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jaegerpedja: I can install it on a system if you still need that info. something wrong with your device modes or something?00:05
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brian|lfsany ideas I'm confsued03:59
Worksterpermissions on destination directory04:23
WorksterError copying directory from "/home/pkgmk/work/curaengine/src/CuraEngine-3.4.1/resources" to "/home/pkgmk/work/curaengine/src/CuraEngine-3.4.1/build".04:23
brian|lfsah you think its permission04:24
brian|lfsthats what I was thinking but I'll try again with non privileged user again04:24
brian|lfsI get the same error with route04:25
brian|lfsI'm trying manually now04:28
brian|lfsas root04:28
brian|lfsseeing with prt and pkgmk didn't work with root04:28
brian|lfsvery strange04:30
brian|lfsproblem isn't the crux tools04:30
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brian|lfsnever got it to work of course the cura appimage works05:02
brian|lfsbut thats cheating05:02
brian|lfsClearly the problem isn't what the error states its not a permission issue it don't even work as root or compiling manually05:03
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frinnstdid the build actually finish OK? your log suggests its only warnings but I wonder07:13
frinnstalso would be helpful to see the Pkgfile07:14
Worksterls -l /home/pkgmk/work/curaengine/src/CuraEngine-3.4.1/build07:21
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pedjajaeger, would you? that would be awesome :) 'grep nvidia /proc/devices' too, if you would11:30
pedjaI blame nvidia-modprobe :)11:30
pedjabut weirdly I seem to be the only one hitting that bug/weird behaviour11:30
pedjaI don't remember anyone else getting Vmware/lvmpipe as OpenGL vendor instead of Nvidia11:33
pedjalogging off, chgrp video dev/nvidia*, and starting X again seem to fix the 'can't load glx' error11:35
pedjanvidia-modprobe resets device nodes to root:root 0666, and evertything works again11:39
pedjaso I was thinking of not using nvidia-modprobe at all, but write udev rule to set it up, like for uvm11:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: hpcups: fix signature11:49
pedjaOracle Messaging Server my ISP is using seems to have gone belly up. no e-mail for me11:51
pedjathey have quite a few Solaris boxes, iirc11:53
pedjamostly for critical systems. DNS, mail11:54
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frinnst128gb ROM?12:50
SiFuhDual 3g/4g sim ;-)12:53
SiFuhI currently use the Blackview BV7000 Pro.12:54
frinnstmy nokia 6.1 has dual sim too. pretty nifty. or you can use one sim and an sd card13:01
SiFuhyeah seems to be common place now that you either have dual sim or a single sim + tf card13:02
AnselmoI had a phone with 2 simslots and an sd card13:02
SiFuhAustralian telco's closed down 2G or less networks. We only have 3G, 4G and currently testing 5G in some tiny areas.13:03
SiFuhSo phones that were dual sim ended up being single sim phones since they could not support dual 3G or 3G + 4G13:03
SiFuhIn fact most dual sim phones are stil "2G + 3G/4G"13:04
SiFuhAnselmo: yeah, have a few here too.13:04
Anselmobut now am back to a single sim 2g thing c-c13:05
SiFuhI changed to blackview because they supported "3G + 3G" and "3G + 4G"13:05
SiFuhAnselmo: I'm only dual sim because of work. End of you going back to single sim and change jobs13:06
AnselmoI found it convenient for moving between countries13:07
Anselmobut I suppose less a worry in australia13:07
SiFuhOh no, when I travel the phone is fine, can support everything. Just Australia because stupid and erased older networks13:09
Anselmodo you not use different sim's for other places ?13:09
pedjaheh. Nokia 6 is around 400 € with 2year contract13:09
SiFuhPeople often boast about 4G here, but they don't realize that 4G is only for data. Calls automatically switch to 3G13:10
SiFuhAnselmo: when I go to South East Asia, I just get a new sim card13:10
SiFuhI don't care what network they are, as long as it works.13:11
SiFuhand 2G is still a standard in many countries13:11
AnselmoI suppose I've never used a phone for more than calls and sms, for which 2g is almost assuredly fine as far as I understand13:11
SiFuhAnselmo: yes. I pretty much use my phone for SMS/Whatsapp and sometimes calls.13:13
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SiFuhAnselmo: for my work, I must contact people all the time. I don't want them getting my number. If I set my number to private many will not answer the call. So I needed to have a sim that I can call for customers, and a sim for my own private use. Since Australia destroyed the 2G network.. I ended up having to need two phones.13:14
Anselmobut yeah13:15
SiFuhMy car has only 1 bluetooth connection at a time. But I need both sims to go through the same bluetooth. Only way was a phone that could support using 3G/4G on both sim slots.13:15
SiFuhHence the Blackview BV7000 Pro became my best friend ;-) It did everything I needed for work.13:16
SiFuhSoon as work finishes, I automatically disable SIM 2 ;-) Tada  no dicks calling me anymore13:17
SiFuhEven the boss doesn't bother calling me, because he just gets answering machines ;-)  My colleagues go home and the boss is constantly calling them.13:18
