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ryuoHm. I've been looking over this manual for info on removing the thermal module.01:35
ryuoDoes this thing not use thermal paste? It doesn't mention anything about it.01:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: php: update to 7.2.910:18
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pedjainteresting home lab
pedjacool to see someone using something else(Odroid) instead of rPi as a SBC14:03
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pedjaI recognize some of these from Wireshark
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joacimi think odroid is overall better suited for the task too14:36
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darfopedja: i still don't know what to do about ICMP redirects15:17
pedja'avoid them' seems to be the right thing to do[tm], afaict :)15:21
pedjabut networking is really not my thing, so15:21
darfothe advice in the article seems sound: only within my border.15:23
darfoI get one of those from my ISP basically saying they gave me the wrong router address. Their network gear is smarter than the configuration they applied.15:24
pedja'a well designed network should never lend itself to the reliance on or desire for ICMP redirects'15:26
pedjafrom Team Cymru article on it15:26
darfothat's what I thought too for ipv4 but not sure about ipv6. Still have a lot to learn about v6.15:27
pedjaVmware, Cisco, RH, recommend keeping it off, for security reasons (mitm attack)15:30
john_cephalopodaNobody really gets IPv6.15:34
john_cephalopodaWhen I set up an IPv6 server, 80% of the people I tell to join can't join.15:34
pedjawhat do you mean, 'can't join'?15:36
ryuopedja: if it's IPv6 only...15:38
ryuoOr, there's IPv6 glitches.15:39
frinnstnat/cgnat is horrible15:39
frinnstand you won't have much choice wrt to ipv615:39
frinnstyou cant startup a hosting company today unless you have lots of $$ to buy ipv4 space15:40
frinnstand even that is a stop-gap15:40
john_cephalopodapedja: They are stuck on IPv4 lines and can't join IPv6 servers.15:40
john_cephalopodaWhat if you only buy one IPv4 IP and multiplex your customers over that one?15:41
john_cephalopodaInternally you could use IPv6.15:41
pedjaisn't that how cgnat works?15:42
frinnstmore or less15:42
frinnstthere's a rfc for it :-)15:42
pedjaof course there is :)15:42
pedjaso, how do ISPs implement dual stack? native ipv6 + cgnat?15:43
frinnstpretty common15:44
frinnstor just native ipv4 and ipv6 :)15:44
john_cephalopodaThe only problem of that is, that you can't run a server with DSLite.15:44
frinnstsure you can - a ipv6 server :>15:45
pedjamy ISP is strangely quiet about ipv6 for commoners like me15:50
frinnstsame with every isp in sweden15:51
pedjaheh15:51 works rather well15:51
jaegerMy ISP silently rolled it out a while back and it seems tro just work15:51
frinnstnot much latency added for me and the bandwidth is ok'ish ~100mbit15:51
pedjaI wonder how badly it would break stuff if I switch WAN ppoe connection from ipv4 to ipv4+ipv6 :)15:56
pedjaI'd make a new one, ipv6 only, but don't have ppoe pass (ISP policy)15:57
joacimi think most isps here have it rolled out for testing, but it's been like that for nearly 10 years16:19
joacimhave to call them and ask for it to be enabled for you16:19
pedjaI e-mailed the support a couple of times, no reply other then 'for business only atm'16:22
pedjano other reply*16:23
joacimwho is the biggest abuser of ipv4 addresses?16:23
joacimprivate users with their home internet?16:24
joacimmy phone uses ipv6 on its p2p0 and rmnet0 interfaces16:25
joacimhas a public looking ipv4-address too, one one of the interfaces16:27
joacimdont really think a public ip is needed on a phone.16:28
joacimquestionable for a home ip, but p2p services require it i guess16:28
pedjaI get fe80 ipv6 on rmnet0 interface over mobile providers network16:30
pedjaso, I 'extracted' pppoe pass from routers web interface, and I am itching to try it with ipv6 :)16:33
joacimsame. i need glasses16:33
john_cephalopodaMy ISP uses DSLite but on request switches you to actual dual-stack when you require it (e.g. when running a server and the registrar doesn't support ipv6)16:33
joacimstarted reading after the :: first16:34
pedja'ip -6 addr show' makes the output much more readable on Android16:34
john_cephalopodaHmm, I should set up some SIP device thingie16:34
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pedja'World War Z' is one of the more entertaining zombie movies I've watched so far22:47
joacimis that the one where the guy travels the world?22:51
joacimi saw serenity today23:18
joacimfeel it is different from firefly, but very good23:19
joacimnice closure to the series23:19
joacimwish dark matter would get a nice closure23:19
joaciminstead of its typical syfy cliffhanger23:19
pedja'Timeless' will get the wrap-up tv movie23:20
pedjait ended on the massive cliffhanger23:20
joacimbabylon 5 is still my favourite23:22
joacimplanne from the start23:22
joacimand was allowed to finish properly23:22
joacimwithout forcing in 10 more seasons23:22
pedjathat's a rare luxury for tv shows these days, unless they are on Netflix or something like that23:25
joacimso im drunk, and having a bit of lagavulin again. reallyh tasty, but i feel the taste lasts so long, the time between sips, makes me sober again23:28
joacimthis is a really annoying feeling tbh23:28
pedjalast time I was properly drunk was...8?10? years ago23:34
pedjanever liked the feeling. and getting drunk is for young people :)23:38
joacimi dont like this feeling of getting sober23:39
joacimfeels like my nightmare vision goggles are coming back on :(23:39
pedjamy limit is 3 beers or 1-1.5l of red(black)wine23:42
brian|lfsejarly to get drunk here23:43
brian|lfsand I have to be up early tomorrow23:43
joacimblack wine?23:43
pedjavery dark red wine23:45
pedjaone of the best I ever drank was ink-like. divine taste23:47
pedjafrom the private vineyard.23:49
pedjaI wouldn't (and, in fact, I don't) say no to good rose, though :)23:51
joacimnever had rosé23:53
joacimtempted to try it tho. its more of a white wine isnt it?23:53

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