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pedjaspidermonkey makes polkit segfault, networking doesn't work with 4.18.5, and I have a slight headache. not my day, apparently11:16
frinnstbut you killed all the roaches?11:43
pedjathey keep appearing, unfortunately11:58
pedjaeither from the nest somewhere in the apartment I haven't found yet, or migrate from the neighbours11:59
pedjawho refuse to let the bug hunters in, because 'fuck you, that's why'12:00
pedjaI kill 1,2 larger ones and a few small ones every night12:02
pedjabrute force and Raid baits, so we shall see what happens12:03
pedjafrinnst, you no longer curse the heat. weather change or AC :) ?12:04
pedjasurprise, surprise. apparently, the only version of spidermonkey that works (doesn't segfault polkitd) is an ancient, CVE-ridden one12:08
pedjaah, fuck it. let ti be for now12:09
pedjaevery distribution is using a different, heavily patched version. yay, Linux12:11
pedjawhy would someone, presumably smart, think that fucking *javascript* is a sane choice for configuration files is beyond me12:13
pedjaXML would be a less PITA12:14
pedjaor something more hip, like JSON12:15
tilmanfucking json does not support comments really which probably means its a bad choice for config files12:22
abenzpedja: I have a tip for your roach problem12:41
abenzthey develop immunity if you keep spraying them with the same spray12:41
abenzwhat I find most effective is boric acid12:41
abenzits dirt cheap, mix it with very little sugar and spray it around12:42
abenzwhen the roaches ingest it they wont die immeidately, they will walk around (which is good as they'll go to their nest)12:42
abenzthey cant develop immunity against it too12:43
frinnstpedja: both :)13:01
frinnstmostly weather13:01
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elderKHey guys,13:18
elderKIs it safe to update the modulus file when updating openssh or openssl?13:18
elderKJust to make sure :)13:18
elderK:P I updated it. But, now I'm unsure if that was wise.13:19
elderKAh, good :)13:19
elderKThanks frinnst.13:19
elderKWhat is the file for exactly?13:19
elderKDoes it list like, known good mods or something?13:19
elderKThanks frinnst13:21
frinnsttheres also a manpage for it13:21
elderKSo, should we all generate our own mod files then?13:22
frinnstprobably overkill13:33
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pedjaabenz, I've heard about that. but, I have a cat which likes to wonder around so13:42
pedjaelderK, generating moduli is a nice CPU benchmark, but, as frinnst said, probably overkill13:43
pedjaopenssh/openbsd devs are probably more paranoid then most people, so using theirs is probably safe :)13:44
pedjatilman, didn't think of that. so, what would be a sane choice? ini format :) ?13:48
pedjatbh, anything that doesn't require js engine or something like that, would be an improvement, imho13:51
pedjalibvirt is using xml, and, after a while, it doesn't scare me. as much.13:54
tilmanwhich program is this anyway?13:54
tilmanconsolekit uses js config files?._o13:54
pedjaor polkit. one of those :)13:55
pedjafun, isn't it?13:57
pedjaI think he either fainted or can't type because of the blinding rage :)14:00
tilmanwonder how many different js engines you're currently running :p14:00
tilmanthe fact that they don't avoid setting up the 'permission' dict if subject is not in group plugdev is triggering me ;))14:01
pedjarunning js engine is the minor issue. the fact that it has to be an *exact* version, or polkit breaks, is the annoying part14:03
pedjaas to which version is that, that's anyone's guess. arch, opensuse, fedora, debian, ubuntu, all have different versions...14:04
pedjamore or less heavily patched14:05
pedjait's a fucking mess14:05
pedjathere is some weird shit going on between polkit and consolekit214:07
tilmanwonder what advanced features it's using that's causing it to be so sensitive :p14:09
tilmanyou already rebuilt *kit after upgrading spidermonkey i guess?14:10
pedjalast upstream console2 commit was ~8 months ago14:11
pedjatilman, no. I just downgraded spidermonkey to previous version that I know works, and voila, no more segfaults14:12
tilmani see14:12
pedjait has to be an issue with the way I build it, missing some magic unicorn dust14:13
jaegersure, the issue is not building it the exact way the author built it, on the same distro :P14:13
pedjaI looked at several 'major' distributions packages, and couldn't find what's common between them14:15
jaegeryeah, sorry, that was not helpful, just joking14:15
pedjadifferent sources, different versions, different patches14:15