Anselmowhat is your work  ?13:19
SiFuhTaxi Driver in a remote area13:19
SiFuhIt's different13:19
SiFuhBut it is a non contract job, so when I am finished what I am doing in Australia I can go back overseas again13:20
Anselmoare you from australia ?13:20
SiFuhI was born here  but spent most of my life adult life in Asia13:21
SiFuhI was born in Australia. When I was 21 I moved to South East Asia. I have been back in Australia 2 years, and I am going back to Asia end of this year.13:23
SiFuhI am 40 - 21 when I moved to Asia = 19 - 2 years in Australia = 17 that I had lived in Asia13:24
SiFuhI lived in Asia 17 years13:24
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Anselmoso much of your life, not just adult life :P13:25
SiFuhWell, I don't think my adult life started yet13:25
frinnstcan confirm. 37 here and still a child13:46
SiFuhQuite expensive13:48
frinnstsomeone will probably buy it13:48
AnselmoI surely would, were I in australia13:51
SiFuhHaha   fsck Australia14:03
pedjathanks, jaeger :)14:03
pedjano nvidia-uvm in proc/devices? ah, no CUDA, I guess14:05
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pedjaidk if I should just recreate what nvidia-modprobe does in udev rule, or add 'chgrp video' too14:10
pedjaFedora does the...former? the first one? (I keep getting confused by that :) )14:11
SiFuhpedja: yeah me too    think of former as first  F = F  and the later as the last  L = L14:13
pedjaupstream docs list 'nvidia-modprobe' as a last resort, or something to that effect14:13
pedjaSiFuh, ah. that's a nice way to memorize it. thanks14:14
pedjait's been a couple of days since switch to glvnd, and no screams, afaict. nice14:17
jaegerI haven't had to do anything specific with udev, just works (tm)14:23
pedjawell, it just works for me, too. most of the time :)14:36
pedjait's annoyingly random14:36
jaegerAh, doesn't happen every time?14:38
pedjaafaict, it happens more frequently when I boot into new kernel, for some reason14:39
pedjathat's why I want to see if I can make it more reliable using explicit udev rules, and without nvidia-modprobe14:40
pedjathere should be a new sl nvidia release soon-ish, so I'll try with that14:42
pedja398.x, iirc.14:43
pedjadamn,this thing is huge
jaegeryeah, bit crazy. seen some build videos with it14:46
pedjaWendell's Threadripper workstation :)14:46
pedja8 hdd and 5 ssd bays14:47
pedjayou can pack some serious storage in it14:47
joacimi want a case as compact as possible14:48
pedjaand it's alive!14:48
pedjaopening flaps to release the heat automagically14:48
pedjajoacim, I don't think they are targeting you with this case. or me, for that matter14:51
Anselmothe computers I have running have mostly open cases :P14:53
Anselmono need for flaps to block airflow when they'reclosed :P14:53
joacimnobody targets me :(14:59
joacimthere are some nice mini itx cases out there, but i want a case for a plain atx system14:59
joacimroom for E-ATX would be nice. might as well since one would have to support 315mm graphics cards anyways15:00
jaegerhow about the define r6 without a window?15:00
joacimwas thinking define c =)15:00
jaegeralso a decent option15:00
joacimi like how it is as tall as it is deep15:01
joacimdotn like how many cases has 2.5" mounts behind the motherboard tray. annoying to run power cables for those15:03
jaegerI don't find them hard at all in the fractal cases15:05
joacimi want traditional stuff for drives15:05
joacimwith drive cages, not trays that makes me force and bend cables so they can fit15:06
jaegerplenty of other options, you don't have to use the stuff behind the motherboard15:06
joacimand dont like how they put stress on the connector and solder joints15:06
jaegerand I think both the r6 and c come with cages15:06
joacimi want a case made by smart people like me. not one thath as options for people not as smart like me ;)15:06
jaegerThey won't stress if you run them well15:07
jaegerat least in the fractal cases15:07
jaegerI've had several now :) define mini, define r5, define s, define r615:07
joacimi think the best place for a 2.5" drive in my phanteks is in front of the bottom shroud. bit fiddly to route the cables there, but i dont have to force anything to fit stuff there15:08
joacimjust wish they had a window-less option15:08
joacimcase is a bit big for what it is too tho15:09
jaegeryeah, I used that mount option in the evolv, liked it15:09
joacimi also like the way the evolv deals with radiator mounts. doesn't look so temporary as some other cases15:17
frinnstbut it's called "gamerstorm"15:20
frinnstthat disqualifies it right from the start15:20
ryuoAnyone want to predict that tourism to LV is going to decline after shit like this?15:48
jaegerthe evolv's radiator mount was great but the airflow at the top of the case sucked for top-mounted rads, sadly15:58
jaegerThat's actually the main reason I switched to the R615:58
jaegerI still have the evolv, though, might use it for a future air-cooled build15:58
joacimthat they could fix, the idea is great15:58
jaegeryeah, agreed15:58
jaegerI think they did fix it in the new version but I don't recall for sure15:58
jaegerAlso, you can work around it. I used some tape and pieces of thin plastic to cover the holes that weren't lined up with the rad15:59
