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joacimi should have a massive neon sign reminding me to remove docbook before attempting to build samba01:19
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Workster'Foreshadow' attack affects Intel chips01:27
joacimim sure there will be lots of people that tell me to get intel cpus for better gaming performance01:31
joacimlooks like pentium 3 and 4 is safe01:33
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pedjajoacim, did the post-install for docbook-xsl ran?01:57
pedjaI am currently testing samba build with docbook-xsl-1.79.2. fingers crossed :)01:58
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joacimthey always run02:10
joacimit is a known issue i think, and there is a patch for it02:10
joacimarch has the patch02:11
pedjaI included it in the docboox-xsl update I plan to send jaeger02:12
joacimi think thats the patch at least02:12
pedjawell, samba builds, so I am a happy bunny02:13
joacimdid it finish building too?02:14
jaegeryou touched docbook, now you own it!02:14
jaegerACTION runs02:14
pedjajoacim, yes02:14
joacimjaeger seems to have the right idea02:15
pedjaI could push the update to contrib, but it's his name in the maintainer field :)02:16
jaegerIf you're confident it works and want to push it, that's all good02:16
jaegerI don't mind others updating my contrib ports if I have some idea that it's happening02:17
pedjajaeger, works with samba, but I'll test it with some other ports, just to be sure nothing is broken02:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: docbook-xsl: Change d/l source to Github, update to 1.79.202:32
pedjawell, that was embarrassing...02:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: docbook-xsl: Remove .md5sum02:37
pedjasorry about that, my concentration is off tonight more than usual. killing roaches and messing with git at the same time :)02:42
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ryuoI get the feeling all these security flaws are throwing into question whether speculative execution is really worth the risks you pay for that "performance".04:43
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Worksterand this is why i gave docbook to jaeger :P06:13
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frinnstfuck docbook!07:16
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dbrookeACTION feels the love for docbook 8-)09:56
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dbrookeIntel seem to be updating quarterly on speculative execution exploits so maybe they anticipate more discoveries
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Romstereep looking over compat-32 i see mesa3d-32 didn't get the glvnd changes.10:40
Romsteri would of looked over the weekend but i was out wining me a trophy at a table tennis tournament10:41
frinnstryuo: want something to do? You can find hp firmware for me :-)10:52
frinnstconnecting to
frinnstThe server at is taking too long to respond.10:59
frinnstfound an alternative url10:59
Romsterdon't they have..... mirrors10:59
Romsteras you typed that10:59
Romstersomeone derped11:00
frinnstnah this is just hp being hp11:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: mesa3d-32: 18.1.3 -> 18.1.611:14
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-32: 1.8.5 -> 1.8.711:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.8.5 -> 1.8.711:17
nwedoes someone know how to print from "Note" (android)11:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-cython: initial import11:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python-cython: 0.28.4 -> 0.28.511:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python-beautifulsoup4: 4.6.1 -> 4.6.311:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-beautifulsoup4: 4.6.1 -> 4.6.311:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-pycryptodome: 3.6.4 -> 3.6.511:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-websocket-client: 0.48.0 -> 0.49.011:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-cython: fix binaries so they don't clash with python-cython12:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: tint2: 15.2 -> 16.6.112:00
Romsterhold down the task switching button and then a menu might pop up with print on it nwe12:07
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ryuofrinnst: lol.14:56
ryuofrinnst: what model?14:56
frinnstnevermind, managed it myself! only took me the entire day more or less14:58
frinnsthad to sacrifice 2 virgins14:58
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pedjafrinnst, try with
