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pedjathat sounds familiar. for hiring someone from unemployment office, employer gets ~1000€. keeps them around for 3 months, paying them minimal wage, ~200€.00:07
pedja400€ profit per worker00:08
pedjaI sat behind 2 of those kind of businessmen when I went on a beer few years back, and overheard them talking00:11
pedjawhining about taxes, and that they can't afford to buy a new Mercedes, but have to still drive an old model, from last year, like some peasants00:16
pedjait's interesting that local libertarians, for whom Ayn Rand is their goddess and 'Atlas Shrugged' their Bible, almost all come from rich families00:21
pedjathat level of self-importance and hollier-than-thou atitude can be rivaled only by vegans or Apple users00:22
pedjawell, members of the Cult of the Mac, statistically some of them have to be decent humans, right?00:24
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joacimlots of decent mac users around00:47
joacimhard to find tho :300:47
joacimi dont like mac forums, but many of the bloggers, developers, and others that use their mac for actual work is pretty cool to talk to00:51
joacimi avoid kind of fanboys that talk about macs as if the only other option is a cheap flimsy compaq00:52
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.2p07:22
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abenzdoes anyone know the DE used in this video?10:22
abenzseems very suited for a laptop10:22
joacimi think he likes to mention i311:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: expat: update to 2.2.611:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rpcbind: update to 1.2.511:13
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pedja10th break-in into my parents summer house. at this point there is nothing more to steal, they are just wrecking up the doors 'for fun'12:36
pedjaeven if the police catches them, and I doubt that, how do you make them pay for stress that they caused12:40
pedjaneighbours, of course, DGAF, as always. no one heard or saw anything, as before.12:42
joacimneighbours did it12:53
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pedjaheh. nah, I don't think so. either gypsies (they already broke in 4-5 times), or people from the village near by looking for alcohol13:25
pedjaor something to sell so they can buy it13:26
pedjatheft from summer houses is rampant last 10-15 years13:29
pedjaand the police often shrugs it off, citing lack of resources/man power. unless it happens with a house of someone important. fuck peasants.13:32
pedjathis country might change for the better in 20-30 years, but I'll be long gone by then13:34
pedjasorry about that. let's move on to something more suitable for the channel.13:36
joacimlike systemd? or lack of modern _and_ good desktop environment? :313:40
pedjaxfce ftw :)13:42
joacimor how there are people today playing quake, that play it like a point and click adventure. just find a spot, stand there, and click on things that happens to move across their screen13:42
pedjaFPS are not for me, too frantic13:44
joacimi like it when they become more orderly and fluid13:44
pedjaI like to take my time, since I am stupid13:44
joacimlike there is a rhythm to it13:44
joacimthese games often have plain movement based maps too13:45
joacimwith modes to suit them13:45
joacimlike defrag in quake, and race in reflex13:45
joacimi think surf maps for cs would be similar too13:46
pedjaI watched some games. quake, and games of similar nature. even I can tell if the players are good, there is, as you said, a certain rhythm ti their movement13:46
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pedjauuh, nice14:02
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jaegerman, the term "meme" is so overloaded now... everything is a meme15:14
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joacimhad people correct me, and say "that's not a meme", when I was trying to use the word in its more original meaning15:33
jaegeryeah, seems like most don't remember its meaning16:09
tilmanor never knew it16:38
jaegermaybe so16:38
tilman(speaking as a foreign speaker who first encountered the word in its "repeatedly used funny image" meaning)16:39
joacimeasy to get the wrong meaning when the word is repeated so often in certain contexts16:41
tilmani was surprised though when i learned that people started using the word for _any_ image with a funny text laid over it16:41
jaegerOr any image at all, these days16:42
jaegertext or no16:42
ryuoHilarious story of the day.16:58
ryuoNot surprised though honestly. To develop a web browser from scratch today that can utilize all modern web sites would require a *lot* of work.16:59
ryuoIt's like a kernel in its own right.16:59
pedjakernel still compiles quicker :)17:21
joacimfor them, it is good enough that they work with chinese sites :317:26
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ryuothe iodd2531 is a bit tedious to use from Linux... maybe I should write my own software to help manage it.20:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: primus: initial import, version 0.221:02
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frinnstanother vm cluster done22:56

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