jaegerThat did help quite a lot15:59
joacimi think the nzxt h700 looks neat. looks more open15:59
joacimthey too is one of those companies that only have window options, not window-less16:00
jaegeryeah, I like some of theirs16:10
jaegerand they have some good mini-itx ones16:10
jaegeras long as you don't mind windows16:10
jaegerI wonder how well TR2 will do VFIO setups16:13
joacimi assume it will work well, since most issues got fixed with the 1900x series16:14
joacimnot tested it myself yet16:14
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nwewhat are you guys using iphone or android?16:26
joacimandroid for now16:26
nwebefore iphone or?16:26
joacimsymbian s6016:26
nwewhy I wondering i I have used iphone the last 10 years,  and for the moment I using the phone from work (iphone 7) but consider to get an private number too, and have bankid, the bank-app etc and use it for private calls.. and for the unlimited data traffic.16:28
nweI looking on oneplus6 / vs iphone 8 / iphone X16:28
jaegerI have an android phone for work, iphone for personal. I don't have strong feelings either way. They both work fine and do the jobs I want16:29
nwethe Iphone X cost 1314 USD and oneplus 700 usd, and the last one has better specs...16:32
jaegerMy iphone is a 7, plenty for me :)16:32
nwefor me too, but the glas on my is broken, and if I got an new one from the company now the adding so the can take controll of the phone, I dont what that because I have bankid /swish (bankid = digital ID)16:35
nweone good thing with oneplus is that it has dual sim-slots16:35
jaegermaybe you could get the glass fixed16:37
joacimi wouldnt bother too much with specs on phones. most important thing is that they work well16:38
jaegerespecially if you're like me and use a very limited subset of its features16:39
joaciman iphone requires itunes to sync and stuff if you want to use a cable16:39
joacimpretty much the only thing i can think about in favour of android16:40
nweyeah that´s not a problem about tha glass. that´s true I using spotify,bankid,swish,bank-application,linkedin, and some more apps and both exist on both iphone and android16:40
joacimandroid requires that you get stuff from the play store to sync with plain caldav and cardav servers16:40
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nweI dont use caldav etc, does some of you if you can block callers with android as you can with iphone these days?, before you couldnt if I rember right.16:43
joacimi think it depends on the phone application16:43
joacimjust checked with the default android application (nexus 5). you can block people16:45
joacimjust blocked a couple of telemarketers16:45
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rmullI use an app called "Should I Answer?" on android for screening calls, works for my needs17:36
joacimcall screening doesnt work too well for me i think17:41
joacimsince telemarketers just call again in an hour17:41
joacimuntil i answer and say no thank you17:42
joacimpls dont call me again17:42
jaegerI screen all calls that aren't in contacts17:42
jaegerIf they keep calling and never leave a message, I block the number17:42
joacimso you would block me then :(17:42
joacimi hate voice mail17:42
jaegervoice mail has a purpose, as annoying as it can be17:42
joacimi dont even listen to mine. i just call back and ask what it was17:43
jaegerMy voice mail greeting explicitly says "if you would like me to call you back, please leave a message"17:43
joacimi usually send an sms if it is important and i couldnt get through tho17:47
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brian|lfsno Workster the build never finshed but I can post my Pkgfine19:23
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brian|lfsforgot to change the source url back to the new version
brian|lfsseems the tags are messed up on the git19:39
brian|lfsgit clone works19:39
pedjabrian|lfs, try passing '-j1' to make install19:53
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brian|lfsI tried that already only doing git clone worked19:54
brian|lfspython-scipy is giving me a headache now19:55
pedjayou mean there is an issue with upstream tarball?19:55
brian|lfsit would appear that way19:55
brian|lfsat least on that repo19:56
brian|lfsNotFoundError('no lapack/blas resources found'19:56
brian|lfsany idea what I need for that19:57
brian|lfsgoogle seems useless showing me windows stguff19:57
pedjaopenblas or atlas19:58
brian|lfsah ok19:58
brian|lfswe don't have either19:59
pedjaI have a openblas port, if you are interested19:59
brian|lfsya save me soem error20:00
brian|lfswhats your repo info20:00
brian|lfsdoes anyone have discord on their repo mine just shjows a blank screen on launching20:39
joacimi use yours21:27
joacimworks on my system21:27
jaegerI've been using the appimage as nothing else would work for me. Sure it's just something missing, maybe joacim knows what :P21:29
joacimidk. sounds like a lot of responsibility21:30
joacimit has been nothing but issues for me on fedora21:30
joacimgraphics glitches and this banner that always shows warning me about something having gone wrong21:30
joacimi have marakus libc++ ports21:34
joacimlibc++ and libc++abi21:34
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