pedja(btw, you'll have to disable ad blocker to get the actual link)15:21
pedjathat's why I use Chrome for it15:21
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pedjaI removed all my clothes from the closet, to clean it up, and now 20% of it won't fit in back. da fuck...18:56
jaegeryou inflated them somehow18:56
pedjalast time I did that, my sister handled it. all things fir in, with room to spare...18:57
pedjawomen dark magic, I guess18:58
joacimi have a similar problem. every time i go through it to throw stuff out19:46
joacimi have just as much room when im done, as when i started19:46
pedjaACTION reverse-engineered clothes folding technique20:02
pedjathere's gotta be some geometry math magic in it20:03
pedjabut, so far, it works20:03
joacimlike a puzzle box20:04
joacimthe kind where the pieces only fit if you place them a certain way20:05
pedjaor origami20:05
pedjaone of the origami experts was hired to figure out the folding of satellite solar panels, iirc20:07
pedjahow to pack/unpack them most efficiently, given the limited storage space20:09
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nwehow does you guys print from your android phone ? via cloud print or what?20:32
frinnstI dont20:39
frinnstwhat are you printing? i'm trying to imagine what you would want to print from a phone20:40
pedjafrinnst, are you happy (or at least not annoyed much) with your Nokia so far?20:42
pedja6.1, right?20:42
frinnstsure. I dont see why people would want to spend x3 the price20:42
frinnstI mean, its not perfect. the speaker placement is downright stupid (you block the speaker when you hold the phone tilted)20:43
pedja200-250 € was always the top I'd give for a phone20:44
pedjaeven if I could afford to drop 600-700 on it, I don't see the point in it. it's a fucking phone :)20:45
pedjamaybe I am just too old to understand it. oh well20:46
frinnst more intel fun20:48
pedjaspeaking of CPUs, apparently 32c/64t Threadripper 2 sucks :) (on Windows)20:49
frinnstlink? would be interesting to read what the issue is20:50
frinnstah I read something similar for epyc on vmware20:53
frinnstmemory bw problems20:53
pedjaWindows scheduler issues is one of the theories20:53
joacimi think one of phoronix' tests show that the cpu performs a lot better with gnu/linux due to its numa awareness20:54
joacimwhen compared to windows 1020:54
pedjanow, do Windows 10 and Server lines share the kernel, or are tweaked for different workloads?20:55
joacimno idea20:55
joacimi could buy one if you want , and test it with windows server 201620:55
frinnstgod damn windows resource monitor is useless20:57
frinnstthe moment you launch it to find potential performance issues you get a scewed result.20:57
frinnstbecause the bastard is the heaviest program running on the machine20:57
pedjadoesn't sysinternals suite have something better?20:58
frinnstmore verbose, sure20:58
frinnstbut it uses a lot of resources too20:59
pedjakind of ironic for *resource* monitor20:59
pedjajoacim, are your fingers hovering over the big 'buy now' button atm :) ?21:00
frinnstcome oooon do it21:00
pedjaif you are looking for a excuse, you have it. bad people from the internet peer pressured you21:02
joacimpedja: trying to see if i have more organs left to sell21:02
pedjawhy do they have to be *your* organs :) ?21:03
joacimoh no i was looking in the freezer21:03
pedjame too. no beer :(21:05
pedjatoo lazy to go get some from the shop21:06
pedjasshfs is awesome. my net d/l speed, not so much.21:12
joacimyou cant buy beer after 200021:15
joacimthats illegal21:15
pedjanot here21:15
joacimand the liquor store closes at 180021:15
joacim1500 on saturdays21:15
joacimyour location is against the law21:15
pedja24/7, 365d/year :)21:15
pedjawell, you have high standard of living, working government and other goodies.we? unlimited access to alcohol21:17
pedjatbh, I'd switch with you in a femtosecond21:18
pedjaI love this country, but this 'we'll be modern state, more than just source of cheap labor, any day now, we promise' is getting old21:23
pedjabut that's a rant for another time. apologies for the noise21:24
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frinnst4.18.1 seems a bit broken21:45
frinnstERROR: "l1tf_vmx_mitigation" [arch/x86/kvm/kvm.ko] undefined!21:45
frinnstmake[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.modpost:92: __modpost] Error 121:45
frinnstmake: *** [Makefile:1208: modules] Error 221:45
frinnstmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....21:45
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pedjareport to lkml, get eternal glory if Linus answers?21:59
