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pedjasorry, I had no idea that distillation is illegal there :)00:00
joacimjust dont tell the cops =)00:01
john_cephalopodaHeh, for Germany it's basically "Alcohol is cheap, makes no sense to burn some" :D00:37
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brian|lfscan anyone read this
john_cephalopodaOy polna polna korobushka01:38
joacimdoesn't work on my system01:38
john_cephalopodaDoesn't load for me.01:39
brian|lfsits a bunch of squares on my screen01:39
brian|lfs"It has taken 60 years, but a small, strange gap in Interstate-95 is being filled," writes Slashdot reader McGruber. Bloomberg reports:01:41
brian|lfsNear the Pennsylvania border, drivers have long been forced off the interstate and onto other roadways, only to join back 8 miles away. Transportation officials and civil engineers spent more than two decades and $425 million to eliminate this detour off I-95, the most traveled highway in America, spanning 1,900 miles from Miami to Maine.01:41
brian|lfsThe Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which oversees the I-95 Interchange Project, said the new infrastructure -- which includes the creation of flyover ramps, toll plaza facilities, environmental mitigation sites, intersections, six overhead bridges, widened highways and new connections to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania turnpikes -- will be open to the public by Sept. 24. "The benefit of completing this 'missing link' is mobility," said Carl DeFebo, the01:41
Anselmo'mir imperij'01:41
brian|lfsdirector of public relations at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The new infrastructure will reduce traffic time for north- and south-bound travelers and ease congestion on local roads that used to connect I-95 to the Pennsylvania Turnpike.01:41
brian|lfsthats hilarious01:41
brian|lfsonly took 60 years to finish01:41
Anselmoit has a reference to a forum and sor mirc thing01:42
Anselmobut I dont read much russian01:43
brian|lfsso did we steal crux from them or did they steal it from us02:14
Anselmo(c) 2002 - 200702:15
Anselmoso I suppose it was about the same time but slightly us winning ?02:17
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nwedoes someone in here has oneplus6 and know how I can change sms tone on contact ?07:19
frinnstisnt it like all other android devices?07:35
frinnstah per contact. not sure thats possible07:35
frinnstyou can do that with signal07:36
nweI dont know I habe just bought oneplus 6 :)07:40
frinnstinstall signal and replace your default sms app with that07:44
nweyeah I will take a look on signal07:48
nwethats bad that you cant sen invidual sms-signal on android08:12
nwefrinnst: I found android message :D08:21
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frinnstsignal is very nice11:01
pitillohey, is someone using enlightment on CRUX? if so, are you maintaining ports outside the official repo? I'm planning to drop it and not sure if someone would be interested on maintaing it up to date11:08
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j_vRomster: I have an initial start for an openjdk10 port Pkgfile. Haven't had time to try to build it yet, but I should this coming weekend. Will also look into zgc as time permits.14:24
j_vPreparing to leave in wee hours for next job, so will be offline til this weekend.14:25
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: [notify] xorg-libx11: update to 1.6.617:38
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