tilmanyou *could* install spidermonkey from git and bisect it down to the commit that breaks it for you ;)14:15
pedjajaeger, it's OK :)14:15
pedjait ships as part of the ff-esr :)14:17
pedjaand mozilla is using that weird hg thingie instead of git, iirc14:18
tilmansurely hg either has builtin bisect too or you can do it manually14:19
tilmanbut ofc it might take a long time to figure out where it broke14:19
tilmanand whether or not that info is helpful/enlightening/whatever or not isn't guaranteed ;)14:19
pedjait's a low priority for me14:19
pedjaI am more interested in why libvirt fails at linking stage if the previous version is installed14:20
pedjabut that's some libtool dark magic, way over my head14:21
pedjaI asked on the virt ml several months back, no replies14:23
tilmanso it works if you remove /usr/**/libvirt*la?14:23
pedjatried that. still breaks, iirc14:24
tilmanit doesn't fail at linking itself but some of the binaries that ship with the package?14:24
pedjatries to link with some plugins (, and fails14:26
pedjafunny thing is, it only fails with that one14:26
tilmani haven't dealt with libtool in a long time, all i got is that it seems to prefer to look for deps in /usr instead of the build directory14:28
pedjathat would be my guess too14:28
pedjait broke fairly recently, when they hit 4.x or something14:29
pedjacould it be that their configure is just slightly broken if sh isn't bin/bash?14:32
tilmanunlikely, but you could check the debian package for related patches14:33
tilman(since debian uses dash as /bin/sh too)14:33
pedjagood idea, thanks14:34
tilmani think this kind of bug is something debian would patch, too14:34
elderKThanks guys :L)14:40
jaegerdefinitely try CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash if you haven't already14:41
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pedjaI will on the next update, early September15:07
pedjadebian/ubuntu have mostly patches for Apparmor, reverting some new dependencies, and some cosmetic15:08
pedjahas any one you tried SteamPlay yet?15:12
pedjaProton, I think it's called15:12
tilmanaha, like a wine plugin for steam15:14
pedjaSteam's wine fork with dxvk, iirc15:20
pedjacool thing is that playing Windows games with it counts as Linux sale :)15:23
pedjaif number of hours spent in it vs the native one is bigger15:23
pedjathey approached Khronos to add some Vulkan extension so dxvk could work better with some games (Witcher 3)15:25
pedjaobviously :)15:30
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jaegerman, I would love to know why go's build process randomly changes file modes from 644 to 755 and back in the footprint18:33
jaegerpedja: I've not tried it yet but between dxvk, pba, and proton, it seems like linux gaming took a few big leaps forward just recently18:39
pedjayeah, r/linux_gaming is ecstatic :)18:40
jaegerI bet so, and with good reason18:41
pedjatbh, I was surprised by Valve18:44
pedjai am not a gamer, but what is currently happening is cool to watch18:47
jaegerI'm just enough of a gamer to care :)18:48
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pedjaafaict, SteamPlay would be a PITA to package for CRUX18:50
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jaegerI don't think it's necessary, just steam18:53
jaegerI'm going to test it, will see18:59
jaegerIt seems to work really well, just tested it with dishonored19:28
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jaeger <--- some of the goofy stuff the go build does20:03
jaegerno change to the Pkgfile between those builds20:04
jaeger <--- another set after updating the footprint20:06
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frinnstjaeger: I cant wait until rust start to do similar silly things20:18
jaegerinteresting... all the builds fail on the intel system, with a footprint mismatch or failure to create some files... on the ryzen system, only 2 builds failed (out of 10), those 2 with footprint mismatches21:11
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jaegerAnyway, regarding SteamPlay, Dishonored worked great, though switching virtual desktops broke it. I suspect that's an i3 issue, though, will need to test with another WM21:43
pedjajaeger, I removed go-build directory from go port, and a few go apps I tried build and run fine, afaict22:59
pedjacache directories are in $HOME/.cache/go-build23:00
pedjaI cleaned up mine before upgrading go, and after building restic and hugo it is repopulated with, I guess, build artifacts23:03
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