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pedjaI hate white wine with the passion :)00:02
pedjarose tends to be a bit sweeter then red, at least ones I've tried.00:05
pedjathis one is supposed to be good
pedjawhich is, imho, a nice balance.00:09
pedjasweet ones are just too sweet for my taste. ones that aren't are 30-40€/bottle, so not really affordable :)00:13
joacimi think rose is made with the skin from used red wine grapes?00:15
joacimi dont know much about wine00:15
pedjaWikipedia has a rather extensive article on it00:17
joacimfor me wine is mostly good for hangovers and knowing if i should go to the dentist00:41
joacimif i have holes, they tend to burn when i drink wine00:41
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elderKGuys, what's the difference between "jack" and "jack-audio-connection-kit" ports?01:48
elderKIt seems that they are the same, but one is older.01:48
elderKBut are in contrib01:48
joacimi dont know. havent used that myself :(01:48
elderKI'll install the newer one :)01:50
elderKNeed it for OBS Studio :)01:50
elderKGuys, is our qt5 contain "qt5 extras."02:08
elderKFor reference for others: Yes, it does.02:14
elderKHmm, OBS won't build02:44
elderKMOC issues02:45
elderKSeems like include issues.... weird.02:45
elderKAll the deps are met...02:45
elderKbut it can't find one of its own files.02:45
joacimi think it built fine on my laptop02:54
joacimbeen a while since i last built it tho02:54
elderKI found out it's a weird symlink issue.02:57
elderK~/downloads -> ~/documents/downloads02:57
elderKif I build it by cd'ing to ~/downloads/obs-studio/...02:57
elderKIt fails02:57
elderKif I cd to ~/documents/downloads/obs-studio02:57
elderKand build, it succeeds.02:57
elderKSo, that's interesting.02:57
elderKThat's very weird.02:57
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: openssl-32: 1.0.2o -> 1.0.2p07:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: expat-32: 2.2.5 -> 2.2.607:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 3.13 -> 3.1408:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nodejs: 8.11.1 -> 8.11.408:37
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frinnst wohoo15:32
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pedjaso that is why Nvidia ended up with a shitload of unsold chips16:30
frinnstmaybe they will soon start selling gpus without game coupons for a reasonable price again16:34
pedjaone day, when I finally upgrade, I'll get a AMD GPU.16:34
pedjareasonable price? that depends on RAM prices and good old fashioned greed :)16:36
joacimguessing ram prices would have hit gpus too16:37
pedjagddr5 and hbm has gone up significantly in price, iirc16:41
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pedjaRAM manufacturers are literally swimming in money these days :)16:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: glib: updated to 2.56.217:10
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brian|lfsany ideas glu-32 says its in the wrong format and its correct from what I can see17:19
brian|lfs is a 64bit binary17:22
frinnstprobably broke because of libglvnd17:22
frinnstis there a libglvnd-32 port in compat32?17:23
brian|lfsnot sure looking17:25
frinnstits a new thing. maybe compat-32 isnt adapted yet17:25
brian|lfsyes it has it17:26
frinnstis it installed?17:26
brian|lfsI'll i'll install it and rebuild mesa-32 if its not installed17:26
brian|lfsso much for that its installed on my system17:26
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frinnstglu-32 should try to link against /usr/lib32/libGL.so17:27
brian|lfssomehow libglvnd-32 was jacked up it had files repalced from soemthing17:29
brian|lfsrebuilding it and reinstalling fixed it and resolved glu-3217:30
brian|lfswine is building now17:30
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jaegermesa3d-32 and libglvnd-32 would have had the same conflicts as the mesa32 and libglvnd ones in the mail17:54
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brian|lfscurious is there a legal reason why tar can't unzip zip files?19:09
joacimthink tar just handles tar itself and relevant compression methos. doesnt make sense to zip a tar19:10
crash_oh that reminds me i need to read the mail about glvnd19:20
jaegerbrian|lfs: bsdtar does, you could use that as an alternative.19:23
jaegerfrinnst, pedja: my RX 580 was only $20 above MSRP, for what that's worth19:45
pedjajaeger, 8gb, right?19:48
pedjacheapest 8gb rx580 here is ~350€19:48
jaegerouch, that's pretty bad19:49
pedjayeah :)19:49
pedjawhat model is yours?19:49
pedjastrix and rog ones are ~450-ish19:50
jaegerasus dual series OC19:53
jaegerbit cheaper than the strix19:53
jaegerpedja: could you import from some other country by chance?19:57