joacimas much as cheap labour is talked about here22:00
joacimi see certain racists complaing about eastern europeans stealing work sometimes22:00
joacimbut, theyre doing jobs nobody else wnats to do22:00
joacim+ in a lot of fields, they have to import people since finding norwegians skilled in that field is pretty much impossible22:00
joacimknow people that get jobs without looking, simply because they can speak norwegian22:01
NitroNilsDear peeps: CRUX vs VOID - what's the sims/diffs? (Oh, I already hear the answers: "Just try them!")22:01
joacimi hear void has issues with their leader just disappearing22:01
joacimor is that another distro22:01
joacimcrux will definitely stay around for al ong time22:02
NitroNilsThats it joacim22:02
joacimtho i think void will too, but maybe not with its current domain, host, github, all that stuff22:02
joacimi havent tried void myself, but try them :322:02
pedjajoacim, couple I know was supposed to immigrate to Norway few years back. she as a teacher, him as an admin. but shit happens22:02
pedjasad, really, they are both young22:04
NitroNilsjoacim: Apparently the other devs seem to have managed tho move from .eu to .org. So any other reasons to choose Crux over Void?22:06
joacimidk. i just like the Pkgfile format22:25
joacimit is easy to make your own packages22:25
joacimi suppose the same is true for void too22:25
NitroNilsThey praise the xpbs package tool, but docs are poorer apparently.22:26
pedja r/linux thread on BSD's talk on systemd is, as expected, popcorn-worthy22:28
pedja'RedHat conspiracy'-check. 'violates the holy Unix principles'-check. 'it kills user freedom'-check. is there a bingo card of sorts for this, I wonder. I am killing it atm22:34
pedjatbh, I wouldn't mind CRUX switching to systemd. I know it won't, but if it did, I'd no have absolutely no issue with it22:38
joacimi tried using it22:54
joacimbut never really got it22:55
joacimits too complicated for me22:55
joacimfor me the easiest thing to use is something on the level of msdos22:55
joacimsystemd seems to be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum22:55
joacimbut i think complicated can be easy too sometimes, like the networking and zfs tools from solaris22:56
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pedjait can be hard to wrap head around some systemd concepts, but, for the limited usage of it so far, I find that the man pages are pretty good23:18
pedjaand openSUSE has some good documentation too, so it's not that hard. granted, never had to actually debug it :)23:19
pedjai did debug some issues I had with one of the services, and journald is pretty handy23:20
joacimreverse image search on google seems worse than it used to be23:22
pedja'blame', I think,  to see where the boot spends its time, is pretty cool, imho23:22
pedjaI used TinEye for reverse image search, a long time ago23:24
joacimlots of sites for finding weeb stuff, but generic image search sites are somewhat lacking i think23:24
pedjabusiness opportunity, then :)23:25
joacimthere is even a site that can find which japanese cartoon a screenshot is from23:25
pedjaremember us poor peasants when you are a CEO of a successful startup Google bought for billion $23:26
joacimi might need cheap labour when i need an expansion for my garage23:27
joacimat my summer home23:27
pedjahow cheap are we talking about?23:28
joacimby norwegian standards, maybe about 15 euro an hour23:28
NitroNilsHow 'bout apprenticeshops?23:30
pedjajoacim, most people working in IT here, iirc, get ~6€/h23:33
joacimi expect an IT job would be about 20 euro or more23:33
pedjaat some places, yes23:33
joacimapprenticeships are free. unpaid23:34
pedjafor seniors and up23:34
pedjafood and a bed?23:34
joacimnot even that23:34
joacimyou get paid by the unemployment office. and i think the employer gets paid a bit too, to have interns23:35
joacimi think they abuse the system. retail is full of them. people that get hired only get a few hours a week23:35
joacimnowhere near enough to earn a decent living23:35
NitroNilsBut in the end there will be lots of reverse-image experience. That must be worth smth.23:38
joacimyeh =)23:41
joacimfinding the source of the images i liked must be worth a lot on your resume/cv =)23:42
NitroNilsAh, I'll just go to NAV…23:53
NitroNilsget some free money…23:53
joacimit is likely they'll make you work as ain intern tho =)23:56
joacimyou get just enough to get by, the guy you'll be working for gets about 15k kr a month, i think23:56

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