
joacimit'll identify before your client tries to join any channels20:07
joacimunlike the regular nickserv dance20:07
onoderaah thanks ill look into this20:09
joacimi think it would be better with a plain +r, instead of the much more scary "you are banned" message20:15
onoderayeah I though i did something bad lol20:16
pedjaI switched to couple of months back20:19
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ryuoAre they fucking nuts?20:35
ryuoOh, Onion.20:35
pedjaanyone using nvidia-sl driver care to share the output of 'ls -al /dev/nvidia*'?20:43
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nwedoes someone in here has an oneplus 6 and know how to block calls?21:52
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jaegerNot I22:13
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john_cephalopodanwe: Look in system settings what android version it uses and then google for blocking calls in that version.23:33

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