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][_R_][Is there a way to install CRUX into a chroot environment?00:50
][_R_][I see I can do prt-get --install-root=crux-chroot depinst ...00:54
][_R_][But I'd have to figgure a reasonable set of packages to install that way00:55
jaegersure, I would just pkgadd -r all the packages from core into the chroot01:08
jaegerfrom the ISO or another system01:08
jaegermkdir -p $CHROOT/var/lib/pkg; touch $CHROOT/var/lib/pkg/db; for PKG in /mnt/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r $CHROOT $PKG; done <-- something like that01:09
Romsteri also used to use this for chroot testing ][_R_][
Romsteroh that source needs updating02:03
john_cephalopodaHmm, I should get a chroot environment.02:34
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][_R_][jaeger: Romster: thank you03:42
jaegerno problem04:06
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nwewhat are you guys using for weather app on android? for the moment, I using the one from oneplus. But what I missing with it is that it doesnt has support to see the weather for the whole day..12:07
nweI mean hours for hours.12:07
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pedjaI stopped using one years ago, but it really depends on the part of the world you are in, some have more accurate report than others13:14
pedjaand some drain battery more than others :)13:14
pedjasome ad-supported ones are nice (WeatherBug, WeatherUnderground, iirc)13:16
frinnstnwe: smhi and snowstorm13:17
frinnstsmhi.. beskriver ju sig sj�lv.13:17
frinnstsnowstorm uses sources13:17
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nwefrinnst: thanks I will take a look on snowstorm :)19:45
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pedja'Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Skipping patch.' isn't applying the reversed patch the point of '-Np1' passed to patch?22:47
pedjahm. when I replaced the patch I took from upstream git with the one Arch is using, it applies cleanly. wth22:54
pedjathey look identical, which is confusingly annoying22:55
pedjabut are not. I took patches from wrong branch/repo, couple of them were modified before merging into upstream master23:06
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