jaegerI've heard of people in AU doing that sometimes19:58
pedjawith 30% VAT/customs it would be similar price, maybe 10-15€ difference20:01
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pedjaI've heard people smuggle the shit out of the hw on a flight back from USA :)20:03
onoderaHi, i want to run a windows vm for some games, what should I use, virtualbox or..?20:04
pedjavirtualbox is easier to start with, but qemu has lower overhead. you could always try wine with that dxvk thingie20:07
pedjaand I am not sure how current is virtualbox port20:07
onoderais spice needed for qemu20:09
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frinnstbut its very useful if you intend to virtualize a gui20:15
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: sudo: updated to 1.8.2420:34
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pedjahe who controls the spice controls the universe20:54
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j_vhas anyone noticed broken github downloads? seems the modified syntax no longer works.21:00
crash_microsoft is maybe doing every download in to a .exe instead :P21:03
j_vi was kinda thinking something not too far from that after reading about the buyout21:04
pedjaj_v, I think you are right. none of the d/l links for vulkan port works. wth is going on21:06
pedjacould be an issue upstream21:07
crash_i think it is21:08
j_vmaybe it is just me feeling pessamistic, but i suspect that they broke it on purpose21:12
j_vwas hoping just to catch up on a few things while i was home, easy peasy like, but i guess I gotta screw around with it21:14
pedjawhat would they gain with it?21:14
j_vno idea... and the conspiracy theoristic in me would rather not provide proof of just how messed up my thinking can get :-/21:15
j_vi looked at the github status page. it showed messages in last few days about broken downloads and that is now supposedly fixed, running as normal21:17
pedjayes, I just saw that21:18
j_vi am suggesting that the failed downloads were due a change they made, and that the apparent fix was people giving up trying to dl using that syntax21:23
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pedjaafaict, all my ports that use GH d/l links are broken. yay21:33
j_vi only checked a few after failing to d/l the libglvnd tarball, but it looked telling... especially given the redirects i was seeing21:35
pedjaI checked a few different projects. all broken.21:36
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joacimno matter how much bullshit github puts people through21:50
joacimwe'll still use their service21:50
joacimmany will keep using their service simply because they didnt get their own domain, and is now stuck on github due to all the public links21:51
pedjamany companies rely heavily on it21:56
pedjaso convenient. someone else takes care of the mundane sysadmin details21:56
pedjauntil it breaks. or is DDOS-ed.21:58
joacimtoo many eggs in one basket22:14
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john_cephalopodaTbh, there are worse things than github.22:38
john_cephalopodaBut yeah, gh is pretty broken and often breaks the $name-$version.tar.[xz/gz/bz2] convention22:39
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frinnstThe CLI is written with TypeScript and Node.js22:57
frinnstfucking cancer22:57
frinnstI hate 'modern' computing22:57
pedjathat I can live with. summer and bugs that come with it, otoh? ewwww23:02
pedjaACTION is still debugging the house23:05
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pedja hm. Firefox d/l from GH with proper archive name, wget/curl fail23:18
jaegerfirefox is probably honoring the content-disposition header23:34
ryuopedja: wget needs a special flag to tell it to use content disposition.23:47
ryuo--content-disposition i believe23:47
ryuootherwise it guesses it based on the last part of the URI.23:47
ryuoseems curl uses -J23:48
pedjaryuo, I just tried that with wget. still 40423:48
ryuoWhat's GH?23:49
ryuoI mean.23:49
ryuoI don't know what GH is but23:49
ryuothat only helps if the file will even download.23:49
ryuopedja: example URL?23:50
ryuo ?23:51
ryuowget --content-disposition ''23:51
ryuoTry that.23:51
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ryuoWe really could use a feature in Pkgfile to support sites that rely on content disposition.23:52
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ryuoARCH works around the issue by allowing manual specification of the resulting file name.23:53
pedjait works. I fscked up the URL, apparently :)23:53
pedjabut its too unreliable for my taste23:55
pedjarenaming on-the-fly would be a cool feature for pkgmk23